North Carolina Newspapers

Volume Twenty-two
Durham, North Carolina, Saturday, April 12th., 1941
Number Fifteen
EditonalOn Pare Two)
Elation GroupVisits City
Hearing Scheduled
^ TO Be Heard April 14
Finaocial Drive Of
Joha Ave^ Bbys’
‘ KOU6fON„ T«, rr- ift
pM^poned a;t tl$« Ivit minate,
j»in}»*3r (NMJt iHIJ J»tW
uJSro® C;Cfift ProgressBig
wINefO SW»ey
^ » 11 ot nity id
•tting bt^OBie he Vm
r«gi^ni|tloQ to kit July
Thp V
lUie Bie«4«i^
th^t" tfif cA»
ite iwBnt^r tttP
The campaign workers of the
had its kick-pff nxeetinjir on
W^n.esday, Harch 26, at the
Algonquin Club House and on
the ■'following day 101 solicitors
began a house-to'^house cantass
io iraise $2S00.00 in cash and
N. C. College Acts
As Host To
Goodwill Flyers
six flyers, from Tu«k«^e In-
8tituite> vieited city hat Mon
day PL «au at «»♦ Btop on • seriqe
of “Goodwill d^tined to
take them oq t}i^r laiesion of
acqirai&ting tbf public wi'tii ^»e
enibiyo all lifigro 1911^ ^tonlQiK
Squadron, to nation^s ItM^l
ii^ eiiite, wid «4watie#el dhk-
The flyew, -witji the exception
of fligbt «o)oai4l^tr And«r»»i,
and two iD^3D(etairai wefe CAA
trainees of TtUjJ^e^ee Institute,
and fvtttte flyaig eadet» of *th«
U. S. Air Gorp».
, The flight opined Coromande*
Ai>derson was espeeiidly design
ed to enlist aa recruiis for the
aerial bmnob of our national
defense. Wi^ %e proposed ,dfe
,, “ ® giant training 
: Sponsors df the club are very the National Industrial Council Alabama school,
in ,|>^afli«||a elj^| much pleMe4 at ,t^ie favorable of YWCA who was the guest^or Negro pilots, Mr. Anderpon
Officer Charged
With Brutality
In Soldier’s Case
to finance the opera' „
» f'^his© pnHia#y isiiie. All-t{o„g ,£ the club for one year. Miss Sevy Mathis,
>^'‘lhe‘tire^i aa»e. ^aima .up^ response th^s- campaign wt>rk- speaker at a joint meeting oflMserted tfeat
'4iadg©v$®tt^»«>J^ demedJ etsJ are receiving from both the the ^nior Industrial Girls’Club demand for Air Corps Recruit^* t
Nest'd and white citizens of the ©f the Central YWCA and the* /While 4ft eity,
rtiWneommunity and there is every^Haiirfiet.Tubiniw branch heWlii'aiade iiiformW . visit’ to:.Dii|ce
Indjiaits^' W»pon"to’'^^»^ic^t!ion that the goal of $2,'»j"Y" building on' West Chapel>Uo^ersity# and the n’eiyrby* Uni
- '-foBw^ ^^tioolHSOO-OO-wili: be reached. The Hill atreet;i .
' campaign workera are makinig
f ' ■ -
We applogige
due to increasmg
lineage we were
forc^ to omit from
bur current edition'
several advertise
ments. lliis copy
will appear in thie
next issue of thej
Carolina Times.
E—^ ■
no4 on ^
f t. ^ m. •, •.
■ Wv B. DnAton . airf Thusgood
l^at^tftlL 'KAAOP attomeye, irill
apfiea^: for. Haeg^t. B there
sboald h^ ^ seihttek in. lower |f
*** ""''* Ykth Council
Pickets Buses
d&ily report to the Treasurer,
Mr, J. H. WIveeler at the Me
chanics and Farmers Bank. On
Monday, April 7, at the close
of the first ten days of the'
drive, 782.00 had been reported
raised by the workers consist-!Tpt|ipn
court, it h planned to oarry^ the W89.00 in and lAJlCUdC
«u;ti:Qti to ithe U. S- supreme
Broddp Women
Voters Ask
$293.00 in pledges. I
The regular monthly board i NEW YORK — Passed unani-
meeting of the club will be h)eld moosly and sent to Presiden* _ -
in the auditorium of the home Booaevelt last week by «ie Wo- K|||l0'H|| Thworf 0Q
(Tersity oi N. C. at CTjapeL fiill.
NOON irfayed iioet to the flyWis
at an informal banquet at the NEW YORK — Pollowiaig up
Algonquiai Club House on Pay- ita work of the past year aeek-
etteville St* to round out the inig en^loyroent of Negaro bus
tour, ? ( *•' *f!!?^ii|| driv«re and conductors by the
tFiCth Avenue Coadt Company
afad affiliated bus line#, ttite
Morningside Harlem you h
eouncil of the NAACP, join
Atten^pt To Arrest
Editors Of Tanqia
office building of the North ntem Voter's Council of Brooklyn,
Carolina Mutual I«fe Insurance
was A resolution ba«buig the!
Company on Saturday, April 12,'jt. A/'m fj-h. 4t,bg for Negro-|*o Jail Mra- P- gener-
at 12:30 P. M. (e, ^ indu»tsries. .. miH>a««r, and C. Blytihe And-
|rew«, contributing editor of the
eENNETT COLLGGE GROUP NAMES MORROWS ‘TYPICAL'i l^mpa Bnlleitin, wa« thwarted
’T- 'T‘ ■' '
o u
other groups March 29 in picket
ing bus lines at 125th street and
Eigihlth avenue. The NAACP
TAMl^ FU.'-'
ley Nelson, aS8is*an4 pastor*of
the Church of the Ma^r, and
Madison S. Jonec, Jr. national
youth director of the NAACP.
Capital Cities To
Push Prosecution of
Blackjack Weilding
Police Officer
Raleigh, April 10.—^N. E.
The abev!e photo rtiq|y%hg Bmw
soldier got wi^n visited s-liMB
sence. The unfortunatis''tinit of the Aixierican army ic Airtrfd
Gannady, Raleigh policeman,» Daniels whos« head and face ware badly btackjaeked by a 8a]^
charged with brutally beating a
Negro soldier, Harold Daniels,'
of Fort Bragg, will go m trial
before the Police-Firemen's Civ
il Service Commission on April
If, at 3:00 P. M. in the Old Su
preme Court building, it was
{e&tned here Thursday, from
R.- C. Powell, Saffty Commis-
^ner. . . • i
Cannady was suspended from
the police department pending
the trial after white and color
ed citizens had protested the
brutality of the officer. |
\ According to statements' giv
en by an eye witness to the af
fair, Mr. Daniels attempted to
obtain a ride in a taxi and. was
toia by tha white dri»rth.t1..(jg|.yj^g ||gy
eigh policenaaa when the latter intervened ia a quarrel !»-
tween a taxi driver and the l^iearro soldier. Mr. Duuela ia
cnfined tor a hosp^l with .injuries and the poticenam haa
been, suspended pending a hearing set for April 17.
Ill Annual Report
Joint Good Friday
Service Held At
n-SSt. Joseph Church
vr\ kniv#ks *
“'lii'e Seven Lai^ Words
did not h^iul Negroes. An argu
ment between the driver and
the soldier followed
are said to have drawn knives
and threatened each other,
whdn Policeman Canady came , . . . t. .
on the scene and started bltck- Chnst” wa* theme T^y,
jacking, the Negro soldier. j to tie jomt Good Friday aerviwjoflfice m €*i««o.
Daniels was so badly beaten by the Interdenomma- ^ 157.161,414
over the face and t^ad that he Ministerial AlhanTO oi ®
has been confined to a hospital. conducted at St Jo^ readied
CHICAGO, — The So^eme^
,Liberty life Ineuraaee e«mpai^
now hss more insoranee ia. force
than taxy otfrer Negro 'iBsazajK*-
oompaay in Ute United Statei^
awcodiog to iafonnation revealcA
by Harry H. Pace, |»^dent, is
ofjh^ annal address to stoekhiild^n
at the eompftay’s l^onie
the diree-i
by Supreofce
County Judge G.
intervened and
i>n bond*'' of $1,
Pictured ftboye is the Morrow family which was awarded the
honor of beftw the typical family by the Home Making* Institute
which was V^acently at Bennett CSollege, ^reensboro.
Friday when
H. Comelioua
released ihem
W)0 each. ,
WarranifB of arrest were sworn
out by Wiley Frank Bird, of
Live Oak, youi^ white policetn>'n
ehaan«d with murder of R. J.
HiJl, accbmpamed ^y chief
of police -of the Live Oak com>-
munity and two 'fampa deputies
who served the wBrr®nt«, attempt
ed to jail the edit^s;.
It is believed t^t intend
ed to give them the th'ird degree
in order to, discover tJie author
of an article whjeh appeased in
the Bulletin ehaxging him wi^
thi wanton murder of Hill. How
ever,; Jwnes A. AuatiiL loea'
mortician, and R.
Williams eontaefced the county
judge who released them on
bond. Trial of the case haa been
set for ‘Ap«0 18.
fiird did not reveal hfii. Idesi-r
tity, and after the jail Was
foiled, aoqght by powmiBes of
11 Men To Enter
Army In April
groes of the' Statesville area are
tK^eduled to mter military ser'
yiee during April, draft head
quarter said Monday.
The scihedule for inductions
d-uring April ia as followB:
April 3, three Negroee; April
10, seven whites; April 11,
three whitee; and April 14,
In addition he lost two of his AME Church, undei [Liberty «t the eiose of ba»iac_
teeth and part of his jawbone tion of its paat«. Rev. J. A-jj^ 3^ compaay tod
from blows administered by the Valentine. joatstandii® gaim in assets i»
‘”Tr‘“£]»iirh br^chi ot tie' '>'1“
Committee on Negro Affairs ■“ ■>»«■> “'i ^ H m- ?■> ♦«* »£ >• »>
has officially registered its pro- was conducted by seven mima jm sUtes.
test, labelling the treatment of ters, each of whom dwelt on a Prom the ^andpomt of teM
the soldier as brutal and unwar- partkulaor topic (rf the th«tae ,ii»oranee in forhe inehidMi^
ranted. “i^ttier Foigive Them for They jiadFoatrwl, wdinary ud gro^
As a means of off-setting Know Not What They Do” was-'Sui^me Liberty now raaks 1#
the unfavorable sentiment ar- the topic of the masterful ser-[among the 341 -white aad «de*w|.
roused over blackjacking of the mon delivered by the Rev. A- infiarmace eoBpaaias ia
soldier among white and colors g. Croom. “Today Shalt Thou
ed citizens, Iteniels will be Paradise,” wm«
charged with disorderly 5»n- object ot Rev. J. H. Pepers
soul stirring discourse- “Woataa
Behold Thy Son” was the he«rt
rending topic of Rev. T. C.
duet and asaulting an
with a deadly weapon.
Thousands Protest
Kindelherger Actioo
United Ststesw Its Bearcat edoi^
ed eHupetit(»’ ia imurnmia
force raniui 139. In Wlir
attain this taak SnpHwii
ber^ moved Up 10 painte a «Hi
year whieii ia , at^eywe%~ipj|
ham, whose pmtrayal of acttieipBsni, in iMT.
deep ai^ish moved the limners Dnriair 1940 tlie ewi^^gr ^M(|
to tears. “My God, My Ood,[* «*. Ifaoef
Why Hast Thou Forsaken Ma”jpoliyboW*»
eiinht Negroes.
WASHINOTON (A N P) — by . the Rev. J. H. Thomaa m*4ejof thoM
Thousandjs of letters and telegraiu vivid for t^ large audience the|total .pagmplt-
inununity to learn the soaree of of protest are piling into ttie laif;e audience the iamM'Vi^aea
the «tory. He told the editors; jOfHee of Prodiuction Management ispiritual and phyaieal angvidk of
ec^^^tt^will go lighit'witSi you if youlagainet the action of Mr. Kiadejthe dyii^ Savior. “I 'Htirat”
tell who wrote the article.''Iberger of the North American!by Rev. W. H. Fuller dspicled
Other persona in the Bulletin Aviatk>n, Inc, Inc., to such m
ol^hse declined' to reveal the nam/e j*xtenfc tihat President Roosevelt
*ltf»o€igh it has been said that m is beginning to feel Hhe presamre^
white poson of "Idve Oak whose [ All are being turned ofver to ftr.
ook)red bueineaa haa been wredc,Robert Weaver's ofifee for afr-
ed by Bird's act, wrote the item. ticm.
physitoal crisis of the eiwify*
tion. ‘ *It Is Fln^ad by' tfce
by Rev. S. P. Pewy, aitd.
ther Into Thy 1 eowasettd
My Spirit'^ rounded oat the
gram. .

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