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White Rock Baptist Church Operis Diamond Jubilee Drive
Two North Carolina Cities
Now Have Colored Police;
Chiarlotte Is Leading City
nouncement of the appointment
of John C. Joyce as a special
police officier climaxed a city
wide music festival in Bowman
Gray Memorial Auditorium Sun
day when more than 6,000 Neg
roes and between 2,000 and 3,0W
whites were in attendance.
Appointment of the first Neg
ro to the police foi^e was made
by Police Chief Walter An
derson in the midst of the pro
gram which included talks by
Dr. Howard Rondthaler, Profes
sor Jack Atkins of Winston-
Salem Teachers College and
others and a message from May
or R. J. Reynolds read by Gra
dy Conrad. Appointment was
affective Wednesday, October 1.
Mr. Joyce’s work will be cen
tered mainly on Juvenile delin
quency among boys and girls
and direction of the Red Sheild
Club which will be similar to one
of the Salvation Army. An advi
sory board will be named to as
sist him in that work.
He was appointed by . the al-
dermeit on recommendation of
the police depaf’tment and will
have full police powers and will
wear a uniform.
He was in charge of the deten
tion home until it was discontin
ued last September an'd since
that time and immediately pre-
ceeding his appointment was
watchman at the armory.
His selection was made after
careful consideration, Chief An
derson said, and he will lia^
the full support of the entire
police department.
“We hope,” Chief Anderson
said, “and we believe that he
will get the support of the Neg-
roe community at large.”
Walter I^mg, who was com
missioned by a dective agency,
■w’orked for years in cooperation
with Twin City officials, but he
was never on the payroll.
Joyce thus becomes the first
Negro police the Twin City ever
Charlotte led the w-ay in North
Carolina last summer when two
Negro officers were appointed to
the Charlotte' Police. Now the
fitates’ two leading cities have at
least one Negro officer.
The festival in which hun
dreds of voices blended in a «e-
eris of songs which depicted
Negrd life from salvery time to
the present was sponsored by
the Winston-Salem Police De
partment and the Junior lieague
affiliate of the Negro Home and
Welfare Association.
Dr. P. W. Russell, prominent
minister and teacher of Char
lotte who died last week after
an extended illness. Dr. Russell
was for a long: number of years
a member of the faculty of J.
C. Smith University.
thy and predicted the Negro
community will be better off as
a result of the new movement
for a Red Sheild Club for Negro
He said ho is intensely inter
ested in any movement aimed at
improving J^egro life.
Dr. Rondthaler appealed for
substantial offering in a collec
tion taken to^tart the Red Shield
Professor Atkins extended^
greetings from the Negro citizen
ry and thanked the sponsors for
their part on the program.
Mr. Conrad, president of the
Junior Chamber of Cpmmerce,
was master of cercmotiies.
Music was presented by va
rious choruses, quartets and
choral clubs and consisted of
numerous spirituals, songs of
burden, jubilee songs, school
songs and church anthems.
Periods represented were sla
very, reconstruction, industrial
and twentieth century. The Rev
Thomas Kilgore was narrator.
Drijls and formation were pre
sented by the Moj^ris Slaughter
Post bugle corps^
Dallas, Tex.—In an effort to
prevent h- C. Akins from being
sentenced to death by the local
courts, the Dallas branch for the
26 year old janitor who fatally
shot a policeman, off-duty, here
September 15. ^ -
According to the stories, *^h»
policemsn, Leon Morrijj, attempt
ed to hold Akins back from en
tering a street car ahead of sev
eral w’hite women. It is claimed
that Akins drew a knife. The
policeman sliot the young jani
tor in the right side. Wounded
Akins fought for his life and in
the suing scuffle, picked ttp the
policeman’s gun and fired one
shot at close range. The officer
died of the bullet wound in the
ambulance on the way to Emer
gency hospital.
Several passengers on the
street car pursued Akins who
fled to the police headquarters
in the basement of city hall
where he handed the revolver to
the desk sergeant and surrend
The local daily press reports
that Akins is the third Negro to
shoot a policeman in Dallas in
14 years.
The Peipinsr Gazette, world's
oldest newspaper, has been pub
lished in China continuously for
the past 1,028 years. It is said
that 800 of its editors during
t^is period have been beheaded
for publishing articles that in
curred the' displeasure of the
In liis talk delivered by proxy Chinese authorities. Apparent-
Maj'or Reynolds said the plan ly, however, new editors were
foe better racial understanding always found who were willins
has his full support and symp-'to risk their lives to maintain
Attorney C. J. Gates, Durham
lawyer, who has recently been
appointed regional director of
the leeral aid service of the Na
tional Bar Association. The ser
vice will give legal aid to Ne
groes who are unable to employ
counscl when they have had
their civil rights violated.
Negro Soldier of 94th
Engineers Brutally
Attacked in Louisiana
Civilian, City Cop, Two M.
P’s Beat Soldier of 94th Engi
neers to show ’Northern Niggers
How to Act in South
RIJSTON, I>ji., (By Jimmy
Sanders for ANP)—Pvt. Dennis
Hill, Detroit selectee, member of
the 94th engineer battalion, is in
an army base hospital near here
and two military police, one city
policeman and one civilian, all
white, are awaiting trial for
wantonly and brutally attackirig
and beating Hill a mile south of
this town one day last week.
Private Hill in an affidavit
to investigating miltary author
ities affirms that he Robert
Jones and Willie Nunley came to
Ruston from the camp to take a
shower at the U. S. O. and ues
a telphone. Hill declares that he
and Jones were walking along
the street a white civilian in n
large truck passed and ordered
them off the street. Hill told the
white mai» to drive on the right
side of tne street. Hill declar^
that the white man then called
them a vile name. He and Jones
laughed and walked on. This evi
dently angered the whjte man
who stopped the truck and start
ed to get out with a crank in his
hand but was held back by a
colored man who was riding with
with him.
The soldiers then met and en
gaged in conversation a young
woman about a block from the
colored USO. In a short while
the white man returned in a car
with a city policeman and two
MP’s. According to Hill, the
four mep came over to where
he and Jones were talking to the
girl and ordered them to put up
their hands. The MP’s searched
them as the civilian struck them
several times with a blackjack.
then forced into
and driven out of
Famous Baptist •
Church Of Durham
Holds Celebration
The Diaiiioiih Jublieo of the
Wiiite Rock Baptist C'imrch,
Durham North Carolina, will be
observed throught the nionili of
October, the program committee
announces. Shaw University Day
opens the program on the first
Sunday witlie President H. J’.
Daniel, Ph. D., preaching and
the Shaw Uhlvei’sity (^horal so
ciety, singing. The ehnrch De
partment of Religious Eduealion
will have charge of the obser
vance at night. On the soeond
Sunday morning the pasttu’. Dr.
Miles Ma_rk Fisher, will prejtch,
and at night the soul-stirring
Gospel Chorus of Winston-
Salem will sing spiritual songs.
The Governor of the State of
North (,’arolina, the Honorable
J. Melville Broughton, will deli^
er the Jubilee Address the third
Sunday morning at eleven o’-
loek. The (lovernor w’ill be pre
sented by the Chairman of the
Board of Trustees, Dr. C. C.
Spaulding President of the
North Carolina Mutual Life In
surance CompaTiy. Vice Presi
dent William J. Kennedy, Jr.,
Busine,ss Manager of the church
will j)reside, and Dr. James E.
Shepard, President of North Col
lege will make the church ad
dress. The musical organization
(if the ehnrch, led by the senior
ch(;ir. will.'» This ^‘ervitv will
i Ww York, X. Y.—The I’citi'd
States Xavy does v.ant Dr.
Harold .1. Franklin if .Ior«py
, ’ity. X. J.. as as.'-i.stiuu siirgeon
! ant ev(*n though he has pas;-ied
iwith the rank or junior liputeii-
all e.\a mi nations—v.riten. firal
'anti physical—nefi-s>arj- for that
I Dr. Franklin, who Ls nov; an
linterne ar Medical iu J«*r-
j.sty City. brT>ntrht all the duc*’.t
Deacon Roy Trice»«leut of!'
the To+iacco Workers” Iabi>r [‘T
k* ht^adeast by remote control | ments in his case to the office
over Station WDXC. J„f the X. A. A. hen- in-
“Echot's thnnigh the Year.-;” final Mord tn»m iL'
of church auxiliaries will h.> j '■* and >5urgt
heard at the night service v.lteni*' Department
‘‘rou did ruK in.-et pa^-sieul out-
r .■■[>:) inpiifnt.’’
union, will preside. Tlie Hev. -T. j j’'‘; t.,. l^e Xu-
X'eale Ilughley of the chape! atj .'i '^ ' 'lay
North Carolina College will pro- 7*' letter t-;.ntuin-
ach on the fmrth.Kunday at 11 “r “instructions for
A. M. and at 7 .llO P. M. Profes- and infor-
sor Ru.ssell F. Houston, Mus. B.. examination
'will give his annual organ re-^ ^
cital. The new i>ipe organ was i appointment in the medical
installed Uijjit year at a ex- ' ^ inclusive,
ceeding .iild.OOO, and Mr. Hons-1 Pr„of that the Xavy is’anxitms
ton was engaged to play it. The 11> secure su;-g;M.n; huiv be seen
fhurcU owl's lcs.s than of|j,i the eonlial t ne ..f tl.»* h-tter.
this amount which it plans to wiiose saliitati. ii v.a. ‘' Dear*^l>r!
pay during the Jubileee. There I ” ^,,1 v. !i..,se ending
are no other debts of the church, icontainml the plt.-a, e “ \Vit!i kind
Othr participants upon the Juhi- regards.’
lee are the assisting ministers, rnder date of Julv 21. Dr.
the Revs. W. W. Baynes and C. Franklin was notifietl* to rei>ort
S. SesKoms, Profs. Isiidore Hoyd the Xaval Hospital at r,n>..k-
Oglesby, W. H. Hill. J. A. Tay- lyn. X. Y„ signet! at !> a. m. Aug-
lor and J. T. Taylor.
White IJK“k Baptist C’hurch
was founded in 1866. Her foun
dations were firmly laid by the
pastors of the next twenty years.
“Daddy” Hunt, the Revs. Fred
erick Wilkins. W. T. H. Wood-
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They were
police car
During tluj trip the civilian is
alleged to have said, “I am go
ing to show y«m nothern niggers
how to act in the south.” He
told the MP’s that Hill had call
ed him a vile name, “But when
I rinish with him he won’t lo
it anj'uiore.” Hill denied the ac
cusation, and one of the MP’s
told him to shut itp. Hill and
Jones were then told by the MP
that they were from the 94th
engineers, and that they were
the men that the MP’s wanted.
The car was stopped and Hill
ordered out; Jones was told to
remain in the car. Hill then ask
ed the policeman what it was
all about. The officer said. “I
don’t know; I’m not with you.
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Last Rites Held
For Prominent
Charlotte Minister
Dr. Pinchney Warren Russell
died at his home, 431 Beatties
Ford Road,' Charlotte, North
Carolina, Thursday, Septemb^
25, after an illness of twelve
Th^ following very impressive
but simple funeral services were
held over his remains, Saturday,
September 27, at the home of the
deceased. The services were con
ducted by Rev. Arthur George,
The music consited of two beau
tiful hymns, “Jerusalem the
Golden” and “Abide with Me’.
These were conducted by Dr. T.
A. Long. The scripture lesson
and resolutions from the J. C.
Smith faculty were read by Dr.
Charles Schute, Dean of the
Theological Department of
Smith University.
Rev. James Smith, pastor of
the Seventh Street Presbyterian
Chtirch of Charlotte offered
The eulogy which was a beauti
ful tribute to Dr. Russell’s life
was delivered by Dr, Arthur
George, a former student of Dr.
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iLst 11 for the examination.
^n the back of that letter is
an offieal endorsement from the
r S. Xaval Hospital. BrookljTi.
X. Y., signei by P. P. ilaher.
which states “examineti i
foiuid physically qualifie
-appointment as Assistant ^
geon in the I’ S. Navy w'i*‘
rank of Licutfnant (.
Later in August, Dr. Frank
lin found that he had passed
both the wj-itten anti ex
aminations, and. since he iad
been certified as physically iSt.
he awaiteil noti(*e of his
ment. When no notice was re
ceived, he finally wireil the
department in Washinstmi. miA::
on^^ptember 11 reeeivMl a
gram statini; “You did m»fr]
physical qualifaeationK for
pointment. ’ ’
Puizled by this apparent 
tradiction. Dr. Franklin
the Bureau a letttr imi
and on September 15
letter which added no inf
tion to that eontftinetl in
gram. "Rie letter mer«‘ly
“A reri«w of the j^rport
sical examinatiDii
Ai^rost 11, 1941 showt
do not Beet the
(Contin—d on rm

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