t ; £ UKTV U PRIMARY CASE BEFORE U. S. COUirr [MAILING llDITION yaHFtfeUtl^lRiSEgjl^ VOLME. XXII - NUMBER 23 DURHAM, NORTH CAROt JNA, SA'l'URDAY, JUNE 19th, 1943 ^oman Stabs Lucky Millinder In Durham StreetBrawl -¥• ^ ^ ^ -¥■ -¥^ -¥■ ' -¥■ -¥■ -¥- -¥^ Jf Jf SPAUUIK Mir GH FEPC POST St. AugustineTrusteesVoteConfidenceIn Administration N. C. Mutual President Mentioned As Successor To Earl Piclerson PHILUPA SCHUYLER WINS PJANOTmAHENTFOR 8TH CONSECimVE TIME Spaulding Greets Lt. Raney WASHINGTON, (A N I*) — Current rumors anent tho FEPC heard around in the capi tal have it that the present membership will be retained with the ejfception of Earl Dickerson, tfw Atpy |>etrol of th# oi4 In his place, it iflrcpofte(f' the name of C. C. Spaulding of North Carolina hM been pro posed to the President and -.s regarded as being high acceof- nhle and in the line with tTie new poliey to be adopted by thr eomm ittee. The discussants of the prc>-' blem declare that FatTier Unns has a long record as a conclllin- tolr in labor disputes and that this will be the general tone of - -th*-Ji'£EC under . hls_ >*’* The elimination of Earl Dicker son therefore would be nMCSS- nry to continue along this I'ne, if various® stories, floatinif a- CjH^nd the capital may be relied ♦>?pon. Drange Grove Church Celebration Ended. This leaves Boris Shiskin of the AFL; John 'Brophy of th- CIO and Webster of the PuU- nian Porters as th? nucleus of the .new committee. Three more members w>ll he named to I complete the sis man committee. , Chief interest has been centered in the Ne?ro members of the group and with the suggestion that Mr. Spnuld ing be named as the second Ne gro. j Mr, Spaulding’s previous ef- Pleas'e turn to Page Tw.) Under the leadership of ilev. Vernon Edward Brown, the..Or ange Grove Baptist "TBucch re; eently completed its 55th Ati- niversary celebration climaxcd by the payment of many long* standing debt!^. Since Kev. Brown has been in the executive posi tion at Orange Grove the church has progressed greatly. Tlii* highlight of the entire week celebration was the' canceJlatinn of a note which had been drawn against the church. The pastor advised the trustees of the eiiurch to evade, if possible, be coming entangled in a web of debt as' before. He encouraj^ed them to continue their progrosa but to avoid allowing their obli gations to fall behind in pay ment. The complete program, featored addresses by° many prominent pastors and civic leaders." ' ' -■■■■■ ■ I RECEIVING CONGRATULATONS NEW YORK (AN?) — Ihe National Onild of Piano Teach ers held its annual tournament for, piano students in this city last week ending Saturday with tl^e^eaviest enrollment in sonu; y(ar8_. Philippa Schuyler, 11, was the first to play this ye^r and was judged by Harold Morris, nationally known Amer ican comfsoser. For thr 8th eea- st'cutive time, Philippa got high est honors, a gold star-for her reptepire, of 21 pieces and the mark of superiority. Mr. Morris especially ♦•orn- mended Philippa for her “inter pretation, modulation of tone and imagination. ’* Philippa h >.s the long-est record of sustai'i>?d superiority in New York, and as Far as is known, in the countrv. The guild now functions in f«”> different cities at this timC; yith thousands of piano stud ents entering. It was founded by by Irl Allison of Abilene, Tex., 14 years ago. Mr. Allison was the first to recognize Philippa’s great mus’ cal ability^ At four, when sht played for the guild for the first time, he prouounced her a genius and every paper iq New York City, as well as Tim* ' Please turn to Page Two % Highest Tribunal To Get Texas Franchise Case At Fall Term Of Court Pictured above are Attorneys C. J. Gates and M. Hugh Thomp son, who are receiving congra- tulations from many for having aucoeasfully, prosecuted the aase of the “Iron-Wrench Doctor'Mn Raltfigh, N. C. Attorney F. J. Carnage of Raleigh also appear ed as counsel for the plaintUf in the caae. Durham was honored last week with a visit from Lt. Della Ran ey of the Tuskegee Army Flying School. I Lt. Raney received her train ing at Lincoln Hospital, Durhaci, and was1;he first Ne^o nurse to answer the call for * nurses in World “War SToT 2. She entered the service at Fort Bragg, April 1941, and was later transferrel to the Tuskegee Army Flying School, March 1942. lit. Raney is also the first Negro nurse to be promoted to the rank of Chief Nurse and the' first to be in charge of an Army Hospi^I. She was sent by th6 Surgeon General to Philadelphia to r**- present the Army Nursing .Corp at a mass meeting and also to Winston-Salem, North Carolinfl to attend the North Carolina State Nurses’ Association. Shu made the trip by plane. Durham is proud of Lt. Ranev and the rapid progress she ha? made in her profession. ORCHESTRA HEAD GETS CUT IN ARGUMiNT OYER ROOM BY JOSEPH HOPSON In a fracas staged in front of the entrance of the Biltmore ilotel. Lucky Millin4er was ser- iou«ly stabbed in the right hip by a woman companion of one of the Four Inlwpota here Mon day afternoon. The ‘brawl is said to have arisen by Millin der arguihg with the woman over his having rented the best rooms in the hotel fur his bandamea Th woman hailed a passing taxi cab and went to the uptown sec tion of Durham where she pur chased a knife and returned and proceeded to cut Millinder with out warning. By-standers finally sueoeded in wresting, the knife from l“ci hands, but^not before she had seriously cut Millinder in thf right leg, severing* an art?ry. Millinder was unable to appear with his band in the Durhasi engagement. The Inkspots left the show crew in Durham aft*-*' the engagement at the Armox-y. but appeared with them in Ra leigh on tl\e following ni"ht According to bandsmen, Millin der is doing “fair” at present. STABBED Pictured above Is titicky Mill inder, famous band leader who was the victim of a knife attatK in a local street brawl'last Mon day. Board Defies Demands Of Augustine Students; Administration Approved Even though students, alumni and ^he many laymen friends of St. Augustine College of Ra leigh, N.^C. expected the Board of Trustees of the institution to elect a new president in its com mencement meeting, no such action was taken by the group.' The Board, however was remind ed in the'annual report of Presi dent Qpold that during the past year the institntion had cele brated the seventy-fifth anniv ersary of its opening, and also had been recognized, as Class A college by the Southern As sociation of Colleges and Se> condary Schools. This recogni tion had come partly as the re sult of the good work done by graduates^ of the college in vifrious professional and gradu ate schools, and partly as 4he result of increased support fiwn the American Church Institute for Negroes and the National Couneil of the Episcopsl iDIlarcb aeeording to president .Goold. The Seventy-fifth Anniver sary Celebration held, in Janu ary was marked by a notable ad dress by Dr. Ambrose Calviei, Senior Specialist in Negro Edr.- cation in the U. S. Office of Education, and by the Anniver- ,ai7 Surmon ^t'f Presiding hop Henry St. George Tucker. The report of the treasurer in dicated that the college would close the year without a deficit. Word was receive^ from the (Plea^ Turn To Page Two) For our GIVE A BOOK L E. Austin Adresses Randolph County.. Ushers’ On June 27th L. E. Aflstin, 'State Presid mt j)f the North Carolina Interdeno minational iTshers Association md Editor of {he CAROLINA TIMES will deliver the main address at the program of th** Second Annual Session of the Interdenominational ITshcr As Please tura to Page Tw» TO SPEAR IN RALEIGH Pictured ahove are P. B. Young Sr., editdr of the Norfol? Jour nal and Guide and Jesse O. Thomas of the American Bed Cross wito will speak at th* Welfare Conference in Baletgh June 34 and 25. W.4SHIXOTON. D. C. — The Iqn^r legal fight to outlaw the “white primary” in the *Rob*^H is now before the United, St’t- Supreme Coert. On Joae 7 Suprf*me Court grtutt*;! eertu. - : fhm tmpe ef T wmti Smf* r» tlKi ilecttia .^Higes itt |Ioc ton, 1*exas. The election had reused to permit Smith c vote |n the Houstoa prhaary election. Daring the fall term of ,tli* Supreme Court thwe will be ar gument on this question. In the interim NAACP attorn^yiik are preparing briefs to be sul>- mitted prior to argumeat of th« ease. The motion of the Amer*-" can Civil Liberties Union to a brief aniens euriae ia tha MfSe 4ia» aleo been ^grawtsd the U. S. Sapreme Court- The grantiBg of certiorari in the Texas primary case is hailed as a further step in the Stirr ing of the franchise for the Ne gro citizen in the 5«onth, Thur- goo«f Marshall, NAACP speeixl counsel who is fighting this eas* told the press this week. At the same time Marshall eoa- demned the reeent sahterfuge action of the Florida Stt'«9 “The State of Florida," Mae- shall said, “obviously now ai- tenipting the same subterfui^ fuge which the State of Texas has been using to i»«veBt Ne» groes from voting in ttie whit^ primary.” ‘ In other words it is bow aija to the democratie party of Flop* ida to determine who shall Tofee. There is no doubt that Um par^ will continoe to exclude es, but the decisiOB in tto as Primary, Marshall said, will determine the 3uhteif%« iiov b«ag pnefieed ia Vsias. Tht* l-rfOi'«iiiint vQl Kk« vise anUe m* hrtk ajMsIar praetiecs im., morida nr otkar statss. The presant Texas lelmety, ease narks the foofth tiae tkfuj qaestion of tlur uf" has be«» Ixfow tW i«ae Coart. la 1937, tk* camad tke aase af nmtdoa to ,tlM S«pMn» which ralad that tfht. Texas «o«U| mui mihi froai the prtaary hy a state statute Ttmm tiMi ed a stalvta whkli pow tint aittee of th* to iaeito th« priaaqr. mittee pnm primary Ta 19S» Ikft Hmm

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