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SATUBnAT. ocfons u, itci
Yotir Sunstiioe
leii flia 4an ih tlis sklta w
ir ¥rr)rtd 4s MMt«i out tqr th«
[oWifl of '§tk»t peaBiAiiBm, wrr>
we ibiMt dfr-
md uP6tt tm'vutt within (»»>
IvM, is an inner-
k. w iftuk our
j Wm igemt eaaty
%¥lh mlbirtftnr «« go to
[ffht the wftjr throuch tin cbuic*
BM oi dafe^ to bntn down
itaclds, ftttf J(d klil^e thfi fir6
|f viofeoi3r«
How 4£CAtf i'Jcfe Iflher-Bun-
line? t3o>« jtour miftd t6 neg-
Itiye tKoUihti M 5^u wo^Id
])« tKe dodr td itibbfifS. IHll
lout mind With posit!^. con'
trucUve, cheerful, hopeful
.jugl^e. Afisociftte With men
If great liith—men who be*
leve ,&*t things can be done
in4 rotl jip thelir sleeves
[na do Tell yb\il%elf a
lousand times thM 5ro'fif c«n stw-
Afib Ih^ put of a win
jiw. JCttipel the clottds in tte
lives of others with the sttnshin^
service. And, fintilly, keep
In tune with the Thfiiiite.
)fte who carries his sunshine
ritii him on the journey of life
lias learned tbe master-secret of
priuraphanb living.—^Wilfted A.
lat We Gi^i Control
This year's A. & T. Freshman Class is the largest in the history of the College—more than 400 registered, for the fiwt time running the student body
Of the Greensboro school wpU over one thousand. The above picture shows the class assembled for the cameraman during the opening day of school. Prac-
ticadly every state in the nation is represented as well as several foreign countries.
Just for a change why don’t
Ire do something about the
things we can control. For ex-
limple, none of us can lengthen
Jjis spin of life, perhaps, beyond
Ihe hand of destiny, but we can
Control its width and deptjii. Nor
U it given us to control the con-
pour of our countenance, but
vB cim control its expression—
can smile instead of frown.
fts cannot alter the distance of
jur heads above the ground but
can control the heights of
Itheir. contents—^we can think
light thp^ughts. We have no
:ontrol over the, weather, but
can contf^l t^e moral atmo
sphere that j,surrounds u& We
cannot, contn)! t;he other |plloW*s*
ame^hlng about ,«ir own.
^iting' o/f moer than you can
chew,' and then chewing it.
end,to jbe attained not by do
ing the ^ings we like tot do
but like \to do the things that
are to be done.
Lthing detehnined 1^ determin-
I kition.
faking an ordinary amount of
teai^; do an extraordinary a-
mount of work.
Thoroughly planning your work
and then thoroughly working
your plan.
thing affected not so much
by wkere we stand as by the
direc^on in which we are
A thifeg which you will never
come to, if you are disturbed
by the success of others.—
'tli^f half won if you iain
the hfcbit of work and thrift.
Phte ability to let chances go by
Until the one comes along
With ^our name one it.
Chit which doesn't depend so
much on sitting up late at
night as it does on being wide
Siwake in the daytime.
IA latter you cannot climb with
your hands in your pockets.
tCollebted by Jno. G. I*611ard,
formier Governor of Virginia)
"Behind hiln lay the griiy Azores
Behind, the Gates of Hcrcultts;
Before hijp not the s^ost of
Before him only shorel^
sesB.” •
So begins Joaquin Miller's
great poem on Columbus—a
poem for all those who are fac
ing m time of danger. Colum
bus had only a belief by which
to sail. eH set out into an un
known ocean, which the fears of
timid med had peopled with fab
ulous monsters and half-hinted
perils. His ships were small,
hia crew mutinous, his seconds
in command envious that this
“foreigner” should 1x5 placed ov
er them.
All he had was an idea—a plan
which was new, and which wise
men swore could never be car
ried out. But he did it. He set
his course straight ahead, and
stuck to it. The monsters did
not apepar — but unforeseen
hardships did. The ships, were
becalmed for days in the Dol
drums—thit patch of ocean
^edre the wind seldom blows.
prow^ions and waiter ran
low, and the ocean was wider
than his wildest calculations.
But still he went bn.
What he faced, we face today,
ctity of the individual and in
State News
tween 400 and 500 children came
oirt Thursday afternoon for the
Negro iC^ild/ren’s Day at the
Reidsville fair.
Fair officials commended the
Negro citizen for the perfect or
der maintained at the grounds
which they said speaks well for
the training of their parents,
teacherf and officers of the cele-
RALEIOH, (CP)— Sammy
‘ Slick ’ ’ Qilliam was fr^ed of all
blame and Jessie Manning who
committed the slaying of Paul
Best, aged white merchant of
Windsor, has already been sent
to death row following investi
gation of the crime by the State
Bureau gf Investigation, Thomas
Creekmore, assistant director of
investigation, said Mondav.
He said that when an incident
like that happens the law tries
to make a fair investigation as
in that case in which the man
The bureau of investigation
foimd that Gilliam had taken no
part in the killing and Manning
ws tired in the Bertie County
Court and sentenced to execu
tion in the ^as chamber.
Manning faced trial for his
life at the August 25 term of the
Bertie County Superior Court
after he was confused in rehears
ing his story of the murder un
der sharp questioning by Solici
tor E. R. Tyler.
Manning told how he and Gil
liam went to the store on Ihe
night of the crime and that he
entered from the froht while Gil
liam entered from tlie rear and
asked for a Jug Qf molasses.
As the aged clerk bent over to
draw the molasses. Manning said
Gilliam knocked him down in
two blows with a hanimer and
as the victim lay Unconscious,
according to one of Manning's
conflicting stories, Gilliam
searched his pockets while Man
ning got all of the money out of
the cash register.
“Then”, Marnimg said, Sam-
ors declare, the monsters of war actualljs^accused of the killing
will engulf us. We face the was freed and that if such in-i'
Ddvers Licenses
liRevoked For 191
irlngr Oct. 4-11
The Horth Carolina Highway
[Safety Division announces that
191 licenses have been revoked
fqr the-week of October 4th to
the 10th. This makes a grand
total, of 38,043. revocations the
mujority of which are for drunk-
erii driving.
my went out of the back door. ’ ’
be fre and equal, as our guid-' stances were played up in Negro 1 u
the inborn right of all men to; newspapers, Negroes wwld have was foUnd
ing star, we will reach our goal. ^ respect for the courts.
If we steer straight ahead, a- ^he illiterate whit man admit-
difficulties of curtailment of.,, ,
what we deem necessities. We | an par icipa iiig
action of the Doldrums. We will the robbery of the aged clerk,
mutinous subsersive forces and.^^ naid when was arrested in
longr the course we know to be N^^^b ? but that Gilliam struck the
But we must persevere—or to hammer blows that killed
self-seeking leaders.
we have the iedftl of a new
world, where democracy will
But where Columbus had the
idea of a new road to the Indies,
and where all men will be free,
men to pull us through the in-
have to meet with and handle
must follow through.
right, with our faith in the san-
take its original meaning -- we
will need the extra energies of
have an opportunity to progress,
If we go ahead, our timid sail-
“The good mate said: ‘Now
must we pray
For lo! the very stars are
Brave Admiral speak; what shall
I say?’
“Why say: ‘Saji on! S^l onl
And on!”’
Then pale and worn, he paced,
the deck.
And peered through darkness.
Ah, ^that night
Of all dark nights! And then a
A light! A light! At last a
It grew, a starlit flag unfurled!
It grew to be Time's burst of
He gained a world, he gave
that world
imiib.- OWNERS*' ...
Pattern 446 U cc|^ in women’s
fjiics 34, 86, 88, 40, 42, 44, 46 and
48. Size 86 requires 2% yards 54
iixch f«brie,
.Send FIFTEEN CENTS (16#) m
.oins for this pat'j^rn. WRITE
£»end orders to jer Pattern
pep.'irtment, 70 Fifth i .venue, New
Vork, N. y. ,
at the front door if Gilliam went
out the back door, Manning star
ed blankly at the aolicitor and
gave no answer.
Later Manning confessed vhe
crime and said lie had the money
tied in his uaderolothes thie day
he M'as arrested.
Best was a clerk in the H. P.
Sewell grocery and gen. store.
Officers reported that ittvesti
gation revealed the man had
drunk the fluid which/appear-
antly caused their death.
Lee Jackson, white, who ope
rates Brooklyn Dry Cleaning Co.
at 331 S. McDowell Street, told
reporters Patterson came t© the
plant Tuesday morning to see
Lipscomb and was directed to
the basement where Lipscomb
was working.
Lipscomb collAsped at Third
and Brevard Streets trying to
get to a doctors office and Dr.
Sterling F. Hdgans, passing at
the time, examined him and t«iid
he was in extramis and ordered
him to the hospital
men who welcoming from a
dance abo»t 2:15 Wednesday
W. E. Kennedy, elderly hus-
bandof the woman suffered a
burn on the hand when he a I
tempted to rewjue Mrs. Kennedy
from the flames and the two
daughter were paakky when the
8»ro men arrived.
Ingram ran to a fire box and
turned in the alarm and return
ed to the home to mke the res
Firemen had high praise for
Ingram in the courage and quick
thinking he displayed.
With the bedding and Mrs.
Kennedy’s * clothing in flames,
of the 'ear.
Another s^tatemcnt
police huid tii«t Ttagne said t iy;__ a .
wan cruiing esMt on Market St. vBSKff UKS Al
t B«ab«r«r Bu«d at abrmt 25 or ^
30 milea an hour and that Afrs. • WiW|ira|rofc
liee mn into the »tr*^t wfcen fcls ,
car wan only a short diMtonce WCX>DVILF/E, V A. Fmi-
fmih her. eral iw rvi4»>* »«r Tanif ^
Both statements said he tried Olaskt'r, senior at \ ir
to avoid atrlking her. srinia Mt«t.- Coll-gfp and P'lt
Officer Teague wa» arrested b»ek, waa held here oe Tm«^‘Ia»,
Monday on a warrant chririn« 7, at 2:30 p, m. at th«
him with manslaughter and he ^f»’dville Hhiloh Bnpt^
IMMited bond for appearanee in ‘-h. Tlie ritrs w*Tf by
.municipal-county court Friday. R**''- Ja»n»n a^isti>d by
Chief of Police L. L. Jarvis J*>hn Ijrnnai.
said League will continue to ex-' de»>cas*‘d di'*d o« -Siintfav
ectttc hi* police duties as usual. 6:30 a. as. at a hospital in R*i-
A coroners’ jury found that Mr. anoke Rapids, N. where he
Lee met her hours investigating Mugered betwe^ life and destk
the death of 87-year-oId woman, j since the previoro Sunday eve-
Otarvis isflfid Teague radioed ning, September 2H, m t^
to police headquarters for anj-^ult of gun diot wonn#ki inflkr
mbulanee, but the woman waalt^l Oi\r* Jefferson, a jealous
moved to the hospital befi re the i ex-*uitor of Mw* Mamie Ales-
ambulance arrived.
Teague went to the hospital
and remained there, accord ins?
to Chief Jarvis, until he was
ordered to report Imck to his job.
He is freed as far as the coro
ner’s jury is concerned, but wa.^
was scheduled to be triefi in
municipal-county Court Friday
on a cbaiige of manslaujrhter.
The accident occurred abont
6:30 Monday moring and the
aged died less than 10 minutes
later after she had been taken
to the hospital for treatment by
Jackson said Patterson was in . he threw a blanket around her
great pain when he came^ back
to the jjlant Wedheaday After
noon and that he told his wife
he and Lipscomb hbd been
drinking the dry cleaning fluid.
Jackson’s wife sent for the
can containing the fluid, Jack
son said, and Patterson identi
fied it as the one they drank
from Tuesday, morning. . .
FATAt. • .
Charlotte, (CP)—Two mea
were dead Thui'Sdky te the re
sult of drinking dry cleaning
The dead 4ire Walter Patter
son, 609 S. Me Dowell Street,
and Luther Lipscomb, 610 E.
Hill Street.
Pattet-son died just before
Fay*tt6vilfe, (CP)—ResideYitS
of theKlizabethtown road be-
c«*e stti^ieioiis when Bennie
Covi^ton, white man of Aniger,
appi^chM them ^fiirdaj’^
night and asked them to remove
handcuffs which wtire a^onrtd
his wrists. . . . . .
They bi*ought him to irollce
heJidqUarters and an investiga
tion showed that he had been ar
rested by Javper Hollaudr Cum-
berl/ind •County officer for be
ing drunk and disorderly at the
fair grounds.
ile had escaped wheia Officer.
Holland stopped his car to qudl
a roadside distributance, substi-
tttir^ bands for hand cuffs to
hold th^ prisoner.
In^w Sheraton hotel bellhop,
ana Lacy Kendall rescued Mrs.
W. E. Kennedy, invalid white
woman, from the flames of her
burning home at 1708 Kivett
drive earfy Wednesday jnorning.
Her night clothes, afire. Mrs.
to smother the fire and rushed
her out of the htiming building.
Then he went back into the room
and got Mr. Kennedy who, fro
zen with fright, had made no
attempt to get out.
> Omnsboro, (CP) —^Mrs. La-
trfda lifee, 1606 B. Market St.,
died at 6:45 a. in. Monday in the
L. Richardson Memorial ho.spi-
tal a ^ew minutes after she was
struct! by a city police ear, dri
ven by Thomas Teague, on Mar-
ket.5treet at Benbow i-oad.
Teague said he was chasing a-
nothera car, according to one
version of his story, and the wo
man walked across the sidewalk
ander who the dec^«?d wm vi*
sitinjr in Jarrat, V«, when the
shooting oecured. Miw Alexan
der, a «ehool teacher in Jarratt
was also shot by the assailant bot
if on the ro*d to recovery.
A large number of the uiidef"
graduates of chapter of Alpha
Phi Alpha Frateniity of which
the deceased was a member were
present to pay their final rwr
pets. Six of hia fraternity brrn
thers acted as pallb«rera;
Prank Harris. Earl Allen. Ro
bert ^Vlexander, William Dennat
a taxi which was passing at the I Kennit Cockerell, and RusBriT
time. - jFineham.
Besides the large represent*-
(Continued from page t-hree)
for a touch-down After haviiife
scored on the pass, Brayboy a-
gain stepped back and booted
the deciding, point that gave
Smith the much needed one-
point mai^ift.
Score By Quarters:
State 6 0 0 7 13
Smith ; 0 7 0 7 13
Officials ; Referee, E. P. West
moreland ; Umpire, M. C. Robin
son; Linesman, J. H. Williams,
and Field Judge, T. H. Hender
tion frrrni the fraternities attd
sororities at Virginia State Col
lege, several of the admin iBtra^
jtors were present: Dr. John
Gandy, President; Mr. H. 1^,
Jefferson, football coach; Dr.
A. Lockett, Director of the Jft'"
vision of Agriculture; Assistant
Dean of Men, Mr. Elwood
Boone; and Dr. R. P. McDanitf,
head of the Department of
Science and Mathematics.
The deceased was interned at
the woodville Cemetery. He ia
survived by his mother, Mrs. Ze
phyr Glasker; his stepfather,
Mr. Henry Glasker, five bro
thers and four sisters.
• Russia must not be such a bad
place, ‘we doubt if the Ameri
cans would have fought so well,
for our ^y of life. And it ia than Germany, but thagr
axiom that men do not noticfcg
There are some Americans
who still thing that Great Brit
ain is a greater menace to this
well for things that do not
have their confidence.
1 Let's not forget the heroic
It is surprising how many peo- struggle of the valiant Greek
pie can tell you what is the mat- army against gre«t oiWs; ita
t^r with other people, without soldiers deserve consideration
knowing what is the matter when the world gets back to
into the street and into the side wtih themselves. I normal. >•
dawn Thursday at his home and
Iiipscomb Wednesday afternoon l^ewiedy was dragged from her
at Good Samaritan hospiti^l. burning 'bedroom by the two
Tuelsd&y and Wednesday
World’s'HeavyWiiight itiiigf
Peter Lorre in
Lime ih
Johnny Mack Brown in
• •
have to be PAIDl
YOU WILL FIND it very conveiuent to pay them in
one lump sum. You can do this and get any addi
tional funds you may require by sekcting the type of
credit that >suits'you and budgeting the repayment to
the bank oiver a pi»iod of ten months or a year* fitted
to your income.*
Mechanics & Farmers
Durham, N. C. Bank Rale^ N. €.
C^C.sWulding,Pres« R. L. McDoii|^l,Ex^V.P.
•j. H. Wheeler, Cashier , ^ f

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