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Mor fu. sinrer Bobby Short and singer Paul Butterfield WTVD 4:33 p.m. - MOVIE - A plain girl's life is reformed via plastic surgery in "The Second Face" with Ella Raines and Brace Bennett. WRDU S:3t p.m - POT IT IN WRITING - Instructor Albert N Joseph shows writers "How to Outsmart l" WUNC p.m. INTEBTBL LAW AND ORDER - Pnrbtoms sod frustrations ef police men in four and Australia! WUNC an p.m. BILLY GRAHAM "The Lonely Crowd" is the sermon topic WTVD stars as an Army captain who parachutes behind Nad lines in North ern Italy with a demolition crew during World War II to blow up a strategically vital dam in "Hornet's Nest" Also starring are Sytva Koscina and Sergio Fantott. WTVD. WFMY 10p.m. TONY BEN NETT Joey Heatherton. the Mike Curb Congregation and Don Costa siccornpaiiy Tony Bennett at Hawaii's famous Diamond Head. WFMY 11:30 p.m. - MOVIE Alain Delon. Jane Fonda and Lola Albright star in "Joy House." The thriller, which mixes chills and chuckles, is the story of a young cos man who makes a mistake that threatens his life. WTVD, WFMY 11:31 p.m - DICK CAVBTT - Three journalists discuss the news media and the Nixon ad- liar Has 11 :tt Gambit 3:30 Sacrat Storm II Y Love ef I He 4:00 McHole'i Navy 4:31 Wild. Wild Wett S: That SM ::CBSNMn ?t00 DfMINrt Psirfjflt 8 00 silly raham t oo Movie 11.00 Newe 11:30 Mo via WRDU-TV. CHANNEL 38, DURHAM I'm Saw Zoo t: Net. Warn. Only : Dinen snore 1:30 Concentration 11:00 Sal at Centurv 11:30 Hollywood Whtt. ywh laW I 1:30 S en Match Ml Oeye at Unas :30 Doctor. 1:00 Say City 3:30 Pwyton Place 4:00 Somtrawt 4:30 OAOVto 0:00 MWO :M NBC Nana 7:00 Tht ProttsLwKi -30 Jona. WtPOtfO :00 Flip WBoM :00 NBC Nam 11:10 Tenloht Show WFMY -TV. CHANNEL I. GREENSBORO Slate VaHav 4:30 CBS S 7:00 Andy I 4:00 Sot :H Caat Kanaarae :00 ow Rebel :30 AAcjfv Griffin IBd. Price Is 11:00 Gembll 11:3 Love ef Life 11:00 Whara Haart MM Nawa 11:30 Search I Today's i:o - Id! Warts Turns 1:00 Guhims Uahf 1:3 Mat Of Went 1:00 Lova la 3:30 SCFt SrofW 4:00 vm 4:JS( SoiH ar Via 7:30 Dragnet :00 Walton, 11:00 11 s WRAL-TV, CHANNEL t. RALEIGH 4:44 Daybraafc 0:50 CiwTwYhttitiry 7:00 Nawa 7:30 Make Wish 0:00 Uncle faul 1:30 EIHott LaLaiw y-jS MSa Daaataa 11:00 I 1130 I M:JS Spilt 1:00 My 1:30 Anaha DM da. AA Mawiihnalaari WW wawiFworw 1:30 Datlno OaOO 0)OROasO Ho l:3S Tas ta 4:00 Truth or 430 oOflV AOsMjOB OslO Andy Of Iff tfh iM Nawa 4:25 I 7MB I 0:00 1 11:00 I ntss ii:30 Okk Cavstt t pjn. CBS REPORT? TStoJaneJal examines the troubled youths growing op to America. WFMY t p.m. MOVIE Rook editor of the Post; Victor Gold, former press secretary to Vice President Agnew; and Britt Humer , taiuei as sociate Of Washington cohannist Jack Anderson, are the guests. WRAL WUNC-TV, CHANNEL L CHAPEL 1:10 Granny 1:0$ Math) S:N Film : RaaaV, Sat, Sa 3:40 Film 4M SMateswe 4:30 Saaama St. t:N Electric Co. A SUBSCRIPTION TO THE CAROLINA TIMES WILL KEEP YOU INFORMED OF THE NEWS IN YOUR COMMUNITY. STOP IN OR CALL 682-2913 0t 688-6587 TODAY gSftmmV ga K ... jHPf OfflA y. .Si'vh asssvS iaiMiacrvA wwik vk PAY BY CHECK R is the safe easy way to pay all Ub. Your cancelled cheek is proof peettrwt hat yon have paid your bill. Yon can open a Ngolar or special account, depend ing on your needs with m'nimtan balance. A Full Service Bank Checking - Savings - Loans Mechanics & Farmers Bank DURHAM CHMIOTU Kg Saturday Highlights Friday Highlights FRIDAY, MARCH 23 WTVD, CHANNEL U. DURHAM 7 .m. SUNRISE THEATRE - In "Abbott and CosteUo Meet Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde," comedians Bud Abbott and Lou Costcllo do just that WRAL. 1 p.m. SEARS WOMEN'S CLASSIC Defending champion Betsy CuOen meets a field of the best women golfers en the LPGA tour in the (100,000 golf classic, live from Port St Lode, Fla. WFMY 3 p.m. - NIT BASKETBALL The semifinal game in the 36th NTT, college ll's oldest post season event from Madism Square Garden. WTVD, WFMY. 7 p.m. BEE HAW -Guests are Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty, Ray Griff and GuniQa Mutton WTVD, WFMY. 7:30 p.m. - STAND UP AND CHEER Carol Lawrence is guest WRDU. p.m.. - MARY TYLER MOORE Lou and Ted buy a neighborhood saloon and everyone in the newsroom develops a drinking problem trying to keep the bar from going broke. WTVD, WFMY. 9:3J p.m, BOB NEWHART Emily's handsome new tennis instructor causes Bob to experience severe pangs of jealousy. WTVD, WFMY. 10 p.m . CAROL BURNETT Harvey K o r man. I .yle Waggoner, Vldri Lawrence and the Ernest Flatt dancers appear. WTVD, WFMY. 11 pan. - MOVIE Allison Hayes stars in "Attack of the 10 . foot Woman." WRDU. 11:30 p.m. - MOVIE -Troy Donahue, Angle Dickinson and Susanna, Pleshette perform in the story of the romantic involvements of an American girl on vacation in Italy in "Rome Adventure." WFMY. 11:35 p.m. - MOVIK 'Tarnished Angels" is shown, starring Rock Hudson and Jack Carson. WRAL. SATURDAY, MARCH 24 WTVD, CHANNEL 11, DURHAM :MSunrlaa 7:0 DO I Sabrina Chan Pussycats 0:30 oo : 10:30 11:00 11:45 0:00 I 0:30 Raman Holiday :00 . : I 10:00 I Wilt I 11:00! 11:00 Arctua 11:30 Spatial 1:00 Chi W Film Post. 1:0 NIT O'kall 4:00 CBS Golf fltl Dot Reeve SiSSNaShvRIa 00 Black Unlimited 4.30 CBS Newi 7:0) Has Haw l:SS All In Fantlry 1:30 KalelaoMooe 0:30 BrkkMt Lava 9:0o Mary Tyler AAooro : bod Newnarr 10.00 Carol Burnett 11:10 Movie WRDU-TV, CHANNEL 3J, DURHAM 11:30 Rune round 13:00 Elehty Days 11:30 Giant 1:00 WrsjstMwB l:tt NCAA B'beli :00 NHL Hsckay 4:30 NBC News 7:00 Untamod :30 Stand Ud i:00 Knwrooncy 0:30 MovW 11:00 U WFMY-TV. CHANNEL 3, GREENSBORO 7:30 Harlem M Suae Bwwy 4:30 Saarlns :0OChan :30Scooby Dee 10:JO Puiovcata 11: 11:30 AreMa WM "St Albert ' to Sam tOLP tin nit avtoti 4:00 Rollr Derby 35:30 ftrentGama 4:00 New 4:10 CM NSWS N Has Haw 0: Bridget Loves Bern :00 Mary Tyler Moore 30 Befe Nawhart 10:00 Carol BWINtt 11:10 Movie WRALTV, CHANNEL t, RALEIGH iM lunrlta 0:45 Scouting Newe f :00 Oimondt w:w 11:00 12:00 Brady Kh BownciMa Kid "l 00 M"" 1:11 Am. I till '- 3:30 STB Bewlara Taur 5:00 Champ. WPOtle 0:00 A. Smith 4:P 7:00 L. Walk 0:00 Here We Oa Agakt 0:30 Touch at Orece t :oo Ml Aitsraws ia-oa Th Man 11:00 1 11:181 030 am. SUNRISE SEMESTER The concept ef spheres in the universe is discussed. WTVD. am - MERV GRIFFIN Comedians Milt Kamen, Robert Klein and Larry Starch are scheduled. WTVD. 4:31 p m. - MOVIE - Jill Dbton stars in "Just My lock." 7 p m - BILLY GRAHAM The final topic of the crusade is "The Tensions of Youth." WTVD. 3 a.m. iff WTVD, TOM SAWYER u,,A,i., i. r, -,.-r, Jane Wyatt, Vk Morrow and John McGher with Josh Albee in the title role star in U ton production oi Twain's classic. WFMY. .. - MOVIE -Ilex Card. scientist ea rn suspend ea finds mmesetf alive in the 22nd century am) the target ef Marietta a douwe agent, in JL- WTVD, Caesar. Dusty Springfield, actress Jackie Joseph and the a cappella soul group, the Persuasions, as guests. WRDU. 11:30 p.m - MOVIE -Jim Brown plays "Kenner ," an American seafarer who comes to Bombay to track down his partner's murderer. Also stars Madtyn Phure and Robert Coote. WTVD. WFMY. 11:33 p.m. DICK CAVETT Guests are anthropologist Coiin Turn bull, author of "The Mountain People." Sandy P-n' an. -Sarah Vaughan and Tauber, author of Soldiers. 4:30 Sun. Semeiter 7:00 CSS Newe 4:00 Kanaerea t:M Marv OrtMn 10:00 Joker. Wild 10:30 Pries is rum 11:00 Oamaa 11:1 Lava m Ufa tt:to waste Hsart to n.n i 11:10 ! 1:00 Paeav Man lil As WsrM Tarns 1:00 Guiding Ueht J10 Edge ot Nleht 3:00 Love 0:10 OocfOt fwxtTt 4:oo McHahvs Navy 4:30 Wild, Wild WO S!W That GUI S:M Monet aK 410 CBS Nana Tito Billy Oraham oo Tom Sowyar titoetotoh i 11:MN0W0 11:10 Movla WRDU-TV, CHANNEL 33, DURHAM mS aa. f:N Ml ;30 10:00 M:St 11: tale af Cant. 11:1 81 tt:s NSC Nana t:M Your Chlkt US 1 aa a 2:00 Pays Oar Uvsa 1:1 Tha Oacssro 1:M Bay City 1:30 Rat. Pay . m 4:tt Somertat 4:30 Movt oo Nawa 4:30 NBC 7:00 Kilhy Hill 7tSt KBBSf l:N Senford A Son 0:30 Utile People 9:00 Circle ef Fear io oo Dana Martin 11:01 11:1 1:S WFMY-TV. CHANNEL I, GREENSBORO Peter ''jne WRAL i OaieUeno I CSfl. Kangaroo a.m. - MIDNIGHT SPECIAL Performers tentatively scheduled sre the Grass Roots. Dr. Hook and xiieuie Show, foix rocs. per and Shipley the rrjays. a WRDU. Ml 7:tt I 00 ' t:M( .) ) M Price IS Right M OO I 11:11 I 11:41 11:81 i Lav Ufa t?:30 Search Frew 1:0 Today's Woman 7 30 Edge i l:(t Lav 1:3 Secret tta 4:oo via Scully 4:1 Gamer Pykt i M VaHev aye women i World Turne 00 Maw. :3 CSS Nana 7:00 Andy Grlftltt. 7:11 Sack Owen :oo Tarn Sawyer ?: Movie 10:00 Lily Tomlta 11:00 New. 11:30 Movie 1:2 Let Mevte 1 artisU and WRAL-TV, CHANNEL I. RALEIGH tt PJB. mam DARIN to vartoty wttb Sid IM am. MOVIE - A young drifter (Miebael Parks) joinf teenager (Celia Kavei in her crosv eountry search for her real WFMY. 4: :55 7:( 7:1 4:00 Otto " iiito Bvllwlnkle Unci Pas .., ' in'.'- Mke Pettword 11:30 Spilt Second 1 : oo AN Op CWdrB 2:00 Nawh 1:10 Detln 1:00 Gen. 1:11 Tall I 4:11 Parry Melon 4:3 Andy Ortfrtth iB rinaOama Re HOlf3jl t Itwlrum 4:2J Viewpoint 4:3 ABC NW 7M Senenie IS fiVitmVtm. t o Room m t 30 Odd Caoele Love. Am ttyt 10:10 What About Toman 11:00 Newe 11:10 Did. Cevett WUNC-TV, CHANNEL 4. CHAPEL HILL : Lam jg TMBk 0:00 HuftWnlfp8 :3 Learn ta rnaw t. 11 lid In 1140 Slen Oft 11:1 I tilt an 1:1 Math 1:30 Cover to 1:1 Sign Off ;, Mi... 4:Jt SWCtrle Ca. 4:40 Bvenl 4 3 loom 7.0 You the Deat I I N.C. Paoala Ml Weeh. Week 4 30 N.C. Week r : m Mutual Savingi Announces New High Yields. DAILY I NTEREST COMPOUNDED DAILY Effective Jan. 1,1973 PASSBOOK ACCOUNTS 5 5.13 $S,000 MINIMUM DEPOSIT (UMmHtTerm) 534iH5.92 05,000 MINIMUM DEPOSIT Month Term 5,4s5.39 0 1 0,000 MINIMUM DIPOS'T , (a4MMfevtn) 6 6.18 Me etcoaate meet timeln egen 10 tort ta earn. Mutual Savings & Loan Association 1 1 2 West Parrish Street Durham, N.C. 'OiaiOaJB 'I II I i i m WORDS OF Wl M A slogan cannot tell a great deal. Ita chief office is reminding. S. Roland Hall Energy and perseverance can fit a man for almost any kind of position. Mr i r Theodore F. Merseles CkCa MMjk'T BsBtaiaaO "rl Wmlfl H Oantw Of Of Wr 19 4-tf GOOD READING IN T WRITERS FORUM i a u , y uvmc PREGNANCY PLANNING SCOUT CORNER DURHAM SOCIAL NOTES B FROM BLACK By FROM THE PEN OF DONALD LOVE KHB WtJE By WssnootTWiNf Wj G. RtoJfsb By E L Kenrnery Mr Svminer Day VOLUME SO NUMBER IS .eeaaoatie-- . . n '.. I 4LJ P DURHAM, N. C, SATURDAY, MARCH 31, 1073 NCCU's Willis Club Stages Walltown Center Benefit The C. T. Willis Business Administra tion Club of N. C. Central University is presenting) benefit fashion and tal ent show on Wednesday, April 4, at 8:00 p.m. in the B. N. Duke Auditorium to raise funds for the drive now be ins conducted by the NCCU Outreach Committee to assist the Walltown Char itable Community Center. Both financial and human-resources support must be provided to continue the character-building and recreational program for young children in the Wall- (Continued on page 3 A) wottefos Spmw Rmctml --''OMeL, utt. tfjgl ; Wa ' XwMfexgaLl&km ' EH 11 W'-XW ' ' aM inilH' -': OHbH WFLm Wmtom aaaw ' uX'wSb&SSL y S M IBrBl I sfKaMllal KkstssBsw .dBBasH H BmkW9 WSm- - 'JMrf PdfJ PdOjpjsatfl K?p55- ' x..jH y:':''''t-::laBBa lmK& wfWaamrA.- 0Mafatb4 Wr tjfLW 9 WnMLW! wB& 0 MsssswM&ataaM Y 'r4a& JsSffi Kt- mWStSK jSitamM Mum iBlR Nixon Present Poverty Of Minorities Result of Virulent Discrimination Summations by Rap Brown's Attorney Begin NEW YORK - The defense attorneys representing H. Rap Brown in the shooting and rob bery caatt jntiaaaA'to-xtoAt case in pwte of judge' ruling, hut. wen- ordered to begin their final summations anyway. Supreme Court Justice Ar nold Fairman has refused to permit the defense to take ad ditional testimony from Dr. Robert Buckhout, a Brooklyn College associate professor of psychology. He was to have been the second and final de fense witness. The professor was called to relate the findings of a number of studies that disputed the validity of eyewitness accounts. He had given similar testimony in the celebrated trial of An gela Davis and a number of others in the California court system. But William Kunstler, Bro wn's chief defense attorney, made it clear that his main argument was centered around a "reasonable doubt" in the identity of Brown and his three co-defendants. He also said the concept of a "presumption of innocence" was : aramount when he addressed the Jury. Brown and his co-defendants are charged in the armed robbery of a West Side bar on October 16, 1971, and for attempted murder in a gun battle which followed. Kunstler told the jury that (See BROWN 3A) A BOND CLOSING in CCB's directors room last week brought together representa tives of Durham College, for whom the bond issue was made; Henderson, Few and Co., Atlanta investment bank ers; and Central Carolina Bank, whose trust department serves as trustee under the indenture. The bond issue of $700,000 has maturity dates from December 1, 1973 thru December I, 1992, and the proceeds are being used for acquisition and renovation of a dormitory building. L. to R.: R. J- Potter of CCB; Jerry Henderson, presi dent of Henderson, Few and Co.; James W. Hill of Durham College; Marvin W. Leiter of Chicago, Bond counsel for purchasers; W. G. Pearson, n, Counsel for Durham Col lege; Mrs. Lucinda M. Harris, president of Durham College; K. CoflteM Kruat and fX Bradshaw of CCB, ' PIRG Opposes GTE Phone Rate Increase I The North Carolina Public Interest Research Group (NC PIRG) today announced its firm apposit ! to the pro pos ed telephone rate hike by Gene- ilephone Company of the mmt Southeast. "NCPIR Funeral Directors an d Morticians Ass'n of N C. Sponsor Seminar Mrs. E. S. Bynum, president of the Funeral Directors and Morticians Association of Nor th Carolina welcomed approxi mately 100 persons to the Association's fourth annual Educational Seminar at the Durham Hotel and Motel, Durham, NC, recently. Termed as the biggest and best seminar ever, she express ed delight in the fact that fellow funeral directors from Tennessee, Georgia, South Car olina and Virginia had joined the North Carolina delegation for a true learning experience. National Officers of the parent organization present were: Le on Harrison, Los Ang eles, Calif., president; Robert Mil ler, Chicago, 111., executive secretary; and Judge Edward Stone, WUliamsburg, Virginia, convention chairman. Jerry C. Gilmore, III, first vice-president, acted as co ordinator for John V. Sharpe, who was confined to the hos pital. He said, in setting the pace for the seminar, that this year's program was based on the real concerns of today's funeral service. A. R. Kelsey of Salisbury, and member of N. C. State Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers spoke on the "Value of Functional Pricing." He reviewed the past and pre sent methods of pricing and indicated that functional pric ing is the most prevalent me thod used today. He also pointed out that control of overhead is most important. Mrs. June M. Clark's pre sentation was devoted to Life Insurance-The Backbone of Funeral Service. She said that Life Insurance should be used to pay financial obligations, as it meets one of man's needs. Jerry C. Gilmore, ill. spoke on the "Pro's and Cons of Funeral Home Chains, and Rev. Harold J. Cobb, pastor of West Durham Baptist Chu rch spoke at the first session's luncheon relative to the type of relationship that should exist between the Minister and the Funeral Director. Fo rums on Public Relations, Mrs. Dorothy Graham, moderator, (See MORTICIANS 3A Bond Closing For Durham College is Held A bon d closing for Durham College held in the hoard; room of CentralCarolina Rank last; week, brought, together representatives of the college, Central Carolina Bank, and of Henderson, Few & Co. of Atlanta, the investment firm which handled the issue. The bond issue, Durham College First Mortgage Dormi tory Revenue Bonds, is in the amoung of $700,000, and bears maturity dates from De cember 1, 1973 through De cember 1, 1992. Proceeds of the issue are being used for the acquisition and renovation of a dormitory building. Present for the closing for the college were: Mrs.Lucinda M. Harris, president; James W. Hill, vice preside nt and secre tary; and W. G. Pearson, II, counsel. From CCB were: R. J. Potter, vice president and senior trust officer; K. Coffield Knight, vice president and trust officer; and Robert L. Bradshaw, Jr., assistant trust officer. Also present were: W. G. Jerry Henderson, president of Henderson, Few & Co.; and Marvin W. Leiter of Chicago, bond counsel for the bond purchasers. ',,'W, Itotott BnOOO k iM is' 0j9 whin jjBBfOJrf jl tkaoj k 'mLmmMr Oml Bb bTssw'vkI 'bP' IbsHIbv MOsrOSoJ eggl Lggf" k B flaBnOM JbCok saB wBol w ' ' b(9 bsH G is against any fur- ther increase in the cost of telephone service to Durham consumer.', for two basic rea sons," said Wib GuUy, NCPIRG State Project Coordinator. ''The current monthly rate for a. private, single-line residen tial phone is already the high est in the state. The proposed rate of $9.95 would be serious ly out of line with any other city larger or smaller in North Carolina). Secondly, no increase in the phone rates should be considered until there is a signi ficant improvement in the ser vice currently offend by Gen eral Telephone Company of the Southeast plant. "We plan to work with o thei concerned Durham dti aoss to block approval of this increase. We have been in con- tack and ire coordinating out ef f . '.s v.-'th Mr HaiKie Jones, special attorney for the City for Durham on this case, and with Mr. Haywood Davis, Presi dent of the Parkwood Home owners Association, we mil" yWKm nBfl BaW -at jaawE a 0' T . 3&jBBp'- -PJan talk Bs BlBnK - p - - beBa wBaw Hp i 'iBBWsna McCLAIN en- (See PIRG 3A) Durham Native Named Member NEH Association! The National Executive Ho usekeepers Association takes pleasure in announcing that Arnold G. McClain, Sr., has fulfilled the education re quirement for admission to Certified Membership in the Assoc iation. The education al require ment for the status of Certified Membership in the National Executive Housekeepers Asso ciation includes stated .periods (SEE NATIVE 3A ST. PETER-SB' HO Fla. -Americans "car. pile technolo gy on top of what were yester day's wonders." But if they neglect the skills of living to gether, "we shall be bitter nr! ion ley and power-drunk and selfish." In a lecture entitled "living Together m a Christian So ciety," NAACP Executive Di rector Roy Wilkins wanted his audience a bout such da oners of a society divided Into Mack and white. Mr Wilkins gave vKnOBBH W gpJpSUjjjflMfl Br BKaatantnOaOBsl ' WKfafc-- 4$ TMw9&ai0LMi Bisssssstr' '-' Xaamm oaM, L... MRS. KAISER ----- - ...r BTT. ee4enl the "senior core" the 'Freedom Institution Forj sporaatatl by here, March 19. He first dience that the National Ad visory Commission OB CM Dtoorde rs (tha Kemer Commis--ion. nafl warned in early 1968 that America was moving to ward two white separate Instead of halting this I he charged, the Nixon . tration has from the tented to contribute to racial polarization. Mr. Wilkins took sharp issue with Mr. Nixon's October 28, 1972, radio address aa sed the President of on the fears of taxpayers. In the speech, Mr. Wilkins i the President used the theme to set whites Negroes, He referred to the Presi dent's use of "hard working" people who bad "done for themsertws" and "rewarding . dteness' as pbxaaas that "ring a bell" on On the subject of job tot, re continued, i again played (Be .lAreasp on the fears that SrrBsOr wBwafss yyTf aA) " Inez Kaiser Elected President Of Mat'l Ass'n Of Minority Women Federal No Fault Ins. Bill Hits Opposition NEW YORK - Minority opposition to the proposed Senate Bill 354 (the National No-Fault Auto Insurance Act) has been voiced by a number of black community organi zations and leaders in New York and is spurring additional protest from similar groups across the nation. Criticism centers on the Bill's discrimination against the poor, and its intent to deprive (See INSURANCE 3A) Mrs. Inez Kaiser, President of Inez Kaiser and Associates, Inc., an advertising, public re lations, marketing and techni cal assistance firm, was recent ly elected President of the Na tional Association of Minority Women in Business. Mrs. Kai ser served as the National Co ordinator of Business Opport unities for Minority Women Business Enterprise within the Department of Commerce. The organization was form ed for the purpose of com bining efforts to further the advancement of minority wo men in the world of business; to share practical experience; to upgrade the image of wo men in the business world; to assure the implementation PARTICIPANTS in the Fourth Annual Educational Morticians Asaoclation of North. Carolina Seated from left to right are J. C. Gilmore, in. 1st Vice President, Winston- Mrs. Ernestine B. By num, Irealdent, Durham and Gratx. Norcutt, 2nd Vice President, Ayden. Black College Dropouts Show Decline in 1972 WASHINGTON - Propor tionately as many black as white high school graduates went on to college in 1972, and the black dropout rate before high school graudation has declined sharply in the P8 1P ears, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. The evidence is found in statistics compiled by the De partment's Bureau of Labor Statistics. The figures for "blacks" also include Orientals, American Indians and other races, but 92 percent of the persons represented are black. m basis of these statistics, 49.4 percent of the white and 47.6 percent of the black high school graduates of last June had enrolled in college as of October 1972. The 1.8 per cent differential is considered "statistically Insignificant" The differential was signi ficant in 1968 when the en rollment rate was 56.6 percent (See DROPOUTS SA) Caani. B enrfc BJ BB crec0NBs. VsvBbI BaT wml2mir m tossi HP wHFjP m Baa na sanr asjsnnnnnja apnsBj began singing of the Affirmative Action laws among major corporations and city and national governmental agencies; to encourage other minority women to become entrepreneurs and to address themselves to matters of re lated concern. The membership of the org anization is comprised primari ly of women of all minority races who are owners of busi nesses as well as those who are in managerial positions. As sociate members are those per sons in related fields. Mrs. Kaiser states, "I am very optimistic about the fu ture of this organization in attaining its goals. The func tions of a group of this nature are long overdue, and we are certain that we will get tne cooperation needed to assure the success of the purposes of this organization." Plans are now being for mulated for the first meeting of this Any person who is in becoming a send their name and any per- tinent data which would them eligible for NEWS BRIEFS - JUST A LITTLE TOO MUCH FOR HIM (Honolulu) Army Staff Sgt Isaiah P. McMillan of Gretna, Fla.. cries on the shoulder of Marine Capt Bruce Archer after- he and .11.... KVV.. "God Bless landing at Hktanan Air Base here March 19. Group is on Way home (UPI) NIXON REPORTS ON JOB TRAINING PROGRAMS WASHINGTON - President Nixon told Congress last week that he will convert federal job training programs into a flexible revenue sharing pro gram to permit dries and counties to adapt programs to meet their local needs. In an annual report on manpower programs, the President said past experience has demonstra ted that "national" manpower programs "have a sharply dif ferentiated impact among the many states and localities and., the effect., has been to unduly constrict states and localities." NBNS McGOVERN PANEL ASKS FOOD PROGRAM INCREASE WASHINGTON - Tha Se nate Select Committee on Nu trition and Human NeedavjaaajoV ed by Sen. Craotge McCtoson, D-SJ)., last week retoassd a re port in which it recommended an $860 millioB tncrsaat in too fiscal 1974 budget for food piogtBOBi, Tha strongly criticized a Nixon ,dm imst rat ion budget propo sal to tadaea spending next year for food tAampa and the NAME RIGHTS COMMISSION HEAD, HUMPHREY URGES WASHINGTON - Sea Hu bert Humphrey, D-Minn., in a letter to President Nixon Bar ged the Ptaatdeat to submit a nominee for chairman of the U. S. Cctnitilwaon oa Civil Rights. Citing fears the ittTation may be in "a i in the area of equal rights, Hu mphrey said "the denial to the Commission of aa effective chairman fo retails pi ogress to its most important fUBCttrwi. awakening tha eoasctojaat at America to denials of dignity under practices of The pototkxi cant since cepted last November the pro forma resignation of the Theodore Hssthtirgjh. ! the piassmwit of Notre University, had been a I csrtic of the Nixon HOOKS I BROADCASTERS RSnnnnOO OOti

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