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FREE with the Purchase of any HORNET in Stock ri MORGAN MOTORS fi ggwjo* 3601 HilUborougH Rd. Ph. 383-2531 Dir. 1204 e * w INTERVIEW C. P. Ellis was born in Dur ham and has spent his life here. For the past five yean he has been employed as a non academic employee at Duke University in the maintenance department. He is a member of Free well Baptist Church, a member of the Citizen's Coun cil of America, and president of Unit no. 9, United Klans of America. Ellis now serves as co-chairman, along with Mrs. Ann Atwater, on the Save Our Schools Charrette Com mittee. C. T.: How did you begin your involvement with the Klan? Ellis: Several yean ago when there were many riots in our country, I became concerned with the situations of violence. I operated a service station at that time, and over a period of several evenings some men 'came by and begin talking to me about joining. I felt this was a chance to do something constructive. C. T.: What is your personal philosophy concerning the Klan? I don't mean the Klan charter, but rather your own feelings. Ellis: Hie Klan is a fraternal order as is the Masons or any other of several groups in the country. I feel I have an op portunity to defeat a com munists conspiracy using the blacks of our country to ac complish its plans. C. T.: Do you really believe there is a communists con spiracy? Hlis: Yes, I do. C. T.: What would be your ideal educational and working relationships with blacks? Ellis: I believe in separatebut equal educational facilities. As concerning working condi tions, I believe in equal op portunities but no special pri vileges. We are moving in to a field where special oppor tunities are being given to blacks and I feel this is wrong. Its like discrimination in re verse. C. T.: What about the stories of the old Klan? Its Lynchings, beatings, etc.? Ellis: I don't know anything about them. Since I have been with the Durham unit we have never been ordered to partici pate in any such activity. I feel that if these acts did take place, they weredue to the in dividuals and not to the Klan as an organized unit. I do not believe in cross-burnings or secret phone calls. I believe if you have something to say, you should say it openly. C. T.: How did you become involved with the Save Our Schools Charrette? ElUs: Garland Keith asked me to attend the tint meeting at the YMCA. I didn't know anything about it, except that it concerned our schools, un til I got there. C. T.: Have you had any reactions from working on this committee with Mn. Atwater? Ellis: Hie reactions have not been pleasant from the white community. People have asked me, "Since when did you go to work for blacks and liberals?", and "Are you still working for the whites?" They can't aeem to underetand that as long as we back off from these types of meetings, well never have a voice in the community. C. T.: What is your purpose in the S.O.S. Charrette? Ellis: I feel I have an oppor tunity to be a part of an overall community program. To do something constructive instead of standing back and screaming and hollering. C. T.: How do you feel about working with "blacks and liberals" on this project? Ellis: I can't understand the blacks, their attitudes. I lived three week-ends in a public housing community. Hie con ditions were horrible. From Friday night until Monday moat of the tennants were drunk. I don't underetand it. I've been listening to some theories about the lack of a future for blacks. Maybe this is the reason. If I thought I would never have any more than I do today I might do the same thing. Since I have been on this project I have really had my eyes opened. I have worked with blacks and liberals, that before, I would not have Spoken to. Now, I have seen them work their hearts out and put all they have into this project. I have to admire that. Another point is that I was shocked to read in the paper about the sixty children near starvation in the Hayti area of Durham. I didn't know this. I have never seen starva tion and can't imagine a child going hungry. My wife and I have a blind, retarded boy in Murdock GIGANTIC SUMMER PRICE BLAST Due to our tremendous new car sales volume, Uzzle now has a gigantic f 67 Ford 7 used co, inventory. 118 OMt D»H» ' \ Mustang 70 Codillac Calais, 4-door hprdtop, outomatic, power steering, hardtop auto-t> T Yellow 6 C vl ' U Power brakes, foctory air, power seats, power 54QQQ i Mtk, PS. PB. t 7 »peed tr»n»mi* t windows, turquoise with black padded roof T/OO air. 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R y *2488 M OUT OF 126 TRADE-INS ONLY 65 QUALIFIED FOR RE-SALE AT UZZLE OPEN NIGHTS TIL 9:00 3737 Darkaah Mm* Chapel Hill | ■ iHRji 191 ijjy \ —| 48^3331 BMh«ar OIDSIOBILi Inc. Mr.le.lMl I m ■ II I Center. It takes all we can earn to keep going. We can't give as much as we'd like to feed other people, but we hurt just the same. C. T.: What would you like to see come out of the Charrette? Ellis: I would like to see the citizens, once again, have a say-6o in our school system. No one is happy with our schools, black or white. I hope H.E.W. will be at the meetings to hear the talk of our citi zens. I believe we can come to a better understanding between the races. Hie time is here to cooperate in many fields, par ticularly politics. Our city is run by "cliques". We elect our representatives but we don't have much of a choice and when one of the representa tives steps down from this clique of people must be broken up. SATURDAY, JULY IT, I*7l THE CABOUKA ~TI C. T.: Do yoa think yon would ha willing to work with too ther committee of "Macks and liberal*" concerning children both black and white? Ellis: If it would be constrac the, I moat certainly would. I don't want to be used. I fed some times that Mn. At water and myself have been PHOTOGRAPHY Color or Black and Wlrita, Groups, VeMhpy Church, Brocharca ami Pool Cards CAI2 BUTHEY'S ETTBVILLE ST. PH. • ISIO PA' To Provide Better Service To Applicants For Employmeat DUKE UNIVERSITY Campus Employment Office 2016 Campus Dr. Announces new interview hours 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Mon.-Fri. We Are An Equal Opportunity Employer uaed aooaewfcat far fa aataa of prtMeKy. Maybe faail working tofatfaar, afa It tort of esritfag. We have got to matm Uw community mn that tfcay if they dt back aad do aot take part in any community actMttH. 7A

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