WRENCH DOCTOR PLEADS GUILTY JAILING EDITION VOL. XXIII - NO. 22 DUKHAM, NORTH CAROLINA, SATUKDAY, JUNE 12th, 1943 Manpower Commission Says Trouble At Mobile Settled BORLAND FREES iHTORlie FKS SCHOOL GBL M BUS USE BUSINESS WOMAN MISS LYONS DRAWS $5.00 FJNE FOR. BENI8 MTtOKED ... ;.JL F-’ictured above is Mrs. W. J. Smith, manager of th? Grand Hotel in GreensborO|__ North ’CaiEolina. A native of Hartford, Tonn., Mrs. Smith has ?^«nt in Greensboro. Since she became manager of the hotel ^gig-htcon months ago, she has made it Dne of the South ’b most mod- gr ftter portion of her hostelries. NATIONAL WAR LABOR BOARD ANNOUNCES END OF ALABAMA STRIKE MOBILE, Ala., (ANP) — D(!-|'nst week between wjiile and 8cribel as a ‘Vureiall” for bbor i>Jegro workmen over what tht troubles between whites and* ..^^mpany said was the upgra.l- Judge A. H, Borland, presiding over the Recorders Court here Thursday, in spite of pVepondei-' ance of evidence to the contrary, pronounced a verdict of >j‘iilt.v against Miss Doris Lyons, KI- year-old high school girl for violation of the North Carolina segregation law. The young gii 1 ,v«s fined $5.00 and cost for the “offense.” p W. E. Ga*tes, Durham polie> officer charged with assault and battery on the young girl was '.bsolved of ail blame in the case l)y Judge Borland, as had been expected by a majortto ^of JsTi'gi'o (‘itizens of Durham, ^ither the verdict against the young girl nor the one in favor of the police officer causcd any measure of sur prise among Negroes here who are acquainted with Judge Bor land’s recoi’d of cases invoivinjr thi' rights of Negroes. Mjhs Lyons is the daughti?r of the Inte Henry R. Lyons, pro minent carpenter of this city and Mr.». Viney Lyons. The. family ;s one of the oldest nnd hi^'hest'S^peeted bent amoufe- members of‘ both races as was evidenced by several prbminc-nt white woman, as well as persons of her own race, who appeered In court and testified as to the unimpeachable character of the y'oung girl. ' The youn£' girl was represent ed by M. H. Thompson and ('. J. Gates, prominent Negro „at- torneys of this city. The case was the outgrowth' of an attack on Miss Lyons by Officer Gates, when the young girl refused to move from her seat on a Durham Public Service bus while on her way to scHooJ. ! Popular Minister I state Health Officer Fined $S00 And Given ;pended Sentence NrgrocR at Addsco, the region ul office of the War Manpower commission at Atlanta nn- nonced late Wednesday night that “it understood’* the U. S Maritime com|nission has np- jrt'oved a pi An for separate ship- ways for Negro workers at the Alabama Dry Dock and Ship building company in Mobile. Trouble breved at"3Lddsco ng of Negro welders in com pliance with a directive from President Roosevelt. The riot between the workers sent !>ev- eral persons to the hospitals Under the new plan the ac parate shipways will be super vised by white ■workmea-'whilo Negro laborers and helpers will be continued in other job Please turn to Page Two ^ According to witness Miss '’r^ns tope S Mat in the bns beside another young girl of her own race, two seats from the rear. Both girls was ordered by Gates, who had not disclosed identity as a police officer, to move* to the rear of the bus where there was only one vacant seat. The young girl with whom Miss Lyons was sitting got up and took the seat in the rear of the bus. Miss Lyons r^ainiiJg where she was. Gates again oi- Please Tnra To Page Four Packard Strike Hit At (^ing Of iAACP War Confab DETROIT, Michigan — “Tokio mil Berlin rejpice tonight ac the effective and unexpected aid given them today by the manage- men of the Packard Motor l!om- pany,J’ Walter White, NAACP executive secretary, told dele gates from 3# states at the open ing meeting of the NAACP Kraergency War Coirferenca here on June 3. White blamed three of the Packard officials, C. E, Weiss, personnel manager, George Sch wartz, general foreman, and Ro bert Watts of the .personnel di vision for the striking of 2(>, 000 white worker* and the stoppage of the prcduction of Rolls Royce airplanes. The management of the Pack ard Car had urged whites to re fuse to work on machines along- ?f8e Negroes qualified by senior* ty, training and experience. “American boys will die on lome far off baTtle field for ’ack of engines which were not nade in Detroit today,” White laid. He was applauded when he tdded "every man responsible for those strikes and every other )na like it is an ally and an igent of Hitler and HiroKito and in enemy of America.” White was the keynote speak sr at the opening of the confer ence on “The Status of the Ne gro in the War For Freedorn” at the Second Baptist Church, 441 Monroe Street. ** Conference delegates were welcome to Detroit by Albert E. Coho, city treasurer; L'. C. Blount, leading Detroit business man; Ramon Scrubbs of the NAACP Detroit branch, Shelton Tappes, who spoke for labor. Rabbi Morris Adler, and "Rev. H. ^L. Bradby,' pastor of the Se cond Baptist Church. In greeting the delegates on hehalf o^’the citizens of De troit Rabbi Adler asserted: “If Please turn to Page Two Brooklyn Committee Blasts Insurance Co. REV. M. W. MORGAN, pas tor of the Pffst Baptist Church of Roxboro and popular young Durham minister who has beer called to the first Baptist Church of Goldsboro. Rev. Morgan has resigend his pastorate at the Roxboro Church and has alroad> assumed the duties of his Golds boro Church. BROOKLYN, (AN?) — With drawal of the estimated 2,)00, 000 Negro held policies valued at .fSOO,000,000 from the Metro politan Life Insurance company will cause a change of attinde on the part of Metropitan life which is to construct a hous ing project here from which Ne groes will be barred, Prof. li. Grann Lloyd said at the ban quet of the Brooklyn Prote.'it committee held Tuesday night. “Usually after consuminef such a meal as I have tonight ” the speaker began, “I don’t feel like talking. But, tonight I a:n ready to protest—^protest again st prc'judice, segregation, anl discriminafion, and their ill ef fects on the American Nc^o.”' Becomes Bride NEGROES IN THE PARATROOPUNm NEW YORK, — In response to demands made by the NAA CP to War Department for the training of Negroes in parachute units, the NAACP was informed on June 4, by J. Ulio, Major General in the Adjutant Gener al’s Office of the War Depirt- ment, that klthough there i» no such organization in ex'St- ence at preset the' War De- par tmfsnt has under considera tion the activation, at a later date this year, of a unit of this type. When the unit is activate ed volunteers for this training will be callod from Negro nr ganizatioos of, the Ariny. The NAACP has continually ■ insnat- ed, especially since Pearl Harbor, that Negroes be integrated into all branches, of the military service. After dealnig with a Hrg.- number of, • these undesirable practices Prof. Lloyd came to the Mitropolitan I^fe Insnranco company. “This cStnpany. 1 understand,” he said, “wants to erect a segregated housing pro ject in New York. Well we wou’t let them get away with it. I 'understand Negroes have ap proximately 2;000,000 policies in this would he iim-crow eom*^; pany, valued at about $800,000 Now, if this jim crow hon«tinf» project Jii erected ill New York let 2,000,000 Negroes withdraw from the Metropolitan Life In surance company - cashing in o:i their policies, where possible. Take $800,000,000 from a com pany becaase of its policies and attitude, and I’ll guarantee those policies and that altitude will change.” Mr. and Mrs. S. N. Davis an nounce the Tuarriage ~oT their daughter, Miss Eamestine E. Davis to St'afl Sergeant M. Boyd of Camp Butner, Mrs. Boyd i.s a student at North Carolina Coi!- ege and Sergeant Boyd a student at Lincoln University, in Miss ouri before entering into the Army. MmNESOTA U. ms-JIRST mOTEACHER Southern congressmen were next on the list, and again the speaker was firm. He excori;itel John Rankin; of Mississippi, Conally and O’Daniel, of Texas, and most of the rest of what he called “those ignorant dixie:* damagogues.'’ Then in a half broken laugh he chided, “Presi dent' Barclay’s (president of (Please Turn To Page Three) BY J. W, PATE MINNEAPOUS, (A N P) — Elizabeth Moore has been given a position as library assistant on the library staff of the C®i- versity of Minnesota. Miss Moore will take up the duties of her new position immediately upon graduation in June. Miss Moore, who is th^:* daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Moore, has made a brilliant record at tlie university and has been especially active in extra curricular 'actiirities, be ing a member of the Unirersity singers for three years. She is ]>le who aw a member of Eta ehapter, Alfha bWB ** Kappa Allpha Sorority. Ri\X,EWH — Dr. Robert F. Young, fron wr«icfa doctor, of the North Carolina Health De> partment, charged with a braCil assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill on Mrs. Uea- shaw Burt, Raleigh USO secre tary, enter a plea of guilty to an assault with a deady weapon here today. The *‘iron wreneh” doctor drew a 12-months roud sentence, suspended on th’^e- year probation and on eonditioa that he pay #o00 to Mrs. Bart. 1|he plea was accepted by the state after attorney for Msr .Burt "held a confereace. The USO secretary was repre sented by Solicitor William Y. Bii’kett and three Negro pri vate pros ecu ting attorneys. If. H. Thompson and C. J. liases of Durham, and T. J. Carnage •»£ Raleigh. / ,&fore passing judgment m the ease following eoaelnAiMu of . testimony, Judge J- J. Bwuey, presiding looked at the iarga crowd of Negroes in the euart- room and said, “I know that judgment in this eMe in’t gainff to meet the approval of nMHur nt yau. This is a very sorditi eas». and Dr. Young’s eondnct wad onjostified. At the sanM t>ia«, freedom of speech doesn’t givft a person, whether Negro or ~white, th^ right to talk to another pe*»on. “The white people of thiift- State hare done a snat lat the Xegrocs,” h% “They have helped suMPWrt schools by paying taxM. aai ^0 in all the N^^roes aad people have gotten alo«(. with a few exe«pli*BS. 1 see the races work tofvtiMr, much ai} anyone ^naSM. There is no raai es such as stealii^ wo forth, bat if jnra assanlt ease or » guarantee yro tkat t*^ tiratiaf fore* As a pr««tiMMt fdly tried

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