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    Half "Demented Man Shot To Death While Fleeing Police
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ShawU.Trustees Elect 3 New
Members At Recent Meeting
RALEIGH The Board of
Trustees of Shaw University
elected three new members to
fill vacancies on the Board
during its annual meeting here
on the Shaw campus recently.
At the same time, Board Chair
man, Asa T. Spaulding of Dur
ham announced that an oper
ating budget of $1,691,805 has
bee napproved for the 1966-
67 fiscal year.
Dr. Spaulding, president of
North Carolina Mutual Life In
surance Company, announced
the appoinments of Dr. Stephen
J. Wright, who recently resign*
ed the presidency at Fisk Uni
versity; Dr. John J. Theobald,
president of the Educational
Science Division of U. S. In
dustries, Inc.; and R. Peyton
Woodson, 111, chairman of the
Board and chief executive of
ficer of Occidental Life Insur
ance Company of North Caro
lina, to vacancies on Shaw's
governing body. With their ap
pointment, the  size of the
Board now numbers twenty
The 1966-67 budget repre
sents an increase of $921,9805
over the University's budget
of $770,000 just three years
ago, in 1963. According to
President James E. Cheek, sl,-
361,276 of the total budget is
listed for current operations.
$330,529 is for captial devolp
President Cheek also an
nounced the approval by the
Board of a new faculty salary
scale effective at the begin
ning of September, 1966 term.
The new salary scale, which is
based on nine months of serv
ice, "means the University is
in a position to attract, recruit,
and retain an outstanding fac
uly that will strengthen our
college," Dr. Cheek said.
NCC Graduate
School Gets
North Carolina College at
Durham Wednesday received
announcement of the accredi
tation of its graduate program
in teacher education by the Na
tional Council for Accredita
tion of Teacher Education.
Rolf W. Larson, director of
NCATE, in a statement of no
tification to the college cited
"full accreditation of programs
for preparing elementary and
secondary school teachers at
at the master's degree level,
full accreditation of programs
for preparing school service
personnel (elementary and sec
ondary school principals, super
visors, and guidance counsel
ors) at the master's degree
William Jones, chairman of
the interim committee admin
iftering the affalri of the col
lege, congratulated the Gradu
ate School and its dean, Dr.
Helen G. Edmonds; the Coun
cil on Teacher Education and
its chairman, Dr. F. G. Ship
man: and "the entire graduate
(acuity for the effective coop
eration which brings this
unique distinction to North
Carolina College."
Jones accented the congratu
latory statement from NCATE
which read: "The administra
tive staff and faculty of the
college are to be commended
for improvements made in the
criteria for admission to grad
ua t e programs, in faculty
strength, and in design and
content of graduate curricula."
Approval of NCC'i graduate
programs by the agency means
that its graduates enjoy auto-
Vote - Saturday May, 28 Is The Day-Vote
mb\ '
Dr. Martin Luther King on CBS
May 29 In "Face the Nation"
dent Dr. Martin Luther King,
Jr. will be interview on the
CBS News Program, "Face the
Nation" on Sunday, May 29, at
12:30 p.m. EDT.
A panel of three newsman,
led by CBS news correspondent
Martin Agronsky will conduct
the interview.
Dr. King's organization, the
Southern Christian Leadership
Conference, is now engaged in
a get out the vote drive for
the Alabama Democratic run
off on May 31, and is in the
crucial second phase of its first
sustained movement in a north
ern city, in Chicago.
SCLC is the first civil rights
organization to attempt to
mobolize all factions of a north
ern urban ghetto into a non
violent movement.
GEORGETOWN— Thousands j
of peasants in donkey carts and i
buses streamed into rai n
drenched Georgetown Wednes- '
day for street dancing and j
other merrymaking to celebrate j
Guyana's independence from ;
Britian, effective at midnight. }
Former Marxist Prime Minis
pies Progressive party boycot
ted the celebrations under his
policy of "Independence yes.
celebration no."
Jagan's population includes
about 175,000 Negroes
mm, /Wr
Hillside Senior
Awarded NCC
Willie Catherine McDonald,
a senior at Durham's Hillside
High School, has been award
ed a scholarship by the Durham
chapter of the North Carolina
College Alumni Association
Chapter president Claude
Harrison, who announced the
award this week, said the full
tuition and book supplement
College will begin in Septem
ber of 1966.
Miss McDonald, the daughter
of Madison McDonald and the
late Mrs. Janie McDonald of
1404 Halley Street, won the
scholarship on the basis of her
Scholastic Aptitude Test score
and letters of recommendation.
At Hillside, she is a member
of the Student Council, Span
ish Club, Dramatics Club, and
the National Honor Society.
- —-
BK ■
nm ■
NAACP To Commemorate
Martyred Medgar W. Evers
Expansion Plans for Hammocks
Beach Aired at May 20 Meet
The Hurst Assembly building
at the Hammocks in Swansboro
was filled to more-than-capa
city as teachers and visitors
heard program plans for the
Hammocks Expansion during
the Annual Pilgrimage celebra
tion, May 20. According to W.
R. Collins, Hammocks Expan
sion Director, the 16th Annual
Celebration had the largest at
tendance since 1950 when Dr.
William Sharpe, donor of the
property, entertained the teach
A special guest for the oc
casion was the Reverend Wyatt
Tee Walker, president Educa
tional Heritage, Inc., New
York. Speaking to the group,
Walker cited three basic alter
nates which he said people face
in their lives: 1. Moving for
ward with the season, which
is the nature of history; 2.
Taking a chance on things of
real value. 3. Trying some
thing that has never been tried
before Walker challenged the
group to move forward with the
development of the beautiful
Hammocks beachland.
Dr. Rudolph Jones, president
H if j
- M
Is shown being awarded a tele
vitlon sot by W. R. Collins,
expansion director of Ham
mocks Beach during the ob
Che Carolina C«MO
VOLUME 43 No. 22
High School Senior Killed
In Early Morning Auto Wreck
Funeral services for William
Henry Grafton 19, were held at
First Calvary Baptist Church,
here, Tuesday, May 24 at 4 00
p.m. The Rev. A. L. Thompson,
pastor, officiated. "
Gjafton who lived with his
mother, Mrs. Rosa Grafton at
1106 Proctor Street, died 7:00
a.m. Saturday, following an
auto wreck which occurred
around 6:00 a.m. on Fayette
ville Road near Cook Road in
the southern part of the city.
Grafton died at Duke Hospital
to which he was rushed, follow
ing the accident.
Riding in the car with Graf
ton at the time he was killed
were four other persons, all
of whom sustained injuries and
were rushed to Duke Hospital
where they were treated for
minor injuries and later re
Those treated and released
from the hospital were Wilbert
Watson, Jr., 16, 816 Colfax St.;
James Robert Farrington, 15,
1705 Garner Street and William
Colston King, 44, 1014 Rock
Street. More seriously injured
was Clay Robinson, 20, who was
reported by attendants to be
in fair condition but released
elect NCTA presided over the
program. Mrs. Gertude Hurst,
who was instrumental in get
ting the Hammocks property
donated to the teachers, was
unable to extend the official
welcome as planned.
The "occasion" was given by
E B. Palmer, executive secre
tary, NCTA. Greetings were
brought by Dr. S. E. Duncan,
NCTA president; Mrs. Dorothy
B. Jackson, NCACT president
elect; and Mrs. Maude F. Free
man, representing the Retired
Teachers. The special guest
(Mr. Walker) was introduced
by Mrs. Margaret Wilson,
NCACT president.
The line of persons desiring
to make the trip to the State
Park by ferry was continuous
throughout the day. Hundreds
of persons returned home dis
appointed because of inade
quate ferry service to the park.
A remedy for this condiiion is
being considered by the State
Parks Committee through the
State Higlrway Department,
said Collins in his expansion
Mrs. Geneva Bowe, record-
tor vance of Hie 16th annual
pilgrimage hold there May 21,
The sot was glvon as a door
prize to Mrs. Beatrice Rhu# of
North Harnett County School,
after treatment. Policeman, F.
R. Edwards, who investigated
the wreck, reports that two of
the occupants stated that King
was driving at the time of the
accident and that he was travel
ling at a speed of around 100
miles per hour.
Grafton, a senior at Hillside
High School, was scheduled to
graduate with his class. Friday,
June 10.
In addition to his mother,
NEW YORK Units of the
National Association for the
Advancement of Colored Peo
ple across the country will hold
special services on June 12
commemorating the third anni
versary of the assassination of
Medgar W. Evers, the Associa
tion's courageous field secre
tary for the State of Mississip
Evers was slain by a sniper's
bullet on the threshold of his
Jackson, Miss., home as he re
turned form an NAACP rally
just after midnight on June 11,
1963. Since then, another
NAACP leader in Mississippi,
Vernon Dahmer, has been kill
ed by terrorists. Dahmer died
last Jan. 10, as the result of a
fire-bomb which destroyed his
Hattiesburg home and business.
He was a former president of
the Hattiesburg NAACP
Among the branches already
scheduled to hold services are
three in Mississippi Laurel,
Newton County and Natchez.
The Natchez ceremony will be
held in front of the home of
Branch President George Met
calfe, who narrowly escaped
martyrdom last August 27 as a
hidden bomb exploded when
he stepped on the starter of
his automobile.
In Springfield, 111., the home
of the Great Emancipator, the
holder of the lucky ticket. Mr.
Brown received the TV sot on
bohalf of Mrs. Rhue, who was
unable to bo present.
Last Rites Held Tuesday For
Mrs. Martha Merrick Donnell
Funeral services for Mrs
Martha Merrick Donnell, daugh-
ter of the late Joh'n and Martha
Merrick and wife of Dr Clyde
Donnell, were held Tuesday at
3:30 p.m. at St, Joseph's AME
Church. The Rev. Philip R.
Cousin, minister of the church
delivered the eulogy.
Mrs. Donnell, who was born
in Durham, died at Lincoln
Hospital Sunday, May 22, at 4
p.m after a short illness.
A long time member of St.
Joseph's AME Church, she was
a former member of the
church's Senior Choir, first
president of the Ladies Aid
Society, and a member of the
Women's Auxiliary of the Old
North State Medical Society. .
She was also a member of the j
Women's Auxiliary to the Dur- J
ham Academy of Medicine, a
volunteer in the Cancer Clinic !
of Lincoln Hospeial and was ac- i
tive in many other civic organi- !
In addition to her husband,
to '.vhom she was married Pee.
IC, 1919. Mrs. Donnell is sur
vived by a brother. Edward R.
Merrick, a sister. Mrs. Mable
Bruce of Winston-Salem: four
nieces. Mrs. Hazel Scott of
Winston-Salem; Mrs. Martha
Wheeler and Mrs. Vivian M.
Sansom of Raleigh; and Mrs.
Constance M. Watts of Durham;
Miss L. F. Wilson and R. Cagle
Top Undergraduates at NCC
Back Salary
Ordered For
Fired Plumbers
NEW YORK Four Negro
and Puerto Rican plumbers, de
nied employment on a New
York City construction project
In 1964 following a walk-off of
organized white plumbers, will
receive compensation from Lo
cal 2 of the Plumbers Union
for any loss sustained because
of the refusal of union plumb
ers to work with them. The
•mount of compensation is to
be determined at a compliance
The back pay ruling of the
National Labor Relations Board
tions, on May 12, when the
United States Court of Appeals
granted the Board's petition to
enforce is order of June 2,
1965. The Court also invalidat
ed the provision of the collec
tive bargaining contract which
gave perference to union mem
A motion filed by the Urban
League of Greater New York
to intervene as a party in the
case was also granted The
Court had deferred decision on
this motion when it wras argued
two nephews. Dr. William
Bruce of Winston-Salem: and
Peter Williams of Raleigh.
Pallbearers were Frank W.
Scott. I 0. Fundcrburg. F. V.
Allison, C. C. Spaulding. Jr..
Nathan Garrett, William A.
Marsh, Jr.. William J. Kennedy
111. and A J. Howard Clement.
Floral bearers wore members
of the Ladies Aid Society, St.
Joseph's AME Church: Wom
en's Auxiliary to the Durham
Academy of Medicine, the
Gourmet Bridge Club.
Interment was at Beechwood
Fifty-one candidates for un
dergraduate degrees at North
Carolina College (will graduate)
with honors at the college's
55th annual commencement
Sunday, May 29.
The Durham institution will
confer approximately 600 un
dergraduate, graduate, and pro
fessional degrees at the annual
convocation in the R. L. Mc-
Dougal Gymnasium.
Topping the list of honor
students among 403 undergrad
uates are Linda Faye Wilson
and Richard A. Cagle, who
earned Summa Cum Laude
honors. Miss Wilson, a native
of Burlington and the daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wilson,
is a health education major
and biology minor. Cagle, the
son of Mrs. Polly Cagle of Pine
hurst, pursued a major in
English and a minor in French,
Graduating Magna Cum
Laude (are) (were) eleven stu
dents Carolyn E. Collins,
Winston-Salem; Clifton Woods,
Charlotte; Charles E. Daye,
Durham; Mary Ann Martin,
Leaksville; Sandra E. Grady,
Castle Hayne; Norma J. Sutton,
Kinston; Rebecca E. Pease, Hen
derson; Jarqueline H. Williams,
Fayetteville; Viola C. High,
Raleigh; and Robbie C. Grier,
Thirty-eight students gradu
ating Cum Laude (are) (were)
Fred Wright. Jr.. Shelby;
Victims Passes
Af Watts From
'Gun Wounds
A 32-year old man, Claude
Rogers, died Friday at Watts
Hospital from shotgun wounds
inflicted by a Durham police
officer from whom he was flee
Rogers was shot by Police
man T. H. Lassiter about 12:35
p.m., opposite the Duke Uni
versity East campus on West
Main Street. He died at 2:00
p m.
Reports indicated that police
were called to the Liggett and
Myers Tobacco Co.. at West
Main and Duke Streets at 12:23
p.m. by- an employee of, the
company who said a man fired
a shotgun in the air in front
of the building. Upon arriving
at the scene Lassiter reported
he saw Rogers walking on the
sidewalk with a shotun and a
box of shells. Lassiter said he
told Rogers to drop the gun
and Rogers did but started
running, holding something
close to his body.
Lassiter said he ordered
Rogers, a former mental pa
tient, to halt but the order was
ignored Then, said the officer,
"I fired a shot in the air and
he turned back toward me. I
thought he was holding a pis
tol. I fired low wilth the in
tention of stopping him and
WSSC Finals
Set for May 29
At Fries Aud.
Charles F. Golden of the Moth
odist Church and Dr. Randall
l.olley. pastor of the local First
Baptist Church, -will be com
mencement season speakers at
Winston-Salem State College,
President Kenneth R„ Williams
announced recently.
Bishop Golden will deliver the
commencement address at 10:30
a in. Tuesday, May 31. in Fries
Auditorium and Dr Lollev
will preach the baccalaureate
sermon at 3:00 Sunday,
May 29 also in Fries audito
Commencement activities at
the college got under way last
Sunday, May 22, with a class
vesper with Rev, Henry Lewis.
College chaplain, as speaker
Miss Gladys Rice, class presi
dent, gave the class gift to
the college. President Williams
accepted the gift on behalf of
the college. Other class activi
ties are scheduled for Wednes
day, FYiday and Saturday.
Alumni Day will be observed
with the traditional dinner-
See WSSC page 2A
Free SSO Cash
For Churches
Or Auxiliary
Save Purchase
Slips From Carolina
Times Advertisers
The Carolina Times will do
n«te each month >OO In cub to
the Church or church auxiliary
In Durham saving from ita
members and friends the high
•it number In dollars and
cents of caah register receipts
or calh purchase slips from
advertlaers In The Carolina
Tlmea listed below:
Appliance k TV
AW Stores
Alexander Ford
Belk Lefgett
Colonial Stores
Central Carolina Farmer*
Liberal Credit Store
Long's Florist
Mutual Savings and
Loan Association
Mutual Benefit Life Ins. Co.
Mary Carter Paint Store
Mcßroom's Truck Rental
Mechanics & Farmers Ban>
Model Laundry
New Method Laundry
One Hour Martlnlxlng
Providence Loan Co.
Rlgsbee Tire Sales
Roscoe Griffin
Rlgsbee Auto Salea
Sam's Pawn Shop
Sanitary Launderers and
Dry Cleaners
Union Insurance St
Realty Company
Weavers Cleaners

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