North Carolina Newspapers

Volume 22 —Number 27
Durham, North Carolina, Saturday, June 28, 1941
Legionnaires Protest Racial Bias
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Boy Killed In Freak Auto Accident
America Must
“Fight For AH”
It was 8 mo6t momentous occasion for the Durham social
calendar last Friday evening when the b^utiful daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Kennedy became the bride of Lewis Good*
wjin of Washington, D. C. The happy couple is seen leaving
the church immediately after the ceremony.
Police Chief ot Charlotte
Lambasts Crime In Radio
Address Last
Houston, T*x. — ESther Amer
ica must believe in and fi«ht for
the high principle of “all men”
to be free and pairtieipj^^ in
her ideals and admre HifliSP'is
right. ^
This was the declaration of
Herbert Agar, . editor of the
LouiK^’ille, !Ky., Courier Journal
in his address opening the 32nd
annual conference of the nation
al Association for the Advajice-
m«nt of, Colored People here *o-
night. Mr. Agar, wbo v» hfso m-
tioDal chairman of Fi^it for
Fi-eedom, Inc., with headquarters
in New York, was scheduled to
speak on the franchise and the
Negro, but broadened his speech
to include the great, creed of
true Americanismi embracing all
The keynote address fox' the
NAACP was delivered tooight by
Roscoe Dunjce, editor of the
Oklahoma City Black Dispatch.
Mr. Dunjee, also a,member of
the national board of directors
of the association, re-asserted
the challer^e of the NAACP to
Aiiiel'iiian democracy and demand
ed full citizenship status for Ne
gro citizens in all phasps of
America life. He recounted the
sucessful work of the association
in several fields and served no
tice that in these times of stress
the cause of the Negro, Avhich he
declared was identical with the
cause of democracy, would be
loressed unrelentingly by the
Welcome addresses were given
by Mrs. Ora Lee '^er^ for the
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Law Department At
Durham Col. Augmented
Dy N^ro Professors
a Dur^vam—c^^In keeping with^^itsr
>^'|5olicy of expansion an^:d6^1op-
p By C. A. IRVIN
Charlotte — Chief H. M. Joy
ner of the Charlotte Police de
partment was the gu€st speaker
Sunday morning at 9:30 over the
facilities of Radio Station W80C
in connection with the Anti-
Crime campaign which is being
sponsored by the CAROLINA
Chief Joyner has served with
distinction as a member of the
Queen City Police depar'ment
since 1925, having been promoted
to his present office December. 1,
1940. Upon becoming chief, Mr.
Joyner said, “Murder must de
crease in the city of Charlotte.'’
In his radio message the Ian' en
forcing offlcer said “ The offlcers
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Charlotte Gets Two
Negro Policemen
Charlotte — As a result of
widespread agitation on t^e part
of members of both races in t^is
city, the City Council of the city
of Charlotte recently voted the
addition of two special Negro
police, for a period of one year,
to its Police Department.
The battle for Negro police in
Charlotte was instituted several
years ago by H. Houston, Editor
if the Charlotte Post and Coni-
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ment, the North Caroli^ College
for Negroes, Dr. James E. Shep
ard, President announced early
this week the addition of three
full time Negro professors and a
law librarian to the faculty of
its School of. Law, which opens
its second year September 18,
1941. # ‘ :
The retinue of the resideit^wf'
faculty isi as follows: James. T.
Carter, Yates College and Boston
University Law Schpol, graduate
of Winston Salpm, Chfirles W.
Quick, Tallad^a Colleige aftd
Harvard University Law School,
graduate of'CleVelaad, Ohio; .Al
bert L. Tiirfier, ex-registrar ’ at
Tuskegee Institute and Adelbert
College and Western Reserve
University Law School gi’&du-
ate, fortnet * Cleveland' ptacti-
tioneer, who'has in addition done
three years of graduate work in
political M'i^ce' at the Univer
sity of Michigan, and Daniel E.
Moore, fornier Durha-ijiife :and
student at .North Carolina Coll
ege, a gi^aduafe of Johnson *0.
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NAACP Blasts
Mitchell For The
Byrnes Endorsement
R. L. Shepard, .pron^ent
undertaker of Henderson and
Oxford who was elected presi-
dent of the Qolored ('uneral
Dinfcton of North Carolina at
tlM anmpal m^tlag held in High
Point last week. Mr. . Shepard
is a gmduate of N. C. College
for Negroes.
New York — A barrage ot
criticism is aimed at Congressman
Arthur W. Mitchell of Illinois
this week for the letter he wrote
to President Roosevelt endorsing
Senator James F. Byrnes of
South Carolina for a vacancy in
the Supreme Court.
Mitchell had read into th'e
Congressional Record of June 13
his letter to the President, in
which he praised Byrnes highly,
with Byrnes’ reply which heg«n
‘ ‘Dear Mitchell, ’ ’ ignoring the
Ordinary courtesy of the usual
Congressional salutation, ^‘My
dear Congre^man,” or “My
dear Mr. Wtitchell^” or, £Ven
“Dear Mr. Mitchell. ,
The NAACP, which ha« long
■fought Byrne». for his unsavory
Kccord on race ^d laboi^ ques
tions, stated that Mitchell
toayed his conatltue&cy and the
Negro people at America in eyejj
eonsidering, eodorsenvnt of a maa
who has shown at every point iub*
determination not to extend gqH
tical social or ect^hmic equally
to th,e Negro. A letter like ^ioh
ell’s, the Nj^ACP said takes Hts
back to Uncle Tom days.
. lo the exchange.of oomplimenij
Byrnes took pains to point out
that the Mitchell letter was “un
solocited” perhaps in an effort to
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Durham —^ J. S. Hughson,
official of the North Carolina
Mutual Life Insurance Com
pany, Durham, is sitting as
one of the twelve jurist hear-
ing evidence in Criminal
Cases in the current session
of the Durham County Sup
erior Court. Mr. Snghson
who has, for many years,
been prominently identified
with the business and com
munity life of Durham, is the
first r^ce I man elected to
serve on a Durham County
Superior Court jury in many
Rev. Prince
Receives Degree
Charlotte — Rev. A. H. Prince,
Joint Field Representative of the
Boards of Christian Education
and National Missions in the
Presbyterian Church, USA was
honored by Johnson C./Smith
University, Charlotte June 11
with the degree of Doctor of
Divinity. Rev. Mr. Prince is one
of the outstanding alumnus of
the Institution and perhaps the
youngest ever to receive this de
gree. He graduated from the
Seminary in 1927 and pursued
further course at the McCormick*
Theological Seminary, Chicago.
He pastored the Brooklyn church
Charlotte, for more than ten
years and was called to the pre
sent work. Rev. Prince has been
an unusual successfl pastor and
built a very strong church in the
Cfty of Charlotte. ' He has a
family, his wife being before
marriage Miss Susan Peacock of
Wilson, two daughters, Susan C.
and Dorothy Mae.
State Ne^o Veterans
Condemn Undemocratic
Practices of Armed Forces
High Point. resolution I
pledging absolute cooperation
wrtH the national defense pro
gram was i>a8esd unaiiinoously
here Tuesday, at the closing
session of the 39th annual con
vention of the North Carolina
Merchants Association.
The association also pledged
all within its power to keep
prices, down.
George W. Dowdy of Char
lotte was elected president of
the association for the ensuing
year,^ and Raleigh was chosen as
the city for the 1942 conven
tion. *
Other officers.eletced include
First vice-president, C. C.
Shell of Roanoke Rapids; second
vice-president, F ,R. Stout of
Greensboro; treasurer, T. C.
Hinkle of Lexington; executive
secretary, L. Dowell of Ral
eigh; field secretary, R. B.
Tomilson of Raleigh.
Mrs. Helen Parker Thomas *>f
Oxford, North, Carolina, is atteml-
ing siimnjer school at the North
Carolina College for Negr*es.
Mi's. Thotuas attended the reei*al
by Philipim I>uke Schuyler the
nine year old composer .
I I)urham, — Divi«on B of th#
Xorth I'ariilina American I ifgiott
i-liuiasing it* 24th anniuil Coo-
venticm with the election of V.
jJ. Carnage, Raleigh Attorney, w
vit^^e Commander, O. Irving ot
i Raleigh, Adjutant, and H. L.
Middleton, Faison, Chaplain, went
I on refwrtl as opposing the ^xis‘ent
jtli.-H rkMinati^in in our defeiiae
pkints. Air Caiul in tiie
[ Naval liranch of onr armed fcore-
' e«, in a. .series of rrmlatioctb
I passed in the corif lading session
»>t‘ the day meet here, Toesday
[evpninjr June 24.
j The Auxiliary «if the Legio»,
;comio.sed «>f the Mothers, wires
i jind -^i-iters of veterans re|»orted
iiiufh |'r«)gre!i-s in i*s prrjgram of
H hild Weltare and aid to ve*
teranK in hospitals, scattered
thf(H!rh(H»t the eonntry.
The Convention, presides! over
by vice CtMiniiMnder Ormond of
Salisbury, j.a.-!.sel reswlu'ion as
follows: 4'U
1. We heartily endorse the pro
grams for full sjieed IK
defense and eivtlian defense ot-
2. Be it further r(hsulv«l that
more attention In* paid to *h*
employoieot •>£ i>ersons in the
various types of industry upoll
which t»ur national defense pro-
grams depend for foil spec dn-
head, so Jas to curtail possible
so ,.as
sabotage a, and that the Xegto, as
« loytil ItX) i>er cent Americim be
given an opportunity |o pr«par»
himself to fit into t|ie sitnatioM
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Teacher Successful
In Fight For Job
il’orfolk — Successfully terminal
ing a two year court fight, Miss
Aline Black, teacher of this city
has been reappointed for the com
ing yea^ by the local school board
Miss Black was dismissed in 1930
as a result of an adverse decision
in the teachers’ salary catse filed
in her behalf by NAACP.
Our holdings in German plants
are estimate at $475,000,0^.
CJonvoy sentiment rising af
ter Roosevelt talk, a survey in
Patton’s To Have
Gala Re-opening
Charlotte. — Fred Patton’s
cafe will have a gala reopen
ing Thursdayy, July 3.
The establishment has been
closed for the past few days
in connection with general
remoNleling and installatiMi of
modern fixtures.
Upon reopening. Patton’s
cafe will be one of the most
outstanding show places of
this section of the country.
The Carolina Times will
dedicate a special section to
the reopening which will cat^
ry greetings from the friends
of the firm.
Charlotte Youth Killed
When Car Topples On
Him After Accident
Charlotte. — A 14-year-old | ter of the stroBt with tto
boy, standing on Jhe sidewalk [whic|S» was upMt and which fail
at Fourth and McDowell Streets on the boy standing on thi»
Come, come all, see and hear
Mme Fontania, jsresented in a
song rccital at the Hillside Paxk
High School, Sunday June 29 at
J:30 p. m. for the benefit of St.
Matthew CME Church. "Kie
public is cordially invited.
was killed last week-end when
a ten-cent taxicab, involfved in
a collision with another car,^
toppled over on him.
Teh boy, Bernard Rhyne, age
14, of 510 N. McDowell Street,
died shortly after re«u;hing the
Good ^maritan H(»pital, where
he was taken after the acudent.
According to tlw poliee re
port, a Red & White taxicab,
driven by John Jeanes,225 Bal^
win Avenue, was proceeding
east on Fourth Street and an
automolHle driven by> 1m N. lo
gon, 1322 N. Barrill Street,
was moving south on IfcDoaptU
Street. Police in'Bestigators
pot red that Ligon “rushed the
B. Reid, 210 S. Ifyen Stnetw
was a passenger in the eab and
was slightly injuzed. Be wm
taken to a dobtor's offiee tm
treatment. No one dse WM
hurt. .
Both driven were iHroagitfc
poliee hei^nartcrs, irikBM
pMted bosda for their
aaee in eenrt July 3^
Hmdefaon Axes
i» oiQwe to cut ilMe
Arwy posts
th«nt»i with seM ftm
wriien say tiMV
and collided in ^ emof ’va. viyk

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