-THE CAROLINA TIMES SATURDAY, SEPT. 11, Iff! 10A Legal NoUct NORTH CAROLINA DURHAM COUNTY ■n* THE GENERAL COURT OF JUSTICE DISTRICT COURT CIVIL DIVTSON DOCKET NO. 70 CvD 415* NORMAN MEADE, Plaintiff VI. DOROTHY GILL MEADE, Defendant NOT ICI The above named Defendant. DOROTHY GILL MEADE, will tdit notice that an action en titled above has been com menced in the Durham County District Court. Durham. North Carolina, by the Plaintiff to secure an absolute divorce from the Defendant upon the Grounds that Plaintiff and De fendant have live separate and apart from each other for more than one year next preceding th- b-inging of this action; rad the Defendant will fur ther take notice that she is re quired to appear at the office of the Clerk of Durham Coun ty District Court. Durham North Carolina, in the Court house in Durham on or before tV> 15th day of October. 1970. sad answer or demur to Compbint in said action or the Plaintiff will apply ,h ; C t-.iri for the relief demanded in the Complaint This 28th day of August. 1070 Nathoniel L. Belcher Bumpass. Belcher and Avant Attorneys at Law 2 Dunstan Street Durham. North Carolina 27707 5. 12. 19. 26 NORTH CAROLINA DURHAM COUNTY NOTICE OF RESALE UNDER AND BY VIRTUE OF AN ORDER OF THE SU PERIOR COURT of Durham County, made in a special pro ceeding therein pending en titled -Mechanics and Farmers William Gustav Jones and wife. Ernestine Anita Jones. and sicned bv t'c Assistant Hprk of Superior Court, the under ciened Commissioner will on the 16th day if October. 197° a twolvc o'clrck. noon, at tnc Aoor of the c o irthouse in Dur ham. North C: rolina. offer for sale to the hi'hest bidder for cash, but sub ect to the con firmation of t'ie Court, a cer tain tract or Darcel of land lving and be ng in Durham Township. Durham County. North Carolina, and more par ticularly described as follows: RETNG LOT NO 12 of the R H WRIGHT PROPERTY LOCATED in Durham. North Carolina as per plet of R. M. Pickard. Civil Engineer, dated August. 1921. and recorded in the Office of the Rceister of Deeds of Durham County in Deed Book 99. page 127. Plat Rook No. 3. page 145. HOUSE NO 708 South Street i R located on this land. This Bth day of September. 197 WILLIAM A MARSH. JR., Commissioner Sept 12 19. 26: Oct. 3. NORTH CAROLINA DURHAM COUNTY NOTICE OF RESALE UNDER AND BY VIRTUE OF AN' ORDER OF THE SU PERIOR COURT of Durham County, made in a special pro ceeding therein pending ven titlod 'Mechanics and Farmers Bank. Administrator of the Estate of Harvey Green, de ceased Vs. N'ettie D. Green (widow) Theodore R. Green and wife. Thomasina L. Green: Ethel M. Green (single): Mar callus Green (single): and Ky ■us C. Green and wife Pennie A Green, and 1 signed by the Assistant Clerk of Superior Court, the undersigned Com missioner will on the 16th day •f October 1970, at twelve • clock, noon, at the door of the courthouse in Durham. North Carolina offer for sale to the highest bidder for cash, but subject to the confirma fion of Court, a certain tract *r parcel of land lying and b-'ing in Triangle Township, Durham County. North Caro lina. and more particularly de s'ribfd as follows: P.F.OINNING at an iron stake in the western nroperty line of Dixon Road 301.19 feet in f southerly direction from the south side of Eden Drive, Ihcnce with and along the western property line of Dixon , Road, in a southerly direction aa it curves at a radius of ' 404 24 feet, 100 00 feet to a I ■take: thence with and along I the northern boundary line i of Lot No 4 BLOCK C of plat . hereinafter mentioned, North ' 66 degrees S8 minutes West 319.94 feet to a stake: thence North 3 degrees 51 minutes East 1000 feet to a stake; thence along the southern boundary line of Lots Nos. 11 and 10. Block C. South 83 de grees 30 minutes East 177.09 feet to a stike; thence South 61 degrees 40 minutes East 204 76 feet lo a stake in the western property line of Dixon Road, the point and place of beginning, rnd BEING LOT NO 5 in BLOCK C OF ARCH DAI.E. TRIANGLE TOWNSHIP, Durham. North Carolina, as shown by Mop and survey of J. Watts Copley. L. S.. May 5. 1969. Map of Archdalc being recorded in Plat Book —, .page , Office of the Regis ter of Deeds for Durham Coun ty. This Bth day of September, 1970 WILLTAM A MARSH. JR., / Commissioner Sept. 12, 19. 28; Oct. 3 WORTH CAROLINA DURHAM COUNTY NOTICE Of SALI UNDER AND BY VIRTUE of the power of sale Ja a *r-i tain Chattel Deed of IYUA tic eeuted by JOHNNIE COLE MAN. dated March Ird, 1069, default having been made in the payment of the indebted ness thereby secured and said Deed of TYust being by its terms subject to foreclosure, the undersigned Trustee will offer of sale at Public Auction to the highest bidder for cash at the Courthouse Door in Dur ham. North Carolina, at 12:00 Noon on the 23rd day of Sep tember. 1970. the following One 1969 Model Bonanza 17 ft. Trailer. Serial No 0436 This 9th day of September. 1970 J J. HENDERSON. Trustee WILLIAM A MARSH. JR. Attorney September 12 NORTH CAROLINA DURHAM COUNTY NOTICE OF SALE UNDER AND BY VIRTUE of sale in a certain Chattel Deed of T rust executed hy JAMES MOSES ROWELL doted June IS 1967. and recorded in Mort gage Book 316. at page 247. in the Office of the Register of Dcrd of Durham County, de fault having been made in the payment of the indebtedness thereby secured and said Deed of Trust being by its terms subject to foreclosure, the un dersigned Trustee will offer of Silc at Public Auction to the highest bidder for cash at the Courthouse Door in Dur ham. North Carolina, nt 12:00 Noon on the 2:rd day of Sep tember. 197 0. the following article of personal property! One 1967 Model Ford Galaxic (5001 2 Door Hardtop Automobile Serial No. 7N55H147839. Tliis 9th day of September, 1970. J J. HENDERSON. Trustee WILLIAM A MARSH, JR., Attorney September 12 -Community (Continued from front page) quired the Duke Married Student Housing. The laundnmat's first year of operation was successful. The Cor poration hired a full-time atten dant, a mother who had been on welfare. The new job enabled the woman to get off the welfare rolL The swimming pool's second year of operation began well, with Operation Breakthrough giving a grant and with the hiring of a full time lifeguard who also did main tenance work on the pool. Later, however, problems developed. Me chanical difficulties cropped up with pool equipment. The difficul ties, combined with the need to pay the lifeguard's salary, left the Corporation in financial trouble. To some extent, the financial dif ficulty has continued to this day. The trouble with the pool equip ment has been aggravated by the normal cost of operating, expenses caused by vandalism and by high utility bills. This summer, UOCI came to the aid of the Corporation with a life guard, Gerald Garner, a aenior at NCCU, whose salary has been paid through the work-study program plus the matching paid by UOCI. Residents continue to show initia tive, the latest example being a re cent clean-up and trash removal of the pool area which took several days. The composition of the Cor poration's board has changed; some members of the Damar board have resigned or stopped coming to meetings. The other members of the board continue to work to keep the swimming pool and laundromat operating for the bene fit of the Moireene Road Commu nity. -Award (Continued from front page) York, totalht nfce paeaident of NCCJ, said that proceedfc from the dinner will be used for various NCCJ programs in the Carolinas. The organization sponsors educational programs involving youth, police, teach ers, clergy and business lead en. Hyatt said Mrs. Spalding waa chosen to receive the citatien for this region because of "out standing community leader ship" and her work in alleviat ing human relations problems. Her accompliahments as presi dent of the Women in Action for the Prevention of Violence and Its Causes was a primary basis for selection although the award is made In recog nition of the recipient's "gen eral spirit and activity." -Mayors (Continued from front page) the mayors, workshops wB he held on Voter Registration, Get- Out-The Vote and How To Moni tor Public Meetings. A special workshop, Problems Faced By Black Studento Attending De-aegre gated Schools, wtt be lead by oon- Mitats from the NAACP Legal MMSI Fund. Other conailtantf for worfcAop* will be from the Back To School To Bo Foatarod At W.Diirham CKurdi Son. Sack to School will be featured Sunday, Sept. 13 ab the West Durham Baptist Church on Nixon St: at the morning Worship. Mrs. Mary L. Brooks, Su pervisor of Special Education in the Durham City Schools. Her subject will be, "young Children, The church, and Education in an age of change." SCC Course To Examine Adult Ed. ORANGEBURG, S.C. - A course designed to investigate the problems related to adult learning will be offered in three sections of the state Vy South Carolina State Col lege this semester. The course, entitled "The Adult Learner," will empha size how adult education the ory, research, and practices are effectively approaching the solution to the problems related to adult learning, ac cording to Allen L. Code Sr., director of acuit basic educa tion at South. Carolina State College. -NOTtS (Continued from page SA) ANNUAL PROGRAM The annual program of the White Rock Baptist Church Deaconess Board will will be held Sunday, September 13, at 6:00 p.m. at St. Joseph's A. M. E. Church. Mrs. Thelma M. Battle will be the speaker. She is a part time service worker with the Cooperative School for Pregnant Women. * « » FELLOWSHIP DINNER Mrs. Mable Caldwell and Mrs. Francis Vinson eapect all of our help in getting the fel lowship dinner over September 13, beginning at 1:30 p.m. Mrs. Catherine Torain « * * YOUTH RALLY Misses Janice Squires, Char lene Roberson, and Cheryl Hines represented Mt. Calvary Youth Group at the Eastern North Carolina Association Youth Rally held at the Com munity United Church of Christ, Raleigh, Sept. 4. The youth ask that all members keep in mind their monthly meeting Sept. 27, at 5.00 p.m. Detective Allen will present a film, discussion and display on Narcotics. » » * BAPTISIM AT MOUNT CALVARY CHURCH Baptisimal service was held at Mt. Calvary United Church of Christ, 1715 Athens Street, Durham, on September 6, at 6:00 p.m. with the pastor, Rev. J. C. Cheek officiating. At the start of this service little .Miss Tqron.va Yvonne Smith, daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and grandchild of Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Jones, Sr. was joined to our church family by way of Christening. T venty addi tional candidates were added by means of immersion. In eluded among these were six children of the Clinton family and five children from the Dennis Roberts' family along with their parents. There were four grown-ups among the re maining nine new members. We want our new members td know that we are happy to have them, for each is an as set to our congregation. It is hoped that each will select an ■ auxilliary or ask our pastor to ■ appoint them to a station af work where the need is great est. following state and national orga nizations: AFL-CIO-Committee On Political Education, Founda tion For Community Development, Voter Education Project, Economic Development Corporation, NAACP Low Income Housing and National Urban Coalition. Al sessions are open to die public and will be held at the Dur han Hotel, except Mayor Hatcher's address at North Carolina Central University. From Dishwasher to Business Man, A Dream Comes True BY MILTON C. JORDAN Roy Alston is a cautious man. Roy Alston is a smart man. He is ambitious and has forsight. With all this going for himself, he is an odds on favo rite to succeed in his latest en deavor. Not long ago, Alston, a 32- year-old researcher at the Uni versity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, entered the some times hectic world of business. He now operated the only tro phy shop this side of Char lotte. How three seamingly un related incidents pushed Ala ton into business is an interest ing story. At 32, after 15 years at UNC, Alston found himself in a position similar to the great general Alexander's memorable plight; he had no more worlds to conquer. As an accomplish ed researcher in bacteriology and immunology, the Horton High School graduate had reached the pinnacle of success after working his way up from a dishwasher. This in itself was quite an achievement, . and many men would have been satisfied to accept the periodi cal pay hikes which was all the additional compensation the university could now offer a man in Alston's filed who had no college training. He learned all his skills on the job. Ambi tios and foresight, however, -Housing (Continued from front page) a meeting with us at our con venience. It is our feeling that the Authority has not given the Director of Community Services the proper respect. We support the proposal for a Black Deputy Director and even further, the hiring of a Black Executive Director. The two Commissioners' statement further reflects the inefficiencies with the Housing Authority that has been of great concern and interest to the tenants. Repeatedly, the practice of racism by the Hous ing Authority has been recog nized by our committee. The statement referred to only justifies that fact. Hopefully, the Midgette and Plummer statement will not join the rank and file of other state ments of this sort with abso lutely nothing whatsoever be ing done about it. Annual ManagersEvenl Clothes Dryer $2" jstp • Mildew fc Mothproof Twin Size _ No lion—Mochint Woshobl# Cool Whit# Fluorescent Desk Lamp • W. Main St., Downtown" Durham Op«i til I PJtt. Friday Night • Lake wood Shopping Cantor Open 'tU • Tkaraday 0 Friday Nlghta r - «m WuM M BHp ALSTON dictated that he reject this deadend possibility. "I reasoned," he explained, "that with the rising costs of living, the pay raises I would get over the next twenty years would be nullified. This, I felt would be unfair to my family and to myself." At this point, Alston began looking around for other heights to scale. Another inci dent in the immediate past moved to center stage in this play of destiny. During a regu lar training period of his Army Unit, Alston came in contact with the engraving skill. It seems that his unit number was changed and each man in his unit had to have a new tiame plate. The job of engrav ing more than 200 name plates was performed by two ladies in less than two hours, according to Alston. "This, to me was very im' pressive," he declared, "and I began questioning them about it." He then related that a fellow reservist revealed that he owned a sporting goods store, and' told Alston how easy learned and profitable en graving is. A discussion ensured and Alston became interested in engraving. The third of the seemingly unrelated incidents has to do with Alston's hobby-slow pitch softball. He has played with the Bill Jones slow pitch league for years, and his teams have always finished either first or second. It was quite frustrating though when they had to wait for sometimes five weeks to receive their tro- phy because there was no local outlet and the trophies were ordered from out of the city. Several month* ago, the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place. With prodding from his reservist friend, Als ton visited Morganton and Charlotte to get firsthand looks at the business in which he was now very much inte rested. The next step for a man with his caution was a study of the odds against a business such as he envisioned succeed ing. Alston conducted a feasi bility study in which he sent 150 letters to various civic, so cial and sports figures in the triangle area. "Though overall response was relatively low-20 percent some 95 percent of those who did respond were in favor of the idea." Alston said. Alston continued planning. He talked with those in the field and many of those per sons with whom he would do business should he decide to open a trophy shop. Finally, he was convinced and with the confidence of a man who climbs a mountain just because it's there, Alston launched his plans. With some help from Pro ject, Outreach, a Durham busi- --Baha'i (Continued from front page) featuring creative dance, music and art display will be held Wednesday, Sept. 16 at 7:30 p.m. at ftorth Caroling Central University Stude " jhion, Fayetteville and George Streets. The program for Saturday, Sept. 19 includes a song fest at Grady Community Center, Lakewood Street, at 12 noon, followed by a slide program of Baha'is around the world, pre sented by Miss Ellen McAllis ter, who is a member of Man power staff in Asheville, North Carolina. Saturday evening at 8:00 p.m. at the Home Economics Building Lounge at North Carolina Central University, there will be a showing of a 30- minute color documentary film produced by CBS, "And His Name Shall Be One." The film showing wtll be followed by a discussion and refresh ment period. All are welcome to attend these meetings (no collections will be taken), and it is hoped that it will be as inter-cultural and inter-religious as possible. The Baha'i writings state that 'The gift of God to this en lightened age is the knowledge of the oneness of mankind and of the fundamental oneness of religion. War shall cease be tween nations, and by the will of God the Most Great Peace shall come; the world, and all men will live as brothers." Continuing Our... M K LABOR DAY SALE 1 m ptRPP /fVTranv 1 v FR E Professional Wtllons Villa|S-Ph. 688-9660 Sfvll*f Other Showrooms la Burlington, Greensboro, Y Charlotte, Wlnton-Salem and Florida M DM development group, and a loan from a Durham bank, Ala ton opened Triangle Trophy Center. "Acceptance has been great Already I have several con tracts . and I have a good chance of getting quite a few more in this immediate area." But Alston is not a man to Bahai's Commemorate World Peace Sunday, Sept 20 I - Look • Black • Blue I * * Brown ' \ It adds a refined I' p \ look to your I r" \ wardrobe. A 1 ' / *J / calfskin shoe, gently \^• J L/ strapped and set on I—\ a modest curve / \ \ of mid-heel. Shop 'til 9 P.M. I'JPifei Friday's Roscoe Griffin Downtown Durham leather refers to uppers net upon his laurels. His plans call (or a second store in Cha pell Hill as soon as possible and a third store in Raleigh no long thereafter. In order to expand his sales potential, Als ton spent the summer in the field, establishing personal con tact with prospective custo mers.

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