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.iroKeaet inMUute, ju>. -
Henry xord, n«troH
mumlRciuryBp. «eeQn^]«Bi»({ by
!£». ftud • Mercury, ipMt
itoV«(ral ho^' «t ttwkefM Tum
day oooif«arnng widSi Dr. F> D.
pKttanoo. Preaideait «sd Dootor
Oeoifw W. Cwrver, ftnkefwli
djptinguis2i«d »ci«BtiBt.
Mr. F«rd •rri.ved let C3i«hMr
in 1m» priwwte «wr early Taesdssr
moTiiiii§ and wa« met by Ooetonr
IHfcttwuon «ad hurried to Doro
thy Hall, wbera Dr. Oiirvw
ftwai'ted him. After he «od; Mik.
F^d had i%n«d offlcal Tifli'
tow' book, Mr. fort w«nt to
Dr. Carver's qatrtert whei»
thiBy werer teft alone for an
hour’a oonf«mM»e. Immediateiy
followed the conforence Mr.
piarticdpated m tb« diedicBtion
of I3ie 0«oigts W. C«rv«r M««eam
by tha ioMtrUon of pk»tiw made
8oy bc«en« «od «oy fibrie into »
■'ooaewjt® slab.
. Botb Mr. add' lb*> Para wr
[ricribsd tli«ur v0^» ic ^ o»-
wDKmy wa* by aw-
«ml InRital* ‘ «>^d »
groap of stu^fii^ . *
prominflwtljr iit tt» mua»-
ttm and tigniilw aad daap in'
'tawrt of Mr ftord "“d Dr. Cas^
|v«r is th« mdiMPlTM u^UatMCi
|Of Caxm etopm.
I Mir. Ford viiked with Dr.
Carv«^ «nd. nMUufiBat»d kiaep uv-
t«i:«iit te ibe n«tiv» fibn* that
aro on eziiibit, aiod th« kes that
h«.v« been sa*d* of waste matflr-
jial. He later vi«it«d th» Tnake-
gea Inatituit* jUrport and ezprean
«d !«n«sderal>te in>iaret in
p(Tc|jre« thait th» stuikoia «e
BwUng in profrvm and tliie
:|{utwe thait ai^kition oifer)=l
While at tie wrport studenlts
in the secondary eonnw of in-
atrtntion were goin^ througih
tbebr maneuvani. S«Via*»l took
off iwid (kiided and' Mr. Foird
|e(Rni!Mnid>ad tiia atodeniUi on ttie
"Personal Hygiene and First Aid Prepared
ness.'’ the Objective for tliis Year’s
National Negro Health Week Observance
Amvrlea bad sot projireased »fM i» pl«» N^b*1 De-
ftme before wladom dieted tlie incloajon «f fr«par»dnwB in
pablic healtii aa an importtat c®«»Ui^of
and irilltary ti«ining. And it ia hadetd comaiai^Me that, while
ni*iliaiiur f*rcw lor the def»M of tha »at«Hal ^aatsiaions and
the cherUhwi inatitutionf of the nation, appropriate attention U
baiae directed to the mc^ilieation of the buman reaources upon
wh^ the nation ntust depend for eaaential atamina, courage, in
***^e^mtional N^ro Health Week program, founded by the la^
Booker T. Waahington, has been devoted for 2
of a century to the fulflllinent of hia prophecy that the Newo rouW
and would aaaimilate ^ waya of the American life and, by o^r-
eoming the handicapa of poverty and illfleas, produce a virUe r*ee
and develop a ’■^lesome dti«nahip. . , .mi.
Thir ye*r> »alth Week ob}«etiv^ “Peitaonal Hygiene and First
Aid Pteparedn#aa,*' ia in oooaooaace with the national ©Wectnre ^
totfj preparedness for the total defense of and all of it*
people. Personal hygiene is ^e obligation of the individual to use
available health information for attainment of aa abun&nt health
aa hia natural endowment and daily habits will permit First aid is
the challenge of a complejc and haaardoua dvili*ation to acquire
the knowledge and technic which wiU reacue a vktim of accident or
audden illnesa from disability, or even death, that may result from
delay or improper administration of first aid procedures.
The National Negro Health Week has a traditional period des
ignated for its observance, the week which includes February 6,
the birthday of its foundei:. This year the week is March 30 to April
6. However, the National Committee advises the sponsors in the
various communities that the Health Week may be conducted in
any apptoximate period which would offer more favorable seasonal
or other cbnflttionB. , , . ^ .
The HeaJth Weejc program has extended its activltiea to all phases
of ho*itLp!eav«(p».but Ifcar^ haa b«)p.4? ®?' pmpha®*?.
the rtec4tsfty
to stoitatioh and disease
iBe F«ir
To Your
Them Now
While We
Have Time
To Give
Will B«
25c UP
jBev. S.
Otb4r laadaaf
i. J. Searlette, prin-
BftAii Primary aehool
i. pMlor Trinity
^itnb Mra. fa|h«r
Dodlay Hi^ aehool « .
rioHnee Wtthert, _
the A ami ®
Notes lod CoiDiieiits iqiKtii w
u^BmUo lum
National Gallery is curtnral
aaset; a naclesw for ezpandoa.
1^ - —I 1 _ wui.—. irwoiwcui. *ceepta Nation*!
^ r 'J" ? Oltorr «d KeIlo= »4
and Di*v ^api»»n of
iT Colfate faraltv.
Ih-. Bawkiaa Brown,
'priaclp#' ffalmer lf«inorial Is*
•titat|, pi^nied pi*quaa to the
folloijiiif honor famiHaa, uiwn
the bn^ of eo«Q>erative, a n *
harmaofeOt ftimily effort: Th*
Williaai MirfJow family of 1111
pi!bo Stiwtj tha
family ^)07 Oorrell Street;.®*"*
ar-d tb« ^mes A- Yonra familv
of We»t MeCijlloch fit- Germany and Italy bitterly *»• the saiiM uhaoBeL
HoaoraMe laeaition waa made of u. & aid bill in presa. • • •
the JtaiM Doagtaa family. ^ ^rop erf pomtrf tW*
fcolatioiriat attitude ia tenaad season is notably amaU, lor
'stficidaf* by feeler. which we otter thanks.
I ' Ob aad after SKiuiiqr mmmf
liHcb 2»t^ aii tkrm
, amar tmtmmn frim
notice Icaa aai snpirit
cnaninv from tfaeir raiiii
Senate move la made to doub- Thooe who bava
la the farm parity payments. bf b«eIi*roi»^ aaaaie m
Marian Anderson geta Bok aation filtering
Clyde Harris Award, high Philadelphia bon- marring the program daaitad tt
^ be beard will also ftad srii«f*
since the trouble oeeim whcil
broadeaatinc ataft»|l» opmwtm m
aaie as mmmm
ntinued from page three)
feur to his employer, and the;
public in gtoeral.
Serg«p|;fj S, .Moore of the !
State Highway Patrol, discuss
ed safety for the motorists, and
pedestrians on the poUic high-!
wtaiys of the nation.
Mr. Tom Drye was presented
by Mr. Ned |>avis. Mr. Drye
was the oldest chauffeur in ’
point of service attending the
banquet, and he gave some fine !
points to the group on how to
keep a job. Mr. Davis present
ed Dr. H. Ij. McCrorey to the
group, he in>*turn, introduced
, ' Clarence O. Kuester, Exec-
eiScitot maJWeiT in l^hieb tuey wun an iateresuaig talk oa |tip^ jetter, when one ,eaQ>'give allegi uti'^®*vica pr^ident of the Char-
bandled tiieir piajMil. plemrenting the fiarm inoome by ance to the best, is sin the speak ^^^hfrmber of Commerce.
Mrs. Fond was shown (throitgh the Triple “A” Prognan tollow er said. J KuMter expr^ed his h^rty
tte girls’ industoiaj biiilding anti ed by an excellent demo^ttation Witheut siuch aa idwl, in pre Negro Ch^-
llhe depfllntm^n^ home econo* on “grading' eggs and. culling' sent day bickerinjf, lif» is’dis ** presen e
mics end expressed delight itt'poultry by J. J. Lanier, Tether appointing and. drab. There m^st ^ ^
thie preparation of the Tusiege© of Vocational Agriculture, Plea- be an authority within thHt im .(.jj ladies and gentlemen of
„ ^ il to continue group. A series of such
Pleamnt^ove Commtimty. toward the apoomplisament ot banquets are planned for the
" purpose in life, even though future, at whi^^time special-
_ • A If may know he is- going to fsU. igts in every fiewi^n which Ne>
IW Kpttl 11 MOn Tuesday nightir Mr*. Sam gro workers are engaged will be
* ”• * WJ« uel B. Coless missionary to An- brought before the various
A/Illracc kt Rnilfliitt , Africa groups.
/llllltvdu xll# UvllUvv» spoMe on “AdjustmMits ' to be yv . , .
Made within the African Family
UJ« Wi thfe enthusiastic expression of
, Sratitude expriesSed through tne
Group of. youthful D. Q. Scouts, who hav o beeri ch^^ officially tot symboIiiS(B,^ei prje-
parainess motive, “Semper Paratus” Always P repared,-of-ithe 27tb annual observanceTof-Na
tional Negro Hwlth Week—-March 30 - April 6th. ' , •
plemienting the £arm
me. vican u|i| *•* v*h ao i»iv*v. 7.*‘
it is a formula for health and happiness which, by intelligrnt ami
Irtfiustrious utilisation, produces manifold benefits, stimulates pride of
aekgblMrhood, and improves the well-being of the entire community
Easter Cleaning Rush
So much work is received in the cleaning
plants the week before Easter that it
must be handled by mass production
methods with no attention to detail.
Your clothes deserve the best care we
can give them so by all means send your
Spring cleaning now.
Easter Sunday, April Bth.
wwmen students for useful and sant Grove
succaseful living.
After ibaving luiufh in Dorothy
Hall t*be distinguished visitors
were welcomed and sho^ tSje
grounds of the Veterans Hospa*
tal by Dr. Eugene H. Dibble,
ma’n»ger. Upon the C/ompletk)n
of thieiT to^ of, I inpeotdoa of
the re®erv''ation thij' wenft .dtiven
4oPCb«0^w ■whera they boarded
thiedr private car for Atlanta.
Farmers and Farm
Alamance County E
Women Of
njoy Big Celebration
Well Received . ■ p«nti|ig out that
- ’ ' family has had to make adjust
, inents to new religiov^a b»li«J;
■ The world ^ better eeonomic.'s status,
the fwt of eome to rraiize that
people who believe, said ur. ^re of as ^ual • impor-' *
Benjamin E. Mays, President of jjj ,tjjj household and in
Morehouse Coli^pe, Atantal, Ga. general scheme of living/as
in an address entitled ‘Religion . q^j. responsibility, Mrs.
Equal in Yitamin Bl« also the '
Pellagra - Preventive Vitamin and
Iron to Bread Made With Average
Whole WJieat Flour
National Fitness Demands. Energy
BREAD is one of The Best Sources
Of Food Energy
cooperation of both the em
ployee and employer in making |
in Family Life Today
opened the fifteenth
H o ^ e Making Injititute at,
Bennett College on Monday nite.
annual pogg^jjie that kind of life 'thaf
must inevitably face in a!
time of crisis.
The theme of the Institute was
I “Family Relationships in a Time! Thursday night Miss Katherine J
GRAHAM, (Special) - The of Stress’' ^ Bacon, aecomplished English
Negro farmers and farm wom^ Observing that ethics and pianist, sponsored hy the AsiSocia
of Alamaince County held their morals are relative quantities in tion of American colleges, New
Annual On« Day E»tenB|ion the need for somethin- bigger, York City wss presented in torm^
School in the Union Ride Com- chaos. Dr. Mays made emphatic al recital Friday night conmmi-
mmity, March 7, with a capacity the need to something bigger, Hj parents, led by Mrs. J. 5. K.
crowd iji spite,of inclement wea nobler, and higher than self. “To Aggery of Salisburjs particip^ed
The main topic of the allegiance for an allegiance in a panel discussion on * Pre
enough to anything that is gcod, or sent ^ Day Pi-oblems in Family
Don’t Deceive Yourself!
A WELL PLANNED Life Program anticipates certain
problems that must be met—a program that probably in
cludes insurable protection. But YOU are deceiving your
self if your insurance program does not supply—
ther. The main topic
school was growing
vegetables in the home
to meet the oieeds of the family |
the year round. j
Interesting demonstrations and
talks were given by agents of
adjoining oounties an;^. others. J.
W. JeflPries, Nc^ro District
A^rftnt, Greensboro gave an in
spiring talk on location amd pre"
parataon of the garden and raisj,
iris' eriough food to meet the
family needs- Mrs. Winehestefr,
NegrA Home A^ent, Reidsville,
gave a vivid picture of the
family, outlook for 1941, during
whi^h time she stated that the
tobacco, cotton and wheat farm
era would be the losers for
1941 and\the poultry, dairy hofe-
and truck farmers w^ould be the
oties to increase their incomesu
That is those that have these
etaterprises oo their farms. M. C
Burt, Negro County Agent, Hills
boro gave an interesting demon-
ejtmfcion on "how to select an4
store your garden Seed. B.’ A
Hall, N^o County Agent,
Greensboro g>ve an inspiring de-
monstiSJition on "how to oontrol
insiaots and disease* of gavd«n
vegetables.” Miss M. W Towngg
Negro Home Agent, BeidsviUe,
gave an excellent demonsjtratijon
on “selection and preparation of
v^etablffij for canning and mar-
«t. At ibis point, women of the
Union Bide Commujiity swved *
RobertfL,rVann, late editor and
delicious plat© dinner consistiTif Courier,-whose achievements ij^ to'®rtali2»«mn.a'^t^
W*be erected on-the canlpug*of his alma mter^yi^ni«i^
salad, bread, hot coffee and de«-, . . i ,
jUmvemty at'Rwhmond. The towcur is the gift of the^B^}#^
Jn the afternoon, R L. Hann^- government-and w(a6 part-of{theiBelgian'Pavilion«atlthe‘fNew
"'iXoft-WotW'siPsir.' 1
A policy designed to prcmde ready cash at the
A policy that will provide cash for t^e education of your ckildreA- — vnm- K
feath should terminate other less certain plans.
A iwlicr comlmiiic WHOLE LIFE and TERM INSUKANCE fobra-—•
plan particularly effective in the payment or protection of EXK^HNG and . • •
' 4^
If your present insurance program does not guarantee
these benefits, consult one of our representatives. TH£^
and OTHER policies are incl ided in the MUTUAL PLAN*
DonH deceive yomrself• To be secure^ you should INSURE*
j^««l4#n4 * DUiOiAM.NQKni
Charlotte Qifice Durl
Am E. Spears

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