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I'M AFRAID It"""^M W t ' AW IfT MIGHT BE A TH/£F?) _ MIGHT BE A MOUS£f^fi®& />ENWICK, I THINK I HEAR flfcT £=— S&T~~ . 0 THE GIRL FRIENDS why poe* he wear THAT) to keep ®"™ g | „ FUNNY THING OVER Hl* THE BALL PL AVER 5, X WHO 1$ THE MAN THAT'* | I Ru I S'POSE .J— IN THE BLUE COAT, THE 1 / X x yr >v / zZmj GILDA GAY By BERNARD BAILY £ AN HONEST 80/, BUT pi KNOW tTV\4»G A TUN DOLLAR f IMT mk /+&. [ WAS A TEN DOLLAR BJU. IIOST. 1 MISS, BUT THE LAST "TIME 1 FOUND ONE,] PETEY AND HIS PALS ■* 7. MAXWELL f FECLERS°) '^ N °l^ e £ £LLe 'xJ 7WOIV* TWO FELLERS \TIN > I T V ', V THROWIN 1 ROCKS AT EACH | Ifl / A ' Stokes Urges Blacks, Whites To Work for Better America ORANGEBURG, & C. - Cleveland Mayor Carl 18. Stokes said here Sunday the problems of America are not going to be solved by "black and white people walking away from one another." Stokes, one of the first Negroes elected mayor of a major U. S. city, apoke before more than 2,800 persons pthered here for S. C. State College's 75th anniversary cele bration convocation. "The economic and power dimensions of the problems facing us are not just simply race," Stokes said. "If you meet it just on the racial basis you lost the struggle. "For those who call for black separatism or white separatism - they are wrong," he said. Stokes said the country could well be "at a cross- roada", with "chaos Instead of concern, drift iiMtead of dedaion, and hate lmtead of hope." He critized the Nixon administration, saying there appeared to be a "crista of confidence" in the quality of national leadership. Stokes did, however, praiae Nixon for introducing to Con gress bills for family asaiataum and a proposal for revenue sharing. Stokes, a democrat, said, "There must be a mimimun? level at which everyone ia en titled to live in a state of decency and mimimum nutri tion." "Although that has been Democratic rhetoric for more than ten years, no Democratic President ever proposed it to Congress." sua out that a surplus of algae in Lake Eifc was a problem, he had a "bril liant" idea: since algae can't live without phosphates in the water, and since phosphates are the main cleaning agents in detergents, pass a law putting an extra tax on housewives unless they use either no deter gents or detergents without the phosphates! Would it work? No. There are already enough phosphates in Lake Brie to support the algae for the next 100 years. We have to get rid of some other nutrient that algae needs. And since fish need algae for food, the total elimination of all algae from Lake Erie would lead to the death of million* of fish! And can you imagine 50 million American housewives scrubbing clothes by hand with soap? ' V ! '; , ' .MfjfMjLv mmMt : i lal VL- H IKr PH K \jf ■ M ;;> ' l,! L - jp : ;; *Jli W- J# f H # M BfFflH ISBMBBBfe B IHF^l^Biiii^flSjaplMHlHHH HONEYWELL GRANTS $3,000 TO A*T— Dr. Reginald Amory, dean of the School of Engi neering at A&T Stite Univer NAACP Files Brief Supporting fori 8-Year-Olds WASHINGTON, D. C. - In a friend-of-the-court belief, filed Sept. 10, in the Supreme Court of the United States, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored Peo ple argues that Congress, un der its national defense powers, has the right to enact the statute lowering the voting age to 10 years. The brief, filed in the name of the Association's depart ment of armed services and veterans affairs, cites Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution which defines the "war powers" of the Congress. "The national defense needs and conditions that exist in the nation can reasonably be held to warrant the exercise of con gressional power to grant the vote to 18-year-olds," the brief contends. The NAACP brief supports the Federal Government's argument upholding the consti tutionality of the act in the case of "State of Oregon v. John N. Mitchell, Attorney General of the United States" and was submitted to the Court by NAACP Attorneys Nathaniel R. Jones, Clarence Mitchell and J. Francis PoAl haus. "For a period of 30 years the nation has been engaged in war or preparation for war," the NAACP brief says. "Young persons, during this . entire period, have been subject to compulsory military service. At present the resistance to both war and military service has manifested itself by bomb ings, riots, desertions by serv icemen and draft evasion by civilians, illegal occupation of armories and selective service headquarters by protestors, de struction of military and de fense Industry property. Con gress could conclude that this resistance impedes the national defense effort. Much of this anti-war effort is carried on by college and high school stu dents, most of than in the 18 to 21 brackets affected by the legislattoh under consideration. ► sity (lcfi) receives $3,000 check , for program from Charles E. i - Bailey, associate in college ' - relations at Honeywell, Inc. Wo fid of Tomorrow Farm tractor cabs in the year 2000 (top) will have all the comforts of home, and some will serve as con trol centers for other smaller, operatorless tractors, Ford Motor Company farm machinery experts predict. The interior of tomorrow's cab will look much like the cockpit of a jetliner and will evolve from cabs such as those found today on Ford's model 9000 tractor (bottom). Cabs will include air conditioning, sound proofing, wall-to-wall carpeting, television for moni toring implements and receiving the latest weather reports, telephones, refrigerators, food warmers and controls that can override the programmed systems guiding automatically either the central control trac tor or any of the auxiliary tractors. IT'S A FINANCIAL FACT RISK QF BORROWIN6 BORROW *OH CROPS V HE 7 ■r™u(|'\>o FA^^Hs A pbS r fHfc GOUP-HUMSRy MINERS U WHO WERE CALLEP FORTY- \ Kfrt** j NINERS WERE USUALLY J f \-*WI STAKEP BY SOMEONE BACK I ' J\ EAST. IP "THE VENTURES .1 fc. hA^ FAILEP ANP GILPEP PR6AMS (r\ fF J\ ,% flSk I FEU APART. THE ONLY *,V ,i»W /Ap\WSSif A PICK Rtf fOPAY, THOSE WHO I RUN hi "'ft\ YV TAKE SIMILAR RISKS IF Ji '\\|\ SHORTCOMINGS SHOULP ill J OCCUR. A BUR&6TSYSTEM 1 MW 7 M BIttTIT m WORKEP OUT WITH A B if I I FINANCIAL PLANNER FROM, B LKjh THE TRAVELERS COMPANIES ■ 6 / J 1M I B9f// WILL HELP PUT YOU IN A face any tdKr&txH*. M»rflmiln»." ■ Hw mat In Pnr M s 'mmmmk! I*"*'* 1 *"*'* • * I FREE DOLLAR With Each Claim Check __ |' for 3.00 Worth of Gar- JjTOrH SHIRT ments Cleaned at Regular f | SPECIAL Prjce .. . Brought in I 10l e If 7 A Monday, Tuesday or 1 IMI ® Wednesday! Ik I I **•*•• *■«■•» We *- TOM'S * J | B "- u * ¥ AM MAUI Ow 1 *.lll. • « »-m. D»Hy V* ■*" 4 OHM «I» «•"»- . t ».m. Manday Km PfMftV# W. Club Blvd. Only mmms. • is.— s-u, MMTHMRMMM * UalTUfltr Dr. Op».) Forwt p., Hills Shoppiaf'Cwter Funds will be used 1 for scholar ships and for the University's urban affairs chair.

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