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DemonstratibiK Should Stop, Says State College Head
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TIMES Winner Leaves for Holy Land
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SdiQol Board
y«t$s to Appeal
Court Order
After n««rly hour* of
deMb«r»(ions. the Dorhatn City
BoaH «C. E^cation voted ■ 3-1
MrNcr thli ir^k /j Appearl a
fetleral jiidfe's repent ord«r (iv-
lag «leoieiitary and Junior hifh
right tn attend
the Ichobi of their choice in
The ootift order rejected waj
oiM 4rMwn up two weelu aso
lU^ *0)^1 board attorney Mar-
a^U TV Spears and attorney for
Negro pl^ntiffs, Ja'mei' R. Na-
brit III ajyi Conrad Pearaon, and
•pproveA' last week b y Judga
BtHinlin Stanly.
^ ' ' '
^'T^iOMgh ihe (iM*r >was appeal-
attorney Speara mid that it
would retrain in ei(tec^. until the
case is heard and decided by the
U. S. Fourth Circuit Court of
Appeal*. He «p«culBtad ,that the
higher covrt wou)ti not get to
hear th^ oa«e until after' school
opens in Sept.
: *fhe order wa^ the outc9me
of a three-year old court suit
•gainst the city achoot board,
filed by parents of huikiteds of
Negro school 'th'.ldren: seekhtg
integratioii’ of t>c^llc schools.
In the meetinii, earlier this
week, the board nt^t to consider
Ha course under thf new order.
'8b[ white persons - three wom
an - attended the session as visi
tors. . >
The board's move for an ap-
, . „ , II P^al came toward the eNl of the
ing. of Bumice Adams, alias , . - .. . „.
T, , M mnA meeting. Twice before, the board
Buster Pugh Adams, 45. of 604 / . ; ..
PI V ft Qt members ign9red suggestions for
i-icKett St. -1 ,ppe,i £,om the order.
Adams was announced dead, The first time an appeal was
on arrival at Duke Hospital last suggested, the board ended by
Saturday afternoon after being adopting a three-page state-
shot in the face and shoulder. mei^t lifting a history of the
with a'I2-guage shotgun In front court suit and the objections it
of Mclver’s home at the Rox-. bad ralaad to the outline of the
boro address. |:prl«r, but concluded with a com
' Witnesses to the shooting saTI ment that “however, so long as
that Adams and Mclver had the order is in effect, the school
been arguing at another house board, the administrative staff,
And that Adams followed Mclver and the school faculty will make
IwAne. They said that Adams every effort possible to provide
stood out stde Mclver’s home and a good educational program for
ihoflted curte word* and threats ‘ the coming school year, within
at him. K was reported that Me* l the limits ot their authority."
lT*r aafced Adami to leave from I Two of the six white parents
Pitl£E: 15 Conts
Term Used by
sue Officer
In YDC Issue
In Deatti For
Durham Nan
‘ A local man is being held in
Jail without bond awaiting
trial for the last weekend shot
gun (layiixtf- of another Iscar
' City polioe jare lioldlng Walter
Jamas Mcl^or, 53s of 005 S.
Ro]d>oro St., In Connection with
the last weekend shotgun slay>
-AT PRINCIPA1.S-SUPERVIS04S^ ..nilegt afficialt on the Durham, lehayU; Dr. Bon4; Or. Jottpli
MKT—Or. Harxa Mann Bono >-'>ll*g* campus. From left to riaht.! Taylor, diraclor af NCC'i summar
~ 'ciiy >cha«| and host; Mits Lotlio O
■v|^, NCC countolor; and J. M.
Scjl«fl*r, principal, Whitfod Jr
Hl«h School, Durham,
Mrd'from Mt, principal tp*akcr{ Thebaud Jtffori, Gastonia,
al Ihi rocont 14th annual Con r :ouncilman and principal of High
•Mcraf High School Principals .i;t 11 (and High School; Mrs. M. B.
Sefpar^fisori, ditcuitai th« propi'M i Smith, suparvisor,' Bladan County
•HIk datagatos and North Caro’iVi.i
A Disgraceful Public Official
Wluie Group Seeks Boycott in
Reverse to Protest integration
Move# to sqtMSh Integration 1 many saptlons inside the city,
efforts iniiliite)! by th« local ] It was the second meeting of
NAACPCORX chapter aAa later [ the graop; f)i« first was held two
taken up by W. Grabarek ' weeks mo in an open field in
and company hilve been extensi-1 Ourha£ County and more than I
fled in the last #e«k by an all'*! >00 atnnded.
stead it was. written by hiigh
public official entrusted wit| a
i;rcat responsibility and authnn^
aUiH-ting all of the wople oil
N»rth Carolina, im^uair.g (ivci
one miiiion of its Iwgro citizens
WV thinic it would be ^ard t(
find an intelligent member ol
tho racc, however, who has reao
of Mr, Worthington’s letter Ahu
would have one particle o^ fair
nt'ss or common decency when
the ri'^hts of a Neffro are coa
As it now stands it ap'/’trs
ti,\at Jiurth Caraiina's Utilities
Commissioner • does not havt
enough intelligence to realize hi.s
own unfitness for high public
office nor does he have enough
rospcct for the governor of thi‘
state who appointed him to re
sign. It also appears that unless
unless there is great pressure
brought .to bear by the people
nAiite goup knovra as the Dur
ham County •'White Cltlsens
At a "white rtlly” held In Dur
ham County laM week,
akwkeamen for the newljr form
ed council said that the group’s ACTIO* K.AlfllED
aVowed purpoae is to "proteflV
the rights of tKa nation’s '^hlte
citizen by preMfving aegrega*
Uon." >
The meeting drew spnH 3.500
white citizena Gorman
community, Rc^gembunt, B a-
bama, Oak Qro^, and •
•7 y«ap oM Roy Harris form-1
er manritn the Georgia House i
of Reprasantatives and president
of the CItlsens Councils of
America, was tbe rally’* prlnci-
pal spealscr.
In a letter dat«d May 30 and '
circMlatad In tha Durham area
W. C. Pfowa of Raleigh laauad 1
a can to,,M'CBBtloni*ta groups I
to «a( tagethar bccauaa ‘‘gioup i
•ottan ia naoded to combat inte
gratlon." Ooa copy ot the Itttei '
Sec OIIOU^ 6-A., i
Every respectable cUii -ti of
North Carolina ought to bow his
kead in shame at the remariir
made by this state's Utilitief
Commissioner, Sam Worthington
in a letter aai^iressed to N ,rtb
Carolina's Young Ut.‘mocraiic
Club President David Keid. II
Mr. Worthington has an iota o.
self rcspect loft in his heart and
an ounce, of repentance in iiis
soul he will resign riis position
as utilities commissioner ui
North Carolina of^ own ac
cord. Certainly sucn a coursc
pursued by Jlr. Worthineton
would relieve Governor Sanford
from being ‘placed in the uncn
viable position of having no ic-
spectable alternative but to ask
for the public utilities commis
sioncr's resignation.
When a public oiilcial of any
state allows iiimseif to bocome
so filled with malipe and hatred
as is evidenced in Mr. Worf.iiiig
ton’s letter to YDC Presiden* ■
Reid, he cannot hope to retain
the respect of decent fellow of
ficials of the Democratic Part)
in North Carolina, to say noth
ing of those of the YDC and thf>
respectable citizens of,the state
in general.
We are sali.sfied that all eood
citiierfs of North Carolina, espe
dally those who are Christians,
appreciate the fine and eotirage I DANVILLE, Va. Tiie Rev.
ous gesture made by the YDt,^^-'" Chase, President of the
officials in chansing the Rite oi Danville Christian Progressive |
the YDC rally in Raleigh from„* AA^pciation (D.C.P.A.) was ar-1
segregated hotel to one that is ^'csted at aijout 4:00 a. m. on
integrated. Such a move is cerjJu'y 29 when police kicked in
tainly in the direction of the! storm door of his home, |
coal of better race relations to seized him, and took him to Jail^
which all good citizens of North j ® bath;^
Carolina have been movinR for ^
the past several monttis. It 1 Ui' | arrest was part of the
ther bespeaks the inteiiuent aftermath of heightened anti
foresight of the Y.'C officials. , segregation activity in Virginia
On Sunday, July 28 when 80
Had such a'etter been written I persons were arrested in Dan-
by an ignorant person or one of f ylile, 24 Negroes were arrested
limited advantages there might the same d^y for trying to wor-
be some excuoe to overlook the ship in a white church in Farm
aentiment expreised in it. In-,ville, Va. , ' 1
Pittiford Denies
At Hillside High
Holman T. Pettiford, of Dur
ham, former coach at Washing
ton Union school in Roper will
not become athletic coach at
Hillside when he takes a Job at
the Durham institution this fall.
Pettiford spiked rumors that
he would replace one of the
coaches of Hillside's four major
sports this week.
Pettiford revealed that he has
accepted an assignment as a tea
cher of science at the high
school this fali.^^^’" '
Earlier runfiory had spread
that one or moV coachcs at Hill
side would b e replaced this
Pettiford and the names ol
two other well known coaches
in the area had figured in the
Two local li'adcr.i have joined
other state leader.i in heaplns^
criticism upon Slate Utilities Coixi
missioner Sam Worthington for
hi*- emlMttpred l,lter to Statf*
Voung Democratic Club Presiden'
David Reid uf Greenville in which
he assailed iteid for changing the
ite of the joint State-Southerr
YDC rally from the racially s. gre
:;atC(l Sir Walter Hotel in Kaleigh
to the integrated Carolina llotil
in the same city.
Attorney Floyd McKissick .iiivj
banker John H. Wheeler expre.sseii
grave di.sappointment with the
state official for his remark.s con
cerning the site changing.*
Worthington, in his letter, ac
cused Reid of being a "prize .stupid
scapegoat" tor ibanging the site
of the YDC rally held in Kaleigh
last weeki-nd, and used .the term
"nigsers" at least twice in the
McKissick, \'AAC1’ lawyef,
>aid that he supports the letter
.sent to Worthington' from the
president of tho Raleigh \AACP
chapter, Kalph.iCampbeli.
Campbell accused the state of
ficai early this week of showing
"utter disrespect for the Negro
ppople of this state" and aslced
that Worthing resign.
McKissick, a member of the
state YDC and also the National |
Chairman of COitE, said, “I fee'
that a public servant who live°
off the tax paying people should
bo impartial toward buth races
white and black. He," the attorney
said, "is uettint paid from iiinus
collected from- niembers ot both
races and his duij; is to treat'them
both alike,
"The letter he wnte,'*
sick continued, “is unl>ecomiiig of
a public official and'i^ shoW^ th^t^
he is not capable and should not ‘
have a duty of publlCi trtlst." He;
.said that he definitely supporti* |
what Campbell wrote. I
' 1 ‘ - I
Canipbell said in his letter that
"In Vii.'A’ of your utter d.srf.spec',
fir the Negro people of the state.
wfio“ Comprise a large portion 0/
total population; it tppears to us
^hat you are totally incapible and I
unqualified to hold the high nosi ,
tion of commissioner of the Utili
ties Commission, Your immediate i
resignation and its immediate ac
ceptapce would restore to the com I
mission some of the re.spect which
your letter has em.i.iciated.”’
Wheeler, president of Mechanics
and Farmers Bank and Chairman
of the Durham Committee on Ne
gro Affairs, said, "The letter is
really not worth commenting on.”
However, he did say that Worth
ington's i.-T “.shows (hat he is
obviously living in the pa^f."
Worthington wrote ,ii) his let
ter dated July 19 that "it would
have been a travesty enough to
have changed the place of the
YDC rally because of North Caro
lina niggers—to" change it for the
plants and emmissaries of the
Kennedys. NAACP and CORE con-
See YDC, 6-A
Elizabeth City President, NCC's
Taylor See Negotiation Need
j DALLAS, Tex. — Two pro-
I mincnt North Carolina college
educators called for a turn from
demonstrations to negotiations
in the current national unrest
I over race relations.
They were Dr. Walter Ridley,
president of Elizabeth City Tea
chers College, and Dr. Josep*i
[H Taylor, director of the Noath
5Carolina College Summer School
. and chairman of the History De-
I partment.
• “Tiiere ia no doubt in mind
i thct the demonstrations against
segregation - have done a great
deal-to achieve the goal of equal
opportunity for Negroes,” Dr.
Ridley said.
‘;But now that the demorstra-
tors have stimulated action, we
siiould move into a new phase
— -negotiations.”
Rev. Dungee and
ife are Given |
farewell Party
John ipungec tand his wife
weri giy^h d* bon voyage recep
tion! at Cotton Memor^l Pres-
byt#Man Church here (Wednes
day hight as the *oft anqken min^i
lstcf*yi'’p4iri*ff to*dlep&r(vfof*'tti#'
Holy Land.
Rev. Dungee is scheduled,
board an airship at Raieigh-Dur-
ham airport on Friday afterrioon ,
for a ITIght to New 'York where
he will leave two days later on ,
a 17 day trip to the Palestine
area. >
He will be accompanied by his
wife. I
Rev. Dungee won the trip by
virtue of his first place i
in the CaroIlJia Times second an i
nual Mini.sters Vacation Popular
ity Contest last spring.
Several members of the Col
ton Memorial Church are cx- .
pected to accompany the Rev. [
and Mrs. Dungee to the Ralcigli-
Durham airport to bid them fare
well on Friday. His plane is
scheduled to take off at 12:10
p. m.
The trip will take in stops at
such famous European cities as
Paris, Rome and Athens. T h«
Dr. Taylor concurred in 'Wd-
ley’s statement and pointed out
that racial demon^iratiorts ^n'
Durham^i last Easter in which
more thaii l.tfoo pi^fe kr-*
rested restilti|d tia. forini|tion ; pi
volunteer committee* on racial
equality fh^oilghOi^jKJrt)»
rolind. . I ‘ I
The two mdn Were in Diltksl
for the opening of the Ameifcnn‘
Teat'h'.'rs Associaiion. ^
Comnrwhtlng swathe organiza
tion. Dr. Ridley sai^ the Negro
tcachers association game Into
being befpre 1900 because of a
thoroughly segregated society.
"We hope the time will come,” *
he said, “when thene will be no
need .of the association.”
TERRANCE, Calif.—Actor »lar-
Ion Brando joined a CORE hous
ing picket line here this week
The well-known star has appeared
several times at CORE demonstra
lions on the West Coast.
Also appearing with the more
than 125 pickets was actor Perneh
Roberts who plays the part of
"Ad*m” on the Bonanza TV seriei
The picket line was held as •
development site where CORE al
leges that builder Don Wilson ie.
fuses to sell to .Negroes.
Wilson has I been approached by
CORE for a (rear to get him to
change his policy but thus far they
have been rebuffed.
Arrest Made In Wee liours
Police Take Man in Pajamas to Jail
The Rev. Chase nc(used to
put on any clothes and went to
court on July 29 dressed as he
was at the twie of his arrest.
‘’Danville i^lice continue to
show th^ utter disrespect of
human dl^ty when they grab
a man from his bed and take
him naked to jail,” said Avon
Rollins, Executive Committee
member of the Student Nonvio
lent Coordinating Committee
In the peaceful demonstration
in Danville on July 28, demon-
strator* marched In two* to
Main Street where they were ar
rested and put In waiting po-
]ic« vehicles and t large van 4I
I legedly belonging to tlie city I
I Public Works Dept. As the 1
Chief of Police threatened to'
I have newsmen who had gather-1
' ed for the announced DDay put ^
In Jail, the defnZ^strators were
I charged with violating an in-!
junction and an ordinance pass- j
I ed earlier to curtail protests.
SNCC field secretary John ^
: Robert Zellner was arreted one
hour after the demonstration
on the same charge although'
witnesses stated that ]ie followed ,
the marches at over 50 yurds
Four other SNCC .workers were I
arrested for participating in ttm |
demonstration, (hrce of them
H'hite. ' 1
Newsmen were repeated!^
blocked from viewing the de
monstration and CBS and NBC
news representatives were shov
ed by -police. One cameram.*
reported that his knuckles were
rapped while he was filming the
In other developments, six
Negroes, most of them students
from Virginia Union University
in Richmond, were admitted to
the Danville Holiday Ir/i but re
fused service. Local SNCC
worker Gladys Gil«s r«porlea
that 342 Negi((et liave been i>uc-
tessfully regisiered^to'vote since
July 10. !
.tr.eai cf »
Farmvlllp. respited from their at*
tempt to wor^p at the Farw-
ville BaptlsV'^hutch when tha
Board nfeacon. swore out a
warrant^^ interrupting aiil
dlsturbinf public Worship. Some
Negroes w^re successful in wor
shipping in .other white church-
cs in Fannvllle.
T't) e s e Farmville arrests
-brougM to a peak the protoat
' activity in Prince Edward Coun
I ty whick began after SNCC
I workera Ivantioc i>oDaidiion and
Kolin StMrruO wutit Uiuro bavof'
at d«>a Hgu. 'I'hik i» itie ftrft
'“diri^ct Metioii" t « r e a
1981 sciiwl s:rii;w

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