tiCTsa BUY WAR BONDS TOOAY ! THE CAROLINA TIMES SATURDAY, .irNE 1‘Hli,'1943 ENRY ARMSTRONG DEFEATS ANGOTT SPORTING WORLD NEGRO BOXER WANTS TO MEET JACKIE CONN SAYS HOLLOWAY SPORTS OUTLOOK BT. LOrWOOD HOUiOWAT NEGRO BOXER WANTS TO MEET JACKIE CONN IN BfNG The current boxing craze at Cannp Butner has aroused tht ire of a noted Nrfj?r% boxer, “K, O. Kid Downing:'’ tojsuch an ex tent that this afore^mentioned pugiliat wishes to tie with Jackie Conn, heavyweigh’ boxer and brother of Bilh Conn, heavyweight title cont ender, who challenged Champ ioB Joe Louifi for the world Heavyweight championship sometime ago. Both men are stationed at Camp Butner, N. C. Downinr is in the Medical Detachment of the 971, Air Base Security Battalion, while Conn is in tht S09 Infrantry Outfit of the 78th Lightning Division. Neither has done any big purse boxinp M yet, but be/ore their induct ion into the armed forces, both were well on the way to fam« in Boxing Circles. Downing de feated “Big Jim Anders”, who had held the Golden Glove championship for three years in Chicago to place^ this covet • ed bauble around his own mid riff. Anders was a former stud eat at North Carolina ColleRt in Durham and played basket ba on the same team with ‘Legs’ Downin^r, the brother of the boxer . at Camp Butner K- O. Kid Downing gained so much fame from his boxins cweer in Indiana and Chicago thafTie^was the reclpehl oFt] pi^ise ^rom HeavyweiJrht ehampon Joe Louis, whd pred icted that the "kid” woud be come heavyweight champion some day. Champ Louis called Downing in and gave him a few pointers which would be nvaluable in the ring. Billy Conn, the heavyweight •ontender who lasted in th" Ing with Joe Louis as long oi. 'onger than any of the rest o1 lis contenders and had the jhamp thinking that at last h was ready to give up his crown ^ the brother of the boxej stationed at Camp Butner. li Jackie Conn is any way a.*-* powerful as his brother in th( ring, a match between him anc Downing shoud be a clash bet ween two who are about evenly matched, and should make tht Aght fans in this section mos* happy to witness the efi^oun ter. Jackie has been receiving ftome very important pointer- on ring-culture from his broth er, Billy while Downing has be en on the receiving end of in formation handed out by Joe Louis. This double match of brawn and bi;ain should be th>: topis' in Service boxing centers Downing is a native of Ind iana.! He stands 6 feet 4 inche.^ and weighs 200 or more. Jackiv Conn weighs 185 pounds and i? over six feet tall. The Conn family is of Irish-Americar descent and ^re natives of Pitt sburg, Pennsylvania. Up to tht, present time, there hasn’t beer a mixed big-name bout of thi^ kindTin this vicinity, but thii writer is quite sure the Cami- Butner officials will approve of this tilt. ! . For A One-Stop Real Estate Service CALL DURHAM REALTY & INSURANCE COMPANY 169 HABfLET ST. PHON>. 115-79 Smaller Estates # Wh«r* ih«re is less to lose, a TRUST smoH loss may become SERVICE a great tragedy. Safe- TOO... guard your estate by instructing your at torney to name our experienced Trust Or- -ganizafion as. Executor and Trustee. IIECIIANICS AND FARMERS BANK V. O. RALEIOH. H. 0 Hammerin Hank Best In Bout Between Former Champions In a ten round battle stag Hammeriii’ Hank Airmstroiicc Angott who is considered by th be the lightweight champioit lightweight Chanq) To Meet John Greco In Non-Title Tussle Lifchtweight Chanipion Boh Montgnrmery and Pvt. Johnnv Oreoo of the Canadian Army were signed today for a lO-round overweight- bout at, Yankee Stadium on Saturday after noon, June 26. > It will he- ‘New York’s first (lay time fight in 20 years. Montgomerj' won the New York and Pennsylvania version of the world’s lightweight title with a surprise decision that de throned Beau Jack several week^ apo. Greco recently defeaten Terry Toung at Montreal. BUY WAR BONDS.. To Hasten Victory No American wants .^Us war to g9 sae mlnnte beysnd tlw Msas we can bring it to a tIo- tortoos ead. T« haaten tkai victorr—to save possibly tlw lives sf mUlioBS of stf b«ys SB MV fsr fimg fraots—(t Is ImperaUvs Oiat every Ameri oa« do bte part la tbs feoead Var . Xoao., Thcca la am Jpf ▼Mtiocat to flt eveiT purse. Ills Btsst yen eao ds is littte Saoiufli cmpared with tlie sae- rliloe effered by ear beys la servioe. Hier give tbeir lives —yoa lend ysw moaey. 3'J at Madison Sftnare Unrtlen* rung up a decision over Ssmmy e National Boxing Association to Bank was the same buzzssaw fighter in this tilt who once had the three cornered crown perched precariously upon his dome. He paced the match from start to finiah with bllows ak'm- ed at the retired and returnee' mid-riff and face. In the slnuKh- ter. Hank suffered a badly bust ed lip and was forced tq, caH in a pbysieiai). Before dropping in on Promo ter Mike Jacobs to pick up hi.s check of *about $15,200. Sammy colliected in the neighborhoon ol $12,900 — Henry kept a date with Dr. Alexander in New York. The doctor had to Cut away scar tissue from ins'dc the lower lip and take nine sitiches in the wound. Henry explni/»ed that his fights in Hollywood with Willia Joyce June 26 and in Portlaud, Ore., with Jimmy Garrison, Julj^ 13 would have to be set back. At the same time, a scheduled scrap between Armstrong and Light weight Champ (New Tbrk ver sion) Bob Montgomery had* be taken off the slate arily. Instead, Anpfott, who put up one of the top tussels of his career, probably w i! 1 be matched /ith the winner of the June 26 scramble bet A-eon Montgomery and Canadian Armv Private Johnny Greco. There is the possnnH!y, too, of. a. return match between Artu-_ strong and Sammy, who hil a crowd of 13,364 customers ou» of their seats and roaring mjal of the way. Bnt this will have to wait until Henry’s mouth is all in once peice again. Champion Joe Tries Hand At Refereeing. I Ir V. ■. Var tt ftUb BJilIwi MABCH fIRLD, CALIFOKNIA—Seitsaat Jos Louis Barrow refarssing a boxing boot bctwesn Gabriel Bayss, left, of Colton, Cali- fomia, and Art Fares of Canp Haan, Califoria. FRESH FISH IN SEASON QUALITY SEA FOOD SMITH’S FISH MARKET 514 Pine St. 718 Fayetteville St. Phone R-3491 Phone L-7S61 HOMESTEAD GRAYS TO FACE SATCHELL PAIGE Pittsburgh; Pa.—Fresh from lew box office records with the New York Cubans in Colum bus, Toledo and Cincinnati the fast traveling Homestead Glrays are headed for addition al honors when they meet Kan sas City Monarchs, with Sat- chell Paige, over the weekend The world champions from Kansas City play tho Negro National League ;hampions on Thursday, Junt 17th in Wash- ingtoiC D- C., under the Grif fith Stadium lights. Thp sec ond tilt between these two re cord breakers will take place &inday afternoon, June 20tb at the same Griffith Stadium, with a double bill as an added The Price of ViJlory TAXES AND WAR BONDS It Takts Both feature. ' Western Pennsylvania base ball fans will see this high powered attraction on Wed nesday night, June 23rd at orbes Field, Pittsburg under the Pirates’ lighting system. Over 75,000 baseball addicts paid to watch the Grays and Kansas City Monarchs in foiu tilts last year. Now'that-each team is leading its respective circuit, more money in circu- iatiofti no indocenjent for ca;f owners to travel away from home and fans starving fod heads-up baseball, the present series figures to outdo last yeail^s paid attendance. The spectacular and incom parable Satchell Paige will take part in each game, a feat* ure in itself which overshad- ^6ws any five star attraction to be seen in Washington or Pitts burgh. The Grays will make a :hoice between Ray Brown, John Wright, Charlie Shield*- Don’t Forget Dad On Father’s Day SUNDAY JUNE 20TH •s. Give Him One Of Our New Suit8 iiscomb Gattis Co. 213 W, MAIN STREET THE SELAHKEE SINGERS -Present- AN OLD-FASHIONED NIGHT OF JUBILEE And QUARTET CONTEST $50.00 CASH PRIZE Over 15 Guest Quartettes To Sing $25.00 War Bond To Mother with most Sons in Armed Services. FRIDAY, JUNE 18th AT 8 P. M. DURHAM C|TY ARMORY General Admission 50c At Door SPORTS BLAB BT JOE HOPSON | Phil in five heats. Pep’s .^ix- month "prrnce’* period between title tussles ended' May 20. New York State Athlotic CommSssion suspended' Kddie \rklker, manager of ex-chsmpion Chalky Wright, for failing to appear last Saturday to sign for a June 25 title about with Wiliie Pep. Walker didn’t show up lie- nause fto one except the New York Commission was quite sure just how long AVillie was going to be champion. Lnst Saturday, Pep had a date to take on Sal Bartolo in Boston on Tuesday. Although that oiio was 15 rounds, the New York Commission said it would not reeognize the tussle as a titl' tilt. ‘ PEP WON Pep finished in front, so there was no dispute. But on Saturday, three days before tne Boston bout. Walker couldn’t see any point in signing up for a championship, go, when inlv New York was sure it wouM still be a championship Outing when it was held. And when Eddie failed to ap pear, the Empire State’s cohsis tent solons of swart releasei Pep from any obligation to tako on Wright, although less than two weeks before they had in sisted that Willie would have to put his title pn the line against the ■ winner of last Fri'lay's fifjht between Chalky and Phil 'Berranoja. WrFght flattened In announeing today’s rius- pension the commission said it was “for actions detrimentil to the best interests of boxinfj'' and was “indefinite, pending !» hearing” for Walker next Fri day. The commission pointed out the suspencion applied only to Walker and that CKalTty “is authorized to make his own matches” while Eddie is on the sidelines. Bob Montgomery, Philadelphia Negro, was recognized by tli.t Pennsylvania State ^Athletic ComriiTssion as lightweight champion of the world. In clarifying what it termed a “muddled situation,” the commssion said it recognised Montgomery, not only beenuae he re^ntly defeated Beau Jiiek in New York, but also because Montgomery had beaten other ranking contenders. The commission said th-t Sammy Angott, holder of Hhreo decisions over Montgomery, had voluntarily vacated his NB V. title and that he would have “to challenge for the title he vacated.” Pvt. Norwood (Barney) Ewell, former Penn State star now sta tioned at Camp Lee, Va., file.! his entry for the 100-an"d 2-metev dashes and broad . jump in the National AAU track and ' field championships at Triborough Stadium on June 10 and 20. or^Edsell Walker. The firs’ three have won all league gam es so far. In the past two weeks, th( Grays’ heavy sluggers have gone on a mad hitting spree, and Josh Gibson will not be the toy he was last year, when Paige held him hitless during the entire series. i H IS THE WORLD’S LARQEST . NEGRO BUSINESS? 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