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H .
To Attend Course at N. C. College
to Deliver
Address For First
Cotton Festival
uri-le' delit'pT 1
K. McA.
Currie'delifpT the wlewn-
ingf'address when the first an-
mml NBOUO COTTON ,fei«tiviil
beffins al the AAIJS .Zion cbiiicii
on South Brevard StretH ai 8
o’filoek, Monday (bvening Of;t. jpfCj+mnp
13» said C. A. Irvin exeantive
director last night.
John W. Mitchell «tfrt^ rtteii-
afmt li’ith ofiit'^rs at the,
?ficultur»l and* T^fekettl
l^ie in €k'eensboro '.viU 11
p^cipal spcakef AiW J^ord
Qordon, Jv.And Helen Wist* will
be crowned king^'aini qceen o£
cotton. Others takinfjii part in this
prSof»rm will be J. S. Bifvwser
Cl^q» piftke, Rev, J. W.
an^^l^ey.' i .|gck»on; Before
h«^da4‘^'l)y -the
er rtiptprbade .-ifr.ill, take
oil .»1rw4tlaji;' ,4iyJ' iSi ‘fha
evening at 8 o’clock a fashion
show will be presented in the
auditorium of Second Ward
high school. A prize will be a-
warded ,to the jJonn" woman
wearin*? tlie best lot>kin" cottnn
A street parade will be held
on 'Wednesday, his will bei;in at
4 o’clock at the post (iffivf? and
will end at the Armory■'^\«di-
toriiun. There will lit> floaft de-
to potray ‘ tbeK
iShitribirtion in ihf» Agrictjltural f
and industrial Sonth and his at*
tainmentsi in the business and
professional world. After the
parade a drama entitled “Cotton
Picking Time” an old faxhioned'
plantatipn sho^w, w'ill be given.
A cliftrous of 50 vloces will £?»•«-
phically depict the life of the
given to honor, the king and
-(Contiriued’on page "seven)
Festival Speaker
'l-O .
J.. W. Mitchell," "'stMe * 'farp”^
airent who wifi be one;\ofjrtHe,
speakers at, the'Cotton-Festival/
in Charlotte. , ■ ' — ^ V"'-*-
‘ ‘ - .---T—.-■
Everybody Asked
To Attend Sun.
P. M. Gathering
Kiog and Ou(ien of Cotton Festival
The annual meeting of the
Durham, Committee on Negro
A frail’s is being called by the
Chairman C. C. Spanlding, on
Sunday, Octfibor 12, at 3 P. M.
in the Hillside Park High
Mehool Audrtorinm. All Negro
citizens are Ijcing specially urg
ed to attend thiii very important
meeting. Come yonrself and urge
your friends; and neighbors to
eome. We want a record break*
ing nttendanee. —
The AmiBal He[wrt »m ie-
tivities of the Committee will be
heard and the vacancies caust^d
by the expiring term* of certain
niembei-s of the Executive Com
mittee will also be fiHpd through
election by sccret bal|i)t.
,Duffing the paSjt s2x »;yd^rh|,
.this group has prominent^
and influential/factor in obtaUi-'
ing improved fcocial, civic.-;S*8o'
iiomic. and pojitiegl cqindiiiofts
for Negroes''ill Durham, T^d
Committee has gme on re{H>M
as establishing as a part of its
program of objectives the fol]o"’-
ing items: (1) Slum.clear^ce;
(2) Negro representation on'the
City iSurd^of Ed,ucati«n,'’j^)*
a technierf 'high 'for NegrO^.;
Full, mdls^support is rc(iuii*ed m'
order to succesHfully reach thefie:
^ The Committee has recently
assumed, with the city, the co-
sponsdrship of a N Y A Ijhuu-
dry Projeift for Nesro gii'ls. )»»-
eated on Pettigrew Street. This
project \vill offer employment
and train" to approximat^'ly
•rirls who will be tiainoil in shifts
oi' -III. Th.' lily jjas given full
cndnrsieinoiit to the project and
has ii|)i r()pi iatt'ti u ijjonthly eon-
trilnUion I'or its .’luiiiitenance;
the greatcKt p rtitni of tlie ox-
])oiiS(* is being borne by the N Y
A, M'ilii a furthi'r suppleinont
from llie Committee on Nogro
. .
Various i-ttv-wide ])rojtH-fs arc
Umlertakon tfcrongjh tliis organi-
zatkim/rwu j*
rptfttii’e your support. and
through this ('ommittee i>ull nri-
petus is given to such special '*f
!forts as the Community Fund,
British War Kolief, II. S. Q-
jjrives, eti'. Very often the Bx-
^Utjve (]omnutto0 serves a.‘ .1
clearing house through which
improvonients are nutde by iht^
eit>' in various soutions of Dur
ham adhere Negroes live and
eoutisel is o|‘ten given in eon
nectiiHi with vaiious prohlems
Whieli cOrifronl groups o" >nr
Nepco populace.
' Unity of purpof^e is being
stVesHed in rvery phase of our
national )ife and in reinemberin,^
the wiKdoni of dev«»loping streu'
gjh through unity, the Commit-
ftee is eailiHg for the eoope.'ali(«i
of /every N-tgro citiwti to help
cai'ry forth the high purposes of
the Committee. Pour presence at
this meeting Sunday, October 12, ' ' j
will further J treir'tlien the eff Buford'Gordon ahd*Miss'Helen Cotton F'vjstival which*wir. be ber of Commerce of Charlotte,
orts whicli are bein'T made to ini Wise who will be* crowned King held in Charlotte next week, un-. nd Th^jCaroIina Tiines.
prove fotidifions ff r «M, and Queeen'of the First Annual Ulor.auspices 6f the Negro Cham-1 •
Outstanding Medical Men Will
Lecture At One Day Post
Graduate Course Oct. ISth
The sixth annual post grad
uate course for Neyro doctors
will be held at the North Car-
olina College for Negroes. Oct*
ber 5 it was announce^ this
week by Dr! Clyde l5onnellj
;,I .'ii-iii" n:i(l .Medica' of Fort
Hragr- *
Vv'i't^ iosday uuiriiing at H o’
clock will be taken up by a
course in the Physiologj’ of the
Coh n and Rectum by Dr. Mac
Chairman of the North Carolina .donald Dick. At 10:15 A. M., a
Committee on Health Problems, jeourse in the diagnosis and treat-
. imcnt of diseases of the Colon
The post graduate course ia,jj^(} Rectwm, inculding cancer,
hold each year under the auapi- m.
CCS of the Division of ( oopera* j)r. K IJandolph Jones
tion in pjducation and Race Ke* j^. ^ course in the diag-
lations. Organizations cooperat' and treatment of hemor-
ing with the committee are the j-hoids,
Fred Toones, who plays Snow- lot one day during production of Francis Toones posing with
flakes for Republic pictures,. “De*>th Galley Outlaws.” Here Lynn Merrick, favorite l^public
brought his tWo tiny tdts Mithe yoja see future sepia starlets star.
North Carolina State Depart
ment of Education, Duke Uni
versity, and University of North
All of the eonrses this year
will be taught by members of
the Duke University school of
Other courses inculde Sulfo
namide Therapy in children.
Dr. Jerome Harris; Sulfonamide
Therapy in Genito-Urinary
tract, Dr. Edwin P. Alyes; cau
ses and treatment of Vaginitis in
eluldren, Dr. Angus McBryde,
The Types of Ascites. Lieutenant
A. I>. ilendeiMon: Management
of Gastric and Duodenal X’lcei-s,
Lieutenant Frank Clayton, A
symposium on problems of Civil
and Military emergencies will
also be held. ^
Due to the fact that attendan
ce at the course is unlimited
more thtin 200 Negro physicians
from Virginia, North and South
Carolina are expected to attend.
Many will remain over Saturdy
to witness the football games
between Duke University aiid
Colgate or N. C. College and St.
In addition to Dr. Clylde Don
nell, chairman, the committee on
health problems is eomposetl of:
David T. Smith, M. D., Secre
tary : Dr. N. C. Newbold, Milton
Jtw. Hosenau, M. D.,; L. E. Mc
Cauley, M. D.; C. A. Punston.
D. D. S.; Wm. M. Rich,, E. A,
Branch. D. D. S.. and J, M.
Fleming, D. D. S.
War Department
Turns Thnmbs On
Gviiian Probes
NEW YORK — The War De
partment has offiealiy' turned
down the su^estioa that a ci-
vilian-military boani be appoin
ted to investigate the treatment
of colored sokliersi in Soutk^a
army camps. The. appcnotmey^
was ui^red by the NAACF M-
lowing the dtmble killing «t Ft.
Bragg, N. C. August ti.
In a letter to the .Vijaoeiation
last week, Robert P.-^atterson^
Under Secretary of War. Stated
that ‘*The Negro in the Army is
aiuply pro^'tetl by the eiviliu
heads of the Army, the Pr«»i-
dent a.s comoiander • iu * «hief
together with the Seeretary of
War »ml his eivilian assc^tants.^
insure that all persons,iu the
Army receive fair and impartiid
He asserteil that the praaMM
of William H. l&astie, eiyiliijK
aide to the secretary and Qwlmt
B. O. Davi^ Assistant Ii
General add^ to the
of fair treatment.
It is most ianwi«e,” Mr.
tersou wrote, “to sabgjMt
command fimetioas of
ble Army taticat
neview-by an-agvsry
War D^rtnent.**
He said that
“(Cyn and ly-UI
nity of the aniforiB aatf
sdnnVl whi^ weam ft***!
inqumes will
Mtkm pmn*

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