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WUNC p.m. FLIP WILSON Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney and his group, Wings, which Includes his wife Linda, are shown in a filmed ap pearance Other guests, tiesisetTieTI player Bill Bus- sell, comedians Stiller and Meat a and singer-guitarist Kenny Rankin, are live. WRDU 9 p.m. MOVIE Jim Brown is a new black sheriff of a hostile Southern county in "tick . . . tick . . . tick" with George Kennedy and Fredric March. WTVD, WFMY 9 p.m. - ABC THEATRE Hal Ho&rook stars in "Pueblo," the story of the January 1968 seizure by North Korea of the U.S. electronic intelligence ship. WRAL 11:30 p.m. MOVIE "The Bad Seed" starring Nancy Kelly and Patty McCormack, is the story of a child who commits mur der. WTVD. WFMY 11:30 p.m. MOVIE The mystery standby, a haunted house, is the scene of "A Little Bit Like Mur der" with Elizabeth Hart man and Roger Davis. WRAL THURSDAY, MARCH 29 WTVD, CHANNEL 11, DURHAM :M Semester 7:00 CBS NOWI 1:00 Copt. Kangaroo 9:00 Marv Griffin 10:00 Joker Wild 10:30 Price It Right 11:00 Gambit 11:30 Love of IK 11:00 Where the Heart 12:25 Newibeat 12:30 Search 1:00 Peggy Mann 1 .30 World Turn 2:00 Guiding, Light , 2:30 Edge of Night 1:30 Secret "storm 4:00 McHakri Navy 4:30 Wild, Wild Wott 1:30 That Ski : CBSN9Wi 7:00 Dragnet 7:30 Parent Oamo 1:00 Waltont :0O Movie 11:00 NOW! 11:30 Movie WRDU-TV, CHANNEL 38. DURHAM 7:00 t:00 t:30 10:0" 10:30 12:1 12:30 12:55 Today Now ZOO tint Ufnm. Onlv Dinan anor. Concentration Sale ol Century Hollywood lonnarHv Wh, What. Wh. NBC News 1:00 Watch Child 1:30 3 on a Match 2:00 Dayi of Uvea 1:30 Doctors 3:00 Bay City 3:30 Peyton Place 4:00 Somerset 4:30 Movie :N NOWI 1:30 NBC News 7:00 The Protectors 7:30 dpi. winter 1:00 Flip Wilson :00 Ironside 10:00 Doon Martin 11:00 Now 11:10 Tonight Show WFMY-TV, CHANNEL 2, GREENSBORO 4:00 Good Morning 1:00 Capt. Kangaroo 9:00 Old Rebel 9:30 Merv Griffin 10:30 $10,000 Pyramid 11:00 Gambit 11:30 Love of Lite .12:00 Young & Restless 12:25 Now 11:30 Search 1:00 Today's Woman 1:30 Work) Turn 2:00 Guiding Light 2:30 Edge of Night 3:30 Hollywood' Talking 0:00 Movie 4:00 Secret Storm 'WtflESi. 4:30 Gamer Pyle 11:10 Movl 5:00 Bhj ValleY 4:00 New .0:30 CBS Nawt 7:00 Andy Griffith 1:30 Dragnet 1:00 Waltont WRAL-TV, CHANNEL S, RALEIGH 4:00 Daybreak 4:55 Commentary 7:00 New 7:30 Make Wish 0:00 Uncle Paul 1:30 Elllott-LaLanne 9:30 Mike Douglas 11:00 Password 11:30 Bewitched 11:00 New 12:30 SdUI 1:00 My Children 1:30 Make Deal 1:00 Newlrwad 1:30 Dating 3:00 General Ha. 1:30 Toll the Truth 4:00 Truth or 4:30 Parry Mason 5:30 Andy Griffith 0:10 NOW :25 Commentary 4:10 ABC Now 7:00 Bonanza 0:00 Mod Squad 9:00 KIMS Fu 10:00 Strait 11:00 Niwt 11:30 Enter. World 9:15 Ripples 9:30 Loom To Think 10:00 Sesame St. 11:00 Cultures 11:30 Film 12:00 image! 12:30 Electric Co. 1:30 Film llSO WUNC-TV, CHANNEL 4, CHAPEL HILL Evening IoU 1:10 Granny 2:05 Math 3:00 Film 3:20 Ready, lot, Go 3:40 Film 4:00 Mlstarogora 4:30 Sesame SI. :30 Electric Co. 4:0 1-M 1 7:00 Engineering 7:30 Farmer Id 1:00 Advocates :00 Am. Family 10:0 ' 10:3010 Mr BY CHECK is the safe easy way to par all UOa. Tour oajstafflsd check is proof iiusitlie that you have paid your bffl. Tea en open regular or special account, flepsaH tsaj obi your needs with Tntotxnesn balance. A Full Service Bank Checking - Savings - Loans Mechanics & Farmers Bank DURHAM SWLm A SUBSCRIPTION TO THE CAROLINA TIMES WILL KEEP YOU INFORMED OF THE NEWS IN YOUR COMMUNITY. STOP IN OR CAU 682-2913 01 68S-e587 I0DAY Friday Highlights 6:30 a.m. SUNRISE SE MESTER The rise of astrology is discussed. WTVD 9:10 a m. - MERV GRIF FIN Henry Morgan and David Janssen are sched uled WFMY M a m. - MIKE DOUG LAS Tiny Tim and Miss Vieli, composer-smger Paul Williams, actress Judith Uwry and author Charles WRAL 4:30 p.m. MOVIE "Three Men on a Horse," with Frank McHugh and Joan Biondel), ts the tale of a man with an unusual abil- to pick racetrack winners. 9 p m - movik - James Garner. Gayle Hunnimit. Carroll Onnor and Rita "Mario vr," a mystery drama about a private rnwMtlgstnr who is faired ts find a wom an's missing brother but who Ml evidence of blackmail in the process WTVD. WFMY 11:30 p.m. - MOVIE -Stephen Boyd, Camilla Sparv and Michael Redgrave star in the Engliah spy story, "Assignment K." WTVD, WFMY 11:30 p.m. - IN CON CERT Mahavishnu Or chestra, Al Green, Dr. Hook, and Erick WeUsenberg join the comedy team Muledeer and Moondog in this variety program. WRAL 11:30 p.m. - JOHNNY CARSON - M.A.S.H. star McLean Stevenson is guest. WRDU 1 a.m. - MIDNIGHT SPECIAL Bay Charles is boat to Carol Burnett Aretha Franklin, the Earl Scruggs Revue and comics' Freeman and Murray. WRDU ! . 1:30 a.m. - MOVIE - A couple is menaced by a vampire In a notewarm mmm in "Kiss of Evil- mm Edward Da Souza. WFMY FRIDAY, MARCH 30 WTVD, CHANNEL 1L DURHAM 4:30 Sun. Semester 7:00 CBS News S:00 Kanfarao 9:00 Marv Ortffln 10:00 Jokora Wild 10:30 Price le Right 11:00 Gambit 11:30 Love of Urn 11:00 Where Heart I 11:30 Newsbeei NkaM 7:30 Hollywood Souares in ImDoulhl 2:30 Edge of 3:og Love 1:30 Sacral storm 4:00 V. Hale's NOW 4: Wild, Wild West 7:30 I 0:00 Mlsslc 9:00 Mavla 11:00 NOW 11:30 Movl WRDU-TV, CHANNEL 38, DURHAM Today low Zoo Rev, Not Woman Only Dinah 7:00 :0SI 0:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 Sal of Cent. 1130 11:10 11:30 Who, What, Wh fun mmm 1:00 Your Child 1:10 1 on a Match 1:00 Day Our UviN 3:30 The Doctor 3:00 Bay City 1:1 Mel. Poy. Ft. 4:00 Somerset 4:30 Movie 4:00 News 4:30 NBC I 7:00 TBA r x Klldare 0:00 Sanford B Son 0:30 Little POOpio 0:00 Circle of For 10:01 Bobby Darin 11:00 News lltIS TkjM l:00Mkfnlt Special WFMY-TV, CHANNEL t, GREENSBORO 4:00 Good Mornlne 7:S5 Devotion 1:00 Capt. Kangaroo 9:00 Old Rebel 9:30 Marv Griffin 10:30 $10,000 Pyramid 11:00 Gambit 12:01 Young a Rettlot ll: News 11:10 Search T'rew 1:00 TodaWa Woman 1:30 At world Torn 1:00 Guiding Light 3:30 Edge of Night 3:00 New Price 3:30 Hollywd's Talkln 00 Secret Storm 4:30 Gomer FyS fM Big Valley Andy'orlffltl MUslol .V:Sr? mm tm 4:31 7:00 7:30 Sim Owens 1:00 Mltttl Mfl Imont.lhl. WRAL-TV. CHANNEL I. RALEIGH 0:00 4 55 TlOS Jt 1:00 0:30 : 11:00 US Uncle Foul Bette Elliott Password 12:30 SSfN Second 1:00 All My Children 1:30 Mk B Deal 2:00 Newlywedl 1:10 Dating Gam 3:00 Gen. Hospital 3:30 Tell the Truth 4:00 Truth or 4:11 Perry Milan 1:31 Andy. Griffith 4:00 News VleWHlnt 7:00 Bonanza , , , 0:30 Patrldge Fern. 9:00 Room 222 9:30 Odd Couple 10:00 Love, Am. Stylo 11:00 News WUNC-TV, CHANNEL 4. CHAPEL HHX 9:30 Phvs. Set. t:(0 HumonHIn 9:30 l earn to Think 10:00 Sesame St. II 00 Granny 11 20 Images 11:4 Sign Off 1J M Electnc CO. 1:00 Ripple 1:11 Math 1:30 Phys. SO. I:NMth 2:30 Sign Off ' "! 4:11 Sesame St. 5:30 Electric Co, 4rl Ivonlm latt 0:30 Zoom 7:00 YOU 7:30 NX. 0:00 WMh. 0:30 NX. Week 9:30 Scout About 10:00 Skjn Off Saturday Highlights 7 a.m. - SUNRISE THE ATER John Bromfield and Berly Garland star in "Curucu, Beast of the Ama zon." WRAL 1 p.m. CHILDREN'S FILM FESTIVAL - "John and Julie" is a British-made film about a pair of run aways who make their way to London to see the corona tion of Queen Elizabeth II. WFMY 1 p.m. MOVIE Charles Laughton does a stunning performance as "The Hunchback of Notre Dame." WRDU 4 p.m. - GREENSBORO GOLF Live coverage from Sedgefield is presented as the tournament gets under way. WTVD, WFMY 7 p.m. HEE HAW Kenny Price, Penny DeHaven and Dizzy Dean are guests. WTVD, WFMY 8 p.m. - ALU IN THE FAMILY Archie goes to the local TV station and de mands equal time for an opposing view of gun con trol. WTVD, WFMY 8 p.m. DOUBLE FEA TURE - In "Hitched." Sal ly Field and Tim Matheson are a pair of newlyweds whose marriage gets off to a rocky start in a lighthearted look at the early West; Mar tin Landau and Barbara Bain portray a TV news commentary team trying to learn whether a Supreme Court nominee is worthy of the post in "Savage." WRAL 10 p.m. - CAROL BUR NETT Guests are Andy Griffith and Helen Reddy. WTVD, WFMY 11:30 p.m. MOVIE -Bobby Darin and Emily Banks star In "Gunfight in Abilene." WTVD 11:30 p.m. - MOVIE -Lola Albright and Peter Lawford star in "How I Spent My Summer Vaca tion," the story of a young ' man who becomes the pawn in an international con spiracy after being invited to spend his vacation aboard the yacht of a millionaire. WFMY 12:30 p.m. MOVIE -Richard Widmark and Sonja Ziemann perform in "Se cret." WRAL SATURDAY, MARCH 31 WTVD, CHANNEL a DURHAM 4:30 Sunrise 7:00 NOW 0:00 Bugs Bunny 1:30 Sabrina 9:00 Chan 9:30 Scooby On 10:30 Pussycats 11:00 Fllntstone 11:45 Norm Sloan 11:01 Archie 11:30 Special 1:00 East-West Game 3:00 ABA B'ball 4:00 Greensboro Golf 5:00 Dal Reeves 5:30 Nashville :00 Black Unlimited 4:30 CBS News 7:00 He HOW S.'OO All In Family 1:30 Kalaldotcooo 1:30 Bridget Love 9:00 Marv Tyler 9:30 BOO Newhart 10:00 Carol Burnett 11:30 Movie WRDU-TV, CHANNEL 38, DURHAM 1:00 Houndcatt 0:30 Roman Holiday 9:oo Jettons 9:30 Fink Panther 10:00 Underdoa 10:30 Berkleys 11:00 Sealab 11:30 Runaround 11:00 Eighty Day 11:30 Giant 1:00 Movie 1:00 TBA S:00 NHL Hockey 5:30 Wrestling ilO NBC flaw 7:00 Untamed 7:30 Stand Up tele) nf,erttr! 11:00 Lf MOVM WFMY-TV, CHANNEL t, GREENSBORO 7:30 Harlem 0:00 Bug Bunny 8:M Sabrina 9:00 Chan 9:30 Scooby Do 10:30 Pussycats 11:00 Fllntitonoi 11:30 Archie 11:11 Fat Albert I 00 Children's Film 2:00 ABA B'ball 4:00 Greensboro Gotf 5:00 Outdoors 5:30 Parent Game 4:00 New : CBS Now iN Ho Haw t:30 Bridget Loves lor 9 00 Mary Tyler Moor 9:30 Bob Newhart 10:00 Carol Burnett 11:30 Movie WRAL-TV, CHANNEL I, RALEIGH 7:00 Sunrise 0:45 Scouting Now 9:00 Osmonds 9:30 Superstars 10:30 Brady KkJ 11:00 Bewitched 11:30 Kid Power 11:00 Phantom, 11:30 Frolic VM Monkee i jo Am. 1:00 World Cup Sklln 1:30 Fro Bowler Tout 1:00 Sport World 1:30 Arthur Smith 7:00 L. Walk 0:00 Her We Oo Again 0:30 TOVdl of Grace 9:oo Julia Andrew 10:00 The Men 11:35 Wrestllne UiM Movl mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmml&m. I Mutual Savings Announces New High Yields. DAILY I NTEREST COMPOUNDED DAILY Effective Jan. 1,1973 PASSBOOK ACCOUNTS IT n W BoMylalereit sa U effective Yield 5.13 $5,000 MINIMUM DEPOSIT (12 Month Torm) 534 5.92 $5,000 MINIMUM DIPOSIT efoosirSfe Twcm) 514s5..39 S 1 0,000 MINIMUM DIPOB'T teUttartof) 6 Ss 6.18 i 'NevKce.ntsr.iist remain een 38 days t em. Mutual Savings & Loan Association ; i Durham. N. C. 1 1 2 West Parrish Street 1 WORDS OF WISDOM - Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it. Thoreau Prosperity or adversity usually go to those who have most of the one or the other, ft ' La Rochefoucauld WIM CtlW0 GOOD READING IN THIS WRITERS FORUM By George B. DAILY LIVING K PREGNANCY PLA.VNING ' By Q. SCOUT CORNER B y E h. Biawssey DURHAM SOCIAL NOTES By Mr. FROM BLACK , . , By FROM THE PEN OF DONALD LOVE VOLUME 53 NUMBER 14 DURHAM, N. SATURDAY, APRIL 7, 1973 Five Persons Died In Confrontation Black Muslims Go On Trial In Louisiana In Atlanta School Case Court Accepts the Objections Of NAACP To Compromise Act Represents Partial School Desegregation Ml PB BaHaV'iSrB Bill JHH BaaKavsgb1 v Spsj ppsfpi'1" J oasHI EXAMINES PLANS Miss Vi vian Timlic of Walnut Cove, center, reviews redevelop ment plans for Durham with Charles Tillman, left, her immediate supervisor in her internship with the Redevel opment Commission of the City of Durham, and Ben Perry, Jr., executive director of the redevelopment com mission. She is a senior poli tical science major at N. C. Central, specializing in pub lic administration. House Panel Criticizes "Illegal Dismantling" of Civil Rights Unit WASHINGTON - The Ad ministration has apparently de cided to abandon its theory that it is better to prevent a fire than to put it out, a House panel on civil rights concluded last week. Terming the budget reduc tion of the Community Rela tions Service of the U.S. Jus tice Department an "ille gal dis mantling" of the civil rights unit, the House Civil Rights Oversight subcommittee, con tended that the agency should continue its crisis prevention role rather than one o f crisis mediation a fter they arise. The CRS was created'by the Civil Rights Ac t to assist in the resolution of community racial disputes and it has relied heavi ly on trying to prevent crisis from developing through a number of commu nity aid pro grams, including the establish (See PANEL 2A) ATLANTA - Although de nying an NAACP motion to intervene in the Atlanta school desegregation case as plaintiffs, United States District Judge Sidney O. Smith, Jr., said, at the close of a hearing in his court here, March 29, that he accepted the objections to the pending compromise plan. These objections we re set forth in a brief and in oral argument before the court by NAACP General Counsel Nathaniel R. Jones. This was the first appearance of an NAACP National Office Coun sel in this 15-year-old case. The Association sought to in tervene on behalf of five Atlanta school pupils, their parents and the NAACP; The NAACP charged that the com promise plan, agreed upon by the defendant school officials and a group of plaintiffs repre sented by the Atlanta NAACP Branch, "is constitutionally deficient," in that it provides a minimum of school desegre gation. After listing the deficiencies in detail, the NAACP asked the court "to set this matter down for hearing for the pur- (See COURT 2A) tSBBtaBaMS :OSiaaTaT: Wt vS&SMKX sSJy ;.4fi- t gafavS 3fc "'3eV J do BBaTaaBrW 'TgpEWBjBBBMjBBJ SjBjj jJeBJBjpw a 5. & 5l Mafl kMskMI BaTTaal Kaemf 9 IHHti rsbj : Wm CHARGES DROPPED Cle veland Mallory (c) of Pitts burg, Pennsylvania is flank ed by the NAACP General Counsel Nathaniel R. Jones and Executive Director Roy Wilkins during a visit to the NAACP National Office in New York City after charges against him by the Navy were dropped. Mr. Mallory was one of 21 black sailors in volved In a racial clash aboard the aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk. Defense of the sailors was handled by the NAACP (Photo by Jim Collier). Volunteers Me Study of Day Core Situation In Durham County Eor more than six months, volunteers from all over the uty mid country have been studying day care facilities existing and potential in an effort to determine what can be done to lessen the need for effective day care in Durham. By the end of April, these volunteers will have put to gether the first complete pic ture of Durham's day care situa tion ever seen. "Day care" refers to a wide variety of arrangements for the supervised care of children a way from their homes, for part or all of the day , because parents or guardians delegate responsibility for this care. Most involved in day care are children of working parents. Those working on the study are members of the Day Care Task Force established by com munity Planning Services of which Vivian Pa rks is chair man. Community Planning Ser vices, an arm of Durham's Uni ted Fund, has named day care as one of Durham's greatest needs. FROM N.C.FARM TO WORLD BANK WASHINGTON - It's a long way from a farm outside Snow Hill, North Carolina, to a polished desk at the World Bank here, but Thelma Harper made it, with some help from the Neighborhood Youth Corps (NYC). Most of the credit go to Miss Harper, a young lady with determination enough to hold down two part-time jobs while keeping up with and excelling in a full-time business college program. But without NYC, she might not have gotten her start toward a business college di- same .Jb aPI sbbbbHjT 'flsasflBiDtt . v i aH aK i MB TAKING DICTATION The Neighborhood Youth Corps helped Thelma Harper to move from a North Caroli na farm to the World Bank in WtMington D.C., Whore she takes dictation from her boss, economist Nabil Faltas. Hei NYC earnings helped pay hei way through business college Dean Samuel Gandy of Howard University to Lecture at HCCU ploma. It was June 1969, and Miss Harper had only a year to go at South Green High School in Snow Hill. If she was going to go beyond high school, money was need ed. Miss Harper's father was a farmer, and the crops of to bacco and corn he raised were enough to feed and clothe six growing girls and boys. But anyone needing tuition money to fulfill an ambition had better be able to raise it her self. NYC had a job available that summer, at $1.30-an-hour as a clerical aide to B. F. Craw ford, principal of the high school. Miss Harper worked 30 hours a we ek through August, and when school re opened in September put in several hours a week in the NYC office. After graduation, she was prepared for a job in a program helping youngsters going on to college. And so by the fal.' of 1970, when she entered Durham (N.C.) Business Col lege, she actually had per formed many of the duties she was being trained for. And she had $400 saved, which, along with a $1200 grant from the college, helped (See BANK 2A) On April 8-10, the N.C. Central University community will be honored with the presence of Dr. Samuel L. Gandy, Dean of the Howard University School of Religion, as guest preacher and lecturer. He is among the best-known and most widely accomplished ministers and theological edu cators in the black community. In addition to being re markably gifted for platform and pulpit, he has specialized in problems of human relations and personality development, having received the doctorate in this field from the Univer sity of Chicago. Dean Gandy has served as College Minister at Virginia State College and Fisk Uni versity, as well as Professor and Dean of Lawless Memorial Chapel at Dillard University. He was a member of the 1968 inter-faith team of the Na- (See GANDY 2A) I -NEWS BRIEFS- PEOPLE'S POLICE PATROL' PLANNED BY NORFOLK PANTHERS NORFOLK, Va. - A "people's police patrol" will be set up here by .! local Black Panther Party',' it was announced recently. The pa trol, which will be equipped with an armed, armored van truck and a battalion of un armed foot patrolmen, is in tended to insure proper arrest procedures are followed in the city's black community, said a Panther spokesman. NBNS SUPREME COURT REFUSES BLACK 4TH TRIAL WASHINGTON - The Su preme Court refused, without comment, last week to block the fourth trial of four black youths charged with the fatal stabbing of a New York City clothing store owner in 1964. The N.Y. Court of Appeals reversed one conviction and two other trials ended in hung juries. The defendants -Wallace Baker, William Craig, Ronald Felder and Walter Thomas - are scheduled to be retired this week in State Supreme Court in Manhattan. NBNS Mrs. James Davis, chairman of the Day Care. Task Force, has been quick to point out that her committee is intent on action. "This is not a paper shuffling committee," she said. "We expect full and thorough reports from all our sub-committees, with action coming (See DAY CARE 2A) 13 Jailed In 1972 Shootout With Police BATON ROUGE - About 300 persons have been sum moned for jury duty as 13 Black Muslims jailed over a year ago go on trial here on charges of inciting to riot and participating in a riot in which deaths occurred. The five persons died as a jesult of gunshot wounds suf fered in the Jan. 10, 1972 confrontation in which police officers attempted to disperse a Muslim rally on a downtown street. Deputies Ralph Hancock, 30, and Ralph DeWayne Wilder, 27, and two blacks, Thomas Davis, 25, of Chicago, and Samuel Upton, 29, of Vallejo Calif., died instantly. Larry Mobley, 30, of Chicago died several days later in a hospital. Of the 14 persons indicted in the case, one Dudle y Patrick Beavers, is still at large. All but two were from out of state. Meanwhile, the Louisiana Supreme Court is scheduled to rule in an unrelated case on the constitutionality of the state's inciting to dot law. The decision could have a grave impact on the trial of the Muslims, since District Attor ney Ossie Brown has not stated that he is prepared to proceed on the charge of participating in a riot. Jury selection in the trial could take as long as a week, according to court sources. Testknonal for Alexander Barnes Held at Durham Motel-Hotel Repeal ol Lien Law Passes House, Senate RALEIGH The Lien Law became effective on October 1, 1951. It required the aged and disabled to sign their real property to the County, State and Federal Govern ment before aged and dis abled could receive public welfare assistance. On February 16, Represen tative Joy J. Johnson of Fair mont and Robeson County, co-sponsored by Representa tive H. M. Michaux. Jr., of Durham, introduced a bill to Repeal this Inhuman lien law. Last week it passed the North Carolina House by an overwhelming voice vote and yesterday (Wednesday) Mar. 28) in Senate by 40 to 6 votes. The repeal of the Lien Law eradicates the most vicious inhuman inequities in Social Services. The aged and disabled have been economically emancipat ed. Pride and dignity of home ownership have been validat ed and vindicated. The rights and privileges of the poor are recognized and confidence re stored In the honesty and in tegrity of the aged and dis abled. This repeal is the mult of conscientious concerned leg islators for the dignity of the aged and disabled and the diligent Involvement of many concerned citizens and groups state-wide. DURHAM - People from all walks of life took time out from their busy schedules last Thursday night to pay tribute to a man well deserving of the honor at a testimonial dinner held at the Durham Motel- hotel. Alexander Barnes, a veteran black newspaper, high church- NAACP officer, frater nity personality and commoner sat through an hour long pro gram and heard his fellow com rades pay tribute to him during a banquet which was attended by nearly 200 people. Persons from the fields of politics, education, clergy, jour nalism and fraternal organiza tions reminisced about Barnes' (See BARNES 2A) Hr I '1EmwlwniBKa PPJF' jaaaaaaaa'B &H&SFfttS&3mtKKBU BTeaTOBTaTK i BBBBBBBT 'Be' j& C -tMiKrt. JaBBBl M BaW 'ajaBaan bbbVI. 9 ifPH BBBBtaaBBVal EaVM "B. KB tyjf- .. I Bp aBBBBBBBBW pHB LHVbbbI NAACP LIFE BfTOIBKRSHTP Ed Muse, right, chairman el the NAACP life membership committee, presents the NA ACP Hie membership plaque to Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Barnee during a teatimonial dinner held tast nuide in Dejisjssn in feooer el Mf. Barn. BMBfaejwiaB chapttr president, has been a of the NAACP since

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