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North Carolina Interdenominational
Ushers Ass^n. Mid- Year Session Sun.
a QLittie
VolujTM Twenty-twQ.
Durham, North Carolina, Saturday, April 19, 1941
Number Sixteen
Cfime Fight Gains Impetus
One of the seaion's most brilliant social "affairs was the farewell party given for Wil
liam McCauley, at the home .of his sister, Mra. Julia L. Warren on^last Friday eveninjp.
PreMut at the party were several of Durham’s well known business men. The photograiA
i^h&ch was taken at the party shows reading from left to rijfht: J. S. Stewart, Hosea Bar
ber, Mr. AfeCauley Utandinf), Mrs. Warren. The little girl in froht of Mrs. Warren is
JtiHk Margaret Wheelerv granddaughter of M rs, Warren. Mr. McCauley left the city Sat- ,
lirday for his.hon\e iq Canada. ' . ' -
Capitol City Policeman
Acquitted In New Hearing
On Brutal Arrest of Soldier
April 16. Xm
Office of the Mayor
W. F; Carr ‘
Member United ^ates
Conference of Mayors;
C. A. Irvin, Director of Public Relations,
“The Carolina Times”,
117 Peabody Street. Durban?, N. C. ; •
' ' i
Dear Irvin: ' .
It is with much interest and pleasure that I note that you
are putting on a campaign for the reduction of crime in the
City of Durham. It is a most iworthv^hile objective and I am
sure that much good will result from such a campaign.
Yours very truly,
(Singed) W. F. Carr, Mayor.
Fttdend tax Fa&
Hiravily Upon Race’s
Lower b^e Group
NEW YORK Special) —
PoMiting to *tat«iia«ot8 of Senate
finanoe oommitteement Qeorge
D., Oa. and Taft R., Ohio agv«e
ing tiiat ino(Mne tax«« will be
doubled next year, 0«o^,8.
8«hnyier, Ghuman of the Kegro
e» Against War ^inoiittee
charged today tiiat Negroea irere
being hard»t hit by war eoetS'
“19«groea have ao little
come," he aasertedt od
n\any jobless relative^ to «np
port, that taxation
Vavily upon ttl^eqi Any
othnf' single - pKrap in t|ie eoajn
try.’. To booat present ineotne
tak ‘kfvy froto 4 per to S per
oent ,thua im^tojws a eevecne hard
ship Upon empk^ed Negroes
■with fair sala^efl.'
"It, . beett • estimated by
Senator Taft that five billion
dqllaM ^f additional revenue
muet be raised by titxaticm k>
belp pay .in pai* the ])fQg« anni|ni
*nta bill, iiKluding aid to the
Britjeh. expfeiter« isS Afrioa.
India and the. West Indieev
There is' aeeording inoreasing
(Gontinned on p»ge two)
Dr. (Mom, Dr. Powell
Figure In A.andT.
ORBEN'SBORO — Dr. Howard
W, Odom, Kenan profeesor of
sociology and director of the
institute of Social Sciences
the University of North Carolina
and Dr. Adam Clayton Powell,
Jt., pastor of Abysiisrtan Baptist
in, ciiur^, New York City, will »e
prisMilpak in the A and T coll^
oonimeneement exerciaee whioh
bearv mor^ begin May 20 and continue
through June 2, i* w«s announced
this week by Premdent F. D.
Bluford. I
Dr. , Odum will deliver the
literary address, Monday, June
2, and Dr. Powell will deliver
the ba«oaIsure«(te address, June
Some Wilson County growers
are reporting a shortage of to
bacco plans,: a condition due
largely to the extended winter,
says J. A. Marsh, assistant
farm agent of the Extension
Dr. J. W. Seabrook
Elected President
N’ C. Teachers
GREENSBORO, (Special) - —
Dr. J. W,. Sealbrook, presid nit
of Fayetteville State Teachers
Association .at the ^imal session
of the 60bh annual oonvention of
the oiganization held oit A and
T college latet weijk. Dr, Sea-
brooks succeeds Mrs. Rose
Aggrey, of Salisbury.
J. A. Toipley, principal of the
colored schools of QreenSboro,
was) elecrtied vice ptrasidelnit
Other offioera elected include
Mrs. Maude Mitchell Jeffers,
J«anes supervisor of t(he Qastoo
county ili&ools, ieGordii)gf seeM>-
iary; and Dr. A. Elder dean of
the college, Noi^ Oa3x>lina
eolle^, tea-Surer.
O. V. Hall principal of Price
high scftiool, Salisbury, and L.
R. Besrt, principal of tJie oolored
high sc/hool, Wakt Foreedt, were
elect^' ito tha executive cot»-
mitteSi I
r^^Dein»a:e a iy%w#e»aip!e of
evidence to the c^t^ry, the
Raleigh Polic^Piyemen's Civil
Service Commission acquitt^
patrolman N. E. Cannady here
Thursday of the ohargc of us
ing excessive force in arresting
^ Fort Bragg Negro soldier,
Private Harold Daniel near the
Raleigh Bus Station on. April 5.
In addition to acquitting Of
ficer Cannady, the Commission
ordered him reinstated from
the date of hig suspension,
v^hich came af^r Negro citi-
tens of Raleigh had protested
to Safety Commisnoner R. C.
Powell that the beating of Pri
vate Daniels was "unwarranted
and inhuman.”
‘ Although there was a slight
confliction in the testimony of
several witnesses, it was of a
minor nature, and did not ap
pear from the surface to be of
sufficient magnitude to prove
that Cannady did not use ex
cessive force in arresting tke
Lieutenant Lawrence A. Oxley, chief of the Race Relation^
Unit of the United States Employment 3ervi» who was a visir
tor in Durham this week. Lieutenant Oxley is mAking «l|
inspection tour of the ten Federal Employment Agencies of t|[§
state to determiiw the extent of their «sipkiyment of NftCiV
labor in defense projacts. The Chief, at' the request of a
representative posed in front- of the North Carolina Mutual
[nsurance building with two of his friends. Attorney M.
rkompson at the right, and Geo. W. Cox ((tenter). Insuru^
executive. , »
eracy in all
peqpie redts
of the- Amnies4
fixTB|y uppn ttA
■0RE£NS^RQ; (Special to the > shoulders of sOaeattefi va* t|i«
TSMES) !-!- 'lhat the . ^poasi eo»ieBi3n» rc«ched owr
bility 'for fstablUkiog th*' fir^
Ijnei^f* naiitwal defense by iu-
csl^atkig.'ttte . i^rineiptes .dezao
t«sch«rs Qs^ng ; at . A T
e(^le$:e last,,w*«k in- fch*
(Continued on pase^ five)
Russia has an uncanny knack
for timing her non-agipression
pacts so that they will do tfie
small country no good.
As the Anti-Crime campaign,
which is being conducted by the
Carolina Times enters into its
second week, interest is being
manifested in many quarters. ^
The public response to this
campaign hfis been surprising
as hundreds of letters of com
mendation from outstanding
citizens of the city, county and
state have been received.
Among them are letters from
the Mayor, the City Manager,
the Secretary of the Oiamber df
Commerce, the Director of Pub
lic Safety, the County Manager
and various merchants of the
The officials of Radio. Sta
tion W. D. N. C, „ and The
Herald-Sun newspapers have
pledged their support in this
drive, Anent the campaign - • ...i-
The Sun in its Friday, April m freei^ the csom-
18th., editio^x had this to say from its stigma of
ctime. - • .
In the furtherance of this
campaign, Th|e Orolina Times
will seek the support of the law
enforcing officers of thejjity of
Durham, Durham County, The
State- Bureau of Investigations,
The Federal Bureau of Investi
gations, The Chaimber of Com
merce, The Retail ' Merchants
Association, every minister in
Durham County, college offi-
cals, and every perSon connect
ed with our public school sys'
tem, and the executives of Dur
ham’s financial,' civic and indus
trial organizations. , -
At its height, the campaign
promises to arouse public opih->
ion 100 per* cent against the
city’s hiifh crimfe riate, to make
every citizen Anti-Crime Con
scious, atid to eillist the cooper-
In the blackjacking of Dan
iels, the soldier testified that
he received a severe gash on
his head and the loss of two
teeth and a part of his jawbone.
Officer Cannady testified how
ever that he only “tapped” Dan
iels wKth his blackjack.
Patrolman Cannady, backed
by several witnesses, most of
whom were drivers of the Strop
Taxi Company, testified that
Daniels drew a knife on him af
ter he had placed him under ar
rest. The policeman also testi
fied that Daniels cursed him
and stated that he was going
to cut him. When asked by
Attorney P. JP. Carnage, repre
senting the soldier, why he did
not summon aid from among
(Continiifid on pi^ eight)
At this time, we wish to
editorially ^ in part:
“The Times should be atte to_
speak more dixMtly and nu»e'thank those citizens whose Ub
effectivdy to its readers ttaa'eral response has added impe-
most mediums. Certidnly it Is tus to the campaign, and to
embarking on a constructive
endeavor of quite definite peaai-
bilitias. It should l»ve, and
will kave, the co-oi^ratiim of
school and puliiit, and of all r*>
spectaUe and raergetic Diir>
ham dtiiens.’*
extend an invitation to the pub
lic to, join in this' monster
fight against the demon Crime.
Mail any sui!|restIons to G.
A. Irvin, Director of Public
Director of Public Relations,.
Times, Durham..
Winstonian Passes
Prof. R. W. Brown. Sr.,
principal of the Woodland
Avenue Elementary School,
and Secretary and 'Treasu^
of the Winston Mutual Life
Insurance Company, passed
last Wednesday P. M. Fun
eral services will be conduct
ed at the West End Bai^t
church, of which he was
member, and trustee, Sun
day Rlt
The Mt. Zion-BiptMr
vival April 28, vwkli B.
Kst of Wintoa.*|it
evangelistie wtSk
series of aas^tow. lbs.
May Vie aU pvay-for
this xrwt
. I

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