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Urban League Plans Anti-Discrimination Fight
Nation Wide Protest Lodged
Against Nominee For Vacant
Supreme Court Seat
andum on tbe conduct of Senator
Jamea F, Byiwes, of Soutk Caro-
Una on questiMi8 affecting the
Negffo was filed with Preeident
Roosevelt here March 17 becao^e
of the strong rumor that S^iator
Byrnes ie practically certa^i to
be nominated |of the vacAnej oxt
the United States supreme «Dutt.
The potest meora^i^in
w*e deliveoed ^ tk®. WWle
Borbse tu pnmom W '^alW
Wliite, seofeAiuy t>f the Kational
A«isoeiation for the AdVaO««r
ment of Colored JPeople.
Annoancemetit in the pre>s of
l^unday March 16 that firaator
BymM* name would ppobably be
sept to the 6en«te early this
week caused Secretary Whi^ to
sepd a ^ telegram of protest to
Preeident RodMP«|eilt w'hieih cited
iS^nfttor* Byrtws* long o|^omtioa
to.the a^lratioos of Negroes,
iiis continuoml battle against
appropriation* for Howard Uni
versity and his vicious
upab the- various ahti lynching
l%e telegram stated that a
further study of Seiwtor Byrnes
record on racial and mligious
bigotry “particularly against
Jew«” was being ma^> and that
a supplemen'tary memoraiidum
would be submitted.
In the memorandum taken to
the White House March 17 by
Secretary White is the para
graph: • •
"Where an individual has
been active is publio- life for
many years his record is the best
eviiienee of his social attitudes.
Examination of tbe record of
Senator James F. Bymes «how^
clearly that hi« attitude to
wards the efforts of Ksgroes to
secure the ri|^hfts of citizens in
United States Is such as to pre
clude the possibility of his being
capable of acting with calmness',
and dispatfiion in any matter
affecting the rights of this ' re
pressed minority. Throughout his
career he has demonstrated his
determination to thwart tfce ef
forts of those Americans who
hJive sought to achieve for Ne
groes the equality guaranteed to
all persons in the United States
by the Federal Constlttation."
The prot^t and menorandum
ther: “Never during his public
life has he deviated from the
position be took more than 20
Ui^es Rivard of
N^o Signals As
Sacred Music
CLEVELAND, Ohio (6l>ecia*)
Worth Kramer. eon^iii^Qi^,^^
t%e popular ‘/Wings Over Joir-
d#n” CQlumUa Broadeastiqg
SywteiiB- ' ■ p^bgrf^ji, Wed*e»daj
Mareh 19, appealed to a number
of top fligt>t band leaders re
questing them t» please regard
Negro spirtuals as sacred music.
Kramer has receive nation
wide re«^iion for his arrai)ge
■icnts of Negro spiritual in ccn
Dectioh with "Wings Over Jor
dan” heard, on the Columbia net
work each Sonday mining from
9 ;30 to 10:00 £8T. many
music critics he is Considered
one of the outiAan^ng authori
tietf in the realm of Negro sphrit
ual muai whiih he arranges and
conducts for "Wings Over Jor-
lan.” •
Kramer based his appeal on
the fact that Negro spiritual
aTC the hymnfi and Kturgieal'
music of the Negro religious ser
vice and that “jive” or swing
presentations of the numbers
are a direct insult 'to_the vast
Negro population of the country.
In connection wirtii Rev, Qlenn
T. Settle, prominent N^ro
clergyman of Cleveland, Ohio
Kramer has jnloted “Wings
Over Jordan" from a position as
a loo*), sustaining feature of
radio' .i^ation WGAB, where he
formerly served as program
director, to a coast to coast CBS
spot, and during the past 12
months, has conducted over 150
concerts in principal cities of
31 states.
“Wing Over Jordan” witih
its Negro spiriitual music, talks
by prominent Negro pastors,
educators, business *nd profess
ional leaders, and i^ts plans for
the establishment oi a college
iNsholarAip fund for the better
meat of interracial relationships
is a non profit corporation un
der the state laws of, Ohio
Kramer addressed his ap^al to
the band Readers Wednesday,
just prior to departing on a con
cert tour extending into Florida
and a number of other southern
Among the leaders receiving
letters from Kramer were Fr^
Warinin Glenn Miller, Sammy
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Prineipal In Local Wife Slaying
Case Convicted On 2nd Degree
Cennt By Snperior Court Jury
• ; Th* liffele^ body of Mrs. Elizabeth Mitchell McDougal^,
pictured ftfter* she had been fatally wounded by her husband,
Clem "Buster^' McDouffaM, last July 9.
.. — ..
Clem “Buster” McDo^i^id,
W^o giwiv a sentroace of 6
to -9 years in.,. Superior Court
last Wednesday, after having
.been found guilty ^ of ^eoon*}
degree murder in the slayins' of
his *ife last July. 9tJ;i. „ .
DURHAM.— Eevry.^.pa^r
aftd * .ehu]%h departmeovt heed;
ever principal of public schools
and all teachers, college presi
dents and facultits; every Ifead
of loca fraternal orders; every
insurance manager and assis
tant; every physjieiai^'' cEeiirtiist
pharmacist, and niiiise; social
welfare " agencies; civic bodies,
such as' parent (teacher associa
tions and wjmen’s clubs, County
demonstration workers; also
bn.sine«s men and women, and
o^ers, whose calling make them
particularly interested in tlfe
health conditions confronting
our group and desirous of pf-
Ifeotual ways* and means) to im
prove them have be«» issued a
call to action in this, the 27th
atinnal observance of National
NUtro Health Week.
The theme of tljis year’s ob
servance “Semper Parasus”—Al*
w«ys Prepared has as its special
bbjealtives, in keeping with our
National Defense pr^»m, “Per
sional Hygiene and Pinit Aid
Pi?eparedness" These speeial ob
jectives halve l>eMi utilized du®
to 'the relative stringency of our
defense preparation to the gen
eral health and well being of
the Nation at large. • J’he choice
expresses the determiuation of
the Negro people) to enter whole
heartedly into the defense
plans of our country; implying
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Guest Speaker At S.
C. A. and M. Banquet
phonso Heningburg, Administrs,
tive AsSBstaint to the President,
North Carolina College, Ihirham
was guest sf)eaker at the first
annual banquet of the South
Carolina A and M College Ffl«-
ulty Study Comniissjiort Mardi
More than seventy five fa::|ulty
members and their guesta heard
the scholarly suggestions bn* the
modern trends in education.
Dr. Heningburg lauded " the
effortsi of the Farulty Study
Commission at South. Carolina
State College which was orgaaiz
ed this! year to evaluate the
work done in the variousi divis
ions of the college.
In his addresls. Dr. Heiining-
burg referred to the important
of evluation which involved a
study of modem trends, ^hni-
ques tod proceedwes. He point
ed to some of the slogans of
educational philosophy that ^
emphasized in Ameri^ today,
[especially advocating “the com
munity school. ’ ’
Managing Editor
Two “job interneships^have
been awafided Negro students
by Pepsi ‘Coia Bottling Company,
acoording-^to • recent announce
ment. The awards r^rese«t an
efRsi^ on th^ conipany
to ^i«ejop jobs Ar yoni^eoUeige
grsdawtcsl ^ i^n^tiag appsaH^
eeshipA, in the form, of s^srisd
Jobs at $1,900 per year, at th«
end of which tim* the winzMm
will get permanent jobs oe be
assisted in making other connec
tious. Thirteen of these appren-
tieeships have been awaided
this year. Colored winiters Mre:,
Jeanette Maundi. 29, H^ptoi;
In^itute, and Alien . L. ; Jtfer
Kellar, 21, South .Garo^a . Si^te
Agricujliwal ';a^ M^-t
.njiical College. .1
To Hear Rdibsevelt
Urban L^gne Air
Plight of lice’s
Skffied Workers
A case whit^h has held the*
attention of Dvrhamites sines
its inception last July, when the
defendant Clan “Boster" lie-
Doagald, Ufe-lons rssident of
the ^ity, shot and killed tris m-
~ - ^ traMi©t wife, E|isTibgth Mitdb>
pci«tieed da% '1^ McDeocaU, «MtwhiIe
the Natlsnal
, ^
Above is Donald Jones, man
aging editor of the New Or
leans Sentinel, one of the south's
newest and fastest growing Ne
gro weekly newspapers. Mr.
Jones's ability as an editorial
writer has won wide notice.
special msssage prepared
President Itoosevelt will be reed
to more than 63,000 n^embeis of
New Farmeia of America aft the
concluding program of the semi
annual meeiting of the national
board of trustees t^t Howard
! univearsity, ^farch 31 through
April 3, according to an an
nouncement by B. Simmons,
executive secretary. The conclud
ing program wjil) he li|roadca,84/
over the NBC nMwork I arm
and Home hour, Apri’. 3, at 12:30
p. m. EST,
Youth Week Set
April 27"May 3
New York Under he auspices of
picefl of the youth division of
the youth division of th« NAACP
National Negro Youth Week will
be celebrated April 27, May 3.
A complete program for each of
the seveii days has been' outlined
by NAAC,P Youth IHrector Madi
eon S. Jon«a, Jr. There will be
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In his message. President
Roosevelt pays tribute to the
Booker T. Washii^on whose
birthday will be eommemmraited
on this occasion.
The purpose of the semi an
nual meeting of the NPA trustee
board is to perfect plans for the
natiMial eonvention to be held at
Tallahassee, Florida, in August,
and to set up a program of work
1941-42. Neiw Farmers of .Amer
ica is the laigost oiguisation at
Negro rural youth in the woiid
boseiing 63,000 members located
in 975 cheers in 18 states.
In the openii^ meeting of the
trustee boc^, aa NFA leader-
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NEW YORK — Centhining it*
camptti^ to ,mak« the general
public of Amoniea aware oi the
fact that diseriiDinatioa agaiast
ski^fd Negro^ WkeH »
d«^se indnstrisR, the Natli
UrbaQ League will pl'esent S one
hour eoast to o64st radio pro
gram, over Oie Columbia networit
on Sui^y afteraoon^ Maren 30
from 5 to 6-p. m. j ■
‘ Among tho^e expect?ed to take
put. in ttie program are Marian
Aoden^r JlthejL Watw, Bill
^ebii^p* Joe, .Lou^; Eddie
Mat^hfnfs, Anpe ,Wigj|^ .Broira
i^eimeth^Sp^neer a4d;,a ^ost^ of
other ^atipufJljy, .;k|i«wi:i. Negro
baqd». of .X«mis A?m-
Johnj £^byj Slla ^ Mt^-
gwald, ao)d. Dttk,« 1 • Ell^iigtOtt w^j
^o^l)b;^tj[». eae|i.
8p«do^ inv8«d ioislud# Kwrile
li LaGuaiiJia, Mayor of Nw,
Y^k, Dr. Frank Griiham prem-
dent University of North Caro
lina;. £!ageae.‘ .'KinekU Joives,
Meenfive seeretsry of tlw
tionai ijrba^ tjeague; > ahd>a
tepifeie-nfcittve «of the of
Production Managferaent in "W^Bh
. Th/e Ctdnmbia Broadcasting
Systiem has donated its full ^aei
lities fdr this one hour program
inclodihg the arsistanee df its
writing, and production staff.
The program is being arranged
tor the Urban League by Edward
Lawson, inanaging editor *of
OPPORTUNI'TY; an4 Miss Ann
'Fanneyhill, assii^ant in charge
of guidance snd personnel of
the LeAgue's Department of In
dustrial. Relations.
Judgre Carr Hands
but 6 to 9 Year
Prison Term In Case
White Attorney
Favors Negro
A. Staeey Gifford, prominent
^ite Xawywt skid he favors «
Neg^ member th* city co«m
cil in a statement h«T» IViday.
The noted attnney was ^
cussing the poUtieal and general
ooaditi$»i of OnmMboaro witjl
(Cbntinned on JMW Wght)
tieian of the Friendly City Beao^
ty Parlor, was culmiiuited ia
Superior Court last Tues^ajf
eveninsT, when the jury hrmii^
in a surprise verdict of gtiilty
in the state's case of second de
gree murder against the de£ofcti
From its beginning, the eaaci
revolved around the testinMtny
of the state's icey witaesKK
Mrs. Sephronia Joknsiw, ai
friend and fellow employee of
l^ha slain woman, w^tooe state»
naenl to the effect that the de
fendant,. on the day preYifHtt
to the .actual slasrihc, tuui imn-
i««ny threatened, “Tea’ll lunra
«.-room: fujU. of flowets toxoox^
row, but you won^ smell
th^,** kided considerably in
the state's prosecution; and
that of two other eye witnesNs;
Mrs. EUizabeth Vail, and Wil*
liam “Bill” Tate, who testifial
that the defendant, after hp«>>
ing been shot twice, wrerta^
the murder wie^pon from tlM
hands o^T the slain womaii; ta3
pursued heir North on f^yette-
ville Street, firing two
into her body at close ranCBu
McDougftlcfs attomegr soagKI
to est&hlisb as a defense, llii
testimony of Dr. J. V. D.
dice that there was a profaalA^
ity that the defendant’s nertiwMl
system had* been so shoekad
the sudden pain froin.t^^^idlik
wounds that he could haWna^
temporarily mental^ dtnas*^
therefore unaware of
After hearing^' the Uatii—if
in the ease. Judge Lao CSh#
charged the jury that aithar
three verdicts could be ^
in the eaae; guilty of aaeMd i
gree murder, gtiilty of
slauglkter. or not guiltgr.
retiri^ to the jury
a period of an hour aad
the j«agr > l»rHtght in a
lat% wwiing of.
s&d |«ia«Hier was
to jail to tmtoA
the jMcB*

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