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Civitans of Charlotte Sponsor Negro Boys Cfal
Fort Bragg Soldier Slain By Unknowlt
Number 47
North Carolina, Saturday, November, 22, 1941
Durham Bank To Fay $52000 To Xmas Club Members
War Department Definitely
Closes Fori Bragg Killing
In The -UsuaV Manner
Sues ScM ffittard To Goldsboro Qjjj Preman Passes
For Equalization Of
Teachers’ Salaries
Tampa, Pla., —(ANP)— Suit
was filed recently in federal dis
trict court here by the Hillsboro
county unit of the Florida Teach
ers’ association against Hillsboro
county school board for equal sal
aries. :The petition was made by
Mi»s Hilda Turner, teacher in the
public schools hwe, who is repre
sented by the law firm of McQill,
Jacksonville, Pla., an Atty. Yhur-
good Marshall, NAACP member.
Miss Turner has work in public
school system for 12 years, with
only a meager increase in salary
annually. Her maximum salary was
recently reached and she only re
ceived $87.68 per month compared
with $148.13 for a white teacher
with the same experience and
training. Miss Turner is a gradu
ate of Atlanta university and has
done graduate work at Atlanta
and Northwestern universities, th«
latter at Evanston, HI.
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Rev. M. W. Mprgan, pastor
of Hillside Baptist church. Ac
cording to reports here this4
wteek 'Rev. Morgan has recently
received a call to the pastorate
of the First Baptist Church of
Goldsboro. The young minister
could not be reached for a state
ment before going to press, for
confirmation of the report.
After Long Dlness
Chas Freeman, age 56, well
known farmer of Durham died at
Lincoln hospital here Sunday at
11:55 P. M., after an illness ex
tending over several months. Mr.
Freeman was the husband of Mrs.
Lula Freeman, and resided with
his family at 1103 SimniOns street.
The deceased was born in Wake
County where he lived up until
nine years ago when he moved to
Uui'liam. T’I'i
In addition to his wife Mi*.
FFreeman is survived by two
daughters and two sons. The
daughters are; Miss Beatrice Free
man of Durham, Mrs. Moselle
White 0 fAtlantic City. The sons
are: Ransom Freeman of Norfolk,
Va., and Raymond Freeman of
Funeral services for the deceas
ed will be held Thursday at three
o’clock at the Macedonia Baptist
church in Wake County, near
Wake Forest. Rev. H. H. Sanders,
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Civitans Of Queen
City Leads Way
In Race Relations
rhnrlotte. — The Charlotte Ne-
'ro I'-DV K cliiK which is sponsored
by tilt' Civilnn Club, is in the midst
of it. J'nll nuO winter program.
Many new f»ntu?-efi have been add-
»-(i io tlie chib iTi the way of equip-
iiieiit, nnd ehthusiasm has
been injected into the work by
John Kibler, director.
Monday evening open house was
held at the Bethelem Center, and
many mere escorted through the
building for the first time. The
Negro Boy’s club facilities were
inepcicted by an appreciative
group, and the Civitan duo jvas
commended for the very fine spirit
it has shown in the interest of
Charlotte Negro Boys and the Ne
gro population iii general. The
highlights of the meeting were the
challenging and inspirational re
marks made by Mrs. R. E. Evans,
and Dr. and Mrs/H.’L. McCrorey.
There were many of Charlotte’s
prominent Negro citizens present
in the meeting. Dr. J. S. Nathaniel
Tross, Rev. L. B. West of the
Brooklyn Presbyterian church, Mr.
J. E. Grigsby of Second Ward
High school and Mr. C. L. Blake of
West Charlotte High school and
many others were present.
The personnel of the Bethlehem
Center spoke briefly; led by Miss
Ruby Berkly, secretary of the
Bethlehem Center, and Misses Eu-
lind Smith and Thomisina Jamer
son her assistants. John Kibler
spoke in behalf of the N^gro Boy’s
Tuesday morning the “Chojfus”
club of the Negro Boy’s club went
on its weekly hike to_Grier Town,
at the invitation of Arthur Grier.
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A. & T. President
NAACP To Aid In Case
Of Florida Teacher In
Fight For Equal Salary
Fair Practice Head
Addresses Negro
Youth Conference
Armistice Day
I the Turkey-day tilt here Thanks-
Dr. F. D. Bluford, president i giving. Under Dr. Bluford's
of A. & T. College who will be leadership the A. & T. College
chief supporter of the Aggies in | has made remarkable strides.
Eye Qinics
Conducted For
County Children
Clinton. —(C. P.)— The eyes of
53 Negro and white children wen;
examined in clinics held here re
cently Ss a part of a program of a
sight-conservation project.
Sponsoring the project were the
State Blind Commiission and the
(Clinton Lions Club, a white or
ganization and 28 Negro children
and 25 white children were select
ed and examined.
Selection of 28 Ne^ children
was made through the^ efforts of
Miss Ada G. Battle, supervisor of
Negro schools in the county, who
almost alone raised sufficient
money among Parent-Teacher as
sociations to finance the portion
of the clinic devoted to Negro chil
if ^
Canada impases a price ceiling
effective from November 17.
British must show pofer to as
sure seized lands. Hoare says.
Mechanics And Farmers
Bank Has Largest Xmas
Savings Club In Durham
(Durham, — Nearly $245,000 in
Christmas Savings Club funds will
be paid to over 8,500 members here
on December 1 by local banks.
The largest Cliristmas Savings
Clubs reported were the Mechanics
and Farmers Bank and the Home
Savings Bank both of whom will
issue checks to members to the a-
mount of approximately .$52,000
each. The Mechanics and Fanners
Bank with a membership of 2,100
was the largest in the city while
the Home Savings Bank had a
membership of nearly 1,800.
The other banks of the city that
will issue checks to savings club
members are as follows:
The Durham Industrial Bank
$40,000 to i,800ii^embers; Citizens
National Bank. $16)t>6ft__to 320
members; the Morris Plan Bank,
$20,000 to around 700 members;
Depositors National Bank, $20,000
to approximately 600 members.
The East Durham branch of the
j Fidelity Bank will pay to 600
members approximately $15,000.
‘‘Who knows—in this very Con-
fproice Xcgro Youth maybe Laying
the foundation stones for the real
democracy, for a democracy in ac
tion as well as words” averred the
Hoiiorahle Earl B. Dickey.son of
the Fair Practice Emp4oymeiit
Commission of the Federal Gov-
ei^iment in his address before the
National Conference of Negro
Youth last Friday in the nation’s
Capitol. Over 3,000 youth aiul a-
dnlt listeners cheered the brilliant
attorney as he called for the unity
of all lovers of- liberty jn the fight
agninst Hitlerism. “Unity is a trap
against the forces of Hitlerism,’’
Dickerson dpelarel, “and Yonth
must achieve that unity — Each
Anti-Hitler force standing alone is
broken alone—Anti Hitlerism is a
bond of great vitality — Negro
youth must, therefore, lay aside
its mistrust of white youth for’the
sake of this unity. We must rea
lize that those fighting against
Talniadgo of Georgia are fichtins; 1
against Hitlerism and for Demo- Commij^idant of the A. axid T. Mil-
crncy%” The speaker pointed out j Jtm-y Science De{)artment, was the
very foreefnlly and clearly the i main speaker for the Armistice
dopp significance of our present ; Day celebration, last we«k, at A.
struggle when he said: “The Civil | and T. Coll^, Greensboro, N. C.
(’apt. Robert Lee Campbell,
New York. V.—Tlie fcilknr of
a Negro private and a vbite
geant of military Polie« in ■ row
on a bus at Fort Bragsr. N. C., the
night of August 6. is still aa-
' known, it was assertel by Henry
L. Stira«on. secretary of war, in
a letter to the N. A. A. C. P. th'S
All reports at the time of tiie
shcM^ting agreed that Sergeant E.
L. Hanrrave, white mijlitary po
liceman, had been killed by Priv-
I ate Xel Tarman. colored, who, in
turn, was killed by Ser^rtnt Rns-
sel >wens, another wijite military
policeman. These accounts wete
i sriven by the daily pa|)er!», th^ A.«-
sociated Press. Negro weekly wi
pers, a personal investisrator for
the N. A. A. C. P.. {Reporter for
the New Yo»k newspaper, P. M.
arid eye-witnesses.
Despite all this. S**H*retary Stim
! sin stated in his letter to the N.
A. A. C. P. that an examination of
I the bullettt >:howed that both Har
grave and Turman were killed by
bullets from Hargrave’s gna.
5^*retary Stimson asserts that
Servant Bu.Hsell Owens was using
a different type of ammunitton
from that used by HarifraTe, tni
none of his bullets were found in
the bodies of the dead or woiuded
The official aeeonnt «f tb« m~
cident, as related by SMtnivij
Stimson, reads:
(Continaed on p«ce tloee)
The West Durham branch of the
Fidelity’ Baftk will pay to 650
members approximately $27,000.
. An official of the Mechanics
and Farmers Bank stated to a rep
resentative of the Carolina Times
today that many of their Christ
mas Savings Club members in
years past have refused to accept
their check for shopping purposes
at Christmas, but instead have
turned it into a permant saving
account. However the Bank stated
that the money is always available
for those who will neel it for help- i si^eaker
ing to make their Yuletide season
a happy one.
War was started to save the Fnion
but Lincoln saw that the Fnion
could not be saved without the
abolition of slavery. This war is
to save Democracy but World De
mocracy cannot'be saved nnless it
is extended to include all the op
pressed peoples of the world—in
cluding the Negro people,,’ He
challenged the .5.50 delegates to
take a stand “for the equality of
All men regardless of color or
creed” and to be. “willing to die
,fort.fhis ideal.” ,
! Dickerson was the principal
at the opening rally at
Miss Mamie Dye Chambers of
Beatties Ford Road has been con-
Jined to her home for the pmst
Students of Second Ward High
school sponsored a carnival at the
school last Tuesday. Proceeds will
go toward the upkeep of the
Metropolitan Baptist Church. Oth
er speakers inclnded A. Clayton
The captain, who served in the
Spanish-American war and world
war ,declared that there will al
ways be wars and this country
should thoroughly perpare for
them. He also said that those wfi'o
have the courage to fight would
survive, and thoee who gave up the
fight would perish.
Man Is Killed
By Locomotive
Gastonia. —(C. P.)— One mai
was killed and four injured about
Powell, ,Tr„ first Negro to be elect- i3:30 Sunday when an automobile
a warning signal into
cd to the Council of the Citv of
New York: Lester Granger of the
National ^ Urban Lragne. the Rev.
E. C. Smith, tvastor of Metropoli
tan Baptist Church, Washington,
D. C.', Dr. C. Herbert Marshall,
.Tr., Washington Branch, NAAC’P;
Miss Dorothy Height, Phyllis
Wealthey YWCA, Washington;
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ran across
the path of a north-boand South
ern passenger train.
The motorists were crossini' the
tracks at the South str^t eroasiBg
at the west end of the Qastoala
railroad station.
Airlines’ profits bria^ the
tion of rate-regqlitioo.
Two Convicted (ki
Jb Crow Cbugi
Ashevillew —(C. P.)— Two
—Miss Edna Robers, 253 Adklaail
avenne and Miss Oaynell
44 McDowell street—were ilWTgfit
with violating the Jim Oew a«
regarding seating on a etty bos ae4
given jail senteneee of 30 day«
eaeh in police coart here SataK*
H. Q. Miller, bns ofierator, «a^
th®y “took the third seat ftrow
the ^nt m the ri^ht u- l :
and refused to move t'-. i ■'•’i' i
when a whit# passenp*" fori*i l
to ftUnd, altkoQfb
eight scats in the r
Jodf* Sam A. •
the sentene*' '
partaai for white p*
MTve the law and ^ at
as it » for
lo h* aMted from the riMbl
I '^rr
» ♦
a* u
to oil

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