TUB CAhbuNA Tn^fe, ■W n- u'nii3£K'1hur7ir;''iUi^ WALLLTAPES and a elMua flfmnicc •V* Mo«t «ifartivp tnoto for dfilVriaf wailMkbl* wallpapMv Hie ^HVWt ir»y to ckm washable fmfm ia to work from thr e«il- to th* floor, elowninj; one at a time. INBI6ESTI0N 0m HmH >r iiUtot IM ni I Ml «*D- ■WMt Itbtk •ten ft 4MNM -MM TcklMl t« Ml tM >*•■ K* tantt** tM af tk* ikMMt" Mtlw tui— Mr krtd tadttHtioa. If..^ raan ooaa «M«t Mw^M-Ma httm. mam ' ‘ tiXKWl UMi SMk. »«. WHEN IN CHARLOTTE ... Visit SUSIE’S GRILL At 227 S. Brevard Street Special Home - Cooked Meals Beer - Sandwiches - Music “In The Heart of Chariotte" G AL WITHERS. Manairer ■miaBtat::«tKua:t!KiiUiu:iu:asaa««R;i SCHOOL . RINGS, KEYS, FRATERNITY - JEWELRY GRADUATING - NURSES - PINS -Write— H. FLOYD-HORNE H8 E. Flnt StfMt Charlotte, N. C. INSURED m INSUlSllCC l,NORTHCMMN.IIU.W> H - sou r> - OEfiKmiA W.I ACME SEALIT COMPANT RALEIGH, NQRXH CAROLINA inaON INSURANCE AND REALTY CO. “The Southerner”, Nos. 47 and 48, Added to Nation’s Newest and Most Modem Streamlined Passenger Trains uti^^ISOUTHEIRNER,” retiervea First Departure iWiSS^g^ avaUable for T««adiay’8 From New York 4:37 P. M. Monday fVnitlkpil DrfverS Increase Traffic Deaths In State Today “THE SOUTHERNER»» No*. 47 and 48, ooinprisin* of lifaree of the natioi^ newest an4 juoat modern all Hjoa* rtreaoi- lined pa^sengfir trains, are on the rails of ^outSiern Railway Sj«t«m and Penai^ylvanui, R'R between New York, Waahington •nd Now OrleaaB, inaugurating a now daily coacH train service in' both directions betweent the east and New Orleana via At lanta and Bii^in)t%:lvun. fiwrt departure ‘fh>m l^«w Yorit JUlCBi IJiiBD Veiretable Jiriooi a>« eomint into wide use. Beaid«i tomato juice, the ioice of carrota, beets, beets, and oabbaf* is now be* ing canned. Othar canned jilicea being sold are aauerkraut cran- ^jberry, apple, orange and prune. iVegetabloi raised for juice must be of the heat quality, picked David Pender $tores and Big $tar Super IDarkets I ■ ■ i LINCOLN THEATRE Charlotte, N. C. •lined eaja I i>h8ervaition ' lobng^ :v ALEXANDER Dmw FUNERAL HOME 323 SOUTH BREVARD STREET PhoM 8431 Night Phones 3-6027, 3-2472 DURHAM, NORTH CA1M>L1NA WSHOP DALE INSURANCE AjGENCY, CHARLOTTE J.lanta ait 8:30 PM, for#New York H and the eaatbmnd nnit fitwn New Orleane headed tdward New E 8:00 AM, Toeaday. Each of the steamUners conaiata of a 2,000 H. P. dieael eleetiie loetMno tfve and 7 etainksg flttel atreem ineliMiing dipLog ear, tateiii ear, ['all of ifbe latest design and oopi- ,alruotion and air eoii4itiHiAd througpiout. “THE S0UTHE5BNER" was I given an enthoisiaStie , reeeptiosi liion^ the route betwean Kdw Waobingtim dnrit^ Site paart ten days when a total of 149,833 people previewTed the (train and the Weoty exfaibitioo stopis nuide in th« iHe.tea of I iioinisiaina, Missiil»ppi, Alabam*, Oeorgia, ^uth Carolina, North (Carolina and' Yliginia. At Char' lortte, N. C., 18,943 p^le paaM thnougji the trains Atlanta wa0 I leeond with 17,343, Binainghatn ithrr" witti 16,9^ and udHeg the j ieven itour stop at 6iwn»b(Kr^ C.,j'12,§*6 people jviaited MON.--TUES, Randolph Scott With A Big Supporting Cast (Stan •APRIL 14^tm and Kay Franci* I 8 “When The Dalton’s Rode” A Daring Stoiy' Well Portmyed J ■X' BREVARD ST. BARM SHOP Shower Baths... 15c N. G. EDWABDS, Prop. 23i Sootii Brev^d St. Charlottei N.Ga 2nd Sti Barber Shop 8aBBBani«anim«^BiniR|i HAIRCUTS 25c iOf EmI Second Stieet - SHAVES 15c R. R. Re^er, Pn^. DAVIDSON BROTHERS FUNERAL HOME 901 S. Mint St. I^one 3-2336 WINE and DINE at ARCHIE’S BAR and GRILL 601 E. First Street Specialities in Breakfasts Lunches, Dinners ]^ported and Domestic Wines I Pint^ 15o—Pints, 25o—Quarts, 45c DR, AO^Y L PALMER . , --f'■ Exaoioed Glasses Fitted ^Mmtain a completely equipped for the exclusive convenience tjSdu'Aetn Railway paiteenger officials announiced Monday that while there had been a brisk de mand for rweryifttion on ^‘THE Overlook^ If we must, the enjoy ment, cleanliness, convenience and dependabilitiy of gas-heated water. Consider it from the standpoirit of cost alone. We believe no other form of water- h®3tlng Is more economical, and that Includes the furnace coil. Check your requirements with us and let’s get down to brass tacks on the hot water question ! MORE EFFICIENT THAN EVER! of tile Colored People. M 3 - 8509 Mife «r-A N. Tryon St. G Wamf vt:P S OPPORTVNITV. -gaQKiaaadi “KITOVS T7~ ,at exactly- ^e rlf ^t^ time, an^ handled wiK it«ai cave. Household Hirif; Angtl fOsA HM. -dwddh forks for separating thM bM aerviag pie«s^_. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■Ml ! At PAYNES MARKET ■ ■ ■ Drunken drivers are on the rampage in Norh Carolina and .constitutoB one of th^ factor^ contributing to the current ser ious increases in traffic deaths on the streets and highways of this state, the Highway Safer ty Division reported this week. ' Basis for tliis report was a Record nvunber of revocations; for c^runken driving and a con- sidemble increase in traffic deaths caused by drunken driv ers. Revocations for January, Feb. ruary and March totaled 1,803, the highest three-months total gn' record. Since enforcement H of the law relating to drunken ■ 4riving is more or less con- 8 itant, an increase in reyocar- S ■|ions points to an increase in S the prevalence of drunken driv-^H !ng^ officials said. Drunken drivers killed 120 jjersons in North Carolina' last year, this being 12 per cent of tj^ total of 900 traffic fatal ities. Seventeen of the 87 traf fic deaths in the state in Feb ruary of this year and 10 of the •70 verified March fatalities*to iate wtere caused by drinking irivers, according to,,records of the safety division, or 17 per cfent. This is five per cent more ^han the 1940 average. Ronald Hocutt, director of ]thie Highway &fety Division state: To ,the end that accident of this t$t>e niay' be eliminated as H a factor in • our' accWfent prob lem. I a^p*l to 'all No^h Cir- |K 4 (ilina driers to refrain • * SM Booth McDow^ Street Telephone 9482 SERVICE you «ji|] fin! oar ServicB comi^ete to th« Smll* «8t 4tt^l Our yeari of expwience maU* as to am- tttiimt* fOHr Piee4 ud tlherefM mfto you bcttfer. 6R1R and THOIi>S(m ' r ■ , Fwmi: 701 E. First St. niONE m9 f«i ,Att«iiti*i ■ f* n« t DMbU’* . ^'1 J’. /AiPUmNCB SEtlYiCB , . , ■ . r. , ATTEHTION The Coloted l%l> w ^ « i'tv'ilif. ■ r-r |H)d Ifteats | S530,tL> First ,7CllairMte^ ] □■(^■□■CMDMQ'I For yoar spittg painting see Progressive Paint & Glass Co. Paints - Yarnisheg • Enamels Wall i^per and auto glass 404 E. INrst St.' •« Qiilrlote J. 1* Powell, Pm, Is reserveci ior'.yo!iir':)Sbr5i^-i^ Krt. FriiMi 4. Rifiliroll 4 Will •Wi^; "THE OimOOK FOR THE FUTURE OF AMERICA" Ticket S^ies for Colored • People Are f^^led By>— The Charlotte Negrq Of ^Coinmp^ Ned Davis, BxiscujiJve S^cref^y 528 Beatty’s Ibrd Bd. Phones 3^19 and 9357 Tickets !A1m Qn ^ale At The Fol]oTf||ig Pkces Dr, S. C. Pyles, Chairman, 420% B. ^epo>^ St. Johnson C. Smith University, 100 ^e»t^a Road—. Office of The Fairview Homes', 10J8 OifKli|Vf|i Avenue—J. ;> Phonp 2-0058 :———Phone.3-t^ ^^Phon«iM)li8 JPhone 2-4t^ HI ^at DUKE POWER C MONEY TO LOAN On Itomon^, Watches, jeweli7« SilverwaM, QI^’s Clothing, Type Writers, Shot 6vns. Musical |n> strnments, anytUnit of valne. .iPhone 9848 .Phono 79^ LOAN CO. 121 EASt TRAl^ S19REET "Charlotte's Oldest and Lal^rei^ I J. W. Fair, 1901 Lnther ^reet Sanders Drug Co., 420 E. Second UV»— Fred Moore's Cafe, 604 E. Seventh T. J. Vanlandingham Barber i^6p, ,iw &|0'ranth &reOt— Y. W. C. A. Colored Brsmcht 411 SJ’^i^i^icd^ireet_.-,-_ Edwards Barber Shop, 231 S. Breyird Str^—- Archie's Grill, E. First Street ^1—; —... ; Alexander Grocery, 725 E.' Ninth St|f6ot .^.PEono,.9$^ Lee Jackson, 331 S. McDow^ — — ^ !Piwoe Gypsy Beauty Parlor, 485 W. Ston«y*U, Street ____._.;,-Fh^e Lucell L. Blakney, 217 S. Brevard S^refit-_.r..- ..Piume 3^1 W. P. Malone, 2310 Davis Street™—— —i-I^ono MM8S Negro Students tickets will only ho i^linHigh sclw^. Dae to the limi^ numbmr of seats in the balcony it i|i tor tl» CbfoM# to pike reservatitms on oi^ before Saturday', >9^; |fa}l oxdwii will Iffle# l^mptly. f\>r further infomat|^ )DaiA, aMnFMqry.' ^■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■^■■■■ii^ri

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