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Man Shoots Pregnant Wife; Says She "Hexed” Him
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Points Toward
Entered on Second Class Matter at the Post Office at Durham, Aorth Carolina, under Act of Marches, 1879.
DURHAM. N. 0., SATURDAY, JAN. 17, 1»5S
Three Million Mark
More than 50 assembled
sharehQlders of the Mutual and
Mutual Savings And Loan A$$ociation Makes —
Aiinual Rep&rt On Most Successful Year
Loan Association heard a re
port on the organization’s most
successful year in its history”
Tuesday night and simultaneous
ly heard an announcement from
the firm’s secretary-treasurer
that a drive has been launched
to secure three million dollars
in assets by the end of the year.
The report of secretary-treas
urer, J. S. Stewart, read at the
32nd annual meeting of the tn-
ganization, revealed that the
firm has amassed assets on near
ly two and one half million doll
ars and has realized an income
of $107,695.03 for the past year.
It also showed that loans emoun-
ting to almost one half million
dollars have been made during
the year to aid persons of low
incomes in owning their homes.
Stewart announced to the en
thusiastic assembly, meeting in
the new auditorium of the North
Carolina Mutual Life Insurance
Companyi that the association
has set a goal of three million
dollars in assets to be realized
at the end of this year’s opera
He also noted that the accum
ulated assets at the end of last
an increase of 21 percent over
year, $2,341,795.76, represented
assets at the end of 1951.
The secretary-treasurer took
note of the “steady flow of sav
ings and investment funds”
which netted an increase of
$333,893.76 during the year, bui
he emphasized the need for lar'
ger savings accounts to miake
available increased loans to lo
cal citizens who want to become
home owners.
At the request of newly elect
ed President E, R. Merrick, the
assembly observed a minute of
silence in memory of the or-
fiace In Inauguration
^ Florida Governor
Bank Officers
Miss L. V. Roger* was elevated
to the position of Assistant Cash
ier at the annual election of of
ficers of the Mechanics and
Farmers Bank held here ■ this
The Board of Directors
named other officers of the bank
at the election.
Miss Rogers served aa teller
and secretary prior to her elec
tion as assistant cashier. Before
joining the Mechanics and F»rm-
ers Bank staff in 1944, she work-
as a teller in the Citizens
Trust Company of Atlanta, Oa.
She is a graduate of North
C^lina College and hails from
nbUy Springs.
Other officers, re-elected at
the meeting, are Clyde Donnell,
ohalnnan of the Board of Di
rectors; J. H. Wheeler, PtmI-
dent; E. R. Merrick, vice-prw-
dent; G. W. Cox, vice-prMi-
dent; L. X. McCauley, (Raleigh
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EDITOR’S NOnt: Whether
it was because they did act
vote for him en masse er It
was Just the same old anti-Ne
gro custom, the more than one
million Negroes in North Caro
lina had no part, pareel or
recognition In the ianguratloit
ceremonies of Governor Wm.
B. . Umstead at Raleigh last
week. Not only were the Ne
gro citiseas of the State en
tirely Ignored, but the thou
sands of loyal Negro Demo
crats, who have been reliably
credited with keeping North
Carolina from going Repub
lican in the 1952 election also
had no official part In the in
auguration. Unlike the in
augural parade of Florida’s
gevemor, Dan T. McCarty, in
which Negro high sehool bands
participated, not a single Ne
gro high aehool ot college band
was Invited to take part in the
Inauguration of Governor Um
stead. Even the famous Hill
side High School Band from
his home town of Durluun,
that lias been acclaimed one of
the best in North Carolina, get
no Invitation, as did the Jor
dan Sellars i^h Sehool baud
of Burlington, that took part
In the Inaugural parade of
Governor Kerr Scott to 1949,
or the A. and T. CoUege band
in Inaugural parados of Gov
ernor J. M. Broughton and B.
Gregg Cherry.
(Interstate Press)
History was made at tlie Flor
ida A. and M. CoUege, this city,
last Tuesday, following the In
augural ceremonies for new Gov
ernor Dan T. McCarty, who was
sworn into' office as Florida's
81st governor, and following the
induction rites went down into
the history books as the Urst gov
ernor of this state to aMr viatt
the Inaugtiral Ball at the college
or any other colored social fimc-
tion following the inaugural.
Shown top left here is the
governor being escorted to the
elaborately decorated dining hall
of the college where the in
augural ceremonies were held by
Captain Robert Wilcox of the
college’s ROTC, while others of
the same unit stand in the back
ground. He was being taken to
make his speech to the hundreds
assembled for the history-mak
ing affair.
Top right picture shows Gov
ernor McCarty at right smiling
and next to him is Dr. (jreorge
W. Gore, Jr., president of the
state college, and on Dr. Gore’s
right is State Senator LeRoy Ck>l-
lins of Leon County (lU-
lahassee) and chairman of the
education committee of the state.
Reading from left to right in the
picture other than these are
Mrs. Mamie Thomas Jordan,
cashier of the faculty dining
room of the college; Major C. A.
J. Paddyfoote of the 'military
unit of the college; Bdrs. M. E. L.
Carnegie, director of the dlvltfon
of nursing of the college; Dr. A.
L. Kidd, director of the Division
of Social Sciences, and Dr. H.
Manning Efferson, Dean of Ad
Bottom left shows Governor
McCarty addressing the large
number assembled for the ball
while Blrs. Gore, extreme left
and groups of others Interested
in the address are shown look
ing on. In his address, the gover
nor told the group he had follow
ed the college through the years,
had long been Interested in its
progress and development, even
sihce the days when he was «
member of the Legislature and
Speaker of the House, and stated
his great admiration for the foot-
team. He concluded by mak-
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Goodioe Elected To Directory
Board At Nortli Carolina Mutual
Life Ins. Co. Annual Meeting
The 54th annual policyholders
meeting of the North Carolina
Mutual Life Insurance Company
was held at its home office here
at noon, January 12.
Highlighting this year’s meet
ing was the first annual address
of President W. J. Kennedy, Jr.,
and the election of Secretary J.
W. Goodioe to the company’s
Board of Directors. Both Mr.
Kennedy and Mr. Goodioe were
elevated to the presidency and
secretaryship, respectively, fol
lowing the death of Dr. C. C.
Spaulding on last Septeml>er .1.
In his address President Ken
nedy expressed gratitude to the
policyholders assembled for his
being both a policyholder and an
employee of the company for
over 36 years.
Mr. Kennedy reminded those
present that death had “invaded
our ranks in 1952 and removed
from our midst the third presi
dent, Charles Clinton Spaulding,
who had the good fortune to
live to a ripe age with good
health and to serve the company
in the capacity of chief executive
for more than 29 years”.
N. C. Mutual, Leading Company
Said Mr. Kennedy further,
“The growth and development
of our company are so well
known to the average policy
holder and the public in general,
that it is not expedient to re
view even the highlights of the
past in this message. It is note
worthy, however, to observe
that North Carolina Mutual
maintains its rank as the lead
ing life company among the 59
insurance companies owned and
operated by Negroes in the Uni
ted States and as of January 1,
1952, ranked number 132 among
more than 600 life insurance
companies operated in the Uni
ted States”.
Outlook Good For 1953
In referring to the outlook
for 1953 President Kennedy also
stated: “Regarding the outlook
for the year 1953, it appears that
economists and business analysts
are in general agreement that a
recession is unlikely. There ap
pears to be good reason for us to
anticipate another goo'd year for
North Carolina Mutual. Final
reports for 1952 while not yet
fully completed, indicate nor
mal increases in premium in
come, admitted assets and In
surance in force”.
Ex-Mental Case
Shoots Brother
In Granville
Booker Satterwhite lay in
Duke Hospital in “serious
•condition late Tuesday from
gun shot wounds inflicted on
him by his brother, Richard,
who is a former mental patient.
Sheriff Roy Jones said that
Richard Satterwhite went ber
serk at his home near here
Sunday and shot his brother
in the stomach with a shot
Satterwhite’s father said his
son "went wild” at their home
Sunday after grabbing up a
shotgun. He shot his brother
Booker as Booker and others
tried to disarm him.
Sheriff Jones said that he is
holding Richard in jail until
arrangements can be made to
have him committed to an in
stitution. Richard was released
six months ago from a mental
hospital in Virginia.
ganization’s late president, C. C.
Spaulding, who died last Aug. 1.
Directors of the association,
re-elected at the meeting, are R.
L. Gotten, G. W. Cox, Dr. Clyde
Donnell, Alfonso Elder, J. W.
Goodioe, R. N. Harris, W. J.
Kennedy, Jr., G. W. Logan, D. B.
Martin, E. R. Merrick, H. M.
Michaux, T. D. Parham, A. T.
Spaulding, C. C. Spaulding, Jr.,
J. S. Stewart, J. H. Wheeler, and
J. Lee White.
Killed In Korea
Pvt. Earlie Day, son of Mr and
Mrs. Alfred Day of Rt. 3 Dur
ham, has been killed in tlie Ko
rean fighting, it was announced
last week by the Department of
^Young Day had been reported
missing in action since August,
No details of his death were
given by the Defense depart
ment announcement of his
Day entered the army in Nov,
1950. His basic training was
completed at Fort Jackson and
he was assigned to overseas com
bat duty with tiie 24th Infantry
regiment in March, 1951. He
was reported missing in Aug.
Pvt. Day was born in Person
County, but resided with his
parents in Durham since 1932.
He attended the public schools
of the city.
He is survived by his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Day, and
one sister. Myrtle.
Man Found Dead
James Adams, 38 year old
resident of 2509 Dallas St., was
found dead at the side of a road
less than a block from his home
Sunday morning alK>ut 10:30.
Sheriff E. G. Belvin, who in
vestigated the case, said that
there were no outward signs of
foul play. County coroner Dr. R.
A. Horton ordered an autopsy
to determine cause of death.
Adams was married and the
father of two children.
None Hurt in
Dynamiting At
Police were still searching for
clues late Wednesday in the dy
namiting of the home of a 4S
year-old widow here Monday
Mrs. Odie Corry, resident of
the Rabbitown community, an
all Negro section, telephoned po
lice Monday night after a blast
ripped a large hole out of tiie
ground near her front stepo and
shattered glass in all front and
side windows.
At the time of the explosion,
Mrs. Corry was sleeping in a
room at the rear of the house and
her son-in-law and daughter,
Mr. and Mrs. John Moore, who
occupied the residence with Mrs.
Corry, were asleep also. No one
was injured in the blast.
The explosion was heard over
a wide part of the city Monday
Police Capt. if. G. Kyles said
that the explosive was apparent
ly thrown at the front of the
house from the street and in all
likelihood was aimed for the
front window. Officers searched
the area with bloodhounds, but
no trace of the person or persona
responsible for the act was
Mrs. Corry’s house is near the
city’s industrial section, and is
five blocks from the nearest
white residential section.
Father Of Seven
Sentenced For
Shooting Wife
A man who shot his pregnant
wife because she “conjured”
him and caused a “buzzing in
my ear” was sentenced to IS
months in prismi Monday by a
Warren County Superior Court.
John “Bozo’’ Brinkley admit
ted on the witness stand that he
shot his pregnant wife and
mother of seven children and
asserted that he probably* would
have killed her if she had not
promised to say that the shoot
ing was accidental.
Mrs. Julia Brinkley, wife o!
Brinkley, was shot in the foot
with a single barrel shot gun by
her husband.
Testifying from the floor of“
the courtroom because she was
unable to climb the witness
stand because of the heavy cast
on her leg, Mrs. Brinkley said
that her husband dragged her
from the bed and shot her in
the foot, shattering the btme. Aa
she lay slumped on the floor,
she said, her husband reloaded
the gun, saying he might as well
kill her since she would be a
cripple for life.
Mrs. Brinkley said she begged
for her life and promised to' say
that the shooting was accidental.
Willie Brown, an uncle of
Brinkley, said that the husband
called him and told him “Julia’s
had an accident.” Inside the
house, he said he found Mrs.
Brinkley on the floor, and she
told him that her husband had
shot her.
Mrs. Brinkley also told the.
court that her husband had ac
cused her of “conjuring” him.
She said he had beaten her on
frequent occasions, bad tied her
hands and feet, but that she us
ually managed to escape.
The husband, John Brinkley
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Vespers Speaker
Dean William Stuart Nelson
of Howard University will be
the vespers speaker at North
C^olina College Sunday.
^e service will begin at 4:30
In B. N. Duke Auditorium.
Music will be tumfadied by the I
college choir. >
Shown here are President S.
R. Merrick and secretary-
treasurer J; S. Stewart of the
Mutual Savings and Lyan As
sociation of Durham aa ttie twa
go aver the annual repwrt
which was made to the oc^ni-
sation’s shareholders here
’Tuesday nightj Simultaneously
with the report of tta year's
operations, tho two suuauured
a drive ^ bris« the flras’s to
tal resoarcea up to three asil-
lion datiars by the e^ af IMi
year haa been launahad.,—

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