6B -THE CAROLINA TIMES SATURDAY, SEPT 19, 1970. TELL ME WURT fw RURE SETS VWPCT REPNUE tut U>W«sF?| out IWMH 9P»RT f ROM iWt THE SEP MAKES THE EARTW UNIQUE». MO OTHER WORLD lOT ,«T C^c WVTHIN TWE RANSE OF MAN'S T/uRTLES . SOME HAVE /tfar VISoW I HCW MUCH BIGGER \9 AN WWW DID HfcNRW HUOSOH NAME -tW6 wuwow R,V/6R !|SSS^^ R 3 TIMES AS LKRGE AS IT SKMS, M BECAUSE AN ICEBERG IS B/q UNDER WHTER! 90ME ANTARCTIC '»CEBIROS THE EXPLORER THOUGHT HE CDULDI ARE 200 FT. HfcH ABCA/ETWE WPTTER REACH THE PACIFIC OCEAN 0V SURFACE AMD4S MILES LONG! SAILING UP "THE RNER] I FLET'S SEE HOW WELL ARE YOU DOING "J VOU CftM DPftW THIS Ml MAKE Pi !J & \ttlH THE RPPLF, WiM W NICE THE FIZZLE FAMILY by H. T. ELMO WHY AREN'T S0\l)(I CAW'TI 1/ I'M TOO WORRIED 1 KNOW ALL HE Mj\s TOj—- DOtNSYOUI? WoRK' (ABOUT WORLD PROBLEMS! \T WoKfi>/ A BOaTISOETTtN6 THAT UAI I V AY UK KISSES HER WHEN HEA A 3OOO HEAVENS • I MOLL" AN ME j LEA V E$ AND THEN KEEPS (4 OON'T EVEN KNOW J \ rrmr l WAVING TO HER WHV -V HER VET T J «- (FENWICK, THE NEW ) f \ OON - T you OO THAT ? J| I NEIGHBORS ARE V' I// , * '-L W /RT TPVT 3. TRFR WJWW __________ —w ■— —T—J _ I HERE'S AN OLD WELL, I PLAYED THE GIRL FRIENDS K HEN THEY'VE YES* BRIDGE WITH HER 1 FOUND WITH V—3s! THE OTHER NIGHT! GILDA GAY liy BERNARD bA'LTf ■ r,^;^™SirGMJG&GS PKTEY AND HIS PALS J maxwell h£ was no acrobat ? , r reao thatl 3 i y H£ was CASTAWAY f AFTER HE FINISHED f I WAS READIN' ABOpT A ,*V? N A LONELY J^'^P Ay ' S wOR, /HE J V ORE AT ACROBAT NAMED J Vi H S*/ DOWN ON HIS PUGGY Garden Tine In North Corolfna Fall of the year is the better season for establishing the permanent lawn using the evergreen grasses such as fpscue and bluegrass. Pre paration of the soil is very important and, in many cases, is not thoroughly done. Some suggestions may be helpful. A soil test is best to de termine the need for lime, phosphate and organic content of the soil. Since so few home owners will take the time for this test, we will go out on a limb and make suggestions without the test. Prepare the soil to a depth of 4-6 inches by plowing, discing or rototilling. Then apply the following evenly over the prepared surface: 35 lbs. of an 8-8-8 fertilizer (gran ular form better than pellets) per 1,000 square feet of area; then 60 ibs. of dolomitic lime per 1,000 square feet; then about two inches of peatmoss, or very old sawdust. Workthe lime, fertilizer and organic matter into the soil to a depth of at least 4 inches. This can best be done with a tiller or disc harrow. It is important that both lime and phosphate be incor porated in the soil root zone because neither of these im- portant plant food elements, once applied, moves readily 1A the soil. Now you are ready to pre pare the soil for the seedbed. It should be raked smoothly and evenly and rolled, if pos sible, to firm the soil. If you are lucky enough to have a good shower, it will do the job of settling for you. Or, you can irrigate. After the job of settling the soil has been accomplished, rake lightly and you are ready for seeding. Seeding can be done by hand or with a hand (Cyclone) seeder. Regardless of the method used, the seeding should be uniform. This can best be accomplished by divid ing the seed, for a given area, into equal parts. Sow half in NEW BILL TO INCREASE MONTHLY BENEFITS FOR TWO MILLION VETS ' The Veterans Administra tion reported today that a bill the President signed August 12 will increase monthly com pensation payments for most of two million veterans who incurred disabilities during military service. Administrator of Veterans Affaire Donald E. Johnson said the eight to 12 per cent in creases will be tetroactive to July 1. He said veterans will receive their regular monthly checks for August on Sept. 1, com puted at the old rate. Later, in early September, most veterans will receive another check which will reflect the retroac tive increase for July and August.' The lollowing month on Oct. 1 - regular monthly checks will include the in creases. Johnson stressed that since the increased payments are automatic, veterans need not contact the VA to receive them. He said the 12 per cent increase goes to totally dis abled veterans, including those who also receive additional compensation for such disabili ties as deafness, blindness, and the loss of - or loss pf use of - arms and feet one direction and cross-seed the other hald. For fescue, use about 3 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft.; for bluegrass about 1 1/2 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. Rake seed in lightly, mulch with clean grain straw and water. Buy only certified seed and the best available. Soil fumigation will pay dividends as you can prac tically eliminate weeds, "wiregrass," grubs, Japa nese beetles and other soil borne troubles. If you decide to fumigate, it should be done after the first steps of seed bed preparation - tilling, dis cing, etc; and before seeding. Follow the manufacturers' directions when fumigating the soil. Under the new rates, com pensation to veterans with a 100 per cent disability rating will be raised from S4OO to $450 a month. Those with a 90 per cent rating will be increased from $226 to $250 a month; 80 per cent disability, $2Ol to $233; 70 per cent, $174 to $193; 60 per cent, $147 to $163, and 50 per cent, $122 to $135. (The additional allowances for dependents of veterans rated 50 per cent or more, also are being increased.) Other increases are as fol lows: 40 per cent, SB9 to $96; 30 per cent, $65 to S7O; 20 per cent, $43 ttJ per cent, $23 t~- siU> a month. The new law also permits restoration to compensation rolls the remarried widows of veterans whose remarriages end in death or divorce. This pro vision becomes effective next January 1. The VA Administrator said another provision, which would affect comparatively few veterans, would presume certain illnesses of former pri soners of war during World War 11, the Korean Conflict, and the Vietnam era to be service-connected for purposes of compensation payments. NAACP ASKS PROBE OF . MARINE BASE DALLAS, Texas The Navy has been called upon by Richard L. Dockery, South west regional director of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored Peo ple, to investigate charges of discrimination against Negro servicemen at the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve Training Center here. Mr. Dockery asked for the investigation after three black reservists filled discrimination complaints alleging threats on their lives and personal safety, harassment, intimidation, abuse and denial of promo tions. This is not the first time Negroes have complained about their treatment at the center, Mr. Dockery said, re calling that an investigation made after similar complaints had been filed last December revealed that prejudice exists at the base. Role of Negro as Spokesman For Police Group Questioned ATLANTA, Ga. - The Southeast Regional Office of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has questioned the in tercession of the Rev. E. Free man Yearling in behalf of two white police officers who have been indicted by a grand jury for the shooting of a 15-year old Negro youth in the Sum merhill area of this city. According to announce ments by both printed and broadcast media, Mr. Yearling, who reportedly represents an organization known as the Na tional Negro Congress of Racial Pride, was scheduled to speak Sept. 4 in the Skyline Room of the Decatur Federal Building. Sponsored by the At- World of Tomorrow Fruit and vegetable harvesters will become so so phisticated by the turn of the century that they will pick, sort, clean and package produce in the field with out it being touched by human hand, Ford Motor Com pany farm machinery experts predict. Machines such as this apple harvester (right) will be equipped with electronic eyes and computerized fingers, according to Ford, and will replace equipment such as today's trac tor with a forklift platform (left) for raising a picker to the fruit. AUTO FACTS r) BLOWING YOUR COOL ! v ? A- ) Working on twe M > ' " SAME PRINCIPLE C VY AS A PRESSURE ( J W&I/ COOKER--YOUR U "71 I CAR'S COOLING SYSTEM OPERATES ff 1 SEVENTEEN POUNDS mtsti cap. To PREVENT LEAKAGE S or suppen burst 'm-v jd UNPER SUCH PRESSURE • XJk. Ch~ jjIBH KAPIATOR,HOSES ANP . 4SIP CLAMPS MUST BE IN \ ■) WW GOOP CONPITION. f V f ' ThEK) IUNG 'L EYSER w cap FR?M A HOT RAPIATOR I CAN BE PANGEROUS. -• R \ THE CAR CARE COUNCIU *s* APWISES.'AUOW AN OVERHEATED ENGINE A\\W J,ZZ£ TO COOL FIRST, THEN REMOVE TWE CAP SLOW * Mam i_y USING A THICK GIjOVE Crossword Puzzle ACROSS M s™"" jijij •» 5 * 7 '!>!' • I?" M"™ 1. Near ijiji !j!j! 4. Spur , t |j!j! ii I 1 ! 1 !'♦ 8. Exclama- ggj ggg tion of pity i* i* 555 •» '• 12. Ben— 1 gg 13. Great Lake i» i» 14. Formed j'! 1 ! 1 !?:Rir WL~ZZZIM w ZZW 19. Finds fault 15 555 I. IT 555 *• »» lie 21. Twelves 80c 22. Utters im- j, 32 55? 33 JBB 51 pulsively ggj J22 24. By 36 N gSg 3* J» 55? "H> 25. Exclama- ggg gg l_i garments »(, 47 sac »» *r 28. Unhurt ggg 31. Perform 50 si 55 si 33. Dipper S» 35. Dejected 73 858} « —SOTS 36. Ricochet !$\ Ki 38. Equals IT I|l Bo " " 40. Concerning 41. Knock _ ... 43. Ridicule 53. Solar disc 59. Shrewd 23. Boundaned 45. Scorched 54. Hawaiian 25. Owns 48. Roof of the island 27. Slumber mouth 56. Old age 29. Predict 50. Holds in 57. Trial 30. Female affection 58. Composition . „ . , „„ J" ee P 52. Carried in verse 1- Fictional 32. Long Amwar to Puxxi* hero speeches |. |-,i ■uiUIqUM 1 Iclal ■ I 2.Football 34.Mistake position 37. Father or 3.Test mother Si ——— 3i-V 1 v dio anV 3 s 5. Conjunction building ■3 a 1 w 3 afl|d v VMM 6. Atmosphere 42. Vegetable 7. Feat 44.Fruitofa L * *J 9. Toward 45. Fix in place 9 * V9 WI '** VS H*S the side 46. Grafted ■ * 3 d|? i ■* o -1 «■ 10. Asian gulf Her. S I* 3T- ofoUs 3m V 1 fl 11- Soap frame 47. Sudden fall ~ S~Z w 1 aBl *aT nT w I 6' Australian 49. Whirlpool ißa birds 51. Annamese £— _ _ 18. Trim measure |y|v|-»IVQ lanta Support Your Local Police Committee, Mr. Yearl ing is reported to be turning over proceeds from the affair to the defense of Officers J. T. Hasty and J. M. Colbert. The title of his speech is "Civil Turmoil, Its Cause and Cure." Speaking for the NAACP office, Mrs. Ruby Hurley said that her office had been un able to find out "anything about Mr. Yearling or the or ganization he purports to re present." Noting that a local grand jury had found suffi cient cause to indict white police officers, she questioned any reAons for a black man to seek to raise money in their defense.

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