PAGE rOCK tH* CAKOUNA TIMK8 SATtJBDAT^JAN^S^im DURHAM SOOETY NOTES AIX NEWS FOR THIS PAGE MUST BE SUBMITTED BEtXJRE TEN A. M. MONDAY OF EACH WEEK Mrs. Lillian Buchanan, Editor—9-1480 MRS. MABEX POWEX.L—Pearsontown—Phone 9-4134 MISS M. L. STEPHENS—West Durham—Phone 7-4164 MRS. N. J. CURRY—West End—Phone 7-8862 MISS RACHEL NUNN—Hickatown The Azalea Garden Club The Azalea Garden Club met with Mrs. Thomasine. Register in Chapel Hill, N. C., on Wed. nesday evening Jan. 13, 1954. The president, Mrs Effie Cot ton presided over the meeting. The garden gate was opened by Mrs. Maryland McCollum with a very appropriate poem: “Who ever Makes A Garden" which was enjoyed by all. After a short interesting business session, the club enjoyed a very worth while social hour. Mrs. Register served a very delicious repast which all enjoyed. Members enjQ;ying Mrs. Regis ter’s ho^itality were Mesdam- es: Effie Cotton, Lena Richard son, Sallie Harris, Amanda Long, Maryland McCullum, Charlotte Mills, Gladys McNeill, Thomasine Register, Hazel Mc- Broom, Annie Perry, Roxie Da vis and Thelma Parham. The Durham Domestic Club The Durham Domestic Club had its holiday affair on old Xmas which was J^n. 6 with its members and their guests Dr. Rose Butler Brown was the guest speaker and she gave a wonder ful talk. Her suhDect was “Sub stance And Shadow!’ Guests present were Mes- dames: Sudie Gaither, Cora E. Barnes, Alice Rivers, Lena Parks, Mildred W. Smith, Rosa B. Brown, Messers: Thomas Moore, William R. Hargraves, Sr., Hess Watkins, Percey White, T. H. Bates and Mrs. Lu cille Puryear, Mrs. Alice Cook, Mrs. Mary DeVaughn and Mrs. Cora Sneed. Members present were Mesdames Moore, Day, Cole, Watkin, Pearce, White, Bates, Sneed, Archie, Snipes, Wade, Hinton, William. A delicious repast was served consisting of tomato cocktail and turkey dinner, coffee, fruit cake with ice cream on top. A good time was had by all. Disc Twelve of White Rock District 12 of White Rock Baptist Church held its monthly meeting on January 17 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Archie Perry 1004 Linwood Ave. with 24 members and 1 visitor pre sent. The meeting was opened in the usual manner,' a song, prayer and another song. The lesson in the secret place was read and discussed by Mrs. Mat tie Ferglus and enlarged on by the group. After th£ iwual busi ness, we were served ice cream, cookies, candy and peanuts by the hostess after which we ad journed to meet Sunday Feb. 21 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Er vin L. Trice, 908 Whitted St. at 4 P. M. Mrs. Beatrice Noel, President Mrs. Ora Fitzgerald, Vice- President Mrs. Rosetta Southerland, Re cording Secretary Return* to New York Miss Jeanne Noel, formerly ol 404 Cozart Ave., but now resid ing in Brooklyn, N. Y., flew Eastern Airline home to spend the Christmas holidays in Dur ham and Morrisville visiting relatives and friends. Many so cial courtesies were tendered her while she was here. Mrs. McMillan Fetes Cosmetol The Cosmetology Club Chap ter One met at the home of Mrs. Marie McMillan 705 Drew St. Monday Jan 4. This was the first meeting in the year and every one was happy to meet and greet each other. The meeting was opened with the usual proce dures with the president, Mrs. P. F. Love presiding. r After the business session a delicious repast was served to the following: Mesdames P. F. Love, I. Johnson, M. Bloimt, E. Pugh, B. Pretty, P. Hart, L. Hill, M. Jefferies, E. Brown, M. Mi nor, E. Owens, B. Fowler, M. De catur, L. Wise and Misses L. Burroughs, S. Detson and L. Wells. Mrs. Lottie Cockran Hostess On Sunday January 17 Mrs. Cockran proved a charming hos tess when she entertained mem bers of the Friendly Circle Club of St. Mark AMEZ Church at her home 823 Maplewood Ave. The meeting was opened by devo tions led by the president, Mrs. Odessa Alexander. Members present were Miss Sara Cameron, Mesdames Eliza beth Brown, Garry Grantt, O- dessa Alexander, Lottie Cock ran, and Mr. Grover Burthey. After the business session Mrs. Cockran served a very de licious two course dinner. Mr. Burthey thanked the hostess for such gracious hospitality. Every one left declaring her the per fect hostess. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Sara Came ron, 903 Carroll Street. Md., Mr. Thad Hogan and Mr Henry Park^ of Philadelphia, Pa. Members present were Mrs Louise Thorpe, Mrs. Addie Lan- geey. Miss Hattie White, Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Roberson, Mr. and Mrs. Luther Elliott, Mr. and Mrs. Luther Banks, Mr. and Mrs Edward Solman. It was an en joyable evening. The Jolly Pals Club Meets On Monday night Dec. 28 the Jolly Pals Club celebrated its 5th anniversary with a dinner at the Do-nut Shop .which was attended toy their members, husbands and guests. Guests pre sent were Mesdames: Roberta Toban, Rosa Johnson, Alease Herrod, Mr. and Mrs. David Young, out of town guest were Mrs. Hattie Pauls, Baltimore, The Lyon Park Rose Garden The Lyon Park Rose Garden Club held its first meeting of the year Tuesday evening Jan. 12 at 7 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Alliner Randall, 828 Ridge way Ave. The home was beauti ful throughout. The meeting was opened with the group singing the Club song “God Bless The Little Roses,, and repeating the adopted Bible Verse for the year followed by a chain of prayers. Mrs. Alice Jones, president, wel comed the members for the new year and gave some very en couraging remarks on the suc cess of the club and the work the group has done during the past year. She also extended her best wishes to the members for their loyalty and coopera tion and truly hopes the club will strive to do more and better work in the future. At this time various committee reports were called for. The secretary report was giv- ep by Mrs. Victoria Joyner, the financial report was given by Mrs. Bullock, treasurer. Mrs. Curry gave the social service activities report and Mrs. Pearl Brown gave the cheer and com fort report. The group held open discussion on the reports the president brought from the council meeting. At this point the hostess took charge. Everyone was invited into the dining room where refresh ments were served from the dining room table which was covered with a white lace cloth and centered with a beautiful arrangement of chrysantheums in mixed colors. Everyone en joyed the gathering and a lovely time was had by all. Guest present were Miss i^ry L. Stephens, Miss Bonnie Reed, Mrs. Margaret Battle, Mrs. T. L. Rowland. Members attending the courtesy were Mesdames: Margaret Burnett, Alene Me- bane, M. W. Webb, Elizabeth Bullock, Josephine Hoskins, Daisy Green, Effie Young, Alice Jones, Victoria Joyner, Elnora Smith, Flonnie Smith, Pearl Brown, Notie J. Curry, AUlner Randall, Elizabeth Hester, Mat tie R. Canty, Mary Hardy, Mable Freeland. Mrs. Smith thanked the hostess for such a lovely time. On Wednesday Dec. 30 Mr. and Mrs. William L. Smith en tertained out of town guests for dinner at their home on Nelson St. Honored guests were Mr. and Mrs. Willie Manley, Thad Ho- Petite Tina Marshall was cho sen first cover girl for Beauty Trade Magazine in New York because of her coal-black crown ing glory. Beauty Trade is the race’s first trade publication and is designed for the fast growing beauty industry. Model Tina, originally from Oyster Bay, Long Island, is ta- lanted and serious qtnd aspires to the theatre. Together with her worldly charm of flaipless skin, radiant and healthy, Tina p^- sonifies the modern girl who's going places in a big way. gan, Mrs. Mattie Canty, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Joyner, and Mr. Parks from Pa. Other friends enjoying were Mesdames Dora Green, Ethel Perry, Grace Willi ams, Plassie Harris and Roda Prince. Rev. George Tharrington, newly elected pastor of Kyles Temple Church was the dinner guest on last Sunday of Mrs. Mattie RoysteSr on Lawson St. On Friday Jan. 1 Mrs. Elnora Smith of Nelson St. accompanied Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Malone to her home town in 'Louisburg, N. C., where they attended the Eman cipation Service. The guest speaker for the occasion was Dr. T. C. Malone from North Caro lina College here in Diurham. Following the service they were dinner guests of friends. On Thursday Jan. 14 Rev. George Tharrington, pastor of Kyles Temple Church is asking all members to attend the mem bers meeting which will be held at the church at 7:30 P. M. The Choir rehearsal will follow. Mrs. Effie Roberson Hostess On Tuesday night Dec. 29, the Pearsontown Community Club held their Christmas party at the home of Mrs. Effie Roberson on Martha St. Mrs. Rosa G. Gil christ, the president, presided over the meeting. Alter a short business session Mrs. Grace Williams passed out gifts that had been exchanged by the members. The hostess served a WE ARE HAPPY TO EXTEND CONGRATULATIONS To The MECHANICS AND FARMERS BANK ON THE OPEMNG OF ITS FAYETTEVILLE STREET BRANCH BANK ★ ★ ★ KENAN OIL COMPANY HILLSBORO ROAD-PHONE 8-1217 CONGRATULATIONS. . , . To The MECHANICS AND FARMERS" BANK 01\ THE OCCASION MARKING THE OPENING OF THE NEW FAYETTEVILLE STREET BRANCH DRIVE-IN BANK ★ ★ ★ ADAM’S CONCRETE PRODUCTS CO. HOLMAN ROAD-PHONE 8-2331 Try Our Personalized Decorating Service Made-To-Ofd€f Draperies, Cornices, Lamp Shades, Bed spreads, and Her itage Furniture. ★ ★ ★ Just Below Five Points Out Of the high rent ' area. ★ ★ ★ COME IN AND BROWSE AROUND. 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The Le Fleur Garden Club met On Monday evening January 4 the La Fleur Garden Club met at the home of Mrs. Gladys Rho des on Massey Ave. The meet ing was opened with the Club song, Thank God for a Flower Garden in 54. The Lords Prayer was said in unison. The business session was presided over by President Rhodes. Members enjoying the fine hospitality of the Rhodes’ were Mesdames: Marie Pittman, Ma ble PoweU, Marion Henry, Mary Smith, Hazellne Wilson, Evelyn Dudley, Virginia Alston, Jau- nita Page, Eleanor Lloyd, Elma Peddy, Gladys Swift, Lucy Nor wood, Minnie Gilmer, Minerva Evans, Beatrice White, Mabel Davis. Mrs. Dudley thanked the hostess for an enjoyable even ing. The group repeated the motto “He Who Plants a Flower Plants a Hope, said members and adjourned to meet with Mrs. Mary Hester Smith on Nel son St. Jan. 18. Miss Margaret A. Noel spent the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Noel, 414 Cecil St. She and her guest, Mr. Rufus Venters, motored from Prairie View, Texas. Charles B. Noel was also here from Camp Rucker, Ala. Mr. Venters was also guest of Mr. William Hus band and daughter 413 Cecil St. A Party Given By Co-Hostesses Mrs. Evelyn Dudley, Mrs. Margaret C. Allen and Miss An nie L. Cobb were co-hostesses Saturday, when they entertained •a group of friends at the hof^ie of Mrs. Dudley on Pekoe St. Flowers were used throughout the house. The refreshment table was covered with a lace cloth and centered with an arrange ment of beautiful flowers and fern. Aifter several progressions of, whist, pinochle and pokeno, a repast was served con sisting of ham, oysters, cheese crackers, coffee, nuts and candy. After the repast, then the sur prise miscellaneous shower for Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Rhodes who have recenUy moved into their new home on Price St. From the many useful gifts received, many friends, proved their worth. After opening and ac knowledging the gifts, Mr. and Mrs. Rhodes thanked everyone and assured them they would be used. Those enjoying this hospi tality were Messres and Mes dames, Lewis, Tuck, Solice, Nor wood, Foreman, Whitted, Har den, Biggers, Rhodes, AUen, Dudley, Wilson, V. Davis, M. Watson, G. Rogers, M. Korne- gay, M. Evans, M. S. Thompson, A. L. Cobb, A. M. Tucker. The departure was one of hav ing had an enjoyable evening. Dinner Party Sunday afternoon Jan. 17 was a happy time for Mrs. Lil Far rington, Mrs. Allie Dick,, Mrs. Hattie Meadow, Mrs. Pearl Cor- dice and Mrs. Lil Buchanan. They were called earlier in the week by Mrs. Annie Strickland to be ready Sunday by 2 o’clock, we are going on a little trip. We kept asking, where are we going. We were told to wait and see. So we started on our jour ney and landed in Efland, N. C. There we received a very very warm welcome into the beauti ful home of Mr. and Mr?. Lacy Morrow, cousins of the Strick lands. Later we were invited in to the beautiful dinning"^'room. The table was a scene of beauty. There we were served the most delicious turkey dinner with all the trimmings. We thanked Mr. and Mrs. Strickland for inviting us and it was such a pleasant surprise. We thoroughly enjoyed our selves and left declaring Mrs. Lessie Marrow a charming hostess. She was assisted in ser ving by her aunt, Mrs. Edna Morrow ot Hillsboro, N. C. APPEAL FOR DIMES DRIVE I Left to right: Dr. J. Oscar Lee, New York, executive director , of Department of Racial and Cultural Relations, National Council I ot Churches; Mrs. Anna S. Murphy, New York, president, the Girl : Friends, Inc., and John H. Johnson, Chicago, editor and publisher, Johnson Publications, appeal for dollars to support the March of I Dimes, Jan. 2-31. laoooesoooooopooooooQoeMooooooopoch SCARBOROUQH & HARGETT FUNERAL DIRECTORS 24 . . . Hour Ambulance Service ... 24 Phone 3-3721 522 E. Pettigrew St. POTTS—Funeral rites for Mrs. Mary E. Walker Potts of 1105 Glenn Street, Durham, were held in Mecklenburg Conunty last Thursday, January 14. Mrs. Potts died on January 10. FOUSHEE—Mr. Wilbert Fonshee, resident of 1104 Kent Street, Durham, died last Wednesday, January 13. Funeral services were held Sunday, Janaary 17 at Reed’s Chapel in Lee Coun ty. ' White Rock Baptist Church »A FBKNDLT 6HUBCH” WHITE ROCK SQUARE MILES MAJIK FISHER, Pastor SUNDAY, JANUARY 24, 1954 8:45 A. M.—Call To Worship Electronics 9:30 A. M.—SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON: '‘Crossing Man-Made Barriers” John 4:1-42 PROF. J. M. SCHOOLER, Supt. 11:00 A. M.—“Dare To Be—Separated” ...1^The Paat(^ Senior Choir, MRS. V. W. ALSTON, Directress 1:30 P. M. Baptist Training Union J. L. LASSITER, Director 7:30 P. M.—Installation Service of “The Dukes and Duchesses" Gospel Chorus, MISS LEANA ROBERSON, Directress These two attractive North Carolina College coeds greet ed the winter’s first snow with warm smiles in Durfiam last week. Beginning a new quarter at NCC, the beauties are shown with the books they will be stu dying as Old Man Winter lashes the nation. The coeds are Miss Winifred Williams, left, and Miss Sarah McNeil, right. Both are juniors. Miss Williams it the daughter of Mrs. Alma Will- iams, 510 Dunbar Street. ,Mias Miss McNeil ii the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. McNeil, 704 Pine Street, Durham. Dr. Sidney T. James is conva lescing at his residence, 310 Um- stead Street. Mrs. C. C. Smith, Jr., and son. Pvt. Albert A. Smith, U. S. Ar my motored to Washington, D. C. to visit her son and daughter- in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Carter C. Smith, III. They were accompa nied by her niece, Miss Barbara A. Brisby, instructor in physi cal education at St. Paul Poly. Institute, Lawrencevllle, Va. The Community Club of Oak Park The Community Club of Oak Park had its first meeUng at the home of Mrs. William Tucker on Morse St. After a very enjoy able meeting a lovely repass was served to the following ladies: Mesdames J. Perry, R. Buie, C. Sanders, favors, Blunt, Woodard and Mr. L. James. The next meeting will be held the 4th Thursday at the home of Mrs. Woodard 2403 DaUes St. Winter Vacation Mrs. Charlotte Spaulding has returned home after having (Continued on Page Eight) ffssssasstaas: i qiii J First Calvary Baptist Church SUNDAY, JANUARY 24, 1954 9:30 A. M. SUNDAY SCHOOL RICHARD JAMES, SUPT. 11:00 A. M.—SERMON . Rev. E. W. Jarrett MHSIC rrrr-: — SENIOR GHOIR MISS MARY L. STEPHENS, Organist 6:00 P. M. BAPTIST TRAINING UNION JOSEPH HERROD, PRESIDENT 7:30 P. M.—SERMON Rev. E. W. Jarrett “LITTLE OLD MOHBER WELCOMES YOU" Saint Joseph A. M. E. Church REVEREND D. A. JOHNSTON, PoMtvr SUNDAY, JANUARY 24, 1954 9:30 A. M. SUNDAY SCHOOL W. G. Rhodes, Supt. 11:00 A. M.—“Heart’s Desire” Paitor 6:00 P. M. A. C. E. Leagut Winifred Martin, Supt. 7:00 P. M.—“The Average Man" . Pastor Mount Vernon Baptist Church REV. E. T. BROWNE Pastor SUNDAY, JAN. 24, 1954 9:30 A. M. Sunday School C. E. RICHARDSON, Superintendent ^1:00 A. M.—SERMON L Pastor Browne B:30 P. M. - Baptist Training Union % 6:30 P. M. Baptist Training Union Subject; “OUB FAITH IN GOD THE FATHER” Text: Psalm 24:1. 7:30 P. M.—SERMON Pastor Browne MUSIC SENIOR CHOIR mTMBER ONE MRS. R. S. McCOLLUM, Organist

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