\ '■ w > • I f m uuvyw Guidelines for a Pretty Smile | j" ' ''' ■ v-" ' • •'•; •*.•* •' V \ '''' WHY TIIK BIG SMILE on this lovely lass? Perhaps be cause she has just received a clean bill of health from her den st! Regular dental check-ups are the first step in helping to prevent tooth decay, the nation's most common dis'Ose—more common even than the common cold. Other tip&ijior fighting tooth decay include cutting down on be twocn-meal snacks and brushing regularly with a tooth paste such as Crest. Crest, which contains decay-fight ing stannous fluoride, is available in two good tasting flavors—regular wintergreen and mint. Follow these easy gui Mines tor looking after your teeth and you'll have real reason to smile! TODAY'S SCENE AT HILLSIDE By MICHELLE DEJARMON HJlude High School has now been occupied by stu dents eight days. During the eight days that have passed, there have been two football games and a number of foot ball practices. Although we have to** both games, we know that the guys on the football tAhave played to their fullest «nd that they possess the essential factor for all 4>or#- What is this factor? It b gv>od sportsmanship. All of the Hornet football players are out-standing and all of thefi should be given special recognition, but we would like to pHnt mt some of the mo* outstanding. They are: Curtis Brocnngton, Johnny Washing ton, Hillary Reddrick, Larry Marigum, Michael Carlos and Wayne McKinnie all Seniors at KHS. Willie Bell, Willie Alston, Larry Goldston, Eddie Romf*> juniors and Michael Eva rat, John Dupree, Charles Witts, Ira Evans, sophotnores are al>o included. These are just • few of the Hornet players, but we have many mofe just as great. lie Hillside High School Marching Band under the di rection of Mr. C. E. Edgerton, Jr. and Mr. Lonnie Hall acting drum major performed for the game Friday night. They along with the Marching Band of Dud>i®y High School performed for! the halftime activities. The hal£time was one that will not toon vbe forgotten. Yd*, the students of Hill- Durham High I By AUDREY KEE Qhrientation and Organiza tion-' was successfully accom plished at DHS. Under the leadership of our new princi- Mr. Earl Hedrick, and a venV competent faculty, stu dents began the 70-71 school yeas wry enthusiastic. jjlany of the DHS clubs are beting organized immediately a«id functioning. The first pub lication of the Hi-Rocket, the DfiS newspaper, has been pub lished and sold. This years edfltor is Janet Langston. The Marching Band has begyin stepping High and Mighty Doris Jeanette, Head- Majorette, and Steve Gunter, Drtfm major. The Director of 3 the/ Marching Band is Mr. Pmtiy W. Norris. Voices in the Concert Choir are {blending together beauti fully under the Direction of Mrj Starnes and Mrs. Sharpe. Officers of the Choir were ted. They are: President: y Boone, Vlce-Pres.; Mil- Currie, Secretary; Carol Tricje, Historian; Nancy Jo Chatham, and Treasurer; Julie Huiyter. The Interim Council of K.I •1003 | | MICHELLE DEJARMON side are truly outstanding as well as talented. At this time a 1970 graduate jbf Hillside High School Mr, Alphonso Kee 111 should Ije recognized in the field of, talent. Mr. Kee the former 1969'- 1970 drum major of Hillside High's Marching band has been select ed to fill the position of drum major at North Carolina Cen tral University. We sent him congratulations and wish him the best of luck in the year that follows. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Miss Audrey Kee far putting her confidence in me as a corres pondent for the Hornet's Nest. This is a great challenge to me. Thank you Audrey. Till nest week this time, stay the way you are but al ways have room for improve ment. Hi I Ipi MM AUDRY KEE DHS will Disband after Stu dent Council elections are scheduled Sept. 30, 1970. Along with the editor, Mike Roger*, the Yearbook staff is working diligently with the 1971 edition of the Messenger. Durham High Bulldop and the Hillside Hornets will meet Friday Night at the Durham County Stadium. This will be Durham High's home game, the Marching Bands from both Schools will combine for the half-time show. In one particular teachers Durham Social Notes of Interest ' »V MRS. SYMINER DAYS ATTEND WEDDING Mesdames Mattie Brow , and Annie Brooks left the city Friday evening to attend the wedding of their neice. Miss Vera Hansley daughter of Rev. and Mrs. L. G. Hansley of New Haven, Conn. The wedding was held on Saturday, September 12. *** RETURNS HOME Miss Geraidine D. Johnson of Lovell, Mass. has returned home after spending the sum mer her with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Johnson of 4325 Ward Rd. While hew she attended the reunion of the 1963 class of Merrick Moore High School. Miss Jbhnson will resume her job with the Lyinsborough City School Board of Educa tion where she is and instruc tor at Lynsborough Sr. High School. *** WHITE ROSE CIRCLE MEETS The White Rose Circle of St. Mark A.M.E. Zlon Church met September 8 at the home of Mrs. Maggie Thompson on Dunston St. Devotional period was led by the president Mrs. Elmira Flintall. After which a 'short business session was held. A delicious repast was served by the hostess. The next meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Therlan Thomp* son on Cook Rd. Members present wore; Elmira Flintall, Mary B. King, Beulah WUson, Ula Clegg, Hannah Henaen, Edna Satterfield, Thedosia Felder, Hazel Mcßroom, Ther lan Thompson, Letha McDoug al, and Carrie Thompkins. The club anniversary was held at the church September 13 with captains Beulah Wil son, co-captain Ula Clegg. Therland co-cap tain Edna Satterfield raising $1,192.33, with Mrs. Beulah Wilson co-captain the winner of this effort. ♦»» FRIENDLY LADIES' ANNIVERSARY The Friendly Ladies Club held its 16th Anniversary September 6 at 3 o'clock at Kyles Temple A. M. E. Zion Church, 409 Dunston St. The Scripture lesson was read by Mrs. Elizabeth Edwards, and Mrs. Eva Lyons gave the his tory of the club. Rev. D. L. Blakely pastor of the church was the guest speaker for the occasion. His message was very inspiring and enjoyable. Responds were made by the president, Mrs. Viola Thompson. After the program everyone assembled in the Fellowship Hall where re freshments were served by Mrs. Alder Harris. *** BIRTHNITE SOCIAL HELD The Willing Workers Mis sionary Circle of the Mt. Zoar Baptist Church, Cheek Rd. held its Birthnite Social Satur day, September 12 at 7:30 p.m. with the president Mrs. Mary Vanhook presiding. Guest speaker was D. M. McCaskill, Principal of the Merrick-Moore School. He challenged the missionary Cir cle to continue to work to gether, because the fellowship here tonight should long be remembered by everyone pre sent. He also challenged the parents to help him with the children that they may accept the great change that have hap pened in this society. Rev. A. H. Parker pastor of the Mt Zoar Baptist Church asked the members to keep on working for the cause to build the Christian world. Rev. P. R. Jones, pastor of Rogers Grove Church chal room there is a motto that has captivated the interest of many students. It is "Let Your Own Dreams Be Your Only Boun daries." May our dreams for a suc cessful year at Durham High be shared and worked for by all of the parents, teachers and students. lenged the Circle to keep marching, there la a crown waiting for each one of you. Muric was rendered by Mrs. Luna Hicks and Theodore Freeman. Mrs. Mary Vanhook presi dent thanks everyone for help ing make the social a success. The members present were; Mesdames, Mildred Goes, Nora Daye, Rosetta Cozart, Maud Thompson, Brelyn Pettiford, Gertrude Brooks, Lillie Bran son, Shirley Taylor, Jessie Reese, Susie Branson, Bertha Vanhook, Velma Brown Jeral dine Brown, Geneva Hudson, Dorothy McNeil, and Dozell Scott. Other members that help organize the Circle were also present; mesdames Ella Goss, Effie Holloway, Marie Bailey, Corena Boone and Misses Bessie Lyons and Annie Lyons. Also present were Mrs. Novella Parker the wife of Rev. A. H. Parker, Rev. C. R. Stone, pastor of the Pine Grove Bap tist Church. *** VISIT GRANDPARENTS Little Karen and Susan Schulberg of Jamacia gpenrwfe month of August visiting their grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Fraudie Barens, 1017 Rose dale Ave. They have returned home after a lovely vacation. *** Congratulations and best wishes to the newly weds Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Hlnson and Mrs. Ralph Cornelius Gingles, Jr. *** MOVE TO MISSOURI Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Thompson and family of the city have moved to Missouri, where Lawrence will be work ing and also obtaining his mas ters degree. He Is a graduate of N.C.C.U. and the son of Rev. and Mrs. A. L. Thompson. *** TO TEACH IN N. Y. Miss Demerice Williams a "70 graduate of N. C. C. U. has left for Yonkers, N. Y. where she will be teaching. Miss Williams is also a grad uate of Hillside High School. *** SICK AND SHUT-INS Norwood Harris, Mrs. Ber nestine Hicks, Duke Hospital; Master Timothy Parker, Royal Dr.; Deacon Felix Walker, Willie Mebane, Mrs. Julia Hin ton, Mesdames Dorothy R. Wade, Estelle Thorpe, Alberta Daye, City; Deacon Lucious Glenn, Mrs. Romelia Mangum, Rougemont; Mrs. Luna Bul lock, Incoln Hospital; Mrs. Sadie K. Latter, Watts Hospi tal; Dave Morehead, Brodie Daye, High Rise; Donnell Hayes, Newark, N. J.; Mrs. Leon Parker, Dearborn Dr.; Mrs. Flora B. Riley, William E. Satterfield, New York City; Mrs. Lottie Phillips, Teel St.; Mrs. Janie Britt, Halley St.; Mrs. Jeanette Long, Ward Rd. Ellis D. Jones Fayetteville Rd.; Mrs. Geneva Allison, Fayette ville Rd.; J. C. Scarborough, Sr.; Watts Hospital; Mrs. Vivian Fuller, 403 Todd St. and Ar thur Stanley, Stanley Rd. "The Lord is thy keeper: the Lord is thy shade upon thy right hand" Psalms 121:5. *** BACK FROM WEST COAST Mrs. Margaret Bridges of East Club Boulvard have re turned home after spending two weeks with her daughter and family Mr. and Mrs. .Hlmmie Gaston in Sacramento, Calif. *** TO ATTEND UNION Miss Deborah Henry daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Henry will attend Virginia Union University at Rich mond, Va. Miss Henry is a great singer. *** TO WORK IN ALBANY, N.Y. Mr. and Mrs. William Harris who taught at Morris College, Sumpton, S. C. last year and Harris was also dean of men. He will be working at Albany, N. Y. State University of Al- Mrs. F. Green Makes Visit to landover. Md, Mr*. Fannie Green of 2606 Fayette ville St. Durham visiter her nephew Leon * Neice Gladys Arnold who Uve in Landover, Md. The two sponsored a trip for their aunt • by the way of Eastern Air Lines. A week later she returned home. The flight was great. During her visit in Landover, Md. Leon & Gladys Arnold and Deloris Raney gave a sur prise birthday party in Mrs. Green's honor. She received many useful gifts. Punch, nuts, mints, and a beautiful birth day cake were served. Along with the host and hostesses, Leon, Gladys, and Deloris Raney, those enjoying the par ty woe, Mrs. Wilhelmania Flowers (cousine) from Land over, Md., Mrs. Rayce Thomas. Misses Janet Raney, Wanda Small & Greter Small Kenneth Arnold, the son of the host & hostess was also present. Many friends from Washington, D. C. also attended this joyous event. Mrs. Grenn returned to Dur ham August 31st. She would like to thank the persons who made her trip enjoyable. She extends special thanks to her nephew & niece. When she arrived at the airport in .Raleigh, her husband Mr. Mat thfew Green and her daughters Beverly, Renee & Sherri Ted der were there to greet her. Price Street Neighborhood Club Re-opens The Neighborhood Club of Price Street opened today after having been closed for the summer months. We met at the home of Mrs. Ollie Mitchess on Fayette ville St The meeting was opened with devotions led by Mrs. Queen Toon, who review ed the Sunday School lesson, taken from Genesis 25:21, 23, 27: and 24 verses. After which she led prayer and all joined in the singing. The meeting was then turned over to the president Miss Annie Dunegan. She welcomed the group back for their regular duties and urged the club members to continue our motto to help encourage others to join and all members to meet the 25tb September with Mrs. Hattie McLamb, 2606 Fayetteville St Those present were Mes dames Gertrude Brunson, Mavis Brewington, Elvira Flin tall, Sadie Pough, Hastie Price Fidelia Brooks, Trumilla Smith Queen Toon, Servetah Evans, Susie Alston, Georgia Fellers, and Ollie Mitchell, and Miss Annie Dunegan, president. bany, N. Y. Harris will be working on his masters and also serving as a Council for the freshman students. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Mas sette Harris and.Mrs. Harris is the daughter of Rev. and Mrs. McCoy Bullock. *** VACATIONS IN NASSAU Miss Doris Baldwin of Bronx, N. Y. spent two weeks vacation in Nassau in the Bahamas. Miss Baldwin is the daughter of Mrs. Beola Bald win, Rosedale Ave. *** THANK YOU To my friends: Mrs. Melve da Harris and family express words of appreciation for the many acts of'kindness, cards, donations, and prayers shown them during the bereavement of their love one, son and brother Linwood Harris. *** STUDENTS THAT HAVE RETURNED TO COLLEGE Miss Deborah Woods, dau ghter of Mr. & Mis. James Woods WinstonSaiim State University-Winston Salem. Miss Gloria D. Whitted, dau ghter of Mrs. Clementine Whitted, Todd St Shaw Uni versity-Raleigh. She is a senior. Mitt Brenda Carrington, (Continued on pace IDA) IL*»' ■ J' g*l 1 1 ||l ■| . s* v '^ ? ■■jglfe I M flj fc^ui K> tiM > • J MISS RHOMB HILL Former Durhamite Makes Hit at Warner Bros. Three beauty contest win ners were chosen from several and casted in Warner Bros, production of "The Ail-Ameri can Boy" starring Jon Voight (The Midnight Cowboy). Amongst the three was a former Durhamite, Rhodie Hill. This will be Miss Hill's second full-length motion pic ture (not to mention her T.V. credits). Also don't miss her on "The Bold Ones" in the episode of "This Will Really Kill You." Berlin Hostesses Assist Visitors iHIHHEFVtX -li Ml . * , -, f If lr ~ilr Trim blue uniforms and matching pillbox hats identify the attractive young ladies employed by the Berlin Host ess Service, founded last year by Uta Muehlpeck, 25 (left). Their mission is to assist the steadily increasing volume of tourists and businessmen Berlin on a year-round basis. These frauleins. who must be at least 22 and have com mand of one or more of ten foreign languages that they have perfected during actual residence abroad, are also expert typists and stenographers. They are in regular de mand as guides on sightseeing tours, interpreters at in ternational conventions, business translators, secretar ies; and they can be hired to work by the hour or day in booths at exhibitions, for special promotions and commer cials, or to escort on shopping expeditions the wives of executives who increasingly accompany their husbands on trips to Berlin. Uta's Berlin Hostess Service has contracts with sev eral German and foreign companies, including with Amer ican Express which organizes sightseeing tours. Helpers Club Holds 18th Anniversary At Mount Zion The Helper Club Eighteenth Anniversary will be long re membered not only did they have collective fellowship and happiness, but individual as well. Presiding - Mrs. Aline Davis, Scripture • Mrs. Ger trude Faison, Prayer - Mrs. Maggie Green, History • Mrs. Mary B. Langley, Introduction of Speaker - Miss Lillian Cole, Moments of Meditation • Mrs. Violet P. Rogers and Mrs. Dinina Austin, Offering - Mrs. V. M. Faulk and Mrs. Helen Fike, Word of Appreciation • Mrs. Maves Brewington, Presi dent, Ushers - Mrs. Gertrude Brenson and Mrs. Addie Ross, Closing Remarks - Dr. W. H. Fuller, Musk by Mrs. Mar garet Smith, Mrs. Mary Hardy, and Miss Mabel Freeiand served a delicious repast. Next meeting was held Sunday, September 13 at the home of Mr. 6 Mrs. Joseph Langley, 911 South Roxboro Street. -m CABOLOfA mv BATDKDAY, OTf.IMNI 7A If s scheduled to be telecasted (on T.V.) September 20th, Sunday on your N.B.C. sta tion. Stars are David Hartman and John Saxon. Admirers and friends may comment on Rhodie's appearance in this series by writing: Mr. Cy Chermak The Bold Ones 100 Universal City Plaza Universal City, California 91608 Miss Hill resides in Holly wood. What's keeping you from looking good? Getting gray? It's only natural to panic a little when you see those first gray hairs...or when you realize that chemical processing is sightly fading your natural color Many women, just like you. hesitate to use permanent peroxide haircoloring because they don't want to change their natural color What to do 7 Hair care and beauty experts agree that slightly graying and fading can add years to a young woman's looks but they also know what takes the years away Loving Care". Clairol created this semi-permanent hair color lotion without peroxide. It colors only the gray or faded hair., and doesn t change your natural shade. There's no haircoloring gentler. Your hair stays shining and healthy-looking through a month of shampoos. If you have questions about your hair, you're wise to go to the experts. Professional hairdressers have the whole family of fine Clairol products and the training to promise each patron the loveliest, most personalized results So don't panic. Be comforted with a quick visit to the expert .. your hairdresser And keep on looking good! Your professional hairdresser has all the answers... ask for a free consultation today! CHICKEN DELIGHTFUL Ml: I J. ■Ml* NEW YORK (ED)-lt ithne for a change in the kitchep'. Just about now, barbecues seem to have had it, and everybody's up to here with cold summer meals. Could be the moment for chicken. It's light enough for the weather and easy on both eook and budget. For a different kind of chicken sure to tempt oven the most summer-jaded appetites think Italian. America's favorite food imports, by far, come front Italy, where good cooking means much more than pizza and pasta. The Italians have a particularly clever way with chicken. And when it's Polio alia Marinara. a favorite adapted for American tastes by the Italian cooks at Progress©, your family will name you Inter national Chef of the Month! POLIO ALU MARINARA (CHICKEN V4RINARA 1 3 lb. broiler-fryer 2 Tsps. salt quartered V 4 Tsp. fresti ground 4 Tbsps. imported pepper Italian olive oil Hi Tsps. oregano £ cup chopped onion 2T „ ftavofed V* cup chopped celery .. . * d 2 large cloves garlic crushed crumbs 2 8 oz. cans Progresso 12 P |tte | sliced imported Italian _ n " e p#iwes peeled tomatoes 8 fusil.. or any 2 cups chicken broth other pasta undiluted 3 Tbsps. butter V 4 cup Chianti or 3 Tbsps. chooped other red wine parsley Wash chicken pieces and dry on pacer towel. Saute chicken in hot olive oil in large heav skillet, a few pieces at a time, until downed all over. Remove chicken as it browrs In same oil saute onion, celery and garlic aoout five minutes, scraping bottom of pan occa sionally to stir in chicken dripcngs and preveni burning. Add tomatoes, broth, wine, salt, pepper, oregano and chicken ppces. (Broth may be substituted for wine, f de sired.) Simmer, covered, about 25 minutes or until chicken is tender Add bread crumbs and olives and cook five minutes longer Meanwhile, cook pasta as package lade directs. Drain well and toss with butter and parsley. Turn pasta into serving dish and arrange chicken on top. Spoon some of the sauce over the chicken and serve remainder in I bowl. Makes four servings.

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