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Volume Twenty-two
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Durham, North Carolina Saturday, April 2B, 1941
Number Sixteen
Series Of Broadcasts In Anti-Crime Fight
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NAAGP Ask President For Probe
In Fort Benning, Ga. Man’s Death
NEW YORK, — In a strong
letters to President Booaevelt
and Henry L. Btimaon, seeretary
of war, the National Asaooiation
for the Advaneement of Colored
People orged complete investiga
tion of the death of private
Felil( Hall, of the 24th Infantry,
loMt^ at Ft. Beating, Oa.
fh« lettftr ’•dted* ‘‘aotioa.. 4mm
cd necessftry to' diseover and
purnish the perpetrators of this
crhne. ” '
The Association branded the
killing of Hall as a lynching, and
in it# letter to Secretary Stiin-
Bon said:
“We feel certain that the War
department does not wish the
crime of lynching to be perpetra
ied on the reservation of one of
its largest forts, in connection
with the training ol an army
e^posedly for the defense of
democraoy. ’'
To President Bposevelt, the
NAACP wrote that failure of
the pi^per authorities to seek
out and punish the lynchers
‘ ‘would be a further blow at tb#
morale of colored Americana who
are being urged daily to give m-
stintad support to the national
defense efforts'.
F. A. YOUNQ, agency super-
»or of the Universal Life Insur
ance company, who heads tht
committee in,charge of the Na
tional Negro Insurance week
celebration sponsored by the Na-
tiMal Negro Insurance associa
tion, to be held May 4-10.
CHARLOTTE, — (Special) —
Johnson C. Smith IJniversity is
presenting to the citizens of
Charlotte the distinguished ed'u-
cator and lecturer, Dr, Mordecai
Wyatt Johnson, President of
Howard tJniver^ity, Washington.
D. C., Thursday evening, Jtfay 1
at 8:00 o’clock in Biddle Mem
orial Hall. The progi’am is under
the aupiees of the Lyceum Com
Dr. Johnson is one of the besit
thinkers on current problems on
the lecture platform today. He is
nationally known, having spoken
before white and colored audi
ences throughout the country. He
has spoken twice on the Human
Relations program «t the Uni
versity of North Carolina, Chupel
Hill. Recently Dr. Johnsen spoke
Hi, tlie fifth annual institute pn
Human Relations at the Palmer
ToQse in Chicago, Bpoiuored
the Chicago Round Table of the
National Conference of Chi
tians and Jews.
Rich in experience as R succj
- ful college administrator, posst ,
inr a vibrant j>ersonality, *
Johnson has been acclaimed
one of the meat outataQd pulpi-
generation. In 1926 he was chosdh
the first Negro President of How
ard University, Washington, D.
C. In 1929 he was awarded the
Spingarn Medal for successful
administration and for achieve
ment in obtaining legislation by
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Satterfield - Davis
Dramatic Players
Present Gay Farce
DURHAM — Local lovers of
drama wer« - afforded a raw
treat when the Safcterfield-fDavis
Dramaftc Club of St. Joseph
AME Church presented the “Red
Headed Step Child" before a
large and appreciative audience
last Monday evening at the
auditorium of the Hillside High
School. * j I
The title role, played by Miss
Loris Shaw, wasi capably hand
led, and her performance was
one that will be long remember
ed by those in attendance. Miss
Shavir has had extensive training
in dramatics, and is looked up
on as one of Durham’s leading
young'* aetrMses.
The most important feature
role was that of W. S. Taylor,
who turned in a fine piece of
acting to the delight of the many
dramatic enthusiast present. Tay*
lor, easily reoognized as one of
the cities outstanding character
impersonators, was superb in
every instance of this delightful
Other excellent performances
w«re turned in by Lucile Bainee,
Frank Curry, Thelma Spaulding,
Byrd Colley, and M. F. Misch-
Air members of the cast gave
strong support in makiilg the
production the sUucccsa, which it
was acclaimed.
Men’s Glee Club
Of N. C. C. N.
Heard In Recital
The Young Men’s Christian
Association of l^orfch Carolina
College will present the Men’s
Glee Club of the College in, Uieir
first concert in the city of .Dur
ham Friday, April 25, at 8:15 p.
ra. This. group -has received many
favorable press comments as be
ing one of the most outstanding
oxiganizatioiii* in the state. The
roup is under the direction of
idor Boyd Oglesby. You are
dially invited to />be pre.sent.
Sunday afternoon at 3 ]). m.
,J. T. Way land, pastor of
emple Baptist Church will be
New Hope Baptist
Association Holds
The annaul singing convention
of the New Hope Baptist As
sociation ^will be held here Sat
urday and Sunday, April 26th,
27, with possibly a dozen or
more choirs of the different mem
her churches in attendance.
Thia convention, which has
been an annual feature of the
association’s activities for sev
eral years, will be a boon to lov
ers of Gospel and spiritual sing
ing, and the public is cordially
invited to attend the sessions,
which will be held on Saturday
t The Ebeneser Bapt. Cliurch,
and on Sunday at the Hillside
Principal of the Woodland
Avenue Elementary School, Win
ston Salem, North Carolina and
Secretary and Treasurer of the
Winston Mutual Life Insurande
Company, who recently pasesd.
I*rof. Brown was on© of the
Camel City’s most influential
citizens, and his loss will be
greatly felt in religious and edu
cational circles of the city.
Local L^ape Te^
Opens Season With
Richmond Colts
DURHAM —' Baaeball season
will oficially take a bow in Dur
ham Saturday, when Mayor W.
F. Carr throw* out the first ball
in the game between the local
Bull team and the Richmond
Colts at the* Durham Athletic
Park at 3 p. !' 'j
To see that the Colored fans
are insured due consideration,
the management of the local club
has appointed a committee of
Colored citizens, to be announced
at a later date headed by Prof.
James T. Taylor of the North
(krolina College for Negroes, to
work in conjunctin "witJi it in thte
provision of every facility for ifei
large number of colored fans. ■
The Bulls have also inaut'urat-
ed the new policy of employing
members of the race as ticket
sellei-s and ticket takers. Tickets
for the openirf-? game now
on sale at Garrett’s Drug Store.
The admission to the opening
game for ttie colored fans, is Q.*)
cents to all. All tickets that are
pur«ha8cd will bo good until
used,. Ai^mts^ion to all gamas
after the opening, will be 30
cents for colored fans. Come otit
on openindy day and give the
Bolls a big hand.
Queen City Attorney
Makes l^d For
Board of Education
CHARLOTTE, — (ttpeciul) —
Attorney L. P. Harris, prominent
Charlotte citizen has announced
his candidacy for one of the
three vacancies existing on the
Board of Education of that City.
The attorney, who has gained
the support of Charlotte’s many
political organisation, and t]jiie
Negro Chamber *f Gom^tgr^e, has
been a key factor in the politicial
activities of the city, and hasi
been instrumental in organizing
a Voter’s League, the purpose of
which is the more active partici
pation of the race in things
political ■ ) ;
A graduate of J. C, Smith and
of Howard Law School, the young
lawyer has gained a wide reputa
tion for his aggressiven^s during
his eight years of practice.
A. M.E. Property
Dispute Setded
By Court Decision
NASHVILLE, . Tenn. ^Special)
TrrThe brethren of; the cloth who
style themselves “th^, Church'”
and who broadrast to the world
that they would take charge of
the Sunday Srhool Union publisix
,ing plant at Nashville April 21,
came in for another jolt this
week, as the following will
On the morning ef the 16th day
of April, 1941, at a hearing in
the United . States District Court
for the Middle District of Tenn.
Nashville Division, the Hon. El
mer D. Davies, Judge, granted
«n order in the case of Harvey
E. Walden et al vs. Snuday
School Union of the AME Church
et al, STAYING the order en
tered by him on April 8, 1941,
terminating the receivership and
directing the receiver to turn
the properties of the Sdnday
School Union over to the trustees
designated by the General Con
ference of the Chui'ch.
The defendants execu>ted a
supersedeas bond in the suni of
^,000, w^ich was approved by
the Court.
The effect of the above stilted
order is that the oi)eratioh of the
business of the Sunday School
Union will be continued as it
has been since the order, ot the
^"!ourt in December, 1039.
Nation’s Eyes On Hasgett;
Case To Test Legality Of
Texas Democrtic Primary
“Charming Co - Ed” U. A. W. Pledges
Ford’s Negroe Work-
Men Spffe IM
•* xr*-:
charming daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. J. L. Holloway of Eliza
beth Street, is at priesent an out
standing student at- Saint Augus
tine’s College in Ralnigh where
she is majoring in History. Hav
ing already completed require
ments for graduation' at St. Aug.
she has been doing social service
work at St Agnes Hospital in
the same city. In Septemlier Misa
Holloway plans to enter the
school of Social Service at At
lanta University.
20,000 workers who went back to
work at th« Ford Motor Company
Rouge plant in Dearborn, last
week, after the eettlemeat of
thie^ United Automobile Workers
Strike, wfre 12,000 Negroes
whose average wage scale rang
ed from to $7.20 per day. In
Detroit newspapers, last week,
the ^ecutives of the United
Automobile Workers inserted an
advertisement setting forth the
Union's official position on the
question of the Negro as covered
in its consititution snd enforced
by i^s constracts.
The points , are “that. Xegro
Ford workers: will receive the
same' pay as other workers doing
the same ■ work and will share
e4ually in all other benefits pro
vided* by such a contract. ‘‘That
N^o Ford workers wiH not
lose" any privihges or poisitionTj*
that they, have enjoyed at Ford
Motor Company. On the eontrj
ar>% they will enjoy greater pri
vileges.’ ’
The Union contract will carry an
anti-discrimination clause. De-
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NAACP AttorncffB D€mo€rm-
tic Party la tk« Btste
and Primarica ar« State,
PriTate, Aff«izs
HOUSTON, law — After
having b^ea postpoBod fima
April 14, th* Texa» whit« p4.-
m»ry ease, Hasgatt v» Werner
and Blacfchnrn, opened here Fri-
t day uiornii^ April 18. Judge T.
I M. Kennerly o£ the United Stat-
j ess district court for the Seuthera
' district of Texas is hearing the
. ease.
Proceeding began last January
when Sklney Hasgett, a i.uaJi-
fied voter filed a compiaiut on
(charges that he was denied the
^ right to vote in the Demoemtie
j primary Arjl^ust 15, 1940, aftei;
I he had appeared at the polls
I with his 1K>1I tax reeeipt. Denial
! a Negro.
I Thurgood Marshall, apeelal
counsel for the National A«soeiia>
was based on the fact that lie is
tion for the Adrancemect
Colored People, who with W. J.
Durham of She]^au, Tt|ui.^
acting for Haxgett, issm^
follt>wing statement:
“The qnetftion involved is
ther or not the Democrats
ary in Texas is ‘state action*
within the meaning of the KT-
teenth Amendment'to the Uoita^
States Constitution. We ntaia*
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Lime and superphosphate have
been responsible for doublincr, the
yields^ on a meadow of N. Cheek,
demionstration farmer of the Gal
oreth Creek community of Swain
Ebenezer Baptist
Church Bums
Mortgage at Service
DURHAM — A wave of en-
thusisam, bordering upon frenzy
swept over the large congregation
of members and visitors present
at the spectacular mortage burn
ing ceremony conducted at the
Ebenezer Baptist Church last
Sunday evening.
The church, which has made
remarkable progress under the
pastorate of fiev. T. A. Grady,
one of the city’s moat progress
ive and energetic ministers, also
a graduate of North Carolina
College for Negroes, has \irtu-
ally cleared itself of all eneum-
berances, and boasts of a mem
bership that is growing by leaps
and bounds.
Mrs. E. D. Pratt and daughter
Jean and Mrs. Doris Tolbert ef
Washington, D. C. spent the
holidays here.
Wide Public Response
As Plans Perfected For
Air Lane Campaip
Charlotte Citizens
Group In Meeting
CHARLOTTE — A group of
citizens representing the various
organizatlcBis of the city, »et
last Thursday night at Friend
ship Baptiat ehureh. A steeriog
eommitte« was eleeted to perfect
aa organisation to direct aetivi-
tief of the citijsens et the eity.
Attorney Bow»«r, was named
chairman, llie meeting of
the gvoup was held Monday nite
8 o’cloek ^at IVCendahip
to complete plans fur the eoming
DURHAM — The beginning of
the third week of the Anti'Criaa
Campaign being spoosor^l hy
this poblieatiofi witnesses th*
develo{Hnent of inereased poU^
interest, ' as the flames ot
aroused public oiHiuon aiosBt
higher aipunst the trwninal foiv
«t large in out
Moontini; piks of «kxmMntwty
evidenee garaered withia tih*
past week attest the growiaif i»-
oreet of the edfflmoBit^^
enry in this litiame atniciia ti»
rid the eity of it» eriioiiial al»>
meets; the campaigB's Sreetefc
and this pubUeatioas Diiaetw 4||
PohliQ BeUtions. C. A. ~
has ffeen, literally,
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