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VOLUME 37—No. 10
^ge Pupils
^ ation Bid
ORO—"pic Orange Couii-
board-.'for the second
^tU^ed dow^ this week a re-
would; have integrated
f Bbijtu said here at its Mon-
!|iight Ittieeting it would be im
admit the 19 fjegr^
ents 'Who applied for entrance
beuuse th6 school term was al
r^dy in {irogress
^The Board £ir*t denied the r^
oil I^ - ff
Duke Uhiversity wjHl
gro students to its gradtii , .
’^'professional schools for
'S |time beginning -wrtlf-.''
:«chool term in Septe#j»beir-'>;'^
This was the result,-
tion passed by the ’
board of trustees W^hi
It read, in part, “qualifiM^|i^li-
lations may be admitted ':&■ de
gree programs in the. glW^e
school and professional seliit^Wof
the university effective, ' 1,
1961, without regard tV.l;MGe,
creed or national origin;’*
One of the richest ah(f;'-vinmt
famous schools in the SoutH,^^Uke
had not previously accept^' >}e-
gro students, although a f^'ib^d
taken special sumn^er
courses. The school had adQtiHed
a number of non-Causaslan ^eign
students, however. ^ '
Commenting on the bo^^^jfcct-
i See DUKE, ZrA^,
Teachers Mterim Committee
Shap#ly Grace D«l Marco modtli,
Pat ChMtham (left) and Mad«-
lin* Sanders (right) dii|ttay the
winning form which won for
Hiem top role« in a apecially
produced fashion featura film
spon*«nML by Hie lOUtfU.
pair, the only i Negroes eppoar-
Ing In thu film, vled^wMi more
than fHtV oth#r medoU for the
role*. Boii4i laatet command an
hourly ^teale of forty doHart.
Spears Named
V. President of
M.&F. Banl(
CHARIjOTTE ft- Tl>e Mechanics
and Farmers Batik of Durham re
vealed here this week that A. E.
Spears, Sr., of (^arlotte, has been
elected to the position of Vice
President of the bank.
For the past 18 months, Spears
has headed ^a group of Charlotte
citizens who hav«l been working
for the establishment of a branch
of Mechanics and Farmers Bank
in Charlotte.
The Banking Oommisslon, on
January 18, approved establish
ment of the propoagd branch at a
site located on Beally's Ford Road,
opposite the main entrance to the
campus of Johnson'C. Smith Uni-
veraity. , ’
Durham Bank In - >
Top 4,000 of U.S.
Mechanlo and Farmer* Bank
moved up, 231 place* in the
tiandlngt among the largest com
mercial b^nkt In the Unit^
States during last year, It was
rdvealed ttili week.
The 1961 Annual Roll Call of
th« 3,300 larges? banks In Ameri
ca listed Mechanic* and Farmer*
In 3,238th place. Last year it
ranked 3,449th.
The l>a«k's total resource* at
thi end of 1960 weite reported
at $8^396.51.
There are 13,400 commercial
banks Ki the U. S.
RALEIGH—At a regular meet
ing of the Board of Directors of
the North Carolina Teachers As;
sociation, an Interim Committee
was appointed to succeed the late
Dr. W. L. Green for an indeflnite
period. ,[
. W. R. Gilllns, President of
thg 11,006 .^member stalie-wide
teacheifs Orianlzatlon, was nam
ed chairman of the hiterim Com
mittee. Mr. Collins said that the
board agreed unanimously to
adopt the proposal to appoint
an interhn group.
In an effort to prevent any pos
sible loss of personnel effort, the
Interim Committee acted quickly
to organize itself. Serving with Col-
Morrow Okay^d
For Post With
United Nations
H. Morrow, former chainnan of
the Romance Language department
at North Carolina College, was ap
proved by the Senate Tuesday for
the post of' alternate delegate to
tthe United Nations.
Morrow left NCC in 1959|to ac
cept a position as this counti^>
tirst ambassador to ^ the Republic
of Guinea. He reigned after
[Resident Kennedy’s election.
He is the third NCC language
professor to enter government ser
vice. Dr. Raleigh Moi^an, his pre
decessor, joined the State Depart-
ment’a linguist branch. Dr. Albert
Berrian, who succeeded Morrow
at NCC, left this year for Leo
poldville, Congo, where he is di
recting dn English la&guage cen
ter for tie U. S. ;
MASS Rrr»—At MfHm ttmtm
fr®n® ^nvaaide rffces 99^ tkio
three memheo tt Hm Trie* fam
ily killed by Mows t* the ke^
from an axe. Tko ceWim were
placed in grave* side* by side
at Barte*'* Clta**i eemelery.
Charles (Poank) CaWan, i* pie-
ttired abeea. Haa adaiitfad ••
th« staying*.
Two Pedestrians
Killed Wiien
Struck by Autos
Two pedestrians were killed in
separate accidents in Durham this
week whe» they were struck by
Moses Lee Graves, Jr., 20, died
instantly early l^aturday morning
when he was struck by car driven
by Otis Scott, 36, of 1207 Juniper
Graves' was walking along South
NGTA To Salute
Past Presidents
At Convention
RALEIGH — The tliree day ob
servance of the 80th Anniversary
of the North Carolina Teachers
Association will be highlighted
with a special program honoring
all of the past presidents of the
II4KX) member state-wide organi
zation March 23 at the Ligon High
School auditorium.
W. R. 'Collins, president of NC
TA, said, “the growth and develop
ment of the North Carolina Teach
ers Association places a distinct
value on the contribution of ttfe
past presidents who founded and
chartered the singular achieve
ments of the organization through
t(ie years.
He aaid, "The magnitude of
thi* service jusifies this gratuti-
ou* act on the part of the esso-
ciaMon toward these persons who
See NCTA, 2-A I
“Most Brutal MurdeVs in My 30 Years*
ExmCon Grushes Skulls
Of Three As They Sleep
Mass funeral services were con
ducted at Barbee’s Chapel Church
cemetery Wednesday afternoon for
three members of a family whose
skulls were crushed when a 48
year old ex-convict went on an
ax-swinging rampage early Sunday.
The Rev. J. R. Manley, pastor of
Chapel Hill’s First Baptist Church,
officiated at graveside rites for
Miss Ruby Trice, 35, her *15 year
old son, Bobby Louis Farrow, and
Miss Trice’s father, 67 year o|d
Matthew Trice.
Their heads were bashed In wiUi
an axe as they slept in |heir beds
hi a two room fram%' just
t morning b/ %Urtie (Poonk) ^ot--
ton, 48; commoB-li^ rhua|w*d to
Miss Trice. ’
Miss ’Trice was dead when po
lice arrived on the scene. Her toa^
Farrow, died in N. C. ■ Memorial
hospital Sunday afternoon, and
the woman’s father, Matthew
Trice, died Tuesday at the hos
pital. i ’
A throng of nearly 150 per
sons witnessed the triple fuiieral
cecemonies conducted at Bart>c^’s
Chapel cemetery, located ii^ Dur
ham county near the Orange coun
ty line.
Orange County police officers said
late this week that Cotton, who
finally admitted the slaying after
fifst trying to involve two other
men, will be arrai^ed in a pre
liminary hearing in the next
criminal term of the Hillsboro Re
corder’s Court.
He will be charged with first
degree murder. He is being held
in Orange County prison without
Cotton went on his wild ram
page early Sunday morning, be
tween 1:30 and 2:30 a.m., police
“It was the most brutal murder
I’ve investigated in my 30 years
as a police officer,” Orange deputy
Sheriff Frank Maddrey told the
TIMES Wednesday.
and Mrs. Charles Mo*by of Win-
•ton-Salem challan'ge referee'*
Interpretation of foul during
*aml4inal* of CIAA batketball
tournament gama between- the
Rami of WHwtgfl4al«m and A.
and T. College. Ram*, finally
wan tha conferenM tournament,
staged last weak-and In Winstsn-
SalMi's man]orial coliseum. For
addtloivil stories and picturaa,
aaa paga
The Fisti Peddler Returns
Tuesday of this week there occurred in Washington one of
the most dramatic episodes in the annals of American history.
It was the visit o/ i’rcsideiit Kwatne Nkrumah of Ghana to
to this country. Greeted at the Washington National Airport
by President Kennedy, wlio drove through a drizzling rain
to extend a red carpet welcome to the.head of the African
Nation, Nkrumah later addressed the opening session of the
United Nations Geneml Assembly.
Our minds go back to the year 1928 when Nkrumah, as a
student in the United States, was peddling fish on the streets
of Brooklyn, New York in an effort to earn enough money
to continue his education in this country. The then poor Afri
can native had come to America to secure an education v«rith
the hope of returning to his native country to help it find
its place among the leadingt nations of the world. Although
Ghana cannot yet ba said to have reached the status of a
great power, in comparison with other nations of the world
she is well on her way, and tnuch credit must be given to the
wise leadership of Nkrumah.
MiMley, of Chapel Hill, reads
liturgy as badie* af thraa vic
tims are cema«ittad ta (ram*.
Attack on Mays Comes From
Bigob, Says NAACP Secretary
TO RUN AGAIN—Hubert Robin.
*on, member of the Chapel Hill
Board of Alderman, has an
nounced his decision to seek r^
election in Hia Chapel Hill muni
cipal electiona this spring. He
waa the fic|t Negro elected to
tha body.
No Money
For Jim Crow
were urged this week to make
known to Congress their objection
to any Federal funds going to
states where the school desegre
gation ruling is l>eing defied. They'
are to make it plain that any Fed-,
eral aid to education should pro
vide for withholding of Money
from states and localities which
reftise to desegregate.
Mambers were spacWkally
called upon to urga thaW Con
gressmen and Senator* **t» sup
port a bill amended to includa
Mil* pro^isioM.*
Ttie directive was nst by Roy
Wilkins, executive semtary, to
the Association’s 1.4M ututs
4S states.
WASHINGTON, D. C—Presiftem
Kennedy was asked tUs week ta
disregard the opposition of Geor
gia Seniituis~ Itkluiid^ Br RouKll *'
and Hemuin E. Talmadge to tke
possible appmntmcBt of Dr. Ben
jamin E. Mays to tbe U. & Civil
Rights Commission.
NAACP Execwtiwa Sacralary
Roiy WIIUrs said bath Saiialara ,
ba«a spent tliair pmMIc lifa **!■
support af a syslam wMdt ... ^
has denied M*gra Amaricaiw Hw
enioyment of tbair canstitutiasa.
al right* a* citiMM.'*
WUiuns added that “both nwn
have made ruthless and unrdent-
ing use their station and powers
to prevent the United States «f
America from acting to cocreei
the iniquitous ^tem which aaa-
bitters 18 million Americans and
embarrasses oar natioB before the
free wwM.”
Senatws RimeU and TUmadge
have charged that Dr. Mays la
WilldM cawalBrtA dip sayin»
tha» Dr. IWta*«^"*i(i^hwished
Nine Sit-in
Students Freed
members freed Arom the YetiE
County, South Cafolina, niad
were greeted at Friendship
College as rctumiiig heroes.
At an opMt-air aeremony
ers praised the rtudents aM|
parents who ato«d kahlad
Friendship College nasMnft
H. Goudkiek caUad
“martyis” ia the eaua* tt
and equity.
Thomas Gaither. C0lt«4
rdtary and ooe of the
leased from the read
“liberal ChrlMiaa-heaiia#
to come t* the forefront:
sure to viwrk out a
imme^ate aohition St''
lem of saft^tioB in
cofflmuaHy '
. Sa« FRI90,

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