10A —THE CAROLINA HUBS SATURDAY, SETT. 19, 19JM Big Gospel Singers Convention Held Lending Hand Co-op will praaent pie Durham County Big Goepel Singers Convention Sunday night, September *>, at the New Bethel Baptist Church on Crest Street at 7:30 PH Evereyane la Invited to attead. President, Jerry Milton McKinnoa Rev. L. w. lteid, Pastor The Tenth Sisters In the beginning of tnis organi sation was Christian Love, Just aa the Sisters were seek ing the God—the heaven above All mothers today should do like this, Quit going to destruction and taking the risk. Because their ways of serving God, should be the best, In hvaven where they planned to take their rest. They pover put the day off for tomorrow, Because Death may overtake sad or sorrow. They may go together just like the Disciples in olden days, With joy, peace and happiness drifting along the way. So may > God bless them with more power and grace, ' And give them great success in every i heart and place. • Composed by Jerry Milton McKinnon •NOTES (Continued from page 4A) daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Carrington, Todd St. Michael Jones, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ellis D. Jones Jr. Syracuae College, Syracuae New York. Miaa Wanda Lipscomb, dau ghter of Duke Lipscomb and the late Mrs. Irene Lipscomb, has returned to Bennett Col lege, Greensboro. Mias Gloria Long, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Monroe G. Long Ward Rd. • NCCU at Durham. Barrymore Kenion, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Balden Kenion Ward Rd. - Technical Institute • Durham. Mias Videa Bullock, dau ghter of Mr. and Mrs. Maceo Bullock of Rougemont, has returned to N. C. C. U. at Durham. **• BACK FROM AFRICA Mias Norma Alyce Bennett, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Bennett 122 Masondale Ave. has just returned home from abroad where she q>ent ten weeks in East Africa. Last summer Miss Bennett spent the summer in West Africa. Miss Bennett will be leaving Thurs day for Hampton Virginia where she will be graduating. *** Miss Gale McLaughlin ac companied by her parents Mr. and Mrs. John McLaughlin and brother Ronald left for Wash ington, D. C. where she will be attending Howard Univer aity. Ronald will be attending A&T State University in Greensboro. Mrs. McLaughlin spent a few days with her cousin Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Hedgepeth, Washington, D. C. *** Mias Jean Fuller daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Brul Fuller 403 Todd St. accompanied by her father and her sister Cathey motored to Lincoln Pennsylvania whore she will be attending Lincoln University. Mias Fuller is a graduate of Northern High School «** TEA HONORS MRS. NOXON Members of The Home Economic Extension of Mill Grove Community had a tea August 30, 1970 at 5 o'clock In honor of Mis. C. B. Nixon on Ward Rd. They were cele brating the 50th anniversary of the Home Economics Extension of which Mrs. Nixon was an agent for many years. Those present were Mesdames Pat tie M. Johnson, Violet B. Jones, Mary Speight, Elberta M. Jones, tannic Daniell, Gertrude Brooks, Annie M. Daye, Evelyn G. Pettiford, DoxeU Scott, Mary S. Hoi ■aa, Roea M. Sanders, Lu rethea Hall, Marie Scoggina, Boumania G. Lipacomb, Mil dred Love, Geneva Love and Emma Johnson. The hospitali ty nommlttse were Meadames Rot—ante Lipacomb and Emma e*e SYMPATHY TO: Chuck Oaaieb family: The -AM (Continued from page 9A) life b a part of the continuing activities of Proctor and Gamble as a College/Industry Cluster member. The fundi allocated by the Company will be used to pur chaae additional supplies for the aucceaaful operation of one of the College'a programs In mathematics. -Speaker (Continued from page SA) lieve, will be achieved through eatabliahment of an effective international government, to which all nationa will give alle giance. Until the world recognizes the need for unity, however, it will undergo great suffering. The Baha'i writings atate: "Adversity, prolonged, world wide, afflictive, allied to chaoa and univeraal destruction, must needs convulse the nationa, stir the conscience of the world, dtailluaion the maaaaa, precipitate a radical change In the very conception of society, and coalesce ultimate ly the dkfcinted, the bleeding limbs of mankind into one body, single, organically united, and indivisible." Lord hear thee in the day of trouble; the name of the God of Jacob defend thee: Psalm 20:1. *** TO TEACH IN RICHMOND Miss Edith lewis s graduate of NCCU who taught in Miami Florida last year will be teach ing in Richmond Va. Miss Lewis is the sister of Captain Elvis Lewis. *** TO HONOR PASTOR'S WIFE Members of First Calvary Baptist of Morehead Ave. Dur ham will honor their Pastor's wife, Mrs. Bessie Thompson Sunday afternoon September 20, 1970 at 6 o'clock p.m. Guest speaker for this occa sion, Mrs. C. E. McLester of Morehead Baptist Church, soloist Mrs. B. A. Mach wife of Rev. Mach of Morehead Baptist Church. Music will be furnished by all choirs of the church. REGULAR SERVICE First Calvary Baptist Church Morehead Ave., held its regular service Sunday September 13, 1970 at 10:55 o'clock a.m. with the Rev. A. L. Thompson delivering the message. His message was taken from the scripture Philippians Chapter 3-1-10 verses - text "If there be any praise, think on these things. SUCCESSFUL PROGRAM The male chorus of Red Mountain Baptist church of Rougemont has a successful program Sunday September 13, 1970 at 2 o'clock with D. C. Parker presiding - Bur nice W. Parker President. Singers on the program were Willing Workers • Young Chapel, Gospel Melodies, Orange Grove Community Chorus, Red Mountain Male Chorus, and Singers from Ce dar Grove-Mount Olive. SORORITY TO MEET The South Eastern Region of Alpha Chi Pi Omega Sorority meeting is planned for October 11 and 12, at the Hmmie Plaza Motor Inn in Wilmington. Mrs. Laura Sims is the supervisor, Mrs. Margerita Johnson, chairman and Mrs. Esther L. Wylie reported. *** ENJOYS VISIT OF BROTHERS Mrs. Eula Free Smith of Roxboro St. enjoyed her bro thers from EUenrille, N. Y. Mrs. Esther B. Parker of Roanoke St. and a friend of IMT brother, Jack Weathers spent the weekend in Greens boro. They also spent some time with their friends while there. It was a wonderful trip. -Harris (Continued from page 8A) who shared with us in our km May God bless all of you, and please accept our humble thanks at this time. The Harris, Oaye, and Edgerton Family S mir ItJUmm CERAMIC WORKSHOP Pio turcd above is Willie S. Guion receiving diploma, as a parti cipant in the Amaco Ceramic Workshop. Awarding diploma is one of the instrucfors, Peter Lukashik. Willie Guion, a grad uate of Hillside High and Xavier University respectively. Hp . vSF ' r I I Him ■ V 1 QUESN FOR A DAY—Shirlej '?rimsley was crowned "Queen For A Day" in a Bus Rally sponsored by Sister Boulware at The Church of God 1 of -Parade (Continued from front pace) gious institutions; and floats with wrestling exhibition!, presentations by the Philadel phia Lyric Opera Company and the Pennsylvania Balet Company, and illustrations of unity in action. Among the marching bands will be detachments from the Catholic Archdiocese, the Phi ladelphia Public School Sys tem, the Post Office Depart ment and the Police and Fire Departments. In addition, more than 150 drum and bugle corps groups from area veterans', civic and fraternal organizations will participate. The parade will commence at 11 a.m. at Broad Street and Girard Avenue and will termi nate at Washington Avenue. The Black Unity Football Classic, which kicks off at 7:30 p.m., at John F. Kennedy Sta dium, pits Alcorn A.&M. Col lege of Lorman, Miss., against North Carolina Central Univer sity of Durham, N. C., for the benefit of more than 100 non profit charitable and civic or ganizations. Advance enthusiasm for this first promotion has led the sponsors to plan it as an an nual event -Project (Continued from front page) South Roxboro Streets and the Southern Railway tracks running parallel to Pettigrew Street. The Department of Hous ing and Urban Development has made three amendments to the local proposals for the plan over the past five years. The Durham City Council's call for a reexamination of the block of business buildingß on Pettigrew Street contributes much to the restrained re joicing of the black business men located there. In whose interest and for what purposes is the reexamination? -Officer (Continued from front page) in Loyola University taking courses related to the police work and has gained the respect of the city admonistra tion and the public in general. There are at present 1,061 po lices on the N.O. force and only 82 of these are black. Eleven of these, however, have the rank of sergeant. Capt. Cates stated that his appoint ment might mean the appoint ment of more Negroes on the force. Those already on the force have made splendid re cords and has gained the re- is employed at C. A. Dillon School in Butner. Workshop was held in In dianapolis, I n d., August 10 through August 21. The ce ramic curriculum is designed to aid the teacher in introduc ing pottery and sculpture at any age level. Prophecy, 220 S. Holeman St., pastor, Rev. Johnnie Moore. The young lady raised S6O to top other contestants. The Rally netted over S2OO. BROWN Scott Appoints Principal to Textbook Body Fayetteville school admini strator William T. Brown has been appointed by Gov. Bob Scott to the North Carolina Textbook Commission. Brown replaces Dudley Flood of Beth el who resigned. A native of Durham, Brown is principal of the Washing ton Drive Junior High School in Fayetteville. He is a gradu ate of Hillside, A&T, N. C. Central and Columbia Univer sity. He has done further study at N. C. State, He began hie teaching career in 1954. His term on the textbook commis sion expires April 1, 1973. He is married to the former Miss Jenni Devaux of Charles ton, S. C. They have one son, Julian D. Brown. -Housing (Continued from front page) cannot otherwise provide ade quate housing for their fami lies. "These apartments will be especially attractive for those families whose incomes range between $3,000 and $7,000 per year," added Eaton. He also said that the new project, the first in the state under Section 236 of the Na tional Housing Act, will in volve some federal rent sub sidy to make the rents low enough to accomodate low and moderate income families. Baton said the apartments, to be of frame and brick veneer construction, will be rented for an average of $94.00, which includes ranges, . refrigerators, kitchen exhaust tons, heat and all utilities. The new development, to spect of all. Of the nearly six hundred thousand people in New Or lean approximately 250,000 are Negroes. -Law (Continued from front page) ton, I). U., Spaulding it the son of Durham County Commis ajpner An T. Spaulding, pros', dent of Women in Action for the Prevention of Violence and Its Causes, Inc. In 1967, prior to receiving his uris doctor degree from the University of North Caro- lina Law School, Spaulding was the first black president of a law class at that school and was Chief Justice of the U. N. C. Law Honor Court. In 1969, Spaulding served as a legal intern in the office of State Attorney General Robert Morgan. The summer before, he was administrative intern in the office of the Vice President of the United States. While at Howard University, Spaulding was named to serve as research analyst in the United States Department of Justice. In 1966, he was an ad ministrative intern in the office of the Durham City Manager. Spaulding is married to the former Jean Gaillard of De troit, Mich., who is a second year Mary Duke Biddle Scho lar at the Duke University Medical Center. The Spauldings have one daughter, Chandler Gaillard Spaulding, who is one year old. Loflin, a native of Hender aonville, N. C., is a cum laude graduate of Davidson College. He served as editor-in-chief of the NORTH CAROLINA LAW REVIEW for the past year. As a commissioned officer in the U. S. Army, in 1965 Loflin served as a Defense Counsel for Special Court Martials at the U. S. Army Center for Special Warefare, Ft. Bragg, N. C. He also served in Vietnam with the Army as ad jutant for the 88th Supply and (Continued from page SA) is the Dr. L. W. Reid. The church has enjoyed the succes- ful growth of 91 years. On Friday evening, Sep tember 18, pre-Centennial will begin with a musical presenta tion. Sunday* September 20th, breakfast will be served to the public. The former pastor, Rev. M. C. Carter, from Beau fort, will deliver the message. Dinner will be served at 1:30 p.m. The general public is in vited to celebrate this event with New Bethel Baptist Church family and Dr. L W. Reid, Pastor. -Publishers (Continued from front page) center to assist publishers in employing professional person nel from the black community as well as Puerto Rican, Indian, Oriental and Mexican-Ameri can ethnic groups. A comple mentary effort to recruit and train production and clerical personnel from minority groups was initiated in Febru ary by a coalition of publish ers, book manufacturers and suppliers known as the Consor tium of Publishers for Em ployment (COPE). A native of Roanoke, Vir ginia, King has a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Wilberforce University (Wilberforce, Ohio) and has done graduate work at the Uni versity of Dayton and Hofstra. Prior to Hofstra, King was Executive Director and Journal Editor at the Office of Alum ni Affairs at Wilberforce. From 1963 to 1966, he taught English, History and Civics in North Carolina and Indiana public schools and has also served as instructor-coun selor in "Project Upward Bound" at the Purdue Univer sity and was Visiting Professor in the College Relations De partment at the Chase Manhat tan Bank in New York City. King was active in the 1960- 61 period of the civil rights movement and aerved as the Administrative Secretary and Editor of "The Student Voice" for the Student Non violent Coordinating Commit tee in Atlanta, Georgia. be known as East Wilmington Heights, will be constructed on a nine-acre site. The builders have made provisions for 156 parking spaces and several re creation and play areas. Financing of the project will be handled by Wachovia Bank and Trust Company. ''' m 11 Si jf :jf || ||ilf| if 11 |B pil |H | jfiH uptt ■iHIUlf If If If 1111 llillWnßH 9HV TO APPEAR HERE Alpha Zeta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority will pre-- : ent the AKA Chorale of Rich mond, Virginia on Sunday afternoon, September 20, at 5 P. M. in the B. N. Duke Audi torium to benefit the Chapter's Scholarship Fund. The Chorale was organized in 1963 under the direction of Mi's. Persealia P. Goodwin. The group has appeared on tele vision (CBS) in many cities and at several Boules. Service Battalion (Direct Sup port) near Pleiku, South Viet nam. In 1969, Loflin was sum mer associate with the law firm of Sutherland, Asbill & Brennan of Atlanta, Ga., and Washington, D. C. He has pub lished two notes in the NORTH CAROLINA LAW REVIEW on one-man, one vote and on the liability of lending institutions which loan money to builders of de fective homes. Loflin is an ex-newspaper man, having served as a staff reporter for the Greensboro Daily News in 1964 and again in 1967. He is married to the for mer Ann Frye of Hickory, N. C., who is a third-year student at the University of North Carolina School of Law. -Peace (Continued from front page) pons capable of unimaginable destruction thus making It im perative for mankind to learn to live together, and WHEREAS: America has al ways symbolized the good life and worked diligently to bring the benefits and peace to all, and WHEREAS: The achieve ment of world peace requires the support of all persons and begins with the individual re solve of each person, and WHEREAS: The members of the Baha'i Faith of the City of Durham together with countless others are joining in the national observance of World Peace Day, NOW, THEREFORE, I R. W. Crabarek, Mayor of the Ci ty of Durham, North Carolina, do hereby proclaim Sunday, September 20, 1970, as WORLD PEACE DAY with the fervent hope that this will motivate Americans every where to work, each in his own way and in concert with Others, for the attainment of those attributes in himself, in his community, in his nation and in the world that will lead to universal peace. I The longest, driest coastal desert in the world stretches along the Pacific littoral of Peru and northern Chile. Several weather stations in the area have recorded no rainfall for 20 years. But torrential rains sometimes fall in places, literally melting clusters of houses. -Edmonds (Continued from front page) year, she was President Eisen hower's personal representative to the dedication ceremonies of the Liberian Capital Build ing in Monrovia. She is the author of "The Negro and Fusion Politics in North Carolina," published by the University of North Caro lina Press in 1951. Dr. Edmonds has done stu dy and research under grants from the Rockerfeller Fund, the Ford Foundation and the Carnegie Foundation. She also served as a delegate to the Eighth National Confer ence of the United States Com mission on UNESCO in 1961. The group will be heard in Sacred songs taken from Rose Butler Browne's book "Love My Children," "Precious Lord," l "Battle Hymn of the Republic," J "Jacob's Ladder," "Sit Down, 1 |MjMg ff / i AT DELUXE—Shelton C. Her hi/» wishes to announce to his iitany customers and l friends ihat he is in a new location: ®L 4 W J| ▼ JH PROMOTED—Leonderg Horton has been promoted to sales representatise by Coman Lum ber Company of 911 Ramseur Street. (See story page 1, B Sectionj. Residents Flee Fi POLLOCK PINES Firefighters Sunday turned back a raging forest fire which penetrated into this Sierra Nevada resort community, forc ing the evacuation of 1,000 residents. A spokesman for the Califor nia Division of Forestry said &• wind-whipped fire, which destroyed four homes, seven mobile homes and a motel, was finally brought under control Sunday evening. "Things are pretty much Former Resident Visits Friends Here During Past Week Mr. Haywood Townsend, brother-in-law of Mre. A. R. Townsend of 1207 Merrick St. has returned to Philadelphia after spending a delightful va cation in the friendly city. He was entertained with dinners, luncheons, and parties. He en joyed the reunion with rela tives and many cherished friends, but regrets that he did not get the opportunity to see many more. Mr. Townsend is a former resident of Dur ham. | DUKE UNIVERSITY 1 ON-THE-JOB TRAINING / Applications now being accepted for I > TRAINEE. A unique program established by our 1 ( I Security Division offering attractive salary, good \ | fringe benefits and promotional possibilities for I i successful candidates. All applicants must be high ( j school grads (Or equivalent), 21 years of age, \ 1 qualified to vote in North Carolina, good physical \ \ condition, no police record. I f Apply Directly to • i ( Duke University Employment Office I ( 2016 Campiu Drive ) \ "An Equal Opportunity Employer" / Servant," "Let My People Go," and "What the World Needs Now is Love." Tickets can be purchased from any Soror at $1.50 regular admission and yatrons, $2.50.' lllfl _. f MISS LONG Deluxe Barber Shop, 1220 Fay etteville Street. Miss Evelyn Long has also joined the staff at the Deluxe Barber Shop. back to normal," the spokes man said. He estimated proper ty damage at $225,000 and said more than 350 acres of ponderosa pines and brushland had been blackened. CLASSIFIED ADS FOR SALE a Grocery store and snack bar. Located at 1409 Morehead Ave. Good location. Reason for selling: retiring. Phone 682-2207 4 ROOM HOUSE FOR RENT 405 St. Joseph's Street. Rent $ll.OO per week. Dial 682-2207. 5-ROOM HOUSE NEEDED Horace L. Smith, 2007 House Ave., Apt. 11, Dial 489-8173 wants 5-room house near school in nice neighborhood. NORTH CAROLINA DURHAM COUNTY ADMINSTRATOR'S NOTICE HAVING QUALIFIED as Ad ministrator of the estate of Betsy "Jane Jeffers, deceased, late of Durham County. North Carolina, this is to notify all persons having alaims against said estate to exmbit them to the undersigned at 116 West Parrish Street, Durham, N. C. on or before March 19, 1971, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. All persons indebted to said' estate will please make immediate payment. This 11th day of September, 1970. Mechanics and Farmers Bank, Administrator Estate of Betsy Jane Jeffers, Deceased Sept. 19, 26; Oct. 3, 10. NORTH CAROLINA DURHAM COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE HAVING QUALIFIED as Ad ministrator of the estate of John Lacy Murchison, de ceased, late of Durham Coun ty, North Carolina, this is to notify all persons having claims against said eatate to exhibit them to the under signed at 116 West Parrish Street, Durham, N. C„ on or bcfore\March 19, 1971, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. All persons indebted to said estate will please make immediate pay ment. • m This 11th day of September, 1970. Mechanics and Farmers Bank, Administrator Estate of John Lacy Murchison, Deceased Sepi 19, 2?; Oct 9, 10.

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