U.S. Court Orders 17 Dismissed Negro Teachers Re-hired Wins*on'-TJalf.-T, H. C. C 7 \ f " -¥■★★★★★★★★★★*★★ ★ ★ ★ ★★ Piedmont Airlines Hires First Negro As Pilot GIFTS FOR THE PRINCIPAI F. D, Marshall, retiring princi pal of East End School, re ceives a custom-made suit from former students, parents and John W. Davidson, seated be hind sign, was recently honor ed with a "This is Your Life" program in connection with his retirement as principal of Pear sontown Elementary School. Shbwn from left to right on 400 ExpectedAt ATA Annual Convention In Miami Beach Public Relations Official Is Named to Outward Bound Board HIGH POINT Robert J Brown, a public relations ex ecutive of High Point was re cently appointed to the Nation al Board of Trustees of Out ward Bound. Inc. at a trustee board meeting held at Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass. Outward Bound is a concept that experience in encounter ing physical and intellectual danger lead to a self-compre hension which enables one to preservere when confronted with challenge. Outward Bound schools were established to help young men discover and develop their own abilities by confronting them "with the de mands of a seemingly unfriend ly environment. Mrs. John J. McCloy of N. Y. City is chair man of the board. Brown, president of B&C As sociates, serves as consultant U. S. Ambassador Nahrit Calls For Rejection Black Nationalism WASHINGTON, D. C—One of the nation's leading Negro citizens has called upon mem bers of his race to reject the increasing appeals for "black nationalism," declaring that hatred and racism have no place in the Negro's struggle for equality. The advice came from Dr. James M. Nabrit, Jr., U.S. Permanent Deputy Repre sentative to the United Na tions, during a commencement address at Howard Univerity, where he is on leave as presi dent. last Friday (June 3). Speaking to an audience of some 9,500 persons, including 1.041 graduates. Dr. Nabrit said that now is not the time for the Negro to turn his back on friends presented by a parent, Mrs. M. L. McClain. On the left is Miss Mary L. Morrison, who presented a gift from the the front row are Mrs. Walter Wheeler, sister-in-law of the honoree; Mrs. Cecelia Davidson, daughter; Mrs. John W. David son; Mr. Davidson; and Mrs. Booker Davidson, sister-in-law. On the back row are Dr. J. S. i iflH BROWN to several corporate clients across the country in the area See BROWN 2A America "at the very moment when integration begins to ap pear on the horizon." The for mer civil rights lawyer said that he could understand why many Negroes are embittered by slow progress toward equal ity. "But to understand this is not to agree with it. Frustrat ed and bitter, disillusioned and skeptical meg do foolish and violent things," he added. Ambassador Nabrit made no effort to apologize for the black nationalists. "If the white man who is richer, better educated with «re political power—who en s to the limits all of his constitutional rights—can pro- See AMBASSADOR 2A teachers' aides; and second from left is Mrs. W. B. Brad sher, who presented a gift from the faculty. Smith, fraternity brother of Mr. Davidson; Walter Wheeler, brother-in-law; E. B. Palmer, narrator of the program; Thos. Hocutt and Mrs. Hocutt, friends of the honoree; and Booker Davidson the honoree's brother. MIAMI BEACH —Four hun dred teachers and visitors will be in attendance at the 63rd annual convention of the American Teachers Association at Hotel Carillon on Miami Beach on June 24-25, according to announcements from Dr. J. T. Brooks, executive secretary of the 41,000-member profes sional group organized in 1904 by the late Dr. J. R. E. Lee, then director of Tuskegee In stitute's Academic Department and later president of the Flori da A. and M. University. Theme for the two-day con fab is A UNIFIED PROFES SION. Slated to addresses are Richard dor, president of the National Education Association, Dr. Wal ter N. Ridley, president 'of Eli zabeth City (N.C.) State Teach ers College; and Dr. Benjamin J. Glover, president of Allen University, Columbia, S. C. Dr. J. Rupert Picott, execu tive Secretary of the Virginia Teachers Association, will mod erate a panel to discuss "Some Problems Incident to Merger of Local and State Associations; and Samuel B. Ethridge, asso ciate secretary for human rights of educators, Commis sion on Professional Rights and Responsibilities of the NEA, is listed to moderate a panel dis cussing "Teacher Welfare and Security." REV. L. A. LYNCH SPEAKER AT LJTTLE RIVER Reverend Lorenzo A. Lynch, pastor of White Rock Baptist Church, will serve as pastor at the Senior Vespu services at Little River School. The serv ices will be held in the school auditorium at 3:00 p.m. Sunday, June 12. Reverend Lynch is a graduate of Shaw University, College of Liberal Arts and holds the Bachelor of Divinity Degree from the School of Religion of Shaw University. €kt Carwip Cums VOLUME 43 No. 24 Durham To Host Old North State Medics Convention 79th Session Of Meeting Here June 14, 15 and IB The 79th annual session of the Old North State Medical Society convenes in Durham, June 14-15-16, with one of the most outstanding clinical pro grams and guest speakers in its long history Keynoting the convention program will be the eminent Dr. Edward W. Brice, Assistant Secretary for Educa tion, in the United States De partment of Health, Education and Welfare. Prior to this appointment Dr. Brice was Director of the Adult Education Branch, Bu reau of Adult and Vocational Education, of the U. S Depart ment of Education He was on foreign assignments for the United States Department for eight years. Dr. Brice is a graduate of Tuskegee Institute and holds the M.A. and Ph D. Degrees from the University of Penn sylvania He is one of the most decorated U.S. Civil Servants having received 14 a'A'ards and citations from foreign govern ments, colleges and universi- See MEDICS 2A Mrs. Margaret Minor Elected New President of Beauticians CHARLOTTE—Mrs. Margaret Minor of Durham was elected president of the North Carolina Beauticians and Cosmetologists Association at its recent an nual convention at the Queen Charlotte Hotel. Mrs. Minor, who had served as financial secretary of the organization, was chosen by the more than 800 delegates at the convention to succeed Mrs. Vivian Massey of Wins ton-Salem who chose not to run this yeai p -after serving six years as president. Mrs. Minor will serve a two-year term. Chosen top hair stylist at a University was Mrs. Myrtle hair style and wig fashion show held at Johnson C Smith Grier, of Winston-Salem, who arranged the hair of Mrs. Max ine Simmons, also of Winston- Salem. Other newly named officers VHHkb **W. Ik. ■i» . ( J^k x \i\ \ i^tflß \ w *?(p 1 '*/»' % * fei d JAMES MEREDITH SHOT, AS SAILANT NABBED Jamaa Howard Meredith, the firat known Negro to graduate from the Unlvertity of Mi»*l»»lppl, exprataei signs of pain In top photo a> ha trlai to pull hlm talf acrott Highway 51 after ha wat (hot during hit march to Jacfcton. Mlas. Monday, Juna DURHAM. N. C SATURDAY, JUNE 11. 1%« Enfield Teacher is Awarded Damages in Dismissal Case RICHMOND, Va —Mrs Willa Johnson of Enfield, a teacher who charged she was not re hired for the 1964-65 school year because she had been ac tive in the civil rights move ment. was one of 17 Negro teachers ordered reinstated to their jobs Monday by the 4th U. S Circuit Court of Appeals The other 16 teachers, of Hendersonville. were not re hired for the 1965-66 school year during which the number of Negro teachers in the city was redqeed from 24 to eight and during which schools were integrated. National Education Associa tion attorney Hichard Morgan stated that the court "reversed and remanded to the District Court (the Johnson case) with instructions to enter an order directing the school board to renew her contract for the next school year, and to determine her damages." It was indicated L" MRS. MINOR of the association are Mrs Margaret Kelsey of Albemarle outgoing secretary, first vice See BEAUTICIANS 2A 6. In tha bottom photo, Jamaa Norval (In tun gla«je») i> u»h --• rad into a police car after ha waa arretted only a few min utes aftar tha ahootlnti of Mere dith. Norvell wa» charged with attault and battery with tha Intent to kill and murder fol lowing tha incident and It b«- Ing held under e $25,000 bond. - / / MRS. JOHNSON that Mrs. Johnson will seek damages' amounting to $250,• The lower court had ruled See TEACHERS 2A OVER 1,600 ARE EXPECTED AT BAPTIST MEET LOUISVILLE, Ky—Some 1,- 600 ministers, laymen and Christian educators are expect ed to converge on Ix>uisville, Kentucky during the week of June 20-26. for the 4th Annual session of the National Pro gressive Baptist Congress of Christian Education. The headquarters for the conclave will be the eommo dious and historic West Chest nut Street Baptist Church, pas tored by the Congress Presi dent, Dr. Garland K. Qffutt. Events highlighting the meet ing includes the Pre-Congress Musical on Monday, June 20, at the Memorial Auditorium; the Testimonial Banquet honoring President Offutt on Tuesday, June 21, p.m. at the Zion Baptist Church; and Bap tist Youth Night, Friday, June 25 at the Central High School Auditorium. Many noteworthy features will be shared in this meeting Of very special interest is the Baptist Youth Night under the direction of the National Youth Leader, Dr. E. L. McCall of Louisville Featured will be a choir of 240 voices, a dramatic worship, "He Came Seeing," and an address by Leonard Lyles, star defensive halfback of the Baltimore Colts Football team. The Local Entertaining Com mittee under the direction of Dr. J. V. Bottoms declares that the finest that Louisville can offer in hospitality awaits those who come for this meeting 3 LOCAL HIGH SCHOOLS TO GRADUATE 461 A total of 463 students will graduate from Hillside, Mer rick-Moore. Twenty-six seniors commencement exercises Fri day and Monday nights. Grad uation will be held at Hillside and Merrick-Moore Friday night at 8 pm. while Little River will close out Monday night at 8:15 p.m. The largest class in the his tory of the school will finish Hillside A total of 323 seniors will receive diplomas. Eric Moore and Linda McClinton are valedictorian and salutatoriun respectively of the class. 104 students will finish will finish Little River. Dr. Charles Walter Orr will deliver the commence ment address. PRICE 15r 86 PUPILS TO GRAIHATK AT SCARBOROUGH Eighty-six pupils will grad uate from the Scarborough Nursery School in a commence nient program Thursday night. June 16 at 7:30 in the W (V I'earson School auditorium A variety program will bo presented consisting of songs dances of the various countries, and musical plays including "Chicken Licken." the Ginger Bread Boy." and "Olc King Cole " The main characters in "Chicken Licken" arc Narru tor. Jerre Taylor; Chicken Licken. Mary Mary Johnson; Licken. Mary Johnson; the Glynis Bell: Cocky Locky, l,eon Verecne: Ducky Lucky. Vanja Lawrence; Goosey Loosoy. Mary Jones; TurkeyJ.urkcy. Charles Leathers; Foxy Loxy, Angela Smith The "Ginger Bread Boy" characters are: Narrator. Or lando* Fenner; Ginger Bread Boy, George Brown: the old lady, Sherron Both; Waddley Duke. Wayne Charles; The Three Cornered Pig. Vincent Key; the Cat, Anthony Timber lake; the Blue Bird. Loretta Suitt The characters of "Olc King Cole'' are: King, Anthony Timberlake; Pages, Kenneth James and Antonio Vinson; Fiddlers, Wayne Charles, Len nie Curington and George Evans. FIRST GRADE ENTRANTS Those graduating from the nursery who will enter the first grade in the fall incluje Glynis Bell. Sherron Booth, See PUPILS 2A FRAZIER Frazier Named Principal Adkin High School SNOW HILL—G. S Frazier, former Durham teacher and principal of South Greene High School in Snow Hill, received appointment last week of the Kinston City Board of Educa tion as principal of Adkin High School in Kinston. Frazier, a native of Raleigh, and a former Durhamite, suc ceeds C. B. Stewart who is re tiring at the end of the cur rent school year While in Durham Frazier taught at Hill side High and Whitted Junior High for 16 years. He received the BS. and M.A. degrees and the Sixth Year Certificate from Hamp ton Institute, A. and T Col lege, and North Carolina Col lege respectively. His under graduate work and master's de gree are in the areas of in dustrial education and mathe matics. His studies leading to and beyond the Sixth Year Certificate are in educational administration, sociology, psy chology and vocational guid ance. He was named to the Greene County principalship in 1964. 22-Year-Old Durham Man First in State Warren Wheeler, son of Mr. and Mrs. J H Wheeler of Durham, has been hired as I ? iBBf M JB WHEELER Piedmont Airlines' first Negro pilot The 22 year-old Durham na tive and graduate of Hillside High School, is now one of the few Negro pilots of commercial aircraft in the linited States He was hired as a full-time co pilot about three months ago according to Thomas II Davis, president of Piedmont, Wheeler, who attended a fly ing school in Oklahoma and gained further flight experi ence with a charter flight com pany in the Halcigh Durham area, has been flying about seven years, lie has also stud ied at A and T. College and Morehouse College. Tuesday in Wilmington. Wheeler said he had flown pri vatc flights for former C.ov Terry Sanford while employed with Raleigh-Durham Aviation. Inc Davis said the hiring of Wheeler indicated no specific changes in Piedmont's hiring policies and added that none of the previous Negro applicants had the qualifications desired by the company. The pilot's father is president of Mechanics and Farmers Hank Defense System Conference Set For Charlotte CHARLOTTE Between 750 and 1000 businessmen form North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia ,who hold or ex pect to receive defense eon tracts, will participate in a. Defense Materials System and. Priorities Conference in Char lotte, Wednesday, June 22, ac cording to an announcement made by Joel B. New, Director of Greensboro Field Office, U S. Department of Commerce Washington representatives of the Department's Business and Defense Services Adminis tration (BDSA), the Department of Defense, and the Atomic Energy Commission will ex plain the operation of the De fense Materials System and Pri orities which regulate the flow of materials and products to military, atomic energy and space programs. They also will answer questions on problems created by an increase in mili tary procurement. The conference will be held at the Heart of Charlotte Mo tel, North Tryon Street, Char lotte, starting at 9:30 a m The meeting will adjourn at 12:30 p.m. The discussions wiU center largely on the use of rated or ders which give contractors, their subcontractors and sup pliers priority in obtaining sup plies for Government programs. The Charlotte workshop will be one of a series of such meet ings that are being held throughout the country. Sched uled in response to hundreds of requests by businessmen for detailed answers to problems created in their business by in creased military procurement. VERSES OF THE WEEK Certain women seem to hoard their sex appeal for a sDecial occasion, which I believe is a mistake. » « « Even if our life, didn't turn out as '.veil as we wish it had. most of-us are well pleased that we were born.

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