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    SATURDAY, MAY 24th, 1911
rAom fkmS
Durham Socials
!•••••••• ■■■•■•■I
^Oeorge Scurlock To Fort Bran jthe High School Amlitorimii Sun-
Oeorge Thoui«« Scurlock, son day afternoon, May 18, at 3:30 p.
of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Scurlock m. The Male Chorus of the Se-
left the city Tuesday, May IS^cond Baptist Church was on pro-
for Fort Bragg where he will be gram with other features and
school work oT worth and interest
for the commnunity.
in training.
Viiits* Pareati
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Scurlock
bad as their week-end guest,
Qraduating Exerdses
The Qraduuating Exercises of
their daughter, Mrs. Lenda Fuller ^the Lincoln Hospital School of
the city and Mrs. Naomi John Nursing waa held at the North
ion and children from Univer- Carolina College, Monday evening
May 19 at 8 o’clock. The Com
mencement address wasi delivered
by Dr. M O Bousfield of the
Julius Rosenwald Fund.
Mothers’ D«y Speaker
Miss Lillie Mae Rogersi of the
’ity was one of the speakers on
Mothers’ Day at Mount Gilead
'hurch, Orange Cpunty. Miss
togers is a former teachers of Club of Saint Joseph AME church
tussell School. * " Viola Brown at her
- home, 1700 Fayetteville Street,
Pastov’s Aid In Session
Members of the Pastor’s Aid
Thursday night at eight o’clock.
Mrs. Annie L. Alston is pres.
Mrs. Ltil» Scarlett HI
Mrs. Lula Scarlett is ill at her
lonie on Route 1. Her daughter,] '
kirs. Sadia Branch from Brook- NCO Olee Club In Eecital Wed.
yn, New York is spending a few
feeks with her.
Motors To Oxford
' Mr. and Mrs. John Pearce mo
ored to Oxford Sunday to at-
end a funeral.They were accom-
>anied by Qover Scurlock.
Th« Durham Chapter of North
Carolina College Aulmni As-
sociatiou will present in a return
concert the Men's Olee Club of
North Carolina College, under the
direction of Isador B. Oglesby,
at the W. O. Pearson Elementary
School, ^Wednesday night May 21
at 8:15. Because of the request
made by numerous persons in the
city who were unable to hear the
Queen Of The Lincoln University Relays | charlotte Socials
.Mi>- K. Mnrip Nixon, >npt. of Jo«f Tntt of Oil. er -ttrwf
iofKl Samaritan Hiispital nail' '! to h» hom«» in
the week-end in Bjiltirnore, Thur-day r>;oming to attend th«
latwl vi.'iting friends. t'uneral of his* father Robert
• ^Tatt.
Mrs. Dallas Keck Harley and •
Mi-’-s F. Cora Glenn of New York Mr^. ’ ‘ora Glenn of Oliver St.
'arrived in the ity Wednesday to who '» a patient at flood Smari-
be the houfie guests of their I tin TI".pital reported improv-
eousin of Mrs. C. Arthur Ander- ing.
■on at her home on Beatties Road.’ •
j • Doctor J. D. Martin. Senior,
! Member of the Piek Wiek well known educator, who wa, a
I Bridge elub met with James Ri>ss member of John.-on C. Smith
at his home on Hamilton str“et I'nivcrMity faf-ulty for many years
hist Thursday evening. l*rizes lie«i at hi*t home on Martin street
IvvtTf warded to G. T, Nash and after a lingeriuff illnea. Funeral
Krne-t Friday. services here hel«l SVednesday at
• ; 7th street Presbyterian church.
Odil-Fellows lodke North State . Interment was in Pinewood eeme-
No. 32.‘}8 held their annual i •
Thanksgiving sermon Sunday at tery.
Saint Paul Baptist church May Mrs. Cortia PcrkinB and little
11. Dr. J. S. N. Tross wa.s guests! dang-her Curtistina of Winston-
sj>eaker. Deputy Henry Stitt made ^alem, were the house guest for a
of Peoria, Ulinois, was this
week chosen “Miss Mid-West”
to reign over the Mid-West
Conference Track Meet Held
at Lincoln University, May
16-17. Miss Spurlock, a jnnior
majoring in English, who spent
Receive Diploma
Miss Eunica A. Scurlock, daugh
Ttt^ RiTer Highi^hooi''MayT.leeeds"of'Vhe’7on7ert go* to-|j°y«^. n]^merou8 games and _dan-|later in the eveni^, given at thej^ll themselves
ward furnishing the Scholarship
one year at the University
of Illinois, is a student assis
tant in the English Depart
ment. Her attendants aie:
Misses Lucille Wesley, junior
Finlfeyville, Pa., and Frieda
Roye, senior, Kansis City.
a pl»*a for
Fellow.-, to
old and new Odd-
come bnfk into the
few days of Attorney and Mr»,
L. P. Harris at their home on E.
j Stonewall street. Mrs. Curtis ii
(the sister of Mrs. Harris.
r It Mr. and M«. Scurl’ock re-'group in the concert in April, at the home of her par- dinner given at her home and a at the home of Mrs. Annie Mill-1 P
ived her diploma^ from the'the concert will be given. Pro-i“” The guest en- delightful course of ice cream, er on March 26, and decided to [ ^^h
_ I ^ A n/I /I A VI _ I 1 n 4-i AYTAmniV miTAVt 1^ Anil ^ Vl A tVl O a1 IT AO TT 1 fvVi Tt*i4\n ^
Moxahela Class Meets
The Moxahela Class of Saint Association,
oseph AME Church met at the
lome of Mrs. Mary C. Evans,
Imstead Street, Tuesday night
tSp. m. ' r
WILL BUILD you a house
The Ace High with walls the color of sun, when
A delicious course of refreshihome of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Cross. Whist Club.” The offkers were the shadow of winter has waver-
Fund sponsored by the Alumni were served. The
Missiomary Society Oonvene
The Senior Missionary Group
St. Joseph AME Church met
,t the home of Mias Jennie Belle
lebane, 1222 Fayetteville Street,
iunday afternoon at five o’clock
lissionary CRele number two met
rith Mrs. Hines at the same time.
PTA Holds Meet
The Hillside Park High School
■•arent-Teacher Association held
ts regular meeting in the High
PTA Meet at Pearson School
The Parent Teacher Associa
tion of the Pearson Elementary
School held its last meeing of the
school year in the school audi
torium, Tuepday •'vening at 8 p.
m. The main feature of the meet
ing was a picture show presented
by representatives of the Juven
ile Court. “Boy in Court” was
the title of the picture.
dared a delightful evning was
Retnrxis to City
Mrs. Francis Jeffers, teacher in
Stovall, N. C. is in the city with
her husband, Waller Jeffers on
Glenn Street.
Miss Mary Conch Honored On
Her Thirteenth Birthday
Miss Mary Couch celebrated
her 13th birthday Tuesday night
Mrs. Martha Donnell Dies
Funeral Services for Mrs. Mar
tha Donnell, wife of te latf Wal
ter Donnell who diec^ at her home
on Thomas Street Saturday inorn-
The entire day was a happy oc
casion for little Miss Wearing.
She received many useful and ap
propriate gifts.
Attends Fnneral
Robert Jones and John Allen
motored to Raleigh Sunday where
Mr. Jones attended the funeral
services of an aunt, Mrs. Jennie
Mr. and Mrs. C. 0. Holloway
visited the bedside of Johnnie
elected as follows: President,'^d, when the time of snow is done,
lola Jones; Vice president,|The roof will be blue as the llow-
Geniva Ruffin, Secretary, Cath-er that lives in the heart of the
erine Pierce, assistant Secretary, l^^y- The windows will shine like
Edythe Jones, Treasurer, Mary »^er moving over the ^and
Cornegan; Business manager,
Jesse Wright, Chairman of Mem-
bershi^k. Manye Fozy; Chairman , . ,
of Social Committee Annie Mill- the robm, the deer
er. After the business was taken
care of the guest played cards.
Delicious refreshments were ser
ing, May 17 at 2 a. m. was held .Go's Sunday, who is ill at his
Monday afternoon at Saint Paul
Baptist Church at 4:30 p. m.
Meat Dishes That Are Easy
On the Budget
. ly Katharin* Fish«r |
Dktc$M,GooiHmuth**pinglnstitu$t '
Meat plays an important part in meals that keep a feeling fit
Betides supplyins energy, it is rich in body-building factors—proteins,
iroi^ copper and phospnofus. II gives ns health-guarding vitamini
& and O. Here are some reeipes—all using "economy” cuts—^that
aaily i
Miss Patricia Ann Wearing
Given Birthday Party Sunday
Little Miss Patricia Ann Wear
ing was honored on her second
home m the Peaksville Commun
Younger Set Organize Social Club
Some of the younger set of the
si>eial circle of Durham have or
ganized a cli\b to further their
birthday Sunday, May 18, with aj“afterwork” activities. They met
Growing Up
[rtMi MARK tt6$THIDJ
~mT a*n um utuh mtt-
will help you keep meat on your daily menus.
AH rcrtpM titM by Goad BMiMkMplax Inrtltato.
L*a;i iitnliluM-apprond cop* Md
Spanish Veal
Good aMU»k0*flag
1)4 Iba. va*l (bolildar,
KTovnd twio*
a tbw. maltod botUr
or marsartna
H 0. day'^lid btaad
1 tbap. panhqr
1 en. wall Mataa
S tap. aalt
t tbap. floor
t tbap. aalad oU ok iat
6 amaU potatoaa, parad
and quartered
e amall odIoim. allaed
1 aeeded graau
pepper, ohoppad
H tap. p«pp*r
X tap. augar ..V
H tap. bottlad eondl-
uant uuiu
1% a. hot watar
Mix toeethar tha veal, meltad Kattar, braad
emmba, faralay. an. and 1 tap. of ttvi aalt. Form
into b^la aboat 1' in diameter (maiiea about 11
balla) s roll ia tha flour; and brown quickly in tha aalad oil. Plaea
brownad meat balla and drippintfa la a larsa kattla, deep «eU oookar, or
Doteb oven; add potatoaa. onlona, Krean pepper. ramainlDc 1 tap. aalt,
peppar, ai«ar, and condiment a*n^ Which has baen dlaaoWed In the hot
watar. Cover, and cook (or m h^, or until maat and vasatablea ar«
tendar, turning heat low aa aooa aa ataamins eommanoaa. Sarvaa 6 or T.
To aarva S or I, maka % tbia raeipa.
SwIm Steak
1V4 Iba. bottom vooni or nunp a. canned tomatoaa
^•af. m* to I* mek - ■ -
a. flour
y tap. aalt
H tap. pepper
t tbap. aaliMl oil or maltad (kt
t laise onlona. alicad
1 (taJk celery, cltoppad
i clove Karlie, minced
1 tbap. bottla4 condiment
1 dropa tabaaoo aauca
Trim axoaaa fat oS maat. Cknnblna floor, aaft, an| pepper, and. with
tba adca of a laucer, pound H of it liito ona aide of tka ataak. Turn ataak
over, and pound i«mainin«r Dour into other aide. Heat aalad oil In heavy
aklUet, and whan ^ ia vary hot, brawn ataak In it va^ quickly on tou
aldaa. Thm add r«at of Inaradienta; cover; and bake in alow oven of tOO*F.
for 8 to IH hra., ar until tender. Uncover (or laat H hr. in order that
aauca may cook dawn to a rich thieknaaa. Servaa 5 or S. To aarva S or ^
make H tbia recipe.
Braised Short Ribs of Beef with Vegetables
t e. boUlns watar
• parad madlun pt^toaa
S peeled amall oniona
acraped earrota
% tap. pepper 1 medium turnip, parad and eat
S tbap. aalad oU or maltad (at in Vi' allcaa
Bob meat with the aalt and peppar, and brown iraickly on all aidea
la tha aalad oil In a akillet. Place brownad meat and drippinsa in a daap
waU eodut, larse kettle, or Dutch oven; add watar, cover, and almmer
over low beat for 1 hr. Then add Hte vaicatablea, and cook \ to iVi hra.
kMiJrar. or until tender. If dmirad, thicken sravy with flow (I tbap. flour
and I tbap. watar to each eop of travy) after removing meat and vaaatablaa.
Sacvw t To larva t or t. maka one half thia raalpa.
• tba. abort riba of baaf.
out in t' piaoaa
S tap. aalt
1 lb. teaakfttitara
t tbap. flour
• tbap. wala*
1 a. watNF
Spicy Frankfurters
m war M lOB. ibmmr
till jaa oatT it.aa
I a Mnaouaa Moan - u»Xi
Wllfl rot ttlNS AT OMCC
Dapt. A.B.
nw Toaa cm
^ Mothers Bible!
This book is all ^that's let me
Tears will unhidden start.
With faltering lipa and throbb
ing brow,
I jiress it to niy heart.
For many generations pass
Here’s formed our family tree
My Mother’s hand.-j this Bible
She dying, gave it me.
Take thif, she said with leeble
tones ^
And let it be your guide
When trials press and woes be^
E’er keep it by your side.
Although five years have passed
Since she has gone
Its still fresh in my memory
How she loved this book di\ine,
and dying leaves it t6 me.
Now I join you all in fond memor
Of that life your hearts hold
James B Conant, president of I. „ . , „ ,
Harvard University, recently^"*' J''’" faithful and
returned from England: |
“I believe we should fight the Bible, the life, the love
Your Mother left you.
Price Street Neighborhood Club
met at Mrs. Emma Leathers- May
9. The above poem is written by
one of its members Mrs. B. Pass
in memory of her mother.
Tops In Scholarship
The floor will be deep with sha
dows of slow clouds drifting by.
Over the still will come the rab-
ing trusting, and shy. Spring, you
will speak to them softly there in
that radiant hour, with your
iword& like musio remembered,
like winds at the waking of day.
You will speak to them softly the
words they come to hear—^white
shadow, brave heart, quiet breast
—the rabbit, the robin, the deer.
Fred Allen, radio funster:
“A gentleman is a fellow who
never hits a woman with his hat
on. ”
tbap. viaacar
1 tbap. granulated aogar
1 tap. prepared muatard
Fleaw of refreshing sleep is
a g4of habit to cnltivat*.
Children should steep tea
hours, adults eight, at oight.
Oat fraakfurtan ia half lengtkwlaa. Place In a daep, eovered akiUat.
Oenblna tha floor wUh tha I tbap. watar, add ramalning ingradleatai and
pw tkia Muca over the frankfurtaM. Oowr. and briait to tha boiling point i
IkMi tora iMat vaqr low, and ahaaur far tO mla. S«rv« with tba aaaee
ibiAiA 9>
BEBNIOE and DOLOBBS OALVIN, 16 and IS-year-old pianists,
who were recently awarded top honors—the coTeted medal and
a special prize and highest ribbon honors by th^ New York Phil
harmonic Society. In an eKclusive interview with L. Baynard Whit farmer would b«~to get more cot-
ney they tell how they did it. Mrs Andrew Carnegie presented the I ton goods picked off the store
awards, eoimter»
Those machines for pickin’ cot-
ten onta* the field may work cot
fine, but the biggest help to the
All that I sec from where I lie
Are hilltops hung againtt a sky
, Where sunrise clouds go swiftly
I whirled
Across an opalescent world.
' IITHEN applying a new roof, iMve But under me the sturdy earth
11; Affords the eoniort of it^ girth,
I vide additional insulation and struct ^s >
jtural strength. Uivij^ to me and night and dawn
i Over-rooflng results in fuel savings, A solid place to rest upon.
1 which often pay for the installation,
' in a few years, while the double layer) j
witti the use of red cedar shingles, !
for instance, adds at least seven |
poimds per square foot to the
strength of the roof section. |
The same spacing, side lap and
nailing sufSces for over roofing as
commonly practiced on regular solid I
deck installations, even though the j
original shingles were nailed to
"shingle lath” or strips. ,
Saw off the old shingles just below
the second course butts and trim those
at the gables so that the weathered
edges will not be visible. Replace
these denuded areas with one inch
boards flush with eave or gable, so
that the new shingles will have a
strong, firm base for border overlaps.
Valleys should be partially lined
with timber strips nailed down be
fore placing new flashings, while ex
tra long zinc clad nails are essential
; to penetrate the old roof and at the
same time assure firm anchorage with
the sheathing or strip base beneath.
Due to freedom from checking and
warping, combined with their light
weight and unsurpassed durability,
certigrade red cedar shingles are
Widely recommended for this work.
Q.—Does aluminimi make the best
primer for overcoating with white
lead paint?
A.—^Best painting practice ques
tions the application of an oil vehicle
paint such as pure white lead over a
varnish vehicle primer such as
aluminum, because paint films of
I varying elasticity and wearing prop^
/ erties do not make the most effective
combination. To be on the safe side,
apply a white lead priming coat
under body and finish coats of white
lead paint
Senior from Troy, Mo., made a
straight "A” averace in her stud
ies at Lincoln UiTersity of Miss
ouri last semester and leads the
honor roll with a S.OOO grade point
average. A major in home econo
mics, she expects to graduate in
• • « «
Not quite the majesty of ejVer-
Nor yet their height.
Food-bearing, sturdy pinons grow
Beauty and light—
Shade froni the sun and shelter
for the girds.
These pinons stand,
Serving good purposes liJse
growth that girds
And charms the land.
Aa4 saoelMr 0sed leUt is w
saak* soMC wMfa BAMBT Ue«s.
Miad* Sqrie Bnadl lot heseTs s
loaf Aac was sMds iMnosatlat
pMpoaas* Aa opaai, kiess (MMase
WdU dris hnad hssa'sMrraloM
oM.sias flsvwb tkst is

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