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•ire in tdis field.
The Satterfield Davis Drama
tic Clnb met at the home of
Mrs. J. A. ValentiDe, Wednesday
March 26.
!Wie HoDte Eoonomies t)epart-
ineot of Hillside Paj-k High
Bohool is launching’ the annual
clean i^p and health campaign
JIarch 30 to 'April 6. During
thia campaign the aohool build-
ing> yArds and homes of eaeh
student will be cleaned and made
more beAfltiful. Each citleen of
Durham ia-aaked to eooper^te in
making this campaign a aoeeeas
by cleaning and beau'tiifying hia
or her home theMby, making it
a more heaHhful place in vnich
to live. * '
During the we»k three chapel
programs will be rendwrej at
school cancerni|ig health. Pasters
of the various churchy of Dur
ham will mention health
tbeif aermons. - , .
Churches '
Chapel Program
Pemooal Hyigieoe and
Aid (Original playet)
S{>eaker, ML» Oery, LtnSoln
Hospital I ;
Chapel program ,
S|Mnsor Mite V. L. Jones
The Solmon Teinpte of Elks
and Bull City Lodge preaented
a Mock Wedding at St. Joseph
AME Cdurch, Monday night,
First March 21 for the benefit of •««
Annex Fund.
Chapel program
D«ilti^ of ihe city occasion.
Sponsor. Miea P. M. Whitted
Pmaonal H^|fi|^e Day
Boy’s Aasembly
J. A. OhriatKiaa in change
Inspection day * >
The M!aDh«lttan elub sponaoiV
ed the Intra Club Acquaint
dance la«fc Thursday night at the
Chaulfeura' Clubroom, which waa
a v«ry swell affair as had been
ipredicted. The clubroom held a
capacity crowd a* Scrappy Joe
and hift Swing Ola gave music
Soft lights
night with
was well
were used and the
the Manhattaners
The Hillside Park High School
Band under the direction of W.
H. Coles entertained « large
Igrowp Monday night «it he BwV
The Jlia Warren Circle met ton Elementary School for the
Sunday afternoon at 4 o’clock benefit of the FHrat Grade Mo
at the home of Mts. Julia them’ Club.
It has be^n announc^- that
the Qreater S«Tvi4e Worker* ofiPBOOBAM
Durham will hold a conference
aid Pew. Rally, Sunday, MardL
phtsioal eduoatiok
Misfl Vivian Merrick and her
now and then is rilished
by the best of men
A MEATINESS dinner does not necessarily me;an dining on a
nibble spinflc)!. A mentless meat can be satisfying.
Ind it will be if yon r^laec me«|tt with another high proteto
such as eggs, fish, or cheese.
30 at 4:30 at White Rook Baf^- Physical Educaition cla&s and
tist Clmrch, for the purpose of .Mrs. Luaybil Taylor of North
trying to secure Laundry Equip i Carolina College, who were gueat
Ment for training those who de of the First Qrade of which
Mrs. M. A. Wataon is instructor
entertained *the student body
Friday morning, March 24th
with a program which was higii-
ly enjoyed. Mrs. E, R. Merrick
also accompanied the group.
For Spring
For Shrubs
Most shrubs shoald be plant^
about three feet apai^t so that
they will not crowd «ach other
and should be arranjfed about
TelejAoM 31026
It's time for spring thinking
, , . Time to start planning the
repail^ and improvements tliat
the old homestead needs.
Changes can be easily 'paid for
in smtfll monthly payments un
der the home modernization
plan of the PHA.
Sarting at the top of tile to . ^ . . .
hou«r, check the roof. Worn, extensive trip through Georgia entertained
Presiding EHder 8L W. HamfK^
Rev. A. H. Prince returned ton of OaUawn Awmtm,
the city last week after an The P*aw Creek Hoairins aeheai
parents at a r»>
split, curled warped shingles and Florida in his work. Rev. ception last week because of th«
are signs of coming stains on Prince went as far as Key West, fine attitude of the porcDts to-
the ceiling. Don't buy buckets; FI*-1 where they have one of ward building tip a eomsHBtit^r
buy a new roof. And this time, the liiost flourishing Presbyter- eonsciousnen in the aehool and
make it a fire-resistant one. >*** churches. with the teaehcrs.
Take a feood look, then, at Rev, J, Prank Henderson, of
the house windows. Loose, Charleston, S. C., and Rev. Qianffeon, Wlrw Sweet*
putty, bare paint, broken sash Millard F. Adams, of Al^ny, hea^ DeUgktfallj Fitted
that destroy more windows than Georgia, spent a short while in Ninety Chauffeors, thsir
time and use combined. Extend the home of Rev. and Mrs. wives, and sweethearts were de-
the physical check-up to these Prince at their home on Oak- lightfuUy entertained mt a
too: screens, awaings, base- lawn Avenue last week. quet last Thursday rvenJnr
ments stairs, electrical outlets. Rev. R. L. Moore of Flint March 20 in th« besutifa] and
plumbing, heating plant, chim- street suffered recently in an spacious dining liall of Johnau
ney, porch posts and railings,
Younc Girl Scout, chosen in the nation's capitol as  one of
the official symbols of this year's o!)servance of NationahNegro I r ^ u 4.^
-P- .nS tLrJJ of
auto accident at Oaklawn Ave- G. Smith University. Mr. H.
nue and Beatties Ford Road. S. Adams, founder of the Ad>
Rev. Moore was taken to Good ams Business School, acted m
Samaritan Hospital where it is Toastmaster. Words of greet-
'SuiAOidmi 81 31) pa^odai ing on behalf of the Chamhar
Plans are being ms^e for the was brought by T. E. McKin»-
Spring session of Catawba Pres- ney. Dean of Johnson CL Smith,
bytery, which will meet ten and President of the Negro
miles from Charlotte on the Chamber. Mr. R. £. Crunip^
York Road at the McClintock executive of the Tazi-Cap eon>>
church. Rev. *A- H. Prince is pany, was presented. He q>oktt
stated clerk of the body. to the group on on tine recpon-
Q. Thje color of our wood- ^ r Saxon of Asheville, N. sibilities of the Commercial As-
shingled roof is beginning to recent visitor in the to driver and private car ehanj^
fade. How can it be renewed? was the house guest of (Continued on page seven)
A. A shingle stain of the — —
same color as that originally
used may be applied over the
shingles. The stain should be
applied in a thin even coat. The
shingles should be thoroughly
dry. Prepared shingle stains
can be obtained at most paint
ms li
s«nts this year’s preparedness theme.
CO wall by applying a new stuc-
Shrln^ I ia KIhb with tuMtd riiN-HI miiti ooiirat for a m«atFss« meal
in faet, when aueh a maul Is
tully planned, maat Will n«v«r fta
misMd, and th» members of the
tanily will rise from th« tabi* eon-
Tor the nain dUh in tha dinner
outlined here we have ehosan'
shrimps btcausa they art maaty
and snbatantial to bita into and be*
eanse they have lovely flavor. Also,
either canned or fresh, sbrimiis are
aintUable to ns hU.
CkUM TomSa» Jmtm
* SMmjit 4 Im King mUk
Cmrrted Rle»
SmUtrad Fatfs
I . $al«l
i ' Bmd mid Butm
Clug^br»U mJ 'Whtpp^ Ctmum
1 Coffat
! JBm Is the recipe for tht ahrinp
dish. In this, eggs are mixed vith
the ahrimps in a rieh. creamy and
! Utterly dellciona mttshrooni aaws-
•hrlmps i la King with
Currie RIee ^
1 tablMpoon butt«r
K cup pMn p«pp«r (qut In strips)
1 can- condenMS crMm of muihrooin
f Ub?cirooons milk
1 can OSS.) ahrUnps '•
I hard-eooketf
Cat the green pepper into strips
about 1 inch long and H inch wide
^and cook, in the melted butter. Then
*add the cream of mushroom soup
and atir well, gradually add the
milk and beat. Add the cleaned
shrimps and heat in the aauce anri
just before serving add the sliced
hard-cooked eggs.
Carried Rice
t UbUspoons butter
1 teaspoon ?urry powdsr
4 eups cook«d rioat
Er slicM for garnish >
Add the curry powder. to the
melted butter. Then add the cooked
ri9«, hieat and mix. well. Pack the
carried rice in bottom and around
sldea of caiserole dish or servini
dish. Fill the center with th
Shrimps A la King. Oarnish thi
rioe ring with agg slices. Serves 6
Note: Battered rice may be sabsti
• tvtad lor enrriad rice.
You will find our SERVICE complete to the smallest
detail. Our years of cxpeHcnce enable as to anticipate
y9ur need ud therefore senre yon better.
‘‘Thoufhtfnl Attention To Even The ftnidlest Detair
401 ^o 9tr^
94 Hour Servleo
Phone JJ071
We have never been able to Aid to "Great Britain and coat. The persent stucco is
the house so as not to give the understand people who, without Greece is only justified iwhen we good condition. Should My
impression of the house being aoy obligation of d,uty, seek believe, that Great Britain and treatment be given the wall b^
set down in a wilderness of to injure people for their mis- Greece are aiding mankind and i°re a^l^ng the new stucco,
planting. The foundation of deeds. particularly the United States A. Wet the existing
the house should apepar in cer- ♦ • • of America,
tain places. Shi-ubs should be The funny thing about life is Serrano Suner proclaims devo-
pruned so that they •«till not that those who bemoan their in- tion of Spain to the AXis.
become obstructions to the view ability to teach the people any- •
and will retain their natural thing continue to try to do the Farms are geared to rush aid,
character. impossible. Agriculture Department says.
Bt/■flbbe'(dal lace
'ibuNOVsr McktalistOm Tue Amis^cam SrAse
_j5: Ji.
Youa Qoiition Vox B> Amituw "Fsta" m Thu Column. For •
"triV4t* . . Send onlr 2Jc for my n«w AmotjoCT Rbaoino 8c Luckt
Dat Chakt sad miiTt bjr rttura m«H s coafidentiti letter of Prr# Advitt tatlrt-
lag three (I) Quettione prtTttelf. Siga rour fall lume, addret., end btrchdace to
att Utun, sad plesie include a Mlf-tddreiMd, itamfti eaTelope for yout reply.
«U Itlttn tot ABJJB’ VAUM:E. ctrt of
CBC — I feel that I am in a leaving town pretty soon to look
poaition to buy me a little home for a job and I want to know
now and I wi«h to know if it which direction I should go f 51
would be a good ideaf Do you Ans: A change of towns '.s not
think I should wait awhile t the thing for you. You are living
Ans: The sooner you get into in a big city now and you could
a place of your own and begin not pobaibly better youreelf^by
paying on it the better. The leaving. I do think that you need
place you have chosen seems to to look for a job instead of sifcti-
be suoh a nice location and the ing around so much talking ai
price of the place seema to be bout wanting work. Register at
within your means. Go ahead the agencies advertise in the
and sign jip for it. papers get out and make pec-
'sonal calls and you will find
JEO—I’m writing in behalf of something to do.
me and my husband. We haven’t
been getting along well for the
past month, in fact since we
Unoo Jviee leeipe.Cbecfcs
Rheunatic Pain Quiokly
U ' you tuffer from rheumatic, «rthri>
tieor neuritii piin, try thU ilmpl*
Impentive home recipe that thouuoda
are. uaing. Get a peckage of Ru-Ez
Cnnpound today. Mix it witli a quart
?l water, add the juice o( 4 leiMuu.
t*i eaiy. No trouble at all and
pleaaant. You need only 2 table-
apobnfula two time* a day. Often
wit&Jn 48 hourt — lometieaea orer>
night — iplendid _ rnultl M8
obtained. If the Mint tp sol
quickljr leave and if you do not
’ feel better, Ru-Ex will coat you
f nothing to try ai it it aold by
yo\ir druggist under an abeolute
money-bacit _ guarantee. Rn-Ex
Compovad if for lale and recom-
oenaed by Good Drugatorea Everywhere-
A. Wet the existing stucco
and then clean with a solution
of one part muriate acid and
six parts wat6r. The surface
should be washed thoroughly to
remove all traces of the acid
and then allowed to dry. Mois
ten again prior to appljdng the
new coat. If the existing stuc
co is smooth it will be neces
sary to apply two coats, dash
ing on the first coat to estab
lish bond. Otherwise the new
finish may be a single coat ap
plied with a trowel.
Q. X have heard builders use
the term “bearing wall." What
does this mean?
A. Bearing walls are used to
support the ends of floor joLsts
and roof rafters. Non-bearing
walls or partitions act merely as
serins or separations between
if llW
Ycs-your Marble chao^ w Uh
pert may well be a ’'big* m»a
morrow! S«« dut your child's
often tvetytfaiag possible (o Mp
Uaadevtfop me se—d, anu^
very fiMsc iagietMenti.
Vatioual Health riogram
Strengthens Home Defentiw
f7 EYED to the fundamental premise that no army is stronger tnan
its home front, a vast new plan to co-ordinate all health .md
vclfare agencies in America is now under way.
Under the direction of Paul»V. McNutt, Federal Security Admini*.
rator, every mao, woman and child in America will benefit from the
cientific tests and health measures which now safeguard the Army
nd Navy. Writing in the April !■-♦
ua of Cosmopolitan magasine,
tonald E. Keyhoe states that all
HTT — Is this natural fat or
not and plea«e tell me what to
married. It seems that he can’t do quick,
leave a girl alone that he went Ans; I recommend you calling
with before we married. We'^re'on your doctor for a checkup.
separated now but he insists on
keeping me up, but I don’t want
him to if we don’t live together.
What must 1 dot
Ans: — You are quite right in
in wanting come to an agree
ment once and for all about this
outside girl. Tell him frankly
when he feels he xin leave her
alone permaneivtly you will return
to him, but not before. Yourj
husband loves you hut this other
girl is after him and he doem’t
seem to know how to reeiat her
He can tell you exactly what to
expect. Your guess is wron^.
GB—I love my wife and try
to do the right thing by her
like giving her nice thin^ and
carrying her out to places to
have fun. Everytime we go out
she will get with somewie and
get drunk b’efore I know it and
I want to know do as I
don’t drink f
AnS: — It’s a good thipg that
yon don’t drink with a wife who
eharms. He doesn’t love her if can’t control herself after she
he did he would have married ^has a couple , of little drinks. In
her instead of you. a ^ase of this kind you must be
I GR—>I have been thinking of (Continued bn page eight) ^
jformation being compiled by the
ast medical corps working for the
irmy and Navy will be available
0 citizens.
According to Keyhoe, Mr. and
Irs. America are already getting
ha dividends of the national em-
rgency-defense program through
he Selective Service Act. Thorough
ihysical check-ups on prospective
Taftees have brought to light
America’s medical needs and steps
0 cure tuberculosis, venereal and
aental diseases and malnutrition
lave been taken.
In his article Keyhoe stresses the
»oint that men who have been re-
ected as unfit for Army servics are
•eceiving treatment either by pri
vate doctors or government agen-
‘■ies, because in the all-out defense
jrogram health is a vitally import
ant item. In the Army a strict
tealth prosodure is followed.
Stooped shoulders are straightened,
inadequate diet corrected, mental
Inertia banished br classroom woric.
Even men whose health was par
will return from service toughened,
more competent.
During the last war Keyhoe says,
comparatively little attention was
paid to the mental health of sold
iers, but this important factor has
not been overlooked in the current
defense effort. In addition to an
I Q- given every inducted soldier,
specialized tests have l)een admin
istered to discover mental ailment?
such as inferiority complex, split
personality, and other quirks of the
mind. The questions used by rrmy
experts have been prepared for
business use to aid in the sele"lior.
of men for industry. Diet etluca
tion prepared under the nations I
program will also be available to
all the housewives of America t>
raise nutrition standards.
Linked with the medical-nutintion
phase is another health plan to or
ganize the nation for community
sports. All youth organizations,
Keyhoe reports will fee askrt- to
join in awakening America to thia
chance for better health. If the pres
ent plan proves successful. Doctor
Thomas Parran, Surgeon General of
the United 'States Public Health
Bureau, believes that a ten yar ad
dition of the present apan ki life
is within our
Take off refreshed
"If Not Satmfied...lWt TeO
Others...rai W*
U8 S. lUiicvM St.

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