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    Students Fight Bias in Law
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Volume 22 — Number
Durham, North CaroHtia, Saturday July 19,1941
I,■ ,11
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PRK^ 9
Louis Denies All
Charges; Claims
Gifts Lavished
Chicago — Adolf Hitler and
Joatph Stalin will probably kiss
and make up before Joe and
Mnrvn Louis take such action, it
appears today.
The heavyweight championpion
filed an answer Wednesday to
l»er divorce suit, which he denied
virtually all of his wife’s allega-
tiotiis and intrwluced some of hia
own own, among them the con
tention that she had not been a
“true and virtuous wife.” At the
same time he told how he had
lavished thousands of dollars up
on her,' and enrl«^d Ijy asking that
her plea be lenied.
The Rrown Bomber, who had
been reported coming to town for
a conference almost daily sinee
Mrs. Louis started action, finally
did arrive last Thursday and
spent a few hours here prior to
leaving for Minneapolis and a
boxing exhibition Friday night-
Joe spent most of the day jday-
ing golf, hut he is understood to
have called Marva- on the tele
phone. However, what they said to
eacK other is thus far a ssecret.
It was also lenrned from Atty
William Temple, the champion’s
counsel, that any talk of a .t2.')0,
000 out of court settlement for
Mrs. Louis was a pipe dream.
Thus far> he said, nothing along
that line had been suggested.
Sources close to the titlehold-
er are inclined to laugh at
Marva’s contention that Joe is
worth .15400,000 in real estate
and other $400,000 in annuities,
stocks and bonds and checking
accounts. Although he has gross
ed around $2,000,000 in his seven
years of professional fighting,
Alumni President
- '1
he has had to j)ay his luanagern,
Julian Black and John Koxbor-
ough, bus trainer, Jack Blackburn
as well as other training cnmp
exj>enses. This in itself knocked a
big hole in his earnings.
In adiniion. Uncle Sam has
taken hts cut through income
taxes and this alone amounted- to
several' hundred thousand dollars.
It is estimated that a heavy
weight champion ordinarily
spends .$1,K)0 weekly for living
expenses" becaiwe >€ his promin
ence in the world of sjrorts and
his nfFiliation with the niany tfbo
live iu the sjiorting world of
^‘,easy come, easy go.” An^vthing
less brands a titleholder as a
piker and many react unt'avor-
ablj' at fhe boxoflice iu future
The champion has also spent
considerable sums caring for his
mother and family, both in De
troit and Alabama. His interest
in pedigreed horses, of which he
owns several, also is expensive,
and' extensive. He is umlerstood
to have taken a loss on his soft
ball team of a tew years ago.
According to his answer Wed
nesday, he has spent more than
$125,000 on Marva in the nearly
6 years of their marriage. H-* has
given her everything financially
to make her happy, including an
automobile or two eacti year, a »
allowance of * $.100 weekly pin
other gifts ranging from“Tl»5tXt-'tt
$5,000. But Mrs. Louis has been
such an expensive item, the peti
tion .says, that he has been coiu-
l)elled to pay her other bills and
obligations amountin'" to another
$4i000 to .$6,000 anmally.
Leslie A. Furlonge was re
cently elected president of the
Shaw University Alumui Asso
ciation of tKe nation.
Kyles Funeral Attended By Thousands
Who Pay Last Respects To Deceased
Slaying Lover
f urn ■ I—
Durham —* Miss Lucille Harris
20 year old young Mangum Town
4hip woman who is charged with^
the killing of James Allen, the'
young man whmi she was to
have married in the fall, was
bound over to Superior ('ourt
after pleading not guilty in Re
corder’s (’ourt. Judge Borland
ordered her held without bond to
wait the a>tion of the grand
jury Monday Jnly 14.
Allen was stabbed to death at
the home of his father Saturday,
June 28, where he and Misa
Harris livwl. The defendant
stated to SheritT E. (J. Belvhi
that she stabl>ed Allen to make
him leave her alone, but contend
ed that she did not mean to
hurt him seriously.
Allen was panning to take a
bath and tried to take some wa
ter that , she was heating to f*crub
the kitchert, and when she at
tempted to Itop him, a fight be
gan, resulting in his death.
They were to have been marri
ed in Sei>tember.
Gets Appointment
Hold Legal Traming
Should Be Easy to All
Special Assistant
The National Council of Law
Students, the/irst national or
ganization of law students
dedicated to the problems of
law students, was formed dur
ing the school year at Howard
University. So great was the
need for such a progressive or
ganization that affiliation by
local campus groups through
out the country has been tre
The National Council of Law
Students, as a part of its na
tional program of “Opposition
to discrimination because of na
tionality, creed, sex, color or
marital status in our universi
ties our profession and society
at large," has created ft com
mittee’ on Ekiual Opportunities
in Legal Training. This com
mittee is now making a survey
on discrimination against Ne
groes in admittance to law
schools. Advisors and consult
ants on this project are: Thur-
good Marshall, fecial Counsel,
N. A. A. C. P. , Malcolm P.
Sharpe, of the University of
Chicago Law School, John P.
P. Davis, of the National Ne
gro Congress, and Osmond K.
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Missouri Court
Upholds Blueford
Jim Crow Case
Winston Salem — Funeral scr
viee for Bishop Lynwood West-
inghoutMi Kyle* were held from
Goler Memorial Church here this
week. The' 67 year old senior
bishop of the AME Kion Chureh
died at his home Fourteenth
Street Tuesday night, July 8, af
ter a critical illness of only a few
hours. He had been in lvcllning
health for a year, however.
Bishop Kyles, who was out
standing throughout the nation
a« an educational and religious
loader, was born May 3, 3874, in
Albermarle County, Va. He was
graduated from the liberal arts
depflrtment of Lincoln University
in Pa. in 1901 and from the
Theology Department in 1904. It
was in 1890 that he entered the
ministry in the AMK Zion church
and he was. editor and general
manager,of the AME Zion ohnrch
Keview from 1908 until 1916
whrn he was eleeted Bishop.
The aited Bishop was^pres'ide.nt
of the board of trustees* of Wal
ters Ingtitute in- Warren, Ark., a
trustee of Livingstone College in
Saliwhury, a nati(jnal tniHtee of
the World’s ('hristian Kndeavor
Society, Chainman of the central
conmiitlee and ^ general director
of the Tercentary campaign for
one niiilion dollars. He was dele
gate to the fourth Ecumenical
Conference in London in
He was a member of several fra
ternal cJganizations. Kylew
Temple Church in Durham was
named in his honor.
Civil Service
Washington — The United
States Civil Service oominission
announpes ypen competitive e.x-
"minatiops for the following
jiositions: junior public health
.nurse, and assistant manager, the
latter for apfxiintment in Wash-
i^igton, only. Furthtn* ioforbation
may be obtained frooa local post
Head of the department c^f
reentgenology at Provident hos-
Chicago, who has been
diplomate of the Amer
ican Board of Radiology, high
est earned honor obtainable in
that specialty. Dr. Anthony's
Jefferson City, Mo. — The
Missouri supreme court Tuesday
upheld the decision of a lower
courtj which denied Lucile Blu-
ford, managing editor of the
Kansas City Call, the right to en
ter the University of Missouri
school of journalism. The court’s
decision was based on the conten
tion that Miss Bluford was not en
titled to enter the white univer
sity “because of the l»ck of jvre-
vious demand on Lincoln univer
sity. ’ ’
However, the court held that
the University of Missouri must
accept Miss Bluford “if upon
proper demand and after u rea
sonable time the desired eoprne is
not available at Lincoln univer
sity.” The decision pointed out
that the state is making an at
tempt to establish a school of
journalism at the Ni*gro univer
sity. f'
In a unanimous ofinnion the
court said it was the “duty of
tiiis court to maintain Missouri’s
policy of segiTgation so long as
it does not come in conflict with
the federal constitution.”
According to Atty. Sidney Red
ond, NAACP lawyer who with
Atty. Charles Houston is repre
senting Miss Bluford, a motion
for rehearing has been filed. They
contend that the state is not
providing etjual opportunities for
Negi'oes if they must wait for
tacilities desired.
Tuesday- the senate pasmd an
appropriation bill that inHuded
$(>5,000 for a Li9«olii —uai^tirkity
A. T. Spaulding Is
Head Of National
Insurance Group
Savannah, Oa. (By J. Collier
for AXP) — A.'T. .Spaulding of
the North Carolina Mutual Life
lusiiranee compHny, Dui'himi, was
elected pivisident of th,. Xational
Ncfifo liisiivaiu-e • association for
the term ot tlie !ii tlie
final session of the ussoi-iation
Fiiday. lie succeeded J. K. Smith
presidtnt of the Denrestic Life
and Aftcident Insurnnee Company
LoiiisviUe, wl(t> wa« elsMcd 'liair
man of the executive committee.
The complete slate of Oltrcers
tor 1941-42 is:
A. T, Si)aulding, North ( aro-
lina, president; B. T. Bradshaw,
Virginia Mutual, Richmond, first
vice president; Charles (Ireene,
Atlanta Life, second vice presi
dent; J. C. Atwater, Great Lak
es Mutual, third vice i>resident;
T. W. Josey, Pilgrim Health and
Life, medical director, C. L. Tow
nes, Virginia Mutual, secretary,
. Mr. Christophe, New Orleans,
assistant secretary, H. L. Street
Mammoth Life and Accident,
Louisville, treasurer, M. S.
Stuart, Universal Life, Memphis
historian, Miss Mamie Hickerson
Supreme Libei'ty Life, Chicago,
statistician, A. M'aceo Walker,
University Life, actuary; J. Ko-
biiLson, American Woodman,
chaplain, and J. Leonard Tjewis,
Afro-American Life, Jackson
ville, general counsel.
The grou]> went on record as
supporting the $100,000 lobby
pbin of the National Nt«ro coun
cil which has as its liiember Konie
of the most prominent “inen in
the country. . Tl\is “March of
Dimes” program will be
ed with a. National
Atty. George A- BUkey, brilli
ant young Chicago lawyer, who
has , been appointed assistant
attorney of Illinois by Atty.
Gen. George F. Barrett who torfc
afflice in ^amuiry. Mr. Blakqrv
long in Repnblicaii politia.*
has also attracted wide attention
for his numeroas civil righta
Victorina on behalf of the Chi
cago Branch NAAOP.
Utilities Boss Say
Time Extension
In Jim Crow Ca
ci[;ality. Self -aid that the Ser'
t arnlina Sujreme Court no*
this decision just before
World War when th# Mer«-ttai!
.\',-.H*iution of .\fi>np»ntMn a
PtaltNl a decision on the li>«at.
1)1 u railmad station:
A the maflf^r run.- -*timd:«. i
nmniissiou must rnh* on the 
If the rnling i- unfav» -
Dnrham c«rtnniittee
Durhani — lleatfd (liscussmn
is now in progress to deteriuine
whether or not it will t»e lej;al
for fhe Durham Committee on
Negro Atl’airs to ai.i>eal tii.‘ re
cent decision of the Utilities
Commission dcining a Main |
.Stii'ct entrane^e to the new bus j
station. The committee deeidfd toj
mak(‘ the a) jM'al rn theii- Tu; s.lay I’’'‘I’**'’"”-
meeting. |at)Ie, th» •
_ have to to the *Va :e
Till' committee was granttd aii onnty Superior (’ourt.
hearing l)efore the (’ommi.-sion,
Ituie 16, hnt the unfavorabb* ile-
•ision was-banded down. How
ev»»r, 10 >Anys crfvMi to Jdc
•jkceptions. The tiin** expired, and
R. (). Sell, chief clerk of the
i’omnii.'sion, granted an e.xten-
^iou of JO more days and this
time the ((nnmittee fil**l their
The ( arolina Coach Company,
which, according to George lohn-
on i f Raleigh, trallic manager >t _
the Coach Company, will figh th - j
proposed change in the plans;
:ias protested through their at
torney. Council for John Buehan-
nn of Dnrham owner of the site,
also ^odged a jwotest. but both
were overruled.
Chief rierk Selt indicatitl that
the grant of an extension of tiiiM*
might be illegal.^ He sail that
some vears ago in !. case involv-
New Hope Meetis
Convenes At SIril
New Magazine
On “Africa” Is
Started In New York
The African Publishing Cor
poration, a new organization in-
cori)orated under the laws of
the State of New York has tak
en over and resume publication
of THE AFRICAN, a magazine
which had been on the market
for over a year, and suspended; ing the rnion Station at Kinston,
The Corporation held its first
meeting of the Board of Direc
tors at 8 West 17th Street, its
general office, on Sunday, July
13th. A reception was given in
honor of the occasion by the
officers and Board of Directors
for the general staff and friends
of the organziation including
Attorneys, Thomas B. Dyett,
climax-1 Emile Thomas, Horace I. Gor-
Re'on.secra ,don, Mr. Edwin Isaacs, Mr.
tion day on July G. Edgar Brown
spoke during the convention to
the body concerning a lobliy to
work in the direction of securing
legislation from congi'ess guaran
teeriig no discrimination in the
million {>(]|sitipn8 of the federal
service, no dehial of Negrges of
almittance to labor unions and
the opening of skilled and un
skilled Jobs to Negroes in nation
al defense industry and federal
training programs.
A five year plan ,t‘ working
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Winston Hibbert, Editor and
(Continued oh page 'eight)
the court rult'd that the iK-dav
periotl given for the filing of ex
ceptions to rulings was a matter
of legal statute a?n1 could not be
changed by the coniiiUHsitin any
more than the eommis.sion i ouM
change the statute in any other
Self also said that, under the
law, he understood that a ‘*?roa^>
oi ranl’om [lartie'’.” could not
appeal from a Utilities Com-
missR>ii ruling. The appeal ^.ould
have to eome from one of til ■ in
terested parties or fr»>m the luuni-1
Mitrrisville — The sixty f*HiTt
annual >*‘ssioii the N»w U-
Auxiliary Sunday S^hoai
BTI' I'invent ion h«s be«n in
sim wtth the Shiloh Bai-'
Church near Morri«»ville
Wednes.lav. bulv Ift. The
session is Friday afternoon.
The outstanding feature of t‘
o|>eniug ilay of the , (m'« en.i
was the election of oflieers
the- coming year. The same
cers were retainetl with the tse [
tion of the au«litor and two n»e
hers of the executive biM
James. A. Ail*‘n pre«ident.
J. R. Stnford, first yiee
ent, Miss Hogan. sei'oiui
president; Rev. .1. H. Jones,
cretary. Mrs. -I. H. Uan»l
tr«a!«irer; ilif-s IVarl Mel
corresix^nding seereiary, 5;
Jacobs replaced Rev. James
wart as auditor.
Members of the executive
are: .1- A. Allen. Rev. T.
Grady, Rev. .Tames Stewart,-
-M K Hill. Rev. .1. K. Sta*
Rev. W- M. Fuller. Re^. J.
Thomas and Mrs. J.. H.
Outstanding on tke
(Continued on page e'
rating shows he is an expert
in the use of the X-ray and in school of journalism. The Wll has
radium therapy.
yet to be approved by the house.
Bar Association
Publishes First
Law Journal
St. Louis — Announcement of
the publication of the first issue
of the National Bar Jourpal was
made this week by S. R. Redmond
president of the National Bar
association, the organization of
American lawyers publishing the
magazine. This is the first law
journal published by the Negro,
bar. It is to be quarterly edited
by Freeman L. Martin.
Biltmore Hotel Is
Give* “A” Ratiig
By The Health 1^'
It was announced this week by
officials of N. C. that
Gayle Peters,' noted baritone,
will render a recital on Joly 26,
_in B. N. Duke auditorium. Ad
mission is free to the general
1 public.
The Durham County Health
department announced last
week that the Biltmore Hotel,
Durham Negro establishment
had been given an “A’ rating.
The Biltmore is believed by
many to be the only Negro ho
tel in the South to obtain such
a high grade, and the mfanace-
ment was receiving throughout
the week congratulations trom
friends and patrons alike.
According to Junes
manacer of the DoriMon
ry, the Biltmore was
der a most rigid
campaign of the XXoluuii
department to clean
ing houses, e«tiii(‘'
meats, mafkets,
other places tbat
eral puUie of the
have been the
many piKes ha««
to go OQt of ~
vat« throoghout.
The Butaiorft helii,
m • thn» itwry:

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