Feminine Scene S| DISCUSS LOT 7 CAREY MEET —Hr Wendell C. Sonimerville. executive secretary, of the l.ott C jrey Haptist Foreign Missionary Convention. pauses Durham Social Notes of Interest By MRS. SYMINER DAYE RETURNS HOME Mitt Willie - L. Roberts of vMoline St. has ; home after a pleasant visit with the Rangers of East Orange, N. J. and the Albrittions and Huppers in New York City. *** WITH SYMPATHY Sympathy to Mr. and Mrs. Willie Gilmore and Family, Mrs. Melveda Harris, and fami ly, Mrs. Dora Williams and family, the Roena Clark and family, the Janie Evans, and Family, and The Janie Britt and family, "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help," Psalms 121-1. *** VISIT PARENTS Mr. and Mrs. Willie B. Glenn, Jr., and their son Owen ]£ have returned home to Tren ton, N. J. from visiting his parents Mr. and Mrs. Willie B. Glenn, Sr. *** NEW JERSEY VISITORS Willie Alfred Glenn accom panied by his cousin Ronnie Glenn of Trenton, N. J. spent the weekend with their grand parents Mr. and Mrs. Willie Glenn. *** TOUR TO ATLANTA On August 29 at 2 o'clock 39 passengers aboard a chart ered bus in Front of First Calvary Baptist Church on Morehead Ave. left for Atlan ta, Ga. to Six Flags under the supervision of Mrs. Catherine Shaw, Carroll St. Those enjoying touring Six Flags were: Mesdames Cath erine Shaw, Helen McClain, Margaret J. Parker, Janice Parker, Carrie Parker, Syminer Daye, Margaret E. Daye, Mag gie McGhee, Willie M. Webb, Alice Jones, Mary Lee Elliott, Hallie Crews, Odessa Parker, Ruth Satterwhite, Virginia Haskins, Mae Pettiford, Ethel Hopkins, Walter Cozart, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Gunter, Mr. and Mrs. Houston Leathers, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mack, Misses Helen Shaw, LeWanda Lawson, Michell Hoplins, Annie M. Morris, Palete Hill, Casandra Hill, Evette Hill, Doris Sanders, Barbara A. Belton, Marion Smith, Mrs. Willie R. Baber, Roderick Baber, Teddy T. Wat son, Robert L. Shaw, Karlo Brown, They all had a very enjoyable time. The bus drivers were Claude Cates and Bob Gaither. *** ATTENDS LOTT CAREY MEET Mrs. Mary Tapp of Chate City, Va. who attended the Lott Carey Convention in Fayetteville came to Durham and spent the weekend with her auntie Mrs. Esther Glenn, Lakewood Ave. *** IT PARENTS .dr. and Mrs. Manning Max well and family of Kinston are vMtitg her parents Mr. and Mrs. John Folk of Rougemont. *** CONGRATULATIONS ; Congratu*atk>ns and best, wishes to the newly wads Mr. ut registration desk to discuss .-nnie details of the 73rd an nual meeting at Scahrook audi torium. Fayetteville State Uni versity with Mrs. M. Sparks of and Mrs. Alvin Bullock, Mr. and Mrs. 2nd Lieutenant Darryl McKinzie, Washington and Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Turrentine. *** Congratulations to Wood row W. Brown, Jr., who passed the North Carolina Bar Exami nation. Much success in the future. *** RETURNS TO N. Y. Miss Doris Dunnigan daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dunnigan has returned to Highland Falls, N. Y. where she will be teaching in the fall. Miss Dunnigan attended summer school at Adel Phi University, Long Island, N. Y. *** VISITS GRANDPARENTS Master Theodore Teddy Watson has returned home to South Plainfield, New Jersey to join his family after spend ing a weeks vacation with his grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Groover Shaw, Sr. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Watson, Sr. *** VISITING IN INDIANA Mrs. Doris Irving and dau ghter Alma are visiting friends and relatives. They are residing with her auntie Mrs. C. Hol man, Ward Rd. Mrs. Irving and her family ars living in Indiana. *** TAKE BUS TRIP The Town and Country Club members accompanied by their children chartered a bus to Prince Edward Lake, Vir ginia. This trip was for the benefit of their children. *** OFF TO SCHOOL Miss Anedia Fuller accom panied by her parents Mr. and Mrs. George Fuller of 401 Todd St. left for Petersburg, Va. where Miss Fuller will be attending Virginia State. She is a graduate of Northern High School. Miss June Williams a grad uate of Hillside High School left for Washington, D. C. where she will attend Howard University. *** LEAVE CITY FOR INDIANA Miss Brenda Wilson accom panied by her mother Mrs. Lucy Wilson and her cousin and a friend left for Indiana on Labor Day to enter Vin- Cemmes University as a fresh man. Miss Wilson is a graduate of Northern High School. *** VISIT IN N. Y. Miss Audrey Wilson and her adopted daughter Valeria and Master Charles Belks, Jr. son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Belk, Sir., of Rosedale Ave. have re turned home after spending vacation visiting friends in New YorktClty. *** MOTOR TO N. Y. - Miss Emel Eaton, accom panied by her father Rev. Floyd T. Eaton motored to Newark, New Jersey the week end where she will be teaching. Rev. Eaton will return home by plane. He resides in Creed- the local committee. Mrs. C. R. Edwards, wife of the host pas tor and also a member of the committee gives instructions to a member. ANNUAL PROGRAM Mount Calvary Baptist Church of Bahama held its annual Usher's Board program Sept. 6 at 7:30 p.m. with Rev. McCoy Bullock bringing message taken from Matthew 2:3 subject "The Disturbing Christ." Music was furnished" by the Gospel Melodies. Ushers were from the senior board. *** TO ATTEND LINCOLN U. Miss Patilla C. Mason daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ab ner Mason, 1320 Maplewood Dr. is leaving Sept. 11 for Lin coln University, Pennsylvania where she will attend Lincoln University as a rising Junior. Miss Mason will be accom panied by her father. *** PATIENT AT DUKE Master Abner Mason, Jr., who was a patient at Duke Hospital has returned home and is recovering nicely. Mr. and Mrs. Abner Mason wish to think all their many friends for the cards, dona tions, flowers, gifts and prayers and for their kindness during their sons illness. They are es pecially grateful to God for letting their son get up on his feet again. **# RETURN TO MEMPHIS Mrs. Gertrude Henry and daughter Deborah have re turned home to Memphis, Tenn. after spending some time with relatives and friends. Mrs. Henry resides with her sister Mr. and Mrs. Victor Parker, Sr., Lake Dr. *** ITS A BOY! Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Roger Davis who are parents of a bounding baby boy. *** SICK & SHUT-INS Donnell Hayes, New Jer sey; Mrs. Burnestine Hicks, Duke Hospital; Mrs. Dorothy R. Wade, returned home; Mrs. Luna Bullock, Norwood Harris, Lincoln Hospital; Mrs. Mary Glenn, Mrs. Sadie Kenion, Mrs. Estelle Thorpe, Ellis D. Jones, Mr. Alberta Daye, Master Timothy Parker, Dave Morehead, High Rise; Mrs. Romelia Mangum, Rouge mont; Mrs. Lona Parker, Dear born Dr.; William E. Satter field, New York; Mrs. Janie Britt, Halley St.; Mrs. Geneva* Allison, Fayetteville Rd., Mrs. Lottie Phillips, Teel St.; Mrs. Jannette Long, Ward Rd. and Mrs. Valeria Smith has gone home. "The lord is my she pherd; I shall not want." Psalms 23:1-6. *** FLORAL CLUB MEETS The Floral Club met in the Chapel of Ebenezer Baptist Church at 5 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 6, with Mrs. Helen Jones leading the devotions. Mrs. Nonnie Hamilton presided over the business session. Plans were discussed for a "Dinner" to be held Oct. 31, in the Fellowship Hall, after re ports were made from various committees. Others present were; mes dames Mattie Hoiloway, Easie Malone, Mariana Fisher, Mar tha Stanley, Bertha Snipes, Margaret Adams, Addie Bat bee, Lillle Mclntyre, Effle Chavious, Ronnie Premus, Hattie Lane, Celeste Dalrymp le, Miss Lillie Mae Upchurch, Maude Thorpe, Helen Lash and Rev. P. R. Jones. Mrs. Lillie Mclntyre served as hostess assisted by Misses Vanessa Thompson and ftttri cia Edwards. A delicious re past was served. *** MOTOR TO PHILLY Mr. and Mrs. Levon T. Stanley and Levon's mother, Mrs. Lois Moore motored to Phildaelphia, Pa. to spend the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Pressely. *** Master Adrian Hicks left by plane Thursday at 5 p.m. after spending four weeks with his grand-parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmo Mangum, Sr., Adrian is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ramond Hicks of Newark and East Orange, N. J. *** VISITS HOMETOWN Haywood Townsend of Philadelphia, Pa. spent a week here with friends and relatives. *** ATTEND FAMILY REUNION On Saturday, August 1 rela tives of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Chamber and daughter Patricia arrived from Baltimore, Md. to attend their annual family re union in Mt. Gilead, N. C. While in Durham they were well taken care of by other relatives of such residents as Mrs. Margaret McCoy and family, also Mrs. Winnie Mar tin and family. Visiting relatives are as follows: Mrs. Lillie Ruth Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Holeman, Mr. and Mrs. John A. Chambers and family, Mr. ahd Mrs. Hales Whittes of Hills borough, Attorney and Mrs. Julis Chambers, Master Pernell Johnson, Jr., Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Chambers, Master Derrick Miller, Kin Tyson, Dariene Tyson, Car lens Tyson, New Haven Conneticut and Mrs. Louise Lytte and son. They were received in wel come in Mt. Gilead by Mr. and Mrs. William Lee Chambers and family. *** RETURN FROM VACATION Mr. and Mrs. William Mar shall Chambers and daughter Patricia have just returned from a weeks vacation in Baltimore, Md. While in Baltimore they visited Mr. and Mrs. Richard Holeman, Mr. and Mrs. Pernell Johnson, and son Mr. and Mrs. Alonza Miller and son, Linnie Chambers brother of William Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Shaver, Jr., and children, Eddie Weav er, Cecil Chambers and family and Mrs. Shelton and mother. They were treated with a cook out celebrating John Chambers birthday. *** RED MOUNTAIN SERVICES Regular service were held at the Red Mountain Baptist Church at RougemontwitFi Rev. H. Eatjn delivering the message in his brothers ab sence. The Junior Choir rendered the music with the organist Miss Thalia Folk and under the supervision of Mes dames Nola Folk and lydia B. Parker. The Senior men Ushers were serving. Rev. Eatons text was taken from Ephesians 5-22:23, sub ject "How to make married life happy." Rev. Eaton brought out many interesting points and stated that happi ness by marriage is by no means to be an easy accom plishment. Arthritis Sufferers: WAKE UP WITHOUT ALL THAT STIFFNESS! New formula for arthritis minor pain is so strong you can take it less often and still wake up in the morning with out all the pain's stiffness. Yet so gentle you can take this tablet on an empty stom ach. It's called Arthritis Pain Formula. Get hours of re lief. Ask for Arthritis Pain Formula, by the makers of Anacin*. l?*fe : f I^Bat H lab BiKS^ pf :/ BF 't 111 Br Jj^^/ EXCHANGE GREETINGS—Dr. and Mrs. Carlyle Miller, mis sionaries from Guyana, Africa, are greeted at the 73rd annual session of the Lott Carey Bap tist Foreign Mission Conven tion, by Dr. C. R. Edwards, first vice president and host pastor. Dr. and Mrs. Miller, Gingles-Armsfrong Vows Said In Gastonia Saturday, Aug. 29 By MAUDE M. JEFFERS GASTONIA - Miss Loretta Armstrong and Ralph Corne lius Gingles Jr. were married Saturday, August 29 at 6 o'clock in ceremony held at Pleasant Ridge AME Zion Church. The Rev. Ronald S. Mc- Clendon, pastor, and the Rev. R. W. Perry of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church heard the ex change of vows. A program of wedding music was presented by Frank E. Parker, organist, and Theron Shoats, vocal soloist. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Armstrong, 2133 Second Street, Gastonia. She was a graduate from Highland High School and received her B. A. degree in History from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where she was a transfer assistant and a mem ber of the History Club. A former teacher in the Char lotte Schools, she will teach this year in Charlottesville, Va. Parents of the bridegrooms are Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gingles, 822 Miller Street. A graduate of Highland High School, he earned his B. S. degree in Business Administra tion at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he was a member of Phi Delta Fraternith. He is a second year law student at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. Given in marriage by her father, the bride wore a formal gown of dulcet satin and re imbroidered alencon lace posed over faille taffeta. Styled in an empire silhouette, the bodice featured a sheer ydfce with a high neckline out lines with lace motif em broidered in seed pearls and irredescents. Garlands of jeweled lace motifs extended from the shoulder to the wrists of the long tapered sleeves. The A-line skirt was appliqued with Jewel lace motifs and the With Each Claim Check ■ for 3.00 ■Worth of Gar- SHIRT ments Cleaned at Regular | * * | SPECIAL Price .. . Brought in I fHI ff »1 7A Monday, Tuesday or! WJI ** lor !•«" Wednesday! In « Mo "-. Tue«., Wed. TOM'S ■ ™ I *«'• 190 Am MAIM o»tn 7 ».m. • t p.m. Daily t V" 1 rwwm optn i]tm , . t p m Monday mru fca»wmm Friday, W. Club Blvd. Only iJißftfini/lnß. • w c,ub bm ( °w> Wffinilfllfcfffw# Northfate Shopping Center UK MCT M DRV mmmm * University Dr. (Opp.) Fore* m_— HIU« Shopping Center I Our New Location • Cor. Hillsborough Road ft fth St. who make up a medical team arc members of Convent Ave. Baptist Church, N. Y. and at tended the meeting at Fayette vfille State University. The Texas state constitu tion has been amended 199 times since it was adopted in 1876. hem was finished with a scal loped border of jeweled lace. Her full length mantilla of imported silk illusion was framed in matching lace scal lopes. She carried a cascade bouquet of white glamellias. Miss Dorothy Armstrong was her sister's maid of honor. Mrs. Brent Matthewson of Rochester, N. Y. was matron of honor. Bridesmaids were Miss Lora Walker of Rochester, N. Y., Miss Diane Fronetwrger of Gastonia, Mrs. George Arm strong, of Danville, Va., Miss Myra Adams, of Greensboro, Miss Helen Adams, of Green ville, S. C. and Miss Barbara Jean Barnett, of Gastonia. Cynthia Jackson of Gas tonia was flower girl and Thomas Tuttle of Gastonia was ringbearer. The father of the bride groom was his son's best man. Ushers were John Robert Moore of Dallas, Benjamin Spaulding, of Wilmington, Jimmy Blayton, of Williams burg, Va., Melvin Watt and Juan Froneberger, of Char lotte, Edward Sadler, Terry Armstrong, Ronald Robinson and Winfred Saunders, all of Gastonia. The parents of the bride entertained at a reception in the Monterey Room, Dixie Village Cafeteria, after the ceremony. Guests were greeted by Theodore Armstrong Jr. and Leonard Graham. Introducing the receiving line were Mrs. Marion F. Stokes and Mrs. James Q. Falls. Assisting in serving were Mrs. Theodore Armstrong Jr. Mrs. Milas Barnett, Mrs. Thomas Arm strong, Mrs. Milas Jackson Jr. and Mrs. Calvin Walker. Mrs. Edward W. Draughan kept the guest register and goodbyes were said to Atty. and Mrs. Donald E. Ramseur. After a wddding trip to the Virginia mountains, the couple will make their home at Charlottesville, Va. 4A -THE CAROLINA TIMES SATURDAY, SEPT. 12, 1970 TODAY'S SCENE AT HILLSIDE By MICHELLE DEJARMON Hello, my name is Michelle DeJarmon and I am a Senior at Hillside High School. I will be your new correspondent for the Hillside High School Hor nets Nest. We at Hillside do regret that Miss Audrey Kee, formerly of HHS, will not be writing for us, however she has been transferred to DHS where she will be a correspondent for the Bulldogs. There are many new stu dents at Hillside and we the old students of HHS have tried to get them acquainted with our school during the first three days of orientation. Al ready our school is getting started on its Yearbook. We have two very competent young ladies for our co-edi tors. They are Misses Tonia Butler and Gretchen Wilbur. We wish them much luck as they work with the 1970-71 Hornet! If one were to look back on the week that just passed, one might say that Hillside High School's three-day orientation went very well. Mr. J. H. Lucas, principal of Hillside High School, rendered plans for the coming school year while Mr. F. H. Alston, assis tant principal, gave an inspir ing welcome address. Dress codes, lunch room procedures, along with other subjects were discussed during the assembly. Lonnie Hall, drum major of HHS marching band, along What's keeping you from looking good? Getting gray? It's only natural to panic a little when you see those first gray hairs , or when you realize that chemical processing is slightly fading your natural color. Many wojjpen. just like you, hesitate to use permanent peroxide haircoloring because they don't want to change their najural color. What to do 7 Hair care and beauty experts agree that slightly graying and fading can add .years to a young woman's 100k5... buj they also know what takes the years away. Loving Care". Clairol created this semi-permanent hair color lotion without peroxide. It colors only the gray or faded hair...and doesn't change your natural shade. There's no haircoloring gentler. Your hair stays shining and healthy-looking through a month of shampoos. If you have questions about your hair, you're wise to go to the experts. Professional hairdressers have the whole family of fine Clairol products and the training to promise each patron the loveliest, most personalized results. So don't panic. Be comforted with a quick visit to the expert ...your hairdresser. And keep on looking good! Your professional hairdresser has all the answers... ask for a free consultation today! cookinxj hints 2L BY OylO/ljj 'Bfokt CARNATION HOME SERVICE DIRECTOR Serve everybody's favorite, hamburgers, with a new twist. Stuff them with a spicy tomato-cheese mixture. The burgers will stay moist and juicy through baking because you make them with Velvetized evaporated milk. Evaporated milk is the versatile milk that will help make all your cooking better. STUFFED ITALIANO BURGERS (Makes 6 servings) 2 / 3 cup undiluted Carnation i/ 4 cup tomato sauce Evaporated Milk 6 tablespoons grated iy 2 pounds ground beef process American cheese Vi cup fine cracker meal 1 teaspoon Italian V 2 cup chopped onion seasoning 1 teaspoon garlic salt teas P° on sa 't V, teaspoon salt ' /b teas P° on P«PP er 1 tablespoon prepared mustard Combine Carnation Evaporated Milk, ground beef, cracker meal, onion, garlic salt, salt and prepared mustard In large mixing bowl. Mix thoroughly. Divide meat into 12 parts. Press 12 thin patties, about 4 inches in diameter, on waxed paper. Mix tomato sauce, cheese and Italian seasoning. Spoon into center of 6 patties leaving % Inch around edge. Top with second pattie. Press edges together. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Place on broiler pan in moderate oven (350° F.). Bake 20 to 25 minutes. with Jay Pritchard performed a skit to put across the new lunch program. Many of the students, new and old do not agree with the new lunch pro gram, but since it means for better health habits, we must follow the school lunch pro gram. The announcement of Hillside's first game of the sea son also came. The Hornets would play E. E. Smith in FayetteviUe Friday, September 4, 1970. Unfortunately the Hornets lost the game but everyone knows the Hornets will win the next game, at least, I am confident because I will "Keep the Faith." NEW BOOKS AT CITY-COUNTY LIBRARY FICTION Ehle—A Time of Drums Marlowe—Echoes of Celandine Milton—The Tipple Bell Smith—A Reasonable Doubt Snow—Last Things NON-FICTION Bouton—Ball Four Milford—Zelda Talese —Fame and Obscurity Terkel—Hard Times Townsend —Up the Organiza tion A new travel tool kit is so compact it can be slipped into the car glove compartment, along with a warning beacon for road emergencies and burglar alarms for domestic and foreign cars.

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