PAQC FOCm tHI CASOUNA TIMES 8ATURDAT, JAN. 1«, IIM Mr. oml Mr*. Amttead Rucker of Fore$t, Vo., celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary re cently. They are the parent* of Mrt. Doris Rucker Faulkner of Charlotte. Approximately five hundred guests attended the re ception. * Shown in picture are metn- of the family. First row. Miss Francis Rucker, grand-daughter. Forest, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Ful- son Faulkner, Charlotte; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jefferson, daughter and son-in-law, Brid geport, Conn; Miss Carrie Brax ton, grand-daughter, Bridgeport, Conn; and Mr. and Mrs. Am- stead Rucker, Forest, Va. Second row, Mrs. Gertrude Clark, daughter, Lynchburg, Va. Miss Evelyn Rucker, daughter, Bridgeport. Conn; Courtney Clark, son-in-law, Lynchburg, Va; Miss Doris Braxton, grand daughter, Forest, Va; Duval Braxton, grand-son. Forest, Va; Mrs. Alma Calloway, daughter, Bridgeport, Conn; M-Sgt. Del- mon A. Rucker, son, of Fort Ri ley, Kansas; Edward Rucker, son, Baltimore, Md; and Mrs, Clarice Mabry, daughter, Balti more, Md. Not present when the picture was taken were Frank Rucker, son, Orange, Va and Willis Rucker, son of Forest, Va. |^TTX90 O/^/^TlT'nPV Rosser, Editor 1x1 U U OWVjlljy I I Phone 4-5805 Associate Editors: Betty Jo Goodloe, Doris Schooler and Chubby Miller The Junior Thespians of North Cai-oUna had a party at the Y. W. C. A. on December 30, 1953. 1 During tke party several mem bers of the theatre dramatized animals and gave original poems describing the animals. Prizes were given for the best poems. Reginald Parker received first prize and Patricia Spaulding re ceived second. Other prizes were given |pr dramatics. They also danced at tbe party. Punch and cookies were served. Gifts were exchanged. Among the members present were Donnie McNeil, Carolyn Thornton, Ritchard EUlison, Leinster Ward, Reginald Parker, Joyce Smith, Virdell Tedder, Evelyn Kennedy, Patri cia Spaulding, Jimmy Lee, Gre gory Kyle, Walter Holmes, Jill and Carolyn Morgan, and Ale^ IILIu/'lS iUfiBt* Mary Bohanon. Josetta Pratt celebrated her second birthday December 29 at the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Pratt, 1818 Cecil Street. Those helping her to celebrate were Anita Parker, Mary E. Johnson, Sally Johnson, Lavorne Pratt and her grand mother, Mrs. Lula Gomez of Philadelphia. On Monday January 4 the Me chanics and Farmers Bank held its annual stockholders meeting. The children stockholders pre sent were Patricia Ann, Aaron and Kenneth Spaulding; Louise Marie George and June Petrl- cia Rosser. Bill folders were pre sented to all who were present. The Chamberlin Studio Honor Roll for December: First Honor RoUr.-Elde Brown, Claudine Obxb jnd-.^£ftl34eia Snaulding. Sfecond Honor Roll—Sandra Brown, Leon Cole, Carol Ann Morgan, Sherrill Schooler, Vir ginia Stephens, and Charles Stanback, Jr. To The Officials Of The Mechanics And Farmers Bank Hearty Congratulations On Your Forward Progress In \ Opening Your DRIVE-IN BRANCH Mcttls Plan Industrial Bank We extend our sympathy to Rose Stevens who lost her father last week. He died at their home. John Williams of Mincey St. has not been able to attend school on account of illness. Richard Boyd’s schoolmates were happy to welcome him back. He had to be out of school on account of illness. Merrion and James Alexander left Sunday ^or their home in New Orleans, Louisiana, where they will continue their school work. They motored to Greens boro where they took the train. They were accompanied by their aunt. Miss Gwendolyn Walker, of New Orleans. ' Grade "i-l of Whitted School is glad to welcon^e Jesse Allen from East End School, also Wal ter Scott of Pearson School. Grade 4-1 pupils were happily surprised when they received nuts and candy from their tea cher, Mrs. Bradshaw, after the holidays. Ann and Billy Bibby visited their cousin, Mrs. Edna Ridley, in Louisbnrg during the Christ mas holiday. Genevieve, Beryl and Joseph Sansom spent New Year’s with their father in Winston-Salem. They were accompanied by their mother, Mrs. Joseph Sansom. Kdith Mae Bishop of Durham is a new member of Class No. 2 in the Junior Department at White Rock Church. Harold Flowers of 1608 Fay etteville Street played Santa Claus for the children of the Ojcford Orphanage before he left the city for his Christmas vaca tion. Using his own money and contributions he solicited from three other persons, he and his mother bought gifts for sixty- six children, thirty-three boys and thirty three girls. Twelve of the girls’ gifts were dolls, which Mrs. Flowers dressed. All sixty- six presents were individually wrapped. Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Cheek carried Harold and his mother to the Orphanage where the gifts were distributed and pictures made. Joyeclyn McKissick of 1123 Roxboro Street has been absent from school because of death in the family. She has been in Asheville attending the funeral of her grandmother. We express our sincerest sympathy to her and the family. Mrs. Randolph Entertains Club The Utopia Club met with Mrs. Emma Randolph at her home on Pekoe St. The meeting was presided over by the presi dent Mrs. Mable Mabry. The de votions were led by Mrs Elnora Smith. The guest speaker was Rev James Smith, Jr. pastor of the Presbyterian church brought a wonderful Xmas message to the club which was enjoyed very much by all present. Other guest were Mesdames Lil Farrington, Pearl Cordice, Sara Felder and Evelyn Dudley. Members present were Mes dames Freeland Price, Mable Mabry, Elnora Smith, Sallie Harris, Rosa Farri^ton,, Lena Ricliardson. Ethel Perry. WU. mer Milum, Ann Webb, Hattie Meadow, Bessie Pratt, P. Grace Alston, Golden Sellers, Vivian Stowe, Essie Currie, Roxie Prince, Dora Green, Matilda CONGRATULATIONS to the Mechanics And Farmers Bank on the expansion of your service to Durham. May your success continue. This is the wish of all our personnel. STEWART RIGSBEE J. D. BROTHERS W. W. CHILDRESS E. J. JONES W. M. (BUDDY) LYNAM LYMAN AIKEN J. V. INGRAM L. O. PARRISH TRELA COLLINS .CLAYBURN HUNSUCLE ALBURT FOGG ED. BOXLEY BENJAMIN DANIELS GARLAND FORNEY ERNEST McCAIN CONGRATULATIONS To MECHANICS AND FARMERS.BANK SHAW PAINT AND WAUPAPK COMPANY RIGSBEE TIRE SALES, Inc. I 108 Lakewood Ave.-Dial 9-4378 or 3-0471 _uj»i I a n*trir ^ DURHAM SOCIETY NOTES ALL NEWS FOR THIS PAGE MUST BE SUBMmED BEFORE TEN A. M. MONpAY OF EACH WEEK Mrs. Lillian Buchanan, Editor—9-1480 MRS. MABEL POWELL—Pearsontown—Phone 9-4134 MISS M. L. STEPHENS—West Durham—Phone 7-4164 MRS. N. J. CURRY—West End—Phone 7-8862 MISS RACHEL NUNN—Hickstown THE MERRY WIVES Mrs. Fannie Roberson was hostess to the Merry Wives Club at her home on Formosa Ave nue. Guests present were Mes dames Marian Kyles, Ann Wright, Mae Spaulding, and Adelle Butts. The guest prize was won by Mrs. Mae Spauldizxg. First Club prize went to Mrs. Sadie Hughley and second prize to Mrs. Reba Davis. Members present were mesdames Selene Wheeler, Alice Farrington, Sa die Hughley, Frances Schooler, Emma Randolph, Thelma Perry, Lola Riddick Clement, Reba Davis and PlassiQ Harris. HOME ON LEAVE Pvt. Albert A,, Smith, U. S. Army, is spending a period of two weeks with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Smith, Jr., 510 Umstead Street. He has complet ed his basic training course at Camp Gordon, Augusta, Ga., and will be returning to Camp CJor- don to continue his training In the Signal Corps. Mrs. Celeste J. Smith reports a very pleasant visit with rela tives and friends, during the Christmas and New Year holi days, in South Boston, Law- renceville, Newport News and Martinsville, Virginia. .Our sympathy goes out to Mrs. Bemerdine Bailey of 1010 Fayetteville Street who was called home because of the death of her mother. turned home after having spent a very pleasant week-end in New York City, visiting rela tives and friends. One of the high spots was an aunt celebra ting her 74th birthday. Rev. and Mrs. J. T. King spent Xmas and New Year holidays in Benson, Dunn and Godwin, N. C. visiting relatives and friends. Miss Audry Kellen spent very happy New Year’s day at home with her family In Win ston-Salem. Mr. Kt^bry who is teaching in Texas was home for the holi' days, also his daughter Corine who is now doing her graduate work in New York City. The The Mabry fan^ly is happy to report that they are^ now living in their home on Diinbar St. Miss Constance Young, who was in a Bus accident some time ago, is recuperating nicely at her home on Mobile Ave. Pvt. George W. Jones who is stationed at Ft. Jackson, Colum bia, S. C., spent a few days here }vith his family. Mrs. Hazel Covington has re- Townsend, and Plassie Harris, and Gladys Mckinney. Miss Mary Case of Reading. Pa. who is now a senior at Hampton Institute, was a plea sant vifeitor in Durham. She was the guest of the George Hones family. SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS The E. W. Walker Sunday School Class of the 1st Calvary Baptist Church held its annual night Dec. 31 at the home of Mr. Christmas Party on Thursday * DEADUNE REMINDER * IN ORDER THAT YOU MAY RECEFVE YOUR COPY OF THE TIMES AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE EACH WEEK. WE ARE RE MINDING YOU AGAIN THAT ALL UNSOLICITED MATERIAL MUST REACH THE TIMES OFFICE BY 10:00 A. M. ON MON DAY OF THE WEEK OF PUBLICATION. MATERIAL TO BE RETURNED MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY SELF-ADDRESSED, STAMPED ENVRLOPES. THE TIMES WILL ASSUME NO RE SPONSIBILITY FOR RETURN OF MATERIAL NOT SO PRE PARED. SCARBOROUGH & HARGETT FUNERAL DIRECTORS 24 . . . Hour Ambulance Service ... 24 Phone 3-3721 522 E. Pettigrew St. ItTTH.ttFf.f—.FmiCTttl Survlne tnr Mra. Sara BuaSCll of Route One were held Snnday, January 10, 1954 at the Mount Sinai Bap tist Church. Bnrlal was in the Church Cemetery. Snrvivors in- cli(de four sons, and four daughters. MILTON—Mr. Desota Milton of New York City died suddenly at the home of his sister, Mrs. Lillie Kollock of 411 Mincey Street. Mb. Desota was visiting relatives here during the holidays. Fa- nqral services were held Monday at Scarborough and Hargett Fu neral Home. Bnrlal followed at Beechwood Cemetery. PATTS—Funeral arrangements for Mrs. Mary Walker Patts, mdlher of Mrs. Anna Black of 1105 Glenn Street are incomplete. KMseoooooaoeooocooeeooBoooecKwooc ... CONCRATUUTIONS ... To The Mechanics And Farmers Bank On The Opening Of Your New BRANCH BANK And MAY YOUR PROGRESS CONTINUE TO BE UPWARD CHRISTIAN-HARWARD FURNITURE CO., Inc. ^‘Your Homemakers Store’' 118-120 WEST PARRISH STREET Ebenezer Baptist Church 1410 Glenn Street Rev. j. a. Brown, Pastor SUNDAY, JAN. 17, 1954 9:30 A. M. SUNDAY SCHCX)L W. W. BARBEE, SUPT. 11:00 A. M.—ScBMON Pastor 6:00 P. M. BAPTIST TRAINING UNION Miss Mattie Markham, President Sunday School Nursery—Miss Ella J. Long, Supervisor 7:30 P. M.—Sermon Pastor White Rock Baptist Church “A FUENDLT CHURCH” WHITE HOCK SQUARE MILES MARK FISHER, Pastor SUNDAY, JANUARY 17, 1954 8:45 A. M.—CaU To Worship. Electronics 9:30 A. M.—Sxjnday School Lesson “The New Birth,” John 3. PROF J. . M. SCHOOLER, Superintendent PASTOR’S TWENTY-FIRST ANNIVERSARY 11:00 A. M.—^Anniversary Sermon The Rev. Nilous Avery, Asheville, N. C. Senior Choir, MRS. V. W. ALSTON, Directress 6:30 P. M. J. L. LASSITER, Director Baptist Training Union 7:30 P. M.—^Rev. Mr. Avery supported by Baptist Training Union. Gospel Chorus, MISS IEANA ROBERSON, Directress and Mrs. Btimlce Allen on Car- roU St. The spirit of Xmas pre vailed as the members and guests Joined in singing carols. A poem was read by Mrs. Elvara Moortj. Pictures were made and gifts were exchanged during the evening, after which a delecta ble menu was served to the fol lowing. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Bulloclc, Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt Weaver, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Laster, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Curry, Mesdames Hat tie Russ, Louise Thorpe, Hallie Crews, Rosa Johnson, Adelie Tangley, Mollie Salmon, Rober ta Toran, Mary Craddocit, £1- nora Moore, Elizabeth Bames, Margaret Burnett, Rosetta Rou- Icnight and Miss Ellen Wilson. Missionary Circle No. Two The Missionary Circle num ber 2 of the 1st Calvary Bap tist Church held its annual Christmas Party on Tuesday- night, Dec. 29, at the home of Mrs. Louise Thorpe on Kent St. Various games were enjoyed and gifts were exchanged during the evening, after which a delecta ble menu was served to the fol lowing. Mr.'and Mrs. Alonza Laugley, Mr. and Mrs. Grover Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. Bumice Al len, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Curry, Mesdames Rosa Johnson, Mollla Solmon Beatrice McQueen, Mary Laugley, Lossie Foushee, Fannie Cozart, Lizzie Charles, Helen McDade, Lizzie Dowell, B. Manley, Susie Cameron, Mar garet Burnett, Nanie Hogan. Out of town guests were Mrs. G. Smallwbod, Messers Henry Paries and Thad Hogan of Pa. Holds Annual New Year's Party The Senior Usiier Board of 1st Calvary Baptist Church held its annual New Year’s Party Fri day night Jan. 1 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Curry on Rosedale Ave. The dining room table was centered with fruit bells and silver indicating the ringing of the new year. The program was conducted by Mrs. Martha Tyde. Various games were played conducted by Mrs. M. W. Webb which was enjoyed by all. Gifts were exchanged af ter which a delectable menu,was served. 46 were present 4o en joy the fellowship. Out of town guest were Mrs. Leora Graves, R. N., Washing ton, D. C. Mr. Luther Banks, N. Y. C. Mrs. Katie L. Taylor has re turned to Washington, D. C. af ter spending the hoUdays with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Tapp at 1033 Cornell St. COMPLIMENTS..;.. Mechanics And Farmers Bank To The Opening Of Your ^ DRIVE-IN BANK CLEANERS/e- LAUNDER^S_ SAM SCOTT, Agent PICK-UP AND DELIVERY SERVICE DIAL 5-157 NOTICE LOCATION OF LAW OFFICE The Law Offices of C. J. Gates are now located at 428i East Pettigrew Street, near the Corner of Ram sey and Pettigrew Street, Next to the Booker T. Theater, Durham, Tforth Carolina. First Calvary Baptist Church SUNDAY, JANUARY 17, 1954 9:30 A. M. RICHAHD JAMES, SUPT. SUNDAY SCHOOL 11:00 A. M.—SERMON Music Rev. W. F. Elliott Young People’s ChoiT" MRS. REBECCA PETERSON, Organist «:00 P. M ^ BAPTIST TRAINING UNION JOSEPH HERBOD, PIUESIDKOT 7:30 P. M.—SERMON Rev. W. F. Elliott “LITTLE OLD MOTHER WELCOMKS YOU” Saint Joseph A. M. E. Church REVEREND D. A. JOHNSTON, Pottw SUNDAY, JANUARY 17, 1964 9:*0 A. M. SUNDAY SCHOOL W. G. Rhodes, Supt. 11:00 A. M.—“Heart’s Desire” Pastor 6:00 P. M. A. C. K. LMgue WtaoFRED Martin, Supt. 7:00 P. M.—“The Average Man” Pastor Mount Vernon Baptist Church REV. E. T. BROWNE Pastor SUNDAY. JAN. 17, 1954 9:30 A. M Sunday School C. E. RICHARDSON, Superintendent \ 11:00 A. M.—SERMON Pastor E. T. Browne 6:30 P. M Baptist Training Union Subject: ’’CONTENDING HONESTLY FOB THE FEAST” Text: Titus 1:10-13 MRS. LYDA VANHOOK, Dhrector 7:30 P. M.—SERMON S4usic - Pastor Browne Male Chorus MRS. E. H. FOGLE, Organist

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