North Carolina Newspapers

Number Fourteeii
Durham, North Car ouna, Saturday, Apr il 5th, 1941
XTolume Twetity-^o
Sings on CB^
Nat’l^cc Congress
Delesation Unearths
Segregation Plan
Atlanta Teachers
Sby Suit In
£^1 may Fight
Negroes Receiving
Less TOan Their Fair
Share of Jobs
i, ' t -BtatWiient made by ttw Co»‘
.he lwidin» perao^^j^ w to
rt*r ^io pwgfiutii tot ituiday
a)ired over net\vork ht
connection with ifac IfittionBl
UriMiB Leairu^^ eftmpaitm for
widet- «otplQhnent (^portiiaties
ffH-cO]6Teii p«opI«.
and Aiticles
Crime Sp|idt#d
for N'-egwca on
Kurinff Canapa;^^ to paais *k» being “
u€urb Eawbreakingr
me ' Carolina Time* wiU
l»oi}cli;n«]^t: waek an I»t«i«fve
war on erimee in Jtoriiam, and
is eallikifr on aU eltUsCTS to co
operate in the effort to malce
this community a m»e decent
plac^n which to live.
I^#n whereby the Unified States
Civil Service CommiBaion will
etftebliih vhat is regard an
Admini^tntion inspired poli«y
6£ Jim Crow categoriee for Ne
gro Congreaa delegatiwi follow
ing a oonfereniee with Haarry B.
Mitebell* ehairman of Com-
iniMion, MondAy> AprU 24.
4^ white sttpremooy lAtt be u*ed
as tbO" 'baeis of aq' to
intimidate oi^imiiiations seeking
job eqnality for Negroe*, dele
gation menjbera de«lar^.
Mitchell, aocopding to the
detega'tes, admitted- that Negm-
es at« receiving fai* !««■ than
tiheir proportjoaate shares of the
iobs allooated • to the 3,000 ocfw
deftose worfcere wh'ifli. the fedl-
oral govemaient ig taking on
each nsonth. However, he insist
ed, . tbey said, that *tjie best that
Negroes isonid hope for would
be ^tiriijg civil Wirvice jobs on
a “•^rregated basis. ” He de
scribed , those who opposed Jobs
a Segregated
more concerned
with social’ ©quality than with
getting miore jobs for Negroes."
Plans Afte Made' To
S^k £|9ality By "
Buildiv Good Will
ter ’01
The po]pit, press, schoolg
and individuals are asked to
help make Durham an unpleas
ant place for criminate so that
the city may curb the wave of
killings, near>kniings,hold-9P8,
hreak-ins and other forms of
lawlessneu that abound here.
Interviews with several Inter
ested citizens this week disclos
ed that many of^ them aHe of
the opiniMt that unless some*
thing is dime soon It wjill he un
safe to even watt in daylight
in certain sectlcAS of Duritam
without being held up or
threatened ^th vMence.
Loud and hoteterous cursing
and other profane language in
the f^ence of women and chll*
dren wjio find it neceraary to
widk along the city streets Is
becoming'unbearable, accord*
ing to several citizens. Several
voiced the opinlcm that the cul
prits who engage in this kind
of dlsord^ are usually habit)'
ual loafers, and the kind that
resort to lawlessness to eke out
a living.
. Lectures, sermons and arti
cles on ci^me are aU In order
and the Carolina Times is ask
ing the coi^eratloa of all citi-
llwis and agenciea of .fnf)uenee
to lend their sumiorf to the
yrme on crime.-
Becomes Member
Education Council
Scientific Inquiry Is
Goal Of National
PETERSBURG, Va. — At the
March 24th nWeting'of the Bxe-
eutire Committee of the Ameri-
ean Council on Education, Vir
ginia State College wag elected
to insttitutitiooal membei'shipw
according to ccwrespondence re
ceived at the college from C. S.
Marah, vice president of the
The couneil is.a central organ
of CO operation and co ordination
whi^,. without invading the ^.u-
toniomy of institutions *nd ihf
tei^ts within the' AmeKcan
Educational sysit«iB,lb has pro
moted oonperted action, in mat
ters of bommoii concern. _The
eoHncil .devotes itself to .scienti
fic inquiry in any field of edu
cation and tfe the stimulation of
experimeatal activities of in-
Stitatins and groups of institu-
tioiis. '
Through. conferences 'and in
vestigations, the conhcil f^ks
to claHfy eduM>tioqal issues of
national significance, to define
problems arid to nlist Appropri
ate agencies for l^eir solutions.
Q>ui^nir infortBfd ’ ‘' th« grmp
tiia/t ‘ ofQckUs. o£. the edpca-
tional .' .depa!rtman*1( ’ aM . ropxe-
««j.tatives of ootofed edtiefatfeoal
groups 'were to. confer at Pkine
coll«ige on- April 9 aud attenlpH;
% work out a frfan “best for'all
of us.”
Otiiei* Teoommendatioo4| adopt
ed by the conference included a
statemfent uiging the procuring
for colored youth aivd adults
training in all phases of the na
tional defense progranj, and
provision calling' upon the state
to take steps towaid, establishing
means of providing graduate
study for eoloi«d. , ; .
ers of, the Fii^ ci
district' were AdvUe^
by M. L Ootw^ '
department oft'fdueal
courts' »ly wHeii ^ fell other
means of eifecti^ j^oational
reforms have been''esiha^iet^.
Meetii^ in a ~da^ session
a^t Booker T. * Wasbingtoti hi^h
ach^I,, represerttrttives froin the
sevei^ ''bounties of tte'disWct
went on' rfecorl being 'ready
to ‘^bring wesanre in brderj^ k>
sec^ire eqdality of eeooqmih and
eda#ionj^ opportupitj^, all
petwpns re)i:iirdlcw • of .creed or
coior.'? ,Blan» were made to seek
■eoualil^ bv huildiafir ufp
will, ’ inviolvim' the vitifltiencfe * of
all orgfuilxatbi^ a^d, if, necys-
maldrikr ®pliiefiit5i(>ii 'to 'the
oottPte,' ' '
auty (Guitarists ,Mtd BenevoWt A»-
p^:'esldent of the ^
•sociation of Mrae., C. j. Wicker Agents, Inc, Under the reor^
ganizatioh i>lah% Mrs.'-Alice Jp3, Burnette, fiist vice-president of
the Walker C>^pany,' wil^ national .organiiser. The Asso
ciation, orii^hi^ in 18^. ^provides for benefits, sick dues and
free legal the latfagr to‘ be -fomiahed. by Deputy Attor
ney General JUnaow,' is legal adviaer.
Furthers Health
ri5»", •..'j .• T’f
®UEHAiM;» -t:;
Nor^' . CaroKjA ?,
baiketbalt- team ^ whidii./lfad; ijifet
^ Nfliioa ; inten
odll^geii^at^' ^om«iaia®nt’ iiiv Glife
cjfliktti^‘Ohio,' was orilei't^ed
by the thji4«»m' A^umni^ AjsbJh^--
•tion with a banquet at * the
Algoiiquib Tennis Clubhouse'?*ti-
day oigbt, MartA 28. The '*ln>&er
began at 7:15 with only tiie «to-
t^ainment committM and the
'^atQ and ttteir coaches attend
ing and it ' waa featured with
speeches bringiig words of com
raendatioii to the team for har
ing , won second place in the
fiitet annnai naiWonal tourney.
Immediattely aftea* the dinner,
about 9:30, oth*r members of
HbV alumni, and' vflMttr.;gtieats'be
gan arriving and dancing became
tile order of tiie eveniiig.
J,L.. Holloway, {H^deht of
the Durham chapter of the-
North Carolina College Alumi^#
was the fiwt to pay verbal tri-
Hillside Holds First
P. T. A. Meeting
The recently oi^nized Parent
TiBacber* Association of ihe Hill
side Park H%b School held ite
first publie meotinf of the year
at the school Snaday afternoon.
A feature of the meeiting waa
the presentation of newly elected
officers and grade mothers'. >
B. F, Page, inrtructor in 'the
Hiirtjry Department, was master
of ceremonies and delivered the
address of weloome after the
address of welcome after the
meeting llad opened with selec
tions from the band and the sin^
ing of . “Lifti Evrary Voice and
Sing” iKf the audience.
Later during the program Pito^
WitUam McEkpth, ®iUH
eide’s* new principal, wa« ealk^
on for remaeHa, and he pelted
out t» the group *t!he .greiftr nee«’
sity f6r a eFtronger unity between
*■' sTl^
Dr. Highsmith
Will Deliver
Matin Address
Mrs. Henry Pfeiffer
, To Attend Bennett
Building Dedi^tion
, " Dr. T. W. ^dseiB.,'‘of Atigfista,
Ga.,. nationiU medical directior
of the National Negro' . Insur
ance Associatiwa,'^o basil
ed a call to the medical directors
of 41 companies belon|ring to
the association to £put over a
big Negro health week pro- The insurance groups
arfi striving to . IeM6n death
rates hfy encouraging he^th
OBEIENSBORO — Carrie Baige
Resideoce ball, ^ixtb in the Nenv
Bennett %ildii^ Program, will
be dedicated and the oomerstone
laid for ii!be Annie Merneir
PfeifiPer chajwl, in apeicil ser
vices honoring the women of
MetSiodism, thro^h whose gen
erosity these buildings have
been given to Bennett College,
on Friday, April 18. 'Rhe board
of trustees of Benoetit College
will meet in annual session on
Thursday, Apiril 17,
«dK>ol. Ife Said that in order for
tb« association to live up to its
purpose of beSfter educaikig the
Hild, the home and school will
h>av>e to work hand in hand.
Mrs. G. A. Wiasiow of tiie
HQkide faculty introduced the
PTA ofBcers wlro were elected at
-the grade mothes' meetfing laflt
tbursday nigbt. ,'fiater the presi
dent appointed th« following
commiWee headaf: ProfesSor Me-
Gfa«th, constitdfion committee;
Mrs. lE. Norris, mejnbership;
Mm Rebecca QattiSi pac^wn^
Mjss M. L Pi^r, bo8j>Jtality;
W. D, Hill, health; A Tark,
publicity. • r
, Completi^ the’ piwgram 're
marks were made . by. .Carter
^mith, major of the ! Hillsid*
Safety Patrol, and Pfof^ssor'^ W.
G. Pearson, principal emerJUus
of Hillside. Gladys Markham^
in eighth garde student, z^d a
‘Petition to the Board if Bdu"
cation” in which she exjowsed
the immediitftto needs of the
school. Music for the meeting
was furnished by the Hillside
chorus under the direction of
Miss Theresa Chgget#l
Pre*dent M. T. B6orton out
line 80 objections of tbe PTA.
The Addition of the 12Wi grade, a
wider voeatkmal program, and
more teaching space in the
school building. The nest meet
ing will be held Apnl 20.
N^rro Chamber Of
Ommierce of Char*
lotte To Banqi^
' The Evening at 8:ii
CHARLOTTt: — (Special) —
Historic Johnson C. Smith Un^
ver»ity will observe the 74th
anaiversary of its fcKinding im
Foonders' Day exerejges Monday
April 7.
Dr. J. Henry HiglisiBith of
Baieigh, director of the Diviuon
of lostmctiooal Service of .the
State Board of Edoeatioa. wiB
deliver the priaeipsl addresii
Dr. Bigbssith is lislN^ in
% Who*’ as OM mt tiie b»>
*a teemosL:silaeelB*s-'.,
■ Tb* Smith •laouH will^ ba re-
pmated hy th« Bev. M. A.
Sanders of Jaaaws Dilaai, S. Q:
President H. L MeCrorey wiB
prwde over the serriees.
Lawyer L. P. Barris, pronii-[ A proeessioij of studentii
nent Queen CTity Barrister, and dignitaries will
Smith University alumnus, who i fomal eerenu»^
The procession will comaesee
the Biddle Memorial Hall aad
wind up at the ehopel. Special
iimsie has been prepared for the
occasion by the Uaiveraity
! Choir. Qnintet, Trio, and Men'a
I Glee Club, aader tile direeik^i
j(rf Prof. David E. CarwA
j In the evening at S |o’k*loel*
(the Charlotte Negro Cbaaibe? e*
tCoDimeree will .-iponsor a Cttisea^
• DiBoer in honor of Dr. lla^
Crorey, Johnson C. Snuth tfip'
versity, and their service in ta»
field, of ed.ucation. T. & MeKia-
ney, Dean of Smith tTaivemiik
is president of the chamber.
Plans are elready aaderway
for the diaiaond jnl^e eriehnr
tion, marking three qoarters if
century of serriee, that
spoke recently at the 8th anni-
veraary of tfas ^kineord C.' C.' C.
Ci^;^mce i^mm.
c-..-./ -.'IX', ... - J V- •. .1 v». ....
jVA-SlilNGTON — The V. S
civil service commissiott- .a.n-
Q3]ipc.e^ .-,.4)pen, competitive. e»*
lainalsow toe tbe folk>wiog p«^
tiqrifi:. junknr engipnerfeg drafts-
ihan;,boad soil sci^iats; band
t^khinder, 'and marine opera
tions bo^biqder; senior medical
offlccr, medical oflRcer, and a»-
^iate medical officer. Addifional
al information may be procured
from your kjeal p«t office.
bute the team in his iJfctrodu®- ■ _ _ „ ,
fcory remarks. Following bim. Came Baige Hall a n^era
Master of Ceremonies H... H. m^every d^, is the
Riddiek presented Captain Re- of the Woman's Home M«s-
ginal Ennis of the NCC teain Socwtj of toe former
fdr a response. Qcan .Jajnea T. Mettiodist Ejnseo^ ch^h,
Taylor, who was reipresenting Little Thea
both tbe team (aa manager of most ^nt gift of
of athletiw) and the alumni H«nry Pfed!^
spc^e next, and he was followed City, Mrs, W, H. Go^e,
by W. F. Bujghaidt who ooacbes president of %he Society
football at'the college.- • • : is chairman of the eoounittee
TT . iv .. il . arraiKing the dedicatory s«r-
He told the-teem: ‘ you pot on »
the. greatest exhibi!»tion of basket ^r®. Pfeiffer will be pre
ball in Cineinnatti I hav« 'ever sent to perSMiaUy lay tbe eomw
se^ in one team. aijone in 'the Annie Merner Pfei-
Tbe next- m'sn pmmrted wm jppj. (^ia,pel. From all indieati^is
John 'Brown, Gary, Indisitut freA , » j. i-
, ’ Tr^ a large group of remreeeatative
man who was selected on the „ . ,
All National. Toumameniti team Methodwts from wide area« of
as one of tbe two beat guasd ib* country will be present for
Please torn to page EHght . * the dedica^ry exiewisea.
N.F.A. Holds First
Father and Son
Banquet at Oxford
OXFORD, — On Tbursclay
nigbt, Man^ 27 tbe Mary Pot
ter Chapter of th« New Farmers
of America held its first Father-
Son banquet Approximately 115
fathers, shis and visitxHv were
in attimdasce. A program was
out by the officeia and members
of the organization. The objee-
tives «nid aecomplishm^ts of
the'Chapter was read by James
'iams, n»tk» by Jamea Wil-
aton; W^eome address by Cor
nell Powell; Selection by the
NFA Quartet; NFA Creed by
Julius (BUiam; Apprecia^n by
Rev. H. S. Davis, prineipal of
Mary Pott«r; latrodoction of
INithera by EmiiMftt Cooper; ia-
Pleaae tnm to Eight
‘ Dr. A. L. Lewis, chaizBian
of the board of direc^rs, Afro-
American Life Insurance «wh
p*my of JacksonvUKf Fla.,
which he. help^ fpund 40 years
ago, reviewed the accompHsh-
men'^ of jcidored Floridans
Sondiqr on the **Wings Owi*
Jordan" progzaBi.
D;*. Lmm. trea««rar •
tvs of th^ NetpoJAi^
ness Ij^ua, haa a]ao
auperintaiulMa't of
AME *^di9,
vitte,: £» kipt fkin Tiff witmQ
son C. Smith Uaive«aty
observT next spring. v
Theme of Natiiiili
Negro Health
Accorded Prabe
NEW YORK — In a aut
praising tbe theme iof
Negro Health Week ■ i
PerMwal Hygisna ai^
Aid Prspaidness,**.
Browa Menilli E*eeait»a^,
}or of the National
tke Prevention .of
urges i^uti ^iesial
directed laward
of «y«si|^ T%jb't
natioMi defailt
pmnAa ««tt «a gaad
who nriili to'tKi* ka'pigt
^ awmad lanw «r U

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