-188 CAROLINA TIMES SATURDAY, SEPT. 10, 19TO 2B AIR CONDITIONER OFFERS Two filters thai h«-l|> remove airborne partitlfi of dust and dirt and a third filter for reducing unpleasant odors make up the three-way filtration system of this room air conditioner. The unit also boasts a Comfomatic control that actually anticipates the user's comfort requirements. Not too long ago. all that was required of a room air condi tioner was that it do an ade quate |ob of cooling the air and. in the process, of reducing much of that annoying warm weather humidity. If the unit happened lo be a bit noisy, or if you had lo get up in the middle of the night to adjust i| . well, that was the price you had to pay lo cool a room Today, however, air condi tioners have come a long way from their predecessors of ten years ago Local merchants now offer room air conditioners thai lu net ion quietly and effi ciently. offer handsome in terior styling and provide the user with controls that permit hint to "fine tune" desired comfort levels Additionally, many of to day's air conditioners do more than just cool the air—they also help to remove much of the airborne contamination that passes through their filler, One new room" aif condi tioner. the Custom Superthrust from General Klectric, is engi neered Willi a triple air filtra tion system that not only helps cut'down on airborne particles of dust and dirt, but also helps to rid the air that passes through it of any offensive odors Firsi. outside air is drawn through a loam filter lo reduce Ihe larger airborne particles. Next. Ihe air passes through an CLEAR HEAD BREAKS STEREO SOUND BARRIER If your eight track stereo tape player sounds like sixteen track Pandemonium, and the London Symphony Orchestra comes off like Herman's Hermits—chances are you should have your head examined! Clunked up with graphite residue from the tapes you've played, dirty cartridge player heads can set up effective sound barriers to your listening pleasure. That's why most manufacturers recommend that they be cleaned regularly to insure continuous fidelity and trouble-free machine opera tion. But. how does the guy (or gal) with two left hands go about doing this'.' On those machines that have easily accessible player heads, all you need is a Q-lip and a safe chemical cleaner to swab away the brownish accumula tion of graphite. Or, you can use a special head-cleaning car tridge to do the job the easy way, by just nipping it through your machine. And, while it wi-nd* its way through the "ear" pollution—you'll have plenty of lime to shop for two left gloves. The ideal cartridge player Kjfl IKS 11*21 jpsSt Kill ■■ Sk IB Bfl FH mlpr _ - ■ jfcS S| The usual effect of an entry to a home is quite an imperson al one, consisting as it does of a narrow table or chest, and a mirror. There is a vase or a figurine and a plate for calling cards in front of the mirror; chairs on either side of the table, chest or console are op tional. If this describes your entrance hall it badly neeids a striking, all-over pattern on the walls; a home, like a show, ought to "come on strong." A second kind of impression an entry can give is impersonal J to the point of being majestic. In hails which can be described as "foyers," either a scenic wallpaper or separate panels seem to be indicated. Low benches between tall lighting fixtures usually complete this type of entrance. A third type of impression is leas standardized. We might call it the ultra-personal approach. Some homemakers see their i entrances at a preview of the I rooms beyond. Since most of I today's homes, if they are con sciously decorated at ail, strive ] activated filter of charcoal, which helps to reduce un pleasant odors. Finally, it passes through (SB's unique Spine-Kin cooling coils, where it is given an "air wash". The many thousands of tiny interim-shed "fingers" of the Spine-Kin coils, which are covered with water produced by the cooling and dehumidifi cat ion process, actually trap fine airborne particles. These particles are then washed down into the Custom Supcrthrusl's drip pan and disposed of out ol'-doors. Another feature of this unit is an air thrust selector (hat allows the user to custom tailor the air flow to his needs: gentle, for close-in individual cooling; strong, lo jet air deep into a room or even lo distant And. lo eliminate those sleepy, nocturnal trips lo ad just the air conditioner, the Custom Superthrust incorpo rates a Coml'omalic control that actually anticipates com fort requirements. Once the dial is set on the C'oml'omatic position, the unit does the rest automatically. The air conditioner operates at high fan speed and maximum cooling until the desired tem perature level is reached. It then switches to the low, quiet Slumber Speed and maintains this setting. Should room con ditions change, however, the unit will automatically switch back to its high speed. Hr Small device in model's right hand lets tape player operate with a clear head. would, of course, be able to clean itself automatically. So, why hasn't somebody invented it? Somebody has! The Tenna Corporation—the first manufacturer of fully au tomatic four and eight track car stereo, and fine tuning—has come up with a new device for its players that cleans the sound head automatically each time a cartridge is inserted or removed from the machine. This sound barrier break through is being incorporated on two Tenna automobile units—eight track, and com bination four and eight track players. Both make for "look Mu, no hands!!' to be one of three things traditional, contemporary or the potpourri of all styles known as eclectic- the scope of these "trailer" entrances is boundless. What they contain will depend on their size and the appropriate furnishings that are available. Every entry should try to include the following: a table or a chest for a bowl of flowers and possibly a lamp, at least one chair so that people can put on rubbers, a mirror to check their appearance, if they care to, and either a coal tree or an easily accessible closet. If the entry is a separate room, the wallcovering for a modest period type of entrance poses no problem. Aside from anti [ cipating the character of the other rooms, it only needs a slightly more festive quality of its own. For more Information on wallpaper and wallcoverings, send SI.OO for a 208-page book to: "Living Walls," Wall Covering Industry Bureau, 969 Third Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10022. Takes Over Small Pox Anti-Serum Distribution WASHINGTON, D. C. - The diatrtbution of Vaccinia Immune Globulin (VIG), a rare blood product used to combat severe reactions bom smallpox vaccinations, has been turned over to U. S. Public Health Service by the American National Red Cross which began the distribution program in 1953. In announcing the change, Dr. Tibor J. Greenwalt, medi cal director of the ARC Blood Program, said over 18,000 five-milliliter vials of VIG have been provided without charge to physicians in this country and throughout the world dur ing the past 17 years. Many of the rush calls for the precious serum were for children who had infected their eyes or other parts of their bodies after scratching or touching their vaccina tions, Dr. Greenwalt said. Some of these infections were so massive that loss of sight and even death would have re sulted had the serum not been available in time. Because of the scarcity of VIG and the fact that it must be given very soon after the infection starts, the Red Cross HOW TO GOARD AGAINST PYORRHEA Beyond the age of 35, the average American loses over twice as many teeth to gum disease as to decay. To this jolting statistic of the American Dental Association, the World Health Organization adds that in the United States, "almost the entire adult popu lation" is affected in some de gree by periodontal (gum) dis ease —comm on I y called "pyorrhea." One of the insidious things about such disorders is that they are seldom painful in the early stages and are therefore easily overlooked or neglected. The first hint of pyorrhea is usually inflamed or bleeding gums. Later, the teeth may become loose in their sockets, making normal chewing almost impossible. Finally, even with out any defect in the teeth themselves, they may fall out one by one. The causes of periodontal disease are complicated and not fully understood even to day. Most recently, research workers have discovered that certain types of gum disease can be transmitted from one hamster to another. This sug gests that pyorrhea may be spread by an external micro organism—possibly through contaminated silverware or dishes! One sensible precaution is to guard your family against germs the way any safe restau rant protects its patrons: by washing dishes (preferably in an automatic machine) in very hot water spiked with a high phosphate detergent. A high concentration of phosphate is important. The phosphate component, found in brand name detergents, contributes materially to cutting down germ levels, thus reducing the possibility of cross-infection. For the same reason, if your date's gums look suspiciously red, it might be best to settle for a good-night handshake. It's better to miss a kiss than risk a loose tooth. In general, regular visits to your family doctor or dentist will help to head off pyorrhea or at least to reduce the dam age. For instance, one estab lished contributing factoi —a vi tamin C deficiency—can be cor rected by having your physi cian recommend a vitamin sup plement or a vitamin-rich diet. Your dentist is the man to see about rectifying other con ditions known to be linked to gum disease. One of these is the formation of tartar, which appears to provide a haven for bacteria injurious to the gums. Similarly,' irritations which can blossom into pyorrhea may be caused by teeth that do not meet properly, are' badly ™ E STUOENT „ » ~W UNIFORMS WERE MODIFIED TO FLLWFLFE MHL PERMIT FREER MOVEMENT WHEN SFLLE J DAILV DRILL, SVMNASTICS AND GAMES WERE INTRODUCED INTO THE CURRICULUM OF THE NEW SCHOOLS ■ X / THAT CROPPED UP IN THE lO7O'S. ■ WON'T I^TO^S.'CHSXS MJ THAT REOUIBED UNI- 6)1- 'II MR I FORMS PREFERRED V\°lC SMOCKED DRESSES VAI IN THE logo's THE PEA JACKET AND StCIRT COMBINATION WAS POPULAR.THE J>OCET BROUGHTA* !X* Vi —F GIRLS STILL FURTHER /JL!' \ I AWAV FROM WOMEN'S \XL A " 1 \ ' FASHION AND NEARER THE \ N A \ / APPAREL OF THEIR BROTHERS. JJJ O \\jJ 1 I TOftAY... WHEN OUVIN& / / \rL# y WOMEN'S OR CHILDREN'S / / \ W M W ! APPAREL-LOOK FOR TULS TM LABEL-THE MK SYMBOL OF ML h ss?sr VSJJSKFE/ DARDS ANP THE - ■" M * S£ --- XV W/V OF LIFE. M. P| FFJ handled distribution from its blood centers in 14 cities throughout the United States, with a volunteer physician consultant In each city being responsible for approving all requests and advising on the dosage. Some 800 vials of the pro duct also were sent to ten foreign countries in response to urgent requests from physi cians, Dr. Greenwalt noted. Since Vaccinia Immune Globulin can only be taken from the blood of a person re cently vaccinated for smallpox, the Red Gross for many years obtained most of its supply from young men newly re cruited into military service, a source considerable diminished during the past few years by the military's urgent need for blood for the wounded in Vietnam. "For this reason, and be cause a commercial laboratory has now been licensed to pro duce VIG," Dr. Greenwalt said, "the Red Cross is relin quishing its role in the program and will devote its funds and energies to increased research aimed toward the development of new blood products and placed or bite against the gums. A faulty filling also can be a culprit. All of these conditions can be remedied by time well spent in the dentist's chair. However, one of the most effective and simplest preven tives is proper, do-it-yourself tooth-brushing. That's because pyorrhea can be triggered or aggravated by food particles lodged between the teeth or around the gum line. For the best results, the World Health Organization lists these pointers: • Brush regularly with a motion that reaches into as many crevices as possible and stimulates the gums without damaging them. • Use a simple toothbrush instead of a fancy one. • Massage the gums with a rubber stimulator to help keep them healthy. • Brush for at least three minutes. • Rinse the mouth after brushing to wash out loose food particles that might other wise settle back into tooth crevices. A study of English school children in their early teens showed that there was 50 per cent less gum disease among those who brushed their teeth regularly than among the irreg ular brushers. And here's a tip for the sweet-toothed: Munching an apple at the end of a meal will help to clean the teeth, exer cise the gums and control most forms of gum disease before it get* out of hand. totter methods of long-term blood preservation." Responsibility for the VIG program hu been given to the U. S. Public Health Service Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Ga., which will handle the distribution through its quarantine offices in Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Or leans, Jamaica, N. Y. (Kennedy Airport), and Seattle, Wash. Red' Cross blood centers al ready have given more than 525 vials of VIG to those offices, and the 14 physician consultants awho assisted the Red Cross in the program have volunteered to help Public Health Service in the same way. The Red Cross VIG resposi tories wore located in Atlanta, Ga., Madison, Wise., Waco, Tex., Cleveland, San Jose, Calif., Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Boston, St. Louis, Great Falls, Mont, Portland, New York City, Tucson and Washington, D. C. Mrs. Dußois to Attend Sept. 20 Dedication Congressman John Conyers, Jr. (D-Mich) announced today that the Justice Department has reversed its policy and Is going to allow Mrs. Shirley G. Dußois to enter the coun try. She will attend the dedi cation services of the Black Hall of Fame, September 20 in New York City. Mrs. Du- Bois, the widow of the late distinguished scholar Dr. W.E.B. Dußois, was denied permission to come to the U. S. earlier this year to speak at Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee because the Justice Department said it "would not be in the best interests of the country." Conyers stated that "justice has been served by this rever say in the decision. Her entry should never have been barred." Although a native of Indian apolis, Indiana, Mrs. Dußois gave up her citizenship at the American Embassy in Accra, Ghana in 1963. She is an inter national lecturer, playwright, musician and author. "Her many books about the heroes of black history have made a Irs the real tpng. ■ JLF 7 / jpr -y ■ppr: ■-■ £ , * HMK^ TAWOHL I IHI MM M I "■**■" "COCA-COIA" AIIO "COM" AM IMC ncaittcmo TDAO«•*•«■«• WHICH o.si»ou>»« »HC MHI PAOOWCT •* *NT COCA OOL* OON»ANV. Bottled under the authority of The Coca-Cola Company by the people in your town who bring you Coca-Cola. DURHAM COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Pinto, Ford Division's frisky new little car, kirks up its heel# with two engines, a 1600-cc. bus*! powerplant and a 2000-ce. option. With "l'lntbpower" to spare, it excels at turnpike speeds and in tight passing situations. Small and light, Pinto gallops through the heaviest traffic and can wiggle into the tightest parking place. Ford dealers will introduce the *7l Pinto on September 11. Prince Hall Masons in Centennial Celebration By R. IRVING BOONE RALEIGH A great and historic celebration will take place in Raleigh, October 5-7. It's the One Hundredeth Annual Communication, Prince Hall Free and Accepted Masons of North Carolina. Heading the mammoth dele gation for this centennial ob servance will be the Honorable Clark S. Brown, Most Worship ful Grand Master of the 30,000-member North Caroli na Pr>s**,Jlall Family, and prominent business and civic leader of Winston-Salem. Literally, thousands of members of the Craft - from all sections of the state • plus many masonic dignitaries from other jurisdictions, along with a host of friends and ob servers, are expected to con verge upon the Capital City for this three-day series. Official headquarters for the various sessions will be Shaw University and the near by Sir Walter Hotel Activities will get under way, formally, on Monday, October 5, 2 p.m., with the registration of delegates, at the Student Union Building, Shaw campus. At 6 p.m., the Dis trict Deputies Session will con-! vene in Conference Room, at the Sir Walter. Memorial ser vices will be observed at 8, Shaw University Church; and this will be followed with social hour at Sir Walter. great contribution to Ameri can culture," Conyers said. The Grand Master's annual address will highlight the Tues day's session; while the key noted for the Fellowship Ban quet on Tuesday night will be Dr. Marion D. Thorpe, distin guished president of Elizabeth City State University, one of the nation's youthful educa tors. There will be a variety of other interesting features, in cluding: workshops, theme r"l ir i CONSULT US ABOUT OUR INSTALLMENT PAYMENT PLAN Union Insurance & Realty Co. •14 FAYETTEVILLE ST. PHONE 612-1133 lectures, pilgrimage to graves of Past Grant Masters (Interred in Raldgh), annual reports, exhibits, Grand Master's Breakfast, honoring Worship ful Masters, "recognition periods," and annual reports. Included, also will be the pre sentation of a Special Memo randum, by a Centennial Com mittee, dealing with "projec tions for the second century."

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