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    FikGE SIX
U A£ I?*I _■ Ipoae Mch other in the II Corps
flMl Ul first Annyi*«^» supervision of
Prepare For All-
Out Sham Battle
M*j. Gen. Lloyd R. Frcdondall.
The 44th Division of N»itional
tJusrdsmen from New York and
New Jersey has been attached to
Maj. Gen. Karl Trues«leir« IV
Army Cori>« and will oppose
New Englai^’s 26th Division.
“Uncle Sam” To
Visit Every
Farmer In State
Qundrn, S. C., • »ct, 13.—With
the first of their training
in the Tust Carolina maneuver
arrs roneIuded» the 3(59,000 men
of the First Army, under Lt.
Gen. Hu«h A Drum, hit for
the nearest towni over the p«st
w«rk-«nd and enjoyed well-eam- County Ballots To Abolish Its
ed n laxation in preparation for ABC Store System, in
the cominK weeks. Operation Six Years
In contrast to the trathin^ or-:
ders for the maneuvers of the Pranklin County last
ery farm family will be asked to
Uncle Sam will be represent
ed on the tour of farm visits
by AAA committeemen — other
farmers who probably will wear
overalls and atraw hats in many
instances, instead of the red,
white and blue costume of the
Defense Survey Of
Highway Transpor
tation To Be Made
All of which means
“Food for Freedom” campaign
first wrek, the eoniing days will voted to abolish its liquor store r^ently started on a Nation-
»•»> “free” encounters waged in system, in operation for six basis, is, aggressiyelj un-
this sixteen-county battle of the years, and return to prohroition. North Caroljna. v-
Carolinas by the majority of the The unofficial vote as tabulat-| ~ " '
troops. Instead of having um- ed, gave 1,181 against the ABC paign against the stores, parad-
pires aet up situations from stores abolishment, and 1,441 ed through Louisburg’s maip
hour to hour which have to be vote^ in favor of doing away street following the victory for
The man with the stove-pipe wniie ana aiue cusbumif oi wie All fcrmers and o^ers who
me man witn tne ^ ; ipo-endarv National hero iOWn tnicks are to be asked to
hat and the white whiskers-1 Department in its
known to Americans as Uncle, i^gionai aauc tion i a n a . ^ _ nionninir for na-
Sam" will visit everv farmer in training meetings are schedule4 transportetion pianmng lor na
North CaroH^TmSr now Oct. 20. at Elizabeth tional defense, reports John W.
and about Dec. 1. He vnW drop^City, ClinWn, Raleigh. Lexing- Goodman,
around to ask each tarmer how ton and Waynesville, and od
much food and feed he can. and Tuesday, Oct. 21 at New Bern,
War’anfw^LlheteZ » ‘‘'I nTwX"’boro!
that the|™*^”*ty meetings will follow as ser^ces
soon thereafter as they can be
assistant direcetor
of the State College. M. L.
Wilson, director U. S. Dept, of
Agri. Extension work, has ask-
le .
in the survey to be
What Can I Do?
“What can I do?" “How can
I be of help?” As always hap-
Each truck owner will receive
in the next few days a special
National Defense inventory card
which he will be requested to re
turn (postage free) with infor
mation regarding the make of
his truck, kind of body, capa
city, time of year the vehicle is
most urgently needed in the
owner’s business, and whether
in an emergency he would be
willing to hire or lease it to a
followed, smaller unit com- with the stores. the drys at the polls.
manderfi will be allowed in most Dry leaders, who had fought a; The total vote of less than 3,-, . r *• i •
cases to use their own initiative militant fight in Pranklin, were 000 was only half the county's i P®*'® *** an hour of national cns^
and meet each problem in their jubilant over the results. The normal voting strength of 6,0001 *®».j_oughts of sel are put
own way. ABC store backers were rumor- and indicates the lack geneif’al
Realistic battle lines will be ed to be dissatisfied with re- interest in the poll,
drawn when ^ual numliers of suits but nothing definite was I Franklin county thus becames
men, division for division and forthcoming. | the second county of North Car- j • * k
gun for gun, face each other in | Members of the Y. M. C. A. olina to outlaw ABC stores. The today is to k^p up your
the n Conw and VI Corns prob-(chapter at Louisburg College, a county of Johnston' was the , »..v —
lems. ; The 28th and 29th Na-j Methodist institution, who had first to abolish the ABC stores dared, and he added: “I am sure
ti6nal Guard Divisions will op- taken an active part in the cam-1 after a fair trial.
aside and an earnest desire to be Government agency,
of service wells forth the coun
try over.
The most important thing you
"England was forced, in the
midst of the war, to make an
inventory similar to the one the
, , , . United States is now about to
morale and the morale of those Extension leader de-
Negro Youth Confmnce At Bennett College
Picture of National Initiating
Committee for the National Con
ference of Negro Youth. The
Chairman, Miss Winifred Nor- Bajme, Priscilla Jaclnen, War-
man, i» speaking to the group, ing Cuney, £lait Jiiclaien, Sd-
Front Row, left to right: T. ward Strong, and Albarta Jox^ee.
comes for action, which, God
forbid it ever will, we will be
on the crest of excitement and
there will be as much courage
and heroism displayed aa thrills
us in the tales the returning
travellers tell of England.
But now is the hard tim^the
difficult hour of watching and
waitiilg. We are on the middle
step—and as Milne said, “It isn’t
up and it isn’t down”. But as
the country rearms, the individ
ual citizens can rearm in spirit.
Here are some things you can
the farmers of North Carolina
will cooperate in this survey.
If you believe in America,—
prove it. Testify to your faith
in its ideals by putting them in
to actual practice,
no discrimination because of
race, creed or color; no unfair
discussion in damning general
ities of any group, allowing to
others the freeedom you claim
for yourself; always observing
i^he rules of fair play toward
Regrular Price » $23J50
Sale Price.. $18.95
$2.52 Down — $1.50 Month
Regrular Price. $16^
Sale Price...$12.95
Combination Buy!
Regular Prjce
Of Both Lamps •
Sale Price If
You Buy Both $26.50
Pietore tliu IStli Century
Geoisiaa Chippendale senior
flflftr ianp in year lioind
FinMed in Ftenisii' braw.
ning sBk - rayen shade
Direct - indirect lighting.
Yei. it’s an L E. S.!
An exquisite 18th Century
English table lamp finished
in Etrumtan Gold and Dec
orated Regentware with Qx-
blood Trim. Beautiful silk-
rayon shade. Direct-Indirect
$2.30 Down — $2.50 Month
your neighbor; and in every ac
tion of yours observing the same
integrity you want from your
government. —
Don’t whine about taxes. The
defense program is the work of
all of us and for all of us. Be
grateful that you can pay taxes
rather than tribute. Readjust
your standard of living to meet
these obligations. This does not
mean lowering your standards,
but it does mean throwing the
emphasis from luxury habits to
the more vital things that make
life happy. Stop doing the
This means things you do because other peo
ple do them, not because you
find them particularly enjoya
ble. You’ll be surprised how
much you can do without and
how you can unclutter your life
—lower your living costs, and
have many more of the thingrs
you have always wanted.
Train your children in aelf^'
reliance, courage and coopera
tion. If this holocaust keeps on,
they will need them all. Make
a game of it with them—but see
to it that they are as well pre
pared for life as you can make
And of course, volunteer your
help.-Your community has defi
nite plans. List the things you
are capaUe of doing, offer your
services and round out your cap
abilities by what courses your
community offers for civilian
defense. And when you're ask
ed to do something to help that
isn't entirely convenient, show
your cooperative spirit by doing
an unwelcome task well, I
Quality First
Promotes Sale Of
Surplus Vegetables
Quality is the first essential
in the sale of surplus vegetables
according to H, R. Niswonger,
of N. C. S. C. “The purchaser
has no more taste for inferior
vegetables than the gardener,
himself, and the buying public
will protest inferiority by limit
ing or refraining from purchas
ing them.”
After high quality, the second
consideration in marketing sur
plus vegetables is attractive
apeparance. If an article ap
peals to the eye, the sale is
half made. This idea involves
the grading of produce, with
reference to size, color, shape,
ripeness, soundness, and meth
od of display, packing and pack
Third comes honest in pack
ing or bunchin. Too frequent
ly the imperfect, specked, un
clean specimens have a habit of
riding themselves within the
package or bunch of good prod-
,ucts. ■’*
A fourth consideration is that
the package or bunch should be
of convenient and desirable size.
He suggested that asparagus be
marketed in bunches of 2 to 3
lbs; beets in bunches of 4-6 with
tops undipped carrots in bunch
es of from 5 to 10, depending
upon size, or 3 large ones, wt. 1
to IH lbs; lettuce in bunches of
3 to 10, The aim of the ^r-
dener should be to fully satisfy
the consumer.
The Fourth Corps Area Quar-
term^ter department uses large
amounts of fresh produce, pri-
maily fruits and vegetables eas
ily grown in this section of the
for school day lunches
by Dorothy Greig
Q. What is the minimum size
of U. S. No. 1 potatoes?
A. The diameter of a U. S.
No. 1 Irish potato shall be not
less than 1 7-8 in. and of ^ U.
S. No. 1 sweet potato, not less
than 1 3-4 inches. Also, a sweet
potato must not be more than
10 inches in length to meet the
No. 1 grade requirement.
Q. What varieties of small
grain show resistance to smut
A. Demonstrations show that
Leaps 157 wheat; Victor grain,
Stanton, Fullgrain 4, and Lee-
toria oats; and Iredelj and beard
ed 15 varieties of barley, are at
least partially resistant to smut.
Howard R. Garriss, Extension
plant pathologist, ^ys the five
percent ethyl mercury phosphate
(New Improved Ceresan) iii ef
fective in controlling bunt and
smut of wheat, and loose smut
of oats.
Q. What is the best equip
ment for harvesting lespedeza
seed under present conditions in
North Carolina?
A. Much of the lespodeta in
the State this year made only
fair growth because of abnor
mal weather conditions. Prof.
Giles recommends the simple, in-
ex]:^nsive seed pan attached to
a seed pan attached to a mowing
machine will do a good job un
der present conditions. The low-
cut bar known as “lespedeza
bar" is best.
$23,000 AT FAIR
Raeigh, Oct. 2. — Premiums
for North Carolina farmers and
other exhibitors at the State
Pair, to be held at Raleigh from
Oct. 14 through 18. will total
$23,000 or approximately $3,000
above the record prize money of
fered last year, Manager J. S.
Dorton announced today,
er actualdi- now is the time for
eration of the exposition five
years ago, premiums have been
steadily increased and prizes
have been limited to North Caro-
r ' ' ' J
BIO handsome baked potatoes
slashed open. wUh'slattaara
’batter meltlns down tbroosh'tbelr
imtollneas a ,tavorlte with all
|of os, from t]>e Uttlest oa- up to
I Thejr're good- tor .vs, too, bekig
rleh In Tltamlae and j&laerals.
I On* of the 'best times o( all to
!s«rva them Is at lunch, when the
 children come in hnngry
(fschooL Perhaps yoa would like to
iknow about my oirn special .my of
(fixing tetted potatoes
i First t add cheese and mhc tW
all through tha potato. Th«aT^d
,'iere’e the iiirpriM>-blend is a Uttla
condensed, tomato soup! This gires
the potatoes a rosy hue which always
amuses youngsters. It helps like-i
wise to bring out the full flavor of
the potato. See hew simple it all is: i
Bake the potatoes. Scoop out the
shells and mash well or put through
a rioer. For ^ach median^ sised
potato addt I
S .ooadaiued tonwto sotip >
p1nob‘orp«j>pfe k
4 t«Mpoon> bihur I
I tbiv, .tbarp gratad chMM
Mix, ail together thoroughly and
put mixture back in potato sheU.
Brown in hot or«n or under broUer. >
Swain County sheep owners
are attempting to increace wool
and lamb production by using
better rams on their grade ewes.
•Pollution •
Now. on the cdnseWation
front, let’s take *.a^'quick Iqok
at tAe State of Mississipiii. Thai
has i^rmitted some of the moai
destructive str^pi; polliiiio^
thiat possibly colild^be dumped
into state'waters or‘a long timet
Mills and fatcories dui^ped tl^aif
wa3te and fish floated belly-rVp
down the streams.,'We 'under
stand that the State Came imd
Fish Department ' - firiilhr
able to get some rerful^^,;. Qood
work. We just'oan'V have thia
commercial Utilization ’ of -4ur
natural resoUr^s wheb’ it
in a destructive faiAiktn,-
ie'w enough left as it is. >
Wildlife Facets
The woodcock is the onlrrara
in the Westehi Hemisphere with
a piovable npper bill; tl^e
can be Used' like a pair of H
ers to grasp food belcnir the ^
face of the gtound.( ’’ ‘
There are 110 species Of snak^
in the United Stat^,.vand
coral snake, and rattW are'
^nous. . ‘
■ There are onl/'4>etf(feeii’
and 800 great «^hi£e'>JicCona]in
the worlo, and allv m^4^no«n-
trated in Soujbhern,
jtwo national ;w|IdU|e re "
i»"|p«nd' in~^
ngsir *o^)rfouh’(lHrtf2
hrn va^d •south.i.uiBfifa
[ ^ i _
, In> the*outdoor»Wo^*yQu»
^r, knpw .what’s^
iqohth^ we^ told
white ’ basij. bassi ^1
right 'hat’ tKat ^h
smallmeuth ‘
ttey befaRg totthe
ily. We've * ” ■' •
i^e've 'told;'‘Vqu>Jabout:, a
hare *^i^1»it^
a certain rabmt .,b4^yr,’^a,*
Now we must^ii^^rjja. y6u*t^iat
the well-knov^ Huz^rd
is not a buzzard* at; tij'put* alTtnl*
ture’. . ; . .*
Boneless bee^^i6: liapjdly ? g^n«
ing favor with the Foyitth Go^
Area Quartermaster j|epartm^t.
Saving-in storage' apacc, ^ alonot,
is ^ per cent."* * .
“WonderiHow^It^Works ..
'FIRST AmsricaaHnidiriMid‘leMe'nBS''to'
iAsU agahist Wthrsat ba^ retched dMMtoSS^a&R. mrnom:
a famns Nordi Indian race fii^ttiag nsn in die sMvlee d Brtete. '
(Loss of the rich ndtfcer and tin snp^es of Indie, Milan and BoriM'
,would be a blow not only to die war effort of Bntaia and her fiaitfnc’
,^M|^-tiw,yer,agriBet.Hilier. b«.to the Aaawican deima^ ’

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