Legal N WHHJT CAROLINA DURHAM COUNTY NOTtCI or BALI _UNDER AND BY VIRTUE tela Chattel IVed of Trust ex Johnnie cole dated March 3rd, 1060, Wiult hiring been made fh the payment of the indebted ness thereby secured and said Deed of Trust being by it* terms subject to foreclosure, the undersigned Trustee will offer of sale at Public Auction to the highest bidder for cash at the Courthouse Door in Dur ham. North Carolina, at 12:00 Noon on the 23rd day of Sep tember, 1070, the following One IWW Model Ronanza 17 ft. Trailer, Serial No. 0436. This 9th day of September. 1970. J. J. HENDERSON. Trustee WILLIAM A. MAItSII. .IK. Attorney September 12 NORTH CAROLINA DURHAM COUNTY NOTICE OF SALE UNDER AND BY VIRTUE of sale in a certain Chattel Deed of Trust executed hy JAMES MOSES ROWELI.. dated June IS, 10R7. and ret orded in Mort gage Book 31(5. at page 247. in the Office of the Resistor of Do: d-; of Durham County, de fault having been made in the payment of the indebtedness thereby secured and snid Deed of Trust beini! bv its terms subject to foreclosure, the un dersirned Trustee will offer of sile at PuhM" Auction to the highest bidder for cash at the Courthouse Door in Dur ham. North Carolina, at 12:00 Noon on tiie 23rd day "f Sep tember. 19 70. the following article of personal property! One 1907 Model Forfl Oalnxic (SOOi 2 Door Hardtop Automobile Serial No. 7N5511147839. This Rth day of September. 1970 J. J. HENDERSON. Trustee '.VnXIAM A MARSH. JR.. Attorney Sept* mbcr 12 XhRTH CAROLINA DUNHAM COUNTY NOTICE OF RESALE UNDER AND BY VIRTUE OF AN ORDER OF THE SU PERIOR COIHT of Durham County, made in a special pro ceeding therein pending »jen tiiled "Meciianics and Farmers Bank. Administrator of the Estate of Harvey Green, de ceased Vs. Nettie D. Green (widow) Theodore R. Green and wife. Thomasina L. Green: Ethel M. Green (single): Mar cellus Green (single): and Ky rus C. Green and wife Pennie A. Green, and' signed hv the Assistant Clerk of Superior Court, the undersigned Com missioner will on the 16th day of October. 1970. at twelve o'clock, ijnon. at fhe door ot the courthouse in" Durham. North Carolina, offer for sale to the highest bidder for cash, but subject to the confirma tion of fourt. a certain tract or parcel of land lying and bMng in Triangle Township, ! Durham County. North Caro lina. and more particularly de seribed as follows: BEH INNING at an iron stake in the western nroperty line of Dixon Road 301.19 feet in a southerly direction from the south side of Eden Drive, thence with and along the western property line of Dixon Road, in a southerly direction aa it curves at a radius of 404.24 feet. 100 00 feet to a stake: thence with and along 1 the northern boundary line of Lot No. 4 BLOCK C of plat hereinafter mentioned. North 65 degrees 88 minutes West , 319.94 feet to a stake: thence North 3 degrees 51 minutes ■ East 100.0 feet to a stake: thence along th c southern boundary line of Lots Nos. 11 and 10. Rluck C. South 83 ;de grees 30 minutes East 177.09 fed to a sHkc: thence South 51 degrees 40 minutes East 204.76 feet !o a stake in the western property line of Dixon Road, the peint and place of beginning, rnd REI>IG LOT NO. 5 in BLOCK C OF ARCH DALE. TRIANGLE TOWNSHIP, Durham. North Carolina, as shown bv Mip and survey of ! J. Watts Copley. L. S.. May 5., 1969. Map of Archdale being! recorded in Plat Book ——, page , Office of the Regis ter of Deeds for Durham Coun ty. This Bth dav of Seotember. 1970. WILLIAM A. MARSH. JR.. Commissioner Sept. 12, 19, 26; Oct. 3 NORTH CAROLINA DURHAM COUNTY IN THE GENERAL COURT OF JUSTICE DISTRICT COURT CIVIL DIVISON DOCKET NO. 70 CvD 4154 NORMAN MEADE, Plaintiff Vi. DOROTHY GILL MEADE, Defendant NOT I C I The above named Defendant, DOROTHY GILL MEADE, will take notice that an action en titled above has been com menced in the Durham County 1 District Court, Durham, North Carolina, by the Plaintiff to secure an absolute divorce from the Defendant upon the grounds that Plaintiff and De fendant have live separate and apart from each other for more than one year next preceding 1 th" bringing of this action: rnd the Defendant will fur ther take notice that she is re quired to appear at the office of the Clerk of Durham Coun ty District Court. • Durham North Carolina, in the Court house In Durham on or before tV 15th day of October. 1970. jnd answer or demur to the 'Complaint in said action or the Plaintiff will apply to the Career Apparel Works Overtime NEW YORK (ED) Pity the poor working girl ... no more! Where once she stayed up late at night washing out stockings and ironing her white blouse for the next day's pave ment pounding . . . begging a bpss to give her a chance . . . today, luscious jobs in comfort able settings arc hers for the doing . . . with fabulous fringe benefits. One of the newest: career apparel. The new girl go-getter no longer has to won der how to stretch a skimpy wardrobe, ponder about what to wear in the cold light of dawn and a 7 :M0 alarm. . . . Instead, three-piece outfits and dresses i C »urt for the relief demanded in the Complaint. This 28th day of August, 1970. Nathoniel L. Belcher Bumpass. Belcher and Avant Attorneys at Law 2 Dunstan Street Durham, North Carolina 27707 5. 12, 19, 26 NORTH CAROLINA DURHAM COUNTY NOTICE OP RESALE UNDER AND BY VIRTUE OF AN ORDER OF THE SU PERIOR COURT of Durham County, made in a special pro ceeding therein pending en titled "Mechanics and Farmers Bank, Executor of the Estate of Hettie Jones, deceased 1 Vs. William Gustav Jones and wife, Ernestine Anita Jones," and signed by the Assistant Clerk of Superior Court, the under signed Commissioner will on the 16th day of October, 1970, at twelve 'o'claek, noon at the door of the courthouae in Dur ham, North "CarOfthtl, offer for aale to the highest bidder for cash, but subject to the con firmation of the Court, a cer tain tract or parcel of land lying and being in Durham Township, Durham County, North Carolina, and more par ticularly described as follows: BEING LOT NO. 12 of the R. H. WRIGHT PROPERTY LOCATED in Durham, North Carolina as per plet of R. M. Pickard, Civil Engineer, dated August, 1921. and recorded in the Office of the Register of Deeds of Durham County in Deed Book 99, page 127, Plat Book No. 3, page 145. HOUSE NO. 708 South Street is located on this land. This Bth day of September, 1970. WILLIAM A. MARSH, JR., Commissioner Sept. 12, 19, 26; Oct. 3. ■■■ H| MM k »] For a limited time we offer you an ex- I g* ceptional value in maintenance free I M M I■■ I aluminum storm doors and windows. Winter and summer yot ■■ can remain comfortable... and th ! savings on fuel and air conditioning ■ I ■ ■ can equal your small investment. m. M m M Storm windows and doors mean free ™ - dom from noise, drafts, and insects, •nr Doors and windows are self-storing, Mtk I ( ■ no changing with the seasons. In- M 1 ■ ~7 sorts are easily removed from insidi P4 I for cleaning. Take advantage of our special offer today. Call for Frn Eiiinit*—6Bß-4311 STORM H *3995 jCq, INSTALLED WINDOWS INSTALLED WE HONOR BANKAMERICARD and MASTER CHARGE THE COMAN COMPANY^^B|^^ 1 RAMSEUR ST. PHONE 688-4311 Hours: Monday Through Thursday 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. Friday 8 A.M. to 6 P.M., Saturdoy 9 A.M. to 1 P.M. Mr .!• Ajgfr\^99B mmL* L\ lK k■ of easy-euro Cclanese Fortrel * ,|H arc ready and waiting to do the pP 1» job. Miss Rental Agent plans the interiors in a well-planned 1L f i JMHpI lipstick red polyester suit. The ■*~ K . banking hostess no longer sticks m i 4%ir to t^u K°°l gray banker's suit; . 1 -~£Z. . M she livens up the atmosphere '**" an eas >' shirt and ■R " "• vest outfit that looks like a mil gjjtf' JfMr lion. That indefatigable corps gm mjßmfT'' ! of door-to-door salesladies meet Jl -y. with no resistance neat little 4HR JHRRKw double knit,button-frontdresses |g : MS „ ... to dress up with scarf or E& chains. And these ap parel outfits stop five jV . . . a look. It's a look that's sure to I succeed in business . . . without ■I even trying! SCS to Upgrade Predominately Black Land Grant Colleges The USDA's Soil Conserva tion Service is actively in volved in a commitment to raise the status of the pre dominantely black land grant colleges. The agency is recruiting future soil scientists among black vocational-ag high school graduates ... Providing selected candidates with summer jobs before they enter and while they are attending land grant colleges ... Assisting in setting up college curriculums, and helping to familiarize the facul ties with the program by pro viding summer employment opportunities for faculty mem bers. The SCS is further aiding the colleges and students alike ty setting up plant material stations on the campus, and is assuring jobs as SCS soil scientists to graduates who suc cessfully complete their college field work. A case in point is Southern University A&M College at Baton Rouge, La., where, ac cording to Dr. Hezekiah Jackson, Dean of Agriculture, "the current profitable associa tion with SCS" began in the early 1960's with a visit to Southern's campus by Carl A. Lindstrom, SCS personnel di rector, Washington, D. C.; and O. T. Seely, SCS state adminis trator officer at Alexandria, La. Agricultural instruction had been authorized at Southern University following the pas sage of the Second Morrill Act by Congress in 1890. The Act made possible agricultural in stitutions that were established for black persons only. But, by the late 1950s and early 19605, Dr. Jackson notes, "few agriculture teachers were needed . ; . because fewer and fewer high school boys were choosing agricultural produc tion as a profession. Student enrollment in engineering, business, education, and the liberal arts was increasing at a rapid rate during this same period of continuous decline in agricultural enrollment." SEATTLE, Wash. A staff member of JSeattle Mayor Wes Uhlman recently gave his honor a plant some one thought was "an African tomato plant." Further investigation re vealed that the foot-high greenery was in fact a mari juana plant. "The Mini-Biki Menace" in N( Is Growing RALEIGH - What safety officials and many private citi zens are referring to as the "minl-blke menace" is growing in North Carolina. According to Motor Vehi cles Commissioner Joe W. Gar rett, his department and local enforcement agencies are re ceiving an increasing number of complaints about the small vehicles being operated by children on the public streets and highways. He said a num ber of children have been killed In the state while operating mini-bikes and re ports of injuries are mount ing. Garrett said the mini-bike becomes a full-fledged motor vehicle when it ventures onto a ptablic street. As such, it is subject to all motor vehicle laws. "The operator," he said, "must be a licensed driver. The vehicle must carry a license plate, an inspection sticker and be fully covered by Insurance. "Our primary concern, of course is the safety of the children who operate these vehicles. They simply cannot be seen on the streets by automobile drivers. The Commissioner ex pressed the belief that the solution to the problem lies, not in the wholesale arrest of youngsters for violating motor vehicle laws, but in the area of parental responsibility. "In many instances," he said, "the children do not rea lize they are breaking laws. But, their parents do know the law and they should assume the responsibility for the ac tions of their children. By allowing their children to vio late the law now, they are not only jeopardizing their lives, but, at the same time, they are encouraging them in disres pect for law that can carry over into later life." \NorthCarolina's Leader inPrescriptions!\ 6 CONVENIENT • IMWIW.SI. • 1223 Uni.vniiy Dr. M ."T* S inriTinui •im JL • ui» R..k«oWT\\l v\\*v. m To =«v k£m LOCATIONS • H.11,km.,k R.»d • tk.ixl H,ll-£...,.,. J Qi" MEW TWIST 1J J SUAVE 5 " 47c EXCEDRIN PM Q7C [ \ "7 M PFPSI-COLA 1 :: HAIR SPRAY 41 TABLETS 0f I \ cumS I Ef rtroi "W 1 , 114, Bottt. of 100 $1.59 12>ot. Sis* ► f A .\'V-* *7 a 1.1 ! ANACIN QQe GELUSIL QOc l-I I r not 1 TABLETS P" liquid py :[ MwO 4 For OO IJ \ 11.73 12w». K», 11m $1.89 Bos of 38 \ I (A 1 > V,TALIS 99 C ALKASELTZER QQc I upgL t!S? -gr I ShuHtr 1; HAIR TONIC PLUS > I VACUUM - /fiTr I I Cartridge Pen 1!• si.»» >♦«». sup«r su« ha $1 .$$ F.mii?Lot»n '► I CT*V\ //s I I*lll 1 J; *OW QQc Heod& Shoulders QQc ; 1533.99 25? I I -igff ,zI;> MOUTHWASH »*** SHAMPOO u%J —N aa? I 1 ilKl 1 s>« 66* \|:ARRID SI 39 funVSTONE SI 89; J jfiSy I 1 j J Spray Dtodoront I Chewoble Vitamins I ' fj far Hi I mt. |f% //.\ /Ms ill ■■ |g).||J2 m -- «'P/P ft IUI ill E « ,r * ''"X j\ WUiUAMbcJu, 7«"m f\ All Popular SIM. S I IfPw ban Y-iwr- / Jl. 3 £\ - "i.QQi ! i SKm •« \ r i 2 u L^m.r — %r\ v -^ ! oo s V StoinloM 3*«l ig to.— mmwia „„„ »££- BOARIS G 77«S^p^ $ iQk jFRCFMt W \ ® IB JtßSt ' ls \r kxjnhg-tv ur«» tut \r A ft _ \ lotion s. X \ ,«£- > >AQc^ V " - !1 '7// vr 'l2- J rffijpMffii [m 0 I DIAL DAY. OFFICE OR \ fPj \ STOOL _ I I EVENING jpUWI Lf '-J 1 SCALES 1" J , -iifl 11\) ' SPECIAL ONLY MM TjC I N 1 1 Vain# WHHV Mm 1 » IATTEIiy lmS£ SS( %OWk mmiiMU | 49J -1 — J {JxS7 it Sh jgy ' >2 w - 7y | —— , „\,» " A ' 1 ■ jM *W v * p' ®* "** Jr ft « BkJ| JSKK iff, Iv i 4 I JM r' ■■■ni/ i IV I >flU Jj i |- *■■ p9[ 'PIiH HFjvJ^^H^^fl| Km MHkT Wntf JV »^fJtmr . RECORD COMMERCIAL ln their unique style which has made them famous. The Dells recently recorded a commer cial for Coca-Cola, "It's the Real Thing. Coke." It is be St. Augustine' Dr. Prezell R. Robinson, president, Saint Augustine's College has announced the ap pointment of three persons, who are alumni of the institu tion: Charles A. Haywood, of Raleigh, dean of students. Haywood received the B. S. degree in tflem&try at Saint Augustine's College in 1962 and the MAT, in Science Edu cation in 1965 from the Uni versity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is pursuing further study at UNC, Chapel MIL He was formerly a phy sics teacher at the Ligon High School, Raleigh. James E. Burt, of Raleigh, coordinator of alumni affairs. Burt received the B. A. degree in sociology at St. Aug., May 1970. As a student he worked with summer projects under the United Church of Christ. This function required him to make several trips to Cincinna ti, Ohio, Philadelphia, Pa., cities in Colorado and North Carolina. As an active student leader, SATURDAY, SEPT. 10, ITTO THE CABOUNA TUm ing aired on radio statiAhsF across the nation The popular group joins a cavalcade of top name personalities that is spreading the new theme song. s Adds Three Mr. Burt was editor of the College Yearbook for 1970. He served as North Carolina State Vice President of the Student NEA.; President of the Pre-Alumni Club, president of the Sociology Clnb, a member of the Student Government Association, a member of the College Choir, and Soloist; a life member of the Modern Music Masters Honor Society, and a representative t# the Raleigh Human Relations Com mittee, Burt is unmarried. Ronald W. Watson of New York City, field representative for development. Watsonj a sociology major, received the B. A. degree at Saint Augusr tine's College in 1963. He was' awarded certificates of comple tion in management, Supervi sion and leadership by New York University, New York. He attended Hunter College, and the New York City Uni versity Graduate School ofi Urban Planning in 1965 - '67. j Mr, Watson has been em ployed as coordinator for the ' The California State College system witb : 19 campuses is the largest institution at pub lic higher education in tbe world. ; „ rm iri To Faculty Youth Development Agency at Ceriftk Hkrlefn, New YWk; as sistant dfrector of the New York City Mission Society. He was elected "Nfan of the Year 1970" by the Central Harlem Committee, New York City Miaaion Society. While, a student at Saint Augustine'* College he served as president of the Sigma Rho Sigma SOciAJ Science Honor Society; president and vice president the Studeni Coun cil president of the sophomore class. ''He served as national chair man, athletic committee of the Saint Augustine's College Alumni Association. He is af filiated with several profes sional, civic aftd social or ganizational :!•; i ,Watsorr, is married to the former .Miss f3ou}ae Alexander, class of *6l, West iPalm Beach, Fla. Thfcy aie' the parents of two daughter Rhonda Joyce and pawn Elizabeth, ages eight and respectively. 3A

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