North Carolina Newspapers

I I!
Volume 22 — Number 42
Durham, North Carolina, Saturday, October 18, 1941
NEW YORK — Addressed
personally to Prime Minister
Winston Churchill, a letter set'
ting forth five types of discri
mination on the part of British
agencies operating in this coun-
tiy, wafi dispatched by Pan-A
merica^ Clipper September 26,
by the National Association for
the Advancement of Colored
‘The letter, written by Walter
White, NAACP executive secre
tary urges that the British and
A'm^ricail governments m»ke the
four freedoms apply to the color
line, i|nd that t^e flt« tjpH of
Mtiona bated on color or race
immediately wiped outj
Publicity on the letter was
witheld until this week because
of the custom of not revealing
contents of communications to
the head of a government until
tl)e communication has had an
oppprtunity to be received and
acted upon.
Kve days after the letter was
dispatched, Colonel R. li. Ben
son, military attache of the Bri
tish Embassy in Washington,
called the NAACP national office
by long distance expressing
great concern over it and parti
cularly over the case of Dr. Wal
ter King cited as an instance of
prejudice. No copy of the letter
was sent the Embassy, but cop
ies were received by the Ameri
can Red Cross and the British
War Relief Society.
During the conversation ,Mr.
Benson stated that he would like
to “get to the bottom of things
a little more^’ and asked for a
copy of the letter.
After pointing out the impor
tance of America’s 13 miHion
Negro citizens in the national,
life and saying that the sucees*
sori pf discriminatory acts on the
part of these British agencies are
“building bitter reseritWlent a-
gainst Great Britain among cer
tain elements of the population
of the United States,” the five
known cases where Negroes were
discriminated against were lis
First' was mentioned the re
fusal of the British Air Com-
miss!(m, Washngton, D. C., to
accept Charles M. Ashe,, fully
qualified commercial pilot and
instructor, asr a ferry pilot solely
because of his color. Ashe Vohin-
teered for the service and after
repeatd evasions was told on
September 15, by Captain .T. D.
Mugford of the RAP Ferry
Command, British Air Commis
sion, Washington, that no Negro
would be accepted for ferrying
bombers. Captain Mugf®rd sent
Ashe a copy of the minimiu^ re
quirements for pilots and eo-pi-
lots issued by the RAP Perry
Coriunand, the ninth of which
reads: “All applicants ihust be
of the white race.”
(Continued on page eight)
,Chas, Herndon, age 72, prom
inent barber and business man
man of Durham died at a Ra
leigh Hospital, Sunday morning
at 9:30. Mr.. Herndon’s death
climaxed an iUnes of several
years, although he was not con
fined to his bed until two or
three months ago. •
Th) ky^wn
Duriira he «p*rat
one of the leading barber »hops
foR approximately thirty years.
iRlr. Herndon was born in
W'ake County, but came to Dur
ham a little more than 30 years
ago to enter the barbering bus
iness. '■ . ^
Surviving are his wife, Mrs.
Julia Herndon and a daughter,
Charsie, ago three months. A
dai^hter and son by a former
marriage also survive, they are
Miss Agnes Herndon of Raleigh
and Charlie Herndon.
Funeral sfirvice were held
from the Raleigh Funeral Home
in Raleigh Tu^day afternoon
at two o’clock. Rev. S. P. Perry
pastor of the St. Mark A. M.
E. Zion in Durham, of which
the deceased was a member,
officiated. ;
Paul Robeson Sings With N. C. C. Chorus
Paul Robeson's recital at-N. C. College was sfid by many to climax all musical events of
the season. The noted singer,ip pictured here as hte sang a classfc nurtrber with the North Caro
lina College chpriis., • :ivery available the Mpwtix^ was taken and many per
sons were forced to stand. • jt. .
# t;S’
Violence In Rbxboro By
GraM jury; Trial Nov.
Former Negro Welfare
Head Flayed by Jewi^^^
Lawyer in Minneapolis
MEET, 6CT. 17 18
Pleads For Tolerance! p..
I"WT]^R8BUnU. VA—Dele'
igstes from approximately four
teen colleges will gather liere at
Virginia State College 'on Fri
day and Saturday, October 17-
18, for the annual meeting of liie
Colored Intereollegiato Press
AswHfietion as ijiieNt of ihe
Highlipfhting the two-la.v
meeting will be the presentation
of the Goffney PlaqHo to tlie
Ptsff of tlie V IRC! IX FA
edlt^ student paper for
41 by the C. f. P. A,
for ANP) More than WW
I person.*- witnessed a h*at^ erm-
I troversey wljen they attefjdetl a
citizens mass meetii^ Sfendar
I at Piiyllw Wlieatley ^Htlement
• b«>use »|Hint«'retl by tS#* ShuM^
sota Xegro Defense Colwaittee.
jTlie prini'iplos in the verbal but
tle wer«f .ionas Srvmrt/. Jiiite,
I I/fl'vrenee A. Oxley. snper-
▼isor of racial relatiofis Unit. U.
uurt'au «»f Kmployaient Se-
eiirity. Washington.
Mr. Oxley gave a sBpmarr. of
the work nf his dcfMUtiarat in
\ the fi;4U for Negro |i>b» w '.Iw
dofeme pcugjraiu. ili? ccfleved ^
t» prirrtl#^
gaioM dil(:riinhM(Mit aa4jil#»-
cy of Nef!rrD traidia( an'^lvade
an appeal that yejpfwita b6I #•-
i »«ent th» many uhpfiMMi#t disRtai
eles that be tknmn m
fpatjj. * ,
TARBORO' (CP) — Edge*
combe county was considered a
cent whii^e county 25 years aga,
60 per cent Negro and 40 per
but loss of Negroes to nothern
centers and encreased popufation
in ,^^ky Mount and Tarboro
hive led to shifts in percentage,
Haywood P.. Poxhill, chairman
of the Edgecombe County Draft
Board, Saturday.
'Qf the total numbed of regis
trants of Edgecombe bounty men
fOr‘tl\e draft, 51.8' per 'cent'
were white and 42.2 per cent
colored, according ' to Foxhill,
and the same proportion could
be applied to the total county
population. *
OS ^
city-wide non-partisan primary
election here* Tuesday Senator
Charles C. Diggs was nominated
for the common council despite
the fact 122 candiates were in
the field. Diggs got 17,000 votes
in thet lightest primary in a num
ber of years.
This marks the first time since.
1927, when George Green polled
some 36,000 votes that a Negro
has been nominated for tlie city
council. Sen Diggs, who finished
15th among 18 nomin&es, accord
ing tp old* line politicians hf re,
stanlds more than an even chaniee
of being elected in Novemeber.
Robl^o, Oct. 12.—Following
a blifflleHng denouncement of all
formfe of mob violence by Judge
Henry Av Gr%dy, here this week,
10 white nien were indicted by a
Person County GrandVJury for
taking part in a near-lynching in
ROxbofo last. A'ugti^ 15, when a
1 ■ u rnn\ rn,.„ jNx-.-'mobjof several httndred attempt-
Raleigh (CP)-rhe btate, ^ ^ Winstead, a Ne-
Bwreau .of Investigation myes-l^^^ the Person County jail.
tigates very few cases of judge GraHy’\y1)0 was; presiding
S. B. I, Investigii^s
Few N^o Cases In
North Carolina
stars is T^ew Y6rk .City's tea-
year-old joyce Mi;hael. She wa^
heard on the Columbia network
on “Burl Ives Coffee Club”
last Saturday. Youngei^t of a
family of five children, Joyce
coneemmg Negroes, according
to a statement of officals here
last week.
“Thomas Creedmore, assistairt
director of the bureau, wh(> _h^
meent of justico. for over t\yo
been connected with the de|Jart-
years, said that it is his impres-
sioh that there have been a min
ium of investigated cases . in
wWch' Negroes were’ itivoived on
the basis of the population, his
observation beiijg later corrpbp-
rat^ by another member of the
department. ‘
■ Newsp^f)ers t*eported‘ that 10
membera of fh6 C. C.'Cl bamp
Hear-Rox,boro were fired hecause
of their actipn the night of the
riot in which a crowd of boys
are said to have armed them
selves with sticks and marched
on the jail-
Although the Justice Depmrt-
ment did not investigate the in
following ,the investfgpalion of
cident, it was pointed out that
the War Department only three
youth were dscharged.
Three youth came by the Per
son' County Courthotise at Rox-
boro on the night of the rioting
and hastened to cfemp head quar
pus. To datp the principal speak-
er has not bee^ decidetl upon.
.\tty. iS^warti, who ia a liber^
over a term, of the Superior is scheduled for the
Court of-Person Cbunty,' fmme- scneauiea. Toi tiie
diately ‘issuedr capiases.» for ..the
arrest of the ten men and- bond
was set’ at $500? said‘that
he would request Governor I'M.
J, Broughton to order, a special
term of court for November to
try the ten men.
The 10 men indicted are Coy
Harris, P.I. Holt^ Willie Aiken,,
Johnnie' Holt, Leb IHxon, Wil
liam Green, ^W., G.. Bradsher,
Thomas >Slaughtfer, Ai*" P. Spr-'
iggs and Evon James.
All of the men luiye been
charged with unlawful assembly
for unlawful ptirpose and break
ing windows and»doors at the
courthouse in Which the jail was
Conviction of the charg;ps car
ries a sentence of a maximdm of
2 years *^t the discretion of the
! ★ —
25 lbs Irish potatoes, two do%>
en fresh eggs, 12 ounces pimen
tos, two bunches celery and a
pound of onions wiH make suf
ficient potato salad for 100 sol
diers. >
The fii^t m‘eting is setnUiled
for 2 o’clock Friday aftertjoon
at which timp Dr. .lames Hugo
Johnston, Dean of Instruction, i
will welcome the as.soeiation, .viU]
is meeting for the first time al Jew. wafc irtvitwi !h- 1h^ Aair-
the \irgina State CoHcg‘ ;eain Sch(^ of R^igion ol^^ke Um- , m^iii* fo Wke a
- - - ' y^rsit^-.^ ’wKo maae'eouragt»U3 •
appeal ^ a forcefu} searman last f" remarks. Ho entue^ t|ie
Other persons to aonear-ort the Sunday morning for greater in-
'U K nf T , a.. terracial coej^ration. '’fheier- oAi^ials and irtatied that .I^Xky
pr()grani wdl^ Mr. Uu\ei->ne was broadcaststation knew very little would b* done
J. Goffney. Chairman of ex i„.sineeritr of
^ r» •' able comment ii ijurham." ' ;th««e eontn>lliiig^ the- tset-up*
A.; Mr. Otto McClarrin. Prosi — —^ ‘SSeiiwartz further diiMi^?r«fd.with
dent (if the National JonriialisHf I |j» j .IXaaiA'Iia Oxlev in his prai»H* of the Feri
Society: William H. Gamble i|03thS ' ' ‘ ]Motor companyV hiring of N«-
Chariman of tlie C. 1. P. A.v and j , ^ ; • ' *■ j«n>eN. >» a fierceiitajM* bbife ae-
^yllllam R. Simms, facu^^^^^ TheiHighwiW Safety Wvino®[cording to population,
visor to the VtRGTNA T A TE. reported' thi» «ed( that Wakaj -1 t^.Heve if fixe jehi
County had 32'traffic fttalitica * i *i r
L j • open and there are five e«B-
cha^ed agamat Its 1941 rec«rt| ^.T.lbble,
at the close of t)M eighth month *v ,, . *. ■ »_ . . *
of the year
The.742 penoos in
fic accident on North CaroHna i He concluded his ei^iekai hy
MAN. ■ • ■
A busiiress session and’open
evening meeting on Friday at
7 o’clock. *
Beginning at 10 a. m; on Sah
committees wijl fonvene to con
tinue nufinished business. Ac
cording to the program, the
streets and-higfaira^^ tim fin*
eight months of this’yeai xmi^
resented a 4S per eest inewa
^over the 609 pei^af r^x>rtad
nreting at 2 o’clock Avill find i .in the same pctiM M
committees making reports, the year, and the number
election of officers ami the ap- during'Auipist of thia
pointment of permanent coin* ceeded' the nnmbnr killad
mittces.^ ' ing 0^h«r Qf latt yvar.
has already appeared on such I ters where they told of the ihob
programs as **Dr. Christian”,'
the Colgate “Spotlight**, where
she won the first prize, and
'‘We,, the People**. She smgs
withojiit music and has perfect
yiltch and rythm. This time &n
Columbia Joyce sang ‘*Yes-ln>
deed**. (ANP)
which was seeking to dras an
accused rape susjiect firom' vhie
jail and lyncli him. , •
. Th^ three youth succeeded in
getting togetheq* a cro^d of ten
at .th? ea^ip which ^divpers-
ed before it got within thi'e®:
blocks of the courthouse.
“There,” Mr. CreekmoK said,
“is an instance in which Negro
newspapers shouM ptey up the
fact that constitutional author
ity made no ieffort to save , the
man’s-life ■ i-ather than playing
up the fact in many eases of
ilynching.”' ' - '
two and a half hour session at
the White House on .Thurs. will
highlight the 8th annual meet
ing of the National Council of
Negro Women, according to Mrs.
Mary McLeod Bethune, presi
dent of the organisation, which
meets here this week.
In speaking of this particular
session, which w.ill also he^r Mrs.
Roosevelt address some 600 wqb
men, Mrs. Bethune said the be6i
minds of the Negro race would
be persent to make ten minute
Included in the impreasive ar
ray of nationally known figures
are Vivian Carter Mason, rank
ing Negro in the department of
public welfare in New Yoifk City
Car^ V. Boane, head of the .
Harlem office'of th« Ne# Xorli(
State Employment serviw;;aue
B|a|iey Thurmaii, ^peaking on
cuhurat activities; Elsie* Austin
national presid^it of the p«lta
Sigma Theta sorority; Dorothy
height, executive secretary of
the Phyllis Wheatley Y W C A.
Also Earl Dickeraoa of thf F^iir
Employment committee; Anblfey
Williams, direct» of tlie' NTA.
Cand %n«le, rismg yoiinir
tryltOf viyi. render several-aeia^
ions dnring the course of the dis-.
CTttskM^ ' '
Talkg will be limited to ^
minutes eaA. Ifia. BedHoae wiB'
preside a^ this a&air, 'whidi
end with tea beioK terrtd Iqr
statiAg*if‘those Negro genmne-
ment paid officials w«f |i|ttere
about this, d^rimin^ioa'. bnak
down, they woald resign ft«sa
their jobs in two weda
they wene employed or foree a
change of condition.
Mr. Oxky api^rently l«ettMf»
angry, as' he intemipt«d
Sifawarts ind ehaHen9Mf*1dai t0
deh^,. Q»Ued km .m
gogue,, and e:(dj^m«d» 1 teMr
belilfr jWs fhan joa'H
I'lie ‘dwairman aererdy jaHl^
led Mr. Oxfej fo/Itia ^
m^n^r^ of" • iAt
speaker aad defended ^
of *Sehwa]rts to stste hit t
on the apMiwt ’a
T^ QtlawMi,«m
ded on 1i» ^awtiaii «f
right in iMUcd
Mrs. Booae^h.
The isvoMtiBft Oft tidii
Mon wai W wM ir

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