REVUE IMS SATURDAY. JlfflE 19^3 HUY WAR BONDS TODAY 1 THE CAROLINA TIMES BUY WAR BONDS! ENTERTAINMENT WORLD a ■PI' n"9r Duke Ellington^s Band Appears On Fitch Band Wagon Ub Holloway To Promote "Greatest Skow In America” Afoufld The Town wrrp UK HOLIiOWAT Ellington And Crew Sparks Radio’s Famous Band Show ON BANDWAGON GREENSBORO ... YOUKS. TRULY HAS has been l&rtwn-l ite indeed in scooping other Durham protaoters for the ^ance to prei^eat the wu^h- >a1!|liciBcd King KoUx Revue to ho people of the Friendly City- Arta^gem^nts have been made with the Gale Agency of New York, exCttsiT* manafejiB Of jfhil loteable troupe for an appiwr- ncc in the DurhanS Anaory on Friday, July 2nd. ' W Jli» iiucup ting Kolax features Batterbean ind Suzie, the «cune^ie.and dance eam whi^l hied the gbow-see- ng crowds in New Yoyk ‘jn’ ititches’ for many engagements, n the most popular ’0pQHlv:xy tnd Harlem nite-spots and theii- rci. King Kolax, 'whO' fronts n« of the most ,{amous hand? in the rg*4 today oted as Quf .. of . the*'grea4fclt rumpeteers . in th® business nd is also held„ in highest es- «em by tho promoters who have een angling for a chance to iromote this greatest "^of' ail oad attractions. The people's ol Durham will have a chance •e the greateiit show in America rhen King Kolax holds forth at ^e Durham Armory on Friday, ly 2nd with his great show nd band attraction. ANOTHER MARK on your ehedule will be openingrOf I4n Holloway Victory Revue to be ired, at the Wonder Bar soon, kfusic for this show will bp applied by Brodie Lipscomb aad his orchestra and the melodu- ?ocal refrains will be handled by Glene Mtrmphord and the famous Xanetwisters. Blue anH Black HI be in charge etf the comedy ind of the Revue and everything romises to be *ll-reet for a )ig opening. Announcements will soon appear as to the opening date of this great attraction, ^when the WondiP Bar becomes Durham'^ only all-out nite-club. Two 'of the greatest attractions her^torfore presented at the Bar have been Faye and Jimmy 3mith, ope,,of fha greatest dancc teams ,on t^e VoM- This novul act formerly appeared with the Sunset Rpjal orl?hestta and with a revue from Petersburg, Va, In a jitterbug contest aired at {the Bar. no challengers were toun«l to compete with Faye and Jimmy even though a doubln- saw buck sefved' as incentivo. The other grei-t attraction st ^e Wonder Bar was the en gagement of the Paradise ^even to furnish the melodic ba»'k- ground far the dancing portion of the program. The .seven . plaxM to m cityA«rovtd and ira*: well ree6lvci!i by the local rug cutlertw The 7 is the hoUse-band at the Para dise Club in Raleigh which is fast becoming one of the lead ing spots in the soutti. Ketmy Massenburg, manager of the Club is just the sort of person who likes to see things ‘go places’-and knows what thp people want for their money and tries to give them exact’y what they want. J. Sim HoUo- way, Jr. at the Wonder Bar an nounces plans for the renova tion of the Ballroom at the Bar to ifeeomodate the great attrac tions ho plans to present to hi^ clients. THE OPENING of the USO club will indeed be a boon to tlu’ soldiers. They wSalk the streets without any place to go aflcv the local nite-spots becoioo crowded and expose themselves to all types of vicious tempta- ations. Report* hare reached (Please Turn To Page Eight) THE SELAflJUBILEESINdRS The Duke Ellington crew provided a different brand of entertainment for the listening public over the National Broad casting ^yatem when the crew appeared on the Famous Fitch Bandwagon program on Sunday, May 30. Featuring many of his own qompositions arranged his own \)«ique style, the ‘Duke’ really presented a pro gram jrhich was well wortH menticping. The ‘Duke's’ style )S a hand-over from the primi tive nutive style which featured a tantalizing rhythm supported by the lonely wail of his reeds, highlighted by rustic brass ef fects. The Elljngton Orefiifstru, still ftesh from its much publii- ized appearance at Carnuiii'“ Hall, ^s one of the only Negro Bands ever to appear on this much-ijioted musical program, have include; Cab Callloway aut) Count Basie. . « BAND ROUTES nrrEKNATIONAL SWEET-. HEABT8 OF RHTTEM' June 1 Hampton, Va. June 2 fiiehmond, Vh. June 3 Wilton, N. C. June 4 Durham, N. C. Sings At NAMP Confab b Defooif 8NQ0KUM &US8EU. AND HIS OBCHESTKA Week of May 28- June 4 ...... King’s Ballroom, Lincoln Ne braska. .BROWNSEIN MODELS AND BAMTEY 'JOHNSON’S BAND May 28-29 Globe Thea+re, Cleveland, Ohio. May 31-June 1 Theatre, Pittsburg, Pa. DUKE ELLINGTON GENE POPE AND HIS OBCHEBT&A Week of May 28- June 4 ... Stein's Buffett Bar, Indpis, ??^CENTURY-fOX Soujjiland Mans Entertain '^onze Revue At Hillside The Southland Sultans, local swing aggregation under th- direction of Leroy Gaynor spark ed the Bronze 'Revue presented at Hillside HigK^'^school with tKeir ipecial arrangements of new hit songs, The leader and ffsatureid trombonist with the ' Sultans, LeRoy Gaynor, is a na tive of Ro|^ky Mount, where he first became interested in music while a miember of the Booker T. Washington High ‘ school band. In addition to his leading and playing^ lombone with his orcheikwa, (Raynor has also done some iiiTanging and composing. His newest tune, The Eigie Jump4 dedicated to the North Csroirna ; College Football team, became ah ' nmediate hit with bis audiences all over the sojt.i d^ria^ tlie one night HIS BUPEBT HARRIS AND O&CHESTBA Week of May 28-June 4 . . Club Plantation, Nashville, Tenn. CHRISTINE CHATMAN AND H^t ORCHESTRA May 28 .... Hattiesburg, Mi^s. May 30 .... Hattiesburg, Miss, May 31 Biloxi, Miss. June 1 ..... Lake Charles, La. June 4 ... Port Arthur, Texas MBS DOROTHY MAtNOI^"' famed lyric soprano, sang Sun day at the closing of the NAA- CP conference at Oljnmpia 4.rena in Detroit. Miss Maynor is i na tive Virginian and ajgrjiduato of Hampton” Institute. .fnne 3-6, Wizens both white iirid Negroes alFended ^e NAACl conference where they heard discussions based on the Negro in the War. Leading the dis- cursion grou|)s throughout vari- ous sessions were Judge Wm. '/ TIm btgflMl?«ayii^ m«i$Scal *v«l MTTY ORAMc, / Z- /•■CAB mnuMmn \OiOROE MONTOOMIIY md CI5A« ROAURO • Lco*ort>:cOMElrilfUNOI> I ^ %070bb7000’^Amtrleoiii^oi|o"«fJi«v«^ Mr fniEHD riiCKA itMcDOWAU. fmrON ro»TI*.*«!TA:J0HN»0>t\ M Tadwltolof Iraoti . jv lonsi ^ylMA HOI»C dwmt fcy IW. ^Jwfliis'hylCAl CAU0WAY,«i4 HM* Tiw>w.‘r „ ImUwIm Iroihtn, Ads WATCH rOKTMFM ON THE SCRtCN TAKE Pettigrew St. ther with Bust OA&OUNA COTTON PICKERS OBCHESTBA vVeek of May 28-June 4 Scott’s** Theatre Restaurant, Kansas City, Mo. ments played by the Sultans. The personnel! of the Sultans incude siich favorites as Diw Judkins of"tEe original K''mp Long Orchestra on sax and Cii!- vin “ParraSiddle Joe’’ Wail on drums. Wall was also in the or- original lineup of th0 band and has appeared with the Bosie Pe- engage-f Largo Rcvuoa which wwe- tour- -Present- AN OLD-FASHIONED NIGHT OF JUBILEE And OUARTEST CONTEST $50.00 CASH Over 15 ^Guest 0 $25.00War^ndTo Sons in Ar FRIDAY; JUNE 18th AT 8 e M. DURHAM CITY ARMORY General AdnussiiHi 50c At Door DINE AT THE WEE WEE GRILL ( Home Cooked Food And’ all kinds of Beer, Soft Drinks and Smokes. SOLDIERS WELCOME WEE WEE GRILL R. H. Clay, Prop. iog America Ust season. Another featured nstmmentslist of the orchestra is “Saint” Simon, -f North Carolina College who ap peared with Ctrl Wjlspn’s or chestra and with' the Friendly City Aces. Complete Inenp of the band includes: oward Town send, sax, Tom Hubbard, Whit Jones and Joe Stone, trump?ti; Gaynor, Simon and Leon Golds- ton, trombones; Newsome, piani WaU, 4rums and Dick Judkins, alto and tenor sax and clarioet. The* bfnd is looked exclusirfcly by Allied Artsts Agieniy’s local representatve, Lin Holloway. GSEENSSO&O — ment hare just be«a eompltted by Lia Holloway of the CABO* LJNA TIM£!iS stiff to ]^nwie King Kokix^s Retr«c in tiM^ appca'ra'ncc in Darliaa, N. C- •• iS-iday, July 2nd. la qpkiag anr- cangements to pro«M>te this at traction, Hollow«y has ‘scoop ed’ some of the other prorao— ters of this vicinity who have be#n angling for a ehancs t« present this great show to the public in Durham. Even tboo|^ on his first southern tour, Kolax s has gained fame ia ctl the appearances he l^ias nud-* thus faf. Included in the lincap of the sfaow| whifh is supported by tjie *an«f of toe ‘King’ him- ■elf is the^ famous comedy te;i«i composed of Suzy and Butt*nr- bean, the comedy team which was declared by theatre abl nite club goers in New York as being the greatest Sepia eomedjr teamd in the theatrical field to- dajt. The antics of Batterhean Sfzie and the mUiekiQir ^. rhythm is supported bj a chorsa of the most beautiful ‘copper- colored girls' in any show and dance ;unit on the road toda/. ‘persoi^al tnanagcment •Gale’s 'Agency of the only appearance the show will make on its sauth- em totir. H. Hastie “On The Negrii in The Armed Forces”'; Earl B. Dickerson, . on “Manpower tnd the right to work"; Qeorce 9. Schuyler, the breatm^t of tn« Negro in the pre^, ndio and 'movies; Thurgood MinEaU, on securing democracy at home”; and Dr. Chanaiog H. Tohia^i un fhe church as a force fer d6> mQcratic rights.’' The highlight of the eloeiaf program being the awardiBf of the Spingam Medal to Jadgt William H. Hastie. FOR THE BEST Beer Wine • SsQdwidies - COZY'lltNER Corner iPettigrew and Henry Sts. For Best Shine In Town GO TO ROSS’ SHINE PARLOR 526 E.'Pettig“rew Street ^ Best Shines, Dyes, and Ckanins in Durham ROSS SHEPARD, Ir., Prap, ~i ■ S«9 tA« £ocal.^greni o£ ' BANKERS FIRE INSURANCE COHMNY DURHAM, NORTH CARbLlNA4MI«» CONS^ffV^TjYP - SPUip-QRPf NBABtg hMhiliVL LN:iUlUNC£ AGENCY • »IU.N LN'iSUltANOE & REALTY :C0. , »K KKALTY COMPANY, - - uISIlOP DALE f. C, DUGGS ••••«• • Dorhun, N..C. • - Dnriuun, N.'C, ■ lUleiffh, N. C. Chariotte. N. C. Charlotte, N. C. WELCOME U.S,0,CLI’B XIoo^iiientsiH DIXIE GRILL 518 E. Pettigrew St. WHEUE FRIBNDS MEET AND EN^OY THEMSELVES PHONE R-3813 Detnocradc South Social Qub Chsaupe Fayettevul

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