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WlttS CAROLINA TIMES Sat., Sept, 29, IMS
BUFFALO BILLS-PATROITS - Bills' O.J. Simpson yat) eiuuo "
(71) during 2nd quarter action at Schaefer Stadium, (916). Simpson ripped loose for a National
Football League record of 250 yards as the Bills whipped the New England Patroits, 3113.
First loss For Eagles
Central, 10-8
BILLS-PATROITS - Foxboro, Mass: Buffalo Bub star funning back o.j. sunpson an smut u
holds game ball after setting, new National Football League record of 250 yards rushing during New
England-Buffalo game at Schaefer Stadium, (916). Simpson scored on runs of 80 and 22.yards as the
Bills whipped the Patroits, 31-13.
Alcorn MM used a fumble
recovery on North Carolina
Central's two-yard line to score
an insurance touchdown in the
third quarter and then held off
the Eagles for a 10-8 inter
sectional football victory
Friday night at Durham County
Stadium. '
The fumble came when
Central's freshman
quarterback, Ricky Moore
pitched to running back
Nathaniel Glenn but missed his
target and A&M's Calvin'
Dismuke recovered. ' ,
Elijah Alexander scored on.
the next play and Howard Ward
kicked the extra point to give
the Braves a 10-2 lead with 14
minutes left in the quarter.
Central mounted its only
scoring drive of the, game in the
same period when Moore ran in
from the five-yard line with
6:03 on the clock. John
Patterson's run for the point
after failed. That ' fixed the
score at 10-8.
From then until the final
seconds a crowd . of 10,000
watched both teams slug it out
on defense although Central's
opportunity for a 35-yard field
goal by Tyrone Boykin feB
The Eagles' other two points
came on a safety in the first
period when Alcorn center
Dennis Thomas snapped the
ball over punter Eddie
McCune's head and through the
end zone.
Central's only touchdown was
set up when Maurice Spencer
took an Alcorn punt and
returned it 29 yards to the
Alcorn 39.
Moore hit Roger Hodges with
a five-yard pass and then a 15
yard penalty on A&M moved
the ball to the 21 where the
Eagles had a first down.
Another pass to Hodges on
the same pattern was
incomplete but Moore countered
with an U-yard run to the 11.
Moore called another pass but
both receivers were covered in
the end zone and he elected to
run, getting five yards. He then
followed on the next play with
the Eagles' TO.
On its first possession Alcorn
marched to the Eagles' two
yard line. After three
unsuccessful stabs at the
Central line by Bobby Huell,
Oscar McAdory kicked a 25-yard
field goal for a 34 Brave lead.
The score came with 9:46 lift
in the first quarter.
Following an exchange of the
ball, Alcorn was forced to pant.
But this time center Dennis
Thomas' snap sailed over
kicker Eddie McCune's head
and rolled through the end zone
for a safety.
That made the score 3-2
Alcorn with 4:56 left in the
opening quarter. :
Neither team generated a
threatening drive the rest of the
quarter and Alcorn's one-point
margin held up at halftime. ,
While the Eagles' defense
continued to come up with good
play, the offense sputtered most
of the first half.
There were some bright
spots, however, but none that
really did more than send up
smoke signals.
James Smith proved to be the
most successful Eagle runner
against the Brave defense. His
longest run of a penalty-plagued
first half was a U-yard gainer
Nathaniel Glenn had the other
long Eagle run, a 13-yarder.
A good defensive effort on the
part of Nathaniel Boykin was
instrumental in the Eagles'
getting the safety.
Central punted to the Braves
and Boykin raced downfield to
drop Howard Ward at the eight
yard line. Then three
successive runs by Huell gained
six yards, leaving the Braves
with a fourth-and-four at their
14. Then Thomas snapped the
ball over McCune's head.
Johnson's running and receiv
ing helped Cincinnati hand
Houston its 13th straight Na
tional Football League loss Sun
day 24-10, despite a 103-yard
opening kickoff return by the
Oilers' Bob Gresham.
Cincinnati snapped a 10-10 tie
with two fourth-quarter touch
downs, one a 35-yard pass from
Ken Anderson to Bob Trumpy
and the other on a three-yard
run by Bobby Clark.
Johnson, a six-year man from
Grambling, rolled up a person
al high of 131 rushing yards,
scored on a 10-yard run and
caught five passes for 49 yards
as the Bengals squared their
record at 1-1.
. . .
jrWmmmv, !immmuul''-W- WW - llllll
He's "2" much!
Akin"s familiar uniform number, is 44 but his record is full
ttf ;. Horn in Mobile, he was 20 when he broke into the majors. Now.
in his 20th season, be holds or is tied for 20 National League records
(plus 1 2 major leaeue records). He's played in 22 All-Star games and 2
VVorld Series. .
vflC. was slill onlv o. 2 in the all-time home run race as ol midseason
j7Jbut wc on his a to trading that snot to Babe Ruth!
A Message to Newspaper Carriers
from Hank Aaron:
illj '
"You've Got To Have Pride!
Hank Aaron ol the Atlanta Braves is best known right now as
the man most likely to succeed Babe Ruth as bascbalPs greatest
home run producer. But he's great in every department in the
field, at the bat. and in his will to win.
What's Aaron's secret of success? Pride. "I take pride in
Mbat I'mdoing every day I'm out there." he says. "You really
have to have it in baseball."
Maybe that's why he admires newspaper carriers. They've
got pride, too. Determination to get the job done, to serve their
customers dependably and well. They earn good money for it.
sure but most of all, they enjoy the satisfaction that comes
from giving their best.
And as for that money they earn, a lot of it goes into savings
for the future. Like their parents and other Americans, many of
them buy U.S. Savings Bonds regularly, cither through News
paper Carrier Thrift Clubs or at the bank. Some day those
Bonds may help them go to college or launch a life's career
Mff-twd meantime those savings arc helping their country now.
- I Being a newspaper carrier is a proud way to go. And now that
it's Newspaper Carrier Day again, maybe you'd like to join
Hank Aaron and the Department of the Treasury in saluting
these young people who serve us so faithfully and well.
in America.
Buy U. S. Savings Bonds
Now K Honda pay 5.'i interest when held to maturity
of S years, 10 months (4 thto first year). Honda aro
replaced if loat, stolen, or destroyed. When needed they
can be cashed at your bank. Interest ia not subject to
atate or local income taxes, and federal tax may be
deferred until redemption.
CHOICE - The Fighting Bean football team of Livingstone College at Salisbury, N.C.,
ll.,... . . . . .. .... fmm niintnn. N.C. as the
' cnose pretty uiane noyai, a iresnman socuu weuue uiajvi ,
1 11 u . Ill i 11 .1 ; ' ' " "
unanimous v
quarterback whom they would most like to call the signals
A&T Univ. Aggies Turn
FAMU 24-14 In Thriller
mat I. nr.. of tbree minutes
quarterback Leonard Reliford
led the N.C. A&T offense to
two touchdowns for a
come-from-behind victory over
Florida A&M University last
Trailing 14-6 in the final
quarter, Reliford took the
helm following and A&M
punter's fumble and from
Florida's 39 the Aggies
A holding penalty put the
ball at the A&M 23 when on
second down Reliford rifled a
pass to split end Curtis
Gooding at the eight. Reliford
carried the ball for five more
and on third down at the three
he faked a run and pitched
right to George Ragsdale who
zoomed in untouched to bring
the Aggies within two 14-12,
For the successful two point
conversion, Reliford found
Gooding again, zig-zagging
loose for another reception and
a 14-14 tie with 2,40 left to
The Rattlers, with poser
running back james Rackley
being bottled up all night, held
A&M to four plays with only
69 seconds having elapsed.
Rattler punter Gregory
Coleman received a bad snap
from center, tried to run, but
was corralled far short or a first:
down at his own 44.
Then strong armed Reliford
pulled the rabbit out of the hat
on the next play, spotting
speedster Art is Stanfield
streaking down the right
sideline for a spectacular
44-yard touchdown tally.
Florida's offense began the
contest offering A&T several
scoring opportunities before
i J ,48ii tans ana tne Aggies
pounced on their first gift.
Punter Coleman received a
bad snap early in the first
quarter and turned the ball
over to, A&T as big defensive
end Ranald Tuck and
linebacker Donal Barnes both
covered the ball.
From A&M's 11, two plays
netted three yards when
co-quarterback Paul McKibbins
rah a keeper around right end
eight yards, the point after
falling, for a 6-0 advantage.
Defense plagued both
offenses the next 18 minutes
before Florida's cornerback
Felix Williams intercepted a
Reliford pass at his own 40 and
raced 60 yards. The Rattlers
were on their way leading 7-6.
Then on their first
possession in the third quarter,
A&M sustained a 13-play drive
from their 46, thanks to the
quarterbacking skill of Kenny
Holt and strong rushing efforts
from Rackley and Ralph Kyles.
With 3:28 left in the stanze,
A&M's growing confidence had
erected a 14-6 score with the
Aggies seemingly fading.
An A&M lost fumble at
their 24 ended up in a 26-yard
field goal failure for A&T, but
th'e Rattlers coughed the
pigskin up again on the next
series at their 36.
This time Reliford took
charge from Mckibbins and
guided his fired up flock to
two quick touchdowns with
pin point passing and gutty
running on his own.
Dvrtitm-Ralelgh Mm
Mobil Radkals with
the 50,000,
if . r
Cool running
70 series
Multi-ply Butyl Liner
Wide flat tread
Excellent traction & stability
Smooth comfortable ride
at high speeds
Tough traction and surer stopping
even on wet pavement
An -i4" 52 33
AD "15"
MabHH RrtHinl Tin , mmU
Mobi " 'i Tkm arc guaranteed to give M.000 miles an int OMginai t'aad Ouaraniee applicable only to oiiginal pu'ChaMf and to vehicle
on , , i- Traad-wear ndiclor must be cKany visible and guatentee ..: raglsierod wilh MotHl Oil Cer-
' ' t"! -i V ' agamti delecis m material, worhmanthio. or normal road haia'd (such at blowout! or fabric breaks and
cut Hhich render hre unarvir.eAblei ant will be adjuKted on ireed nepth unitu Mobil datarmna deiacit can ba saleiv raoaired
thai ha irregular Iread-waar pattern due lo mechanical conditions: or loaa or damage caused by (Ira lhafl.
culfmg by chains Obstruction 6n vehicle, or any willlul abuse, are eicludad from hl guarantae.
T.rei u
quipmani ipecilicetioni or
wreck callmon rynnma Hal
ai lima Of idiuttment Liability is' limited to raplacemenl ol the Mobil Tire,
Research Iriongfe JHoMf
Route 54 E 56 Intersection
Durham, N. CJ
Hope Vsfcy HobH
2800 Chapel Hill Rd.
Durham, N. G
1 mm
1 II
HAPPY THREESOME - Michael Jackson kids with Motown auger, Suzee Ikeda, and J-5 producer,
LI. I n.ui. at Muawuin'i umviul lanul ,.n.J... 1 rrw .M.i- UU - fiU, knnu noiil rrihlllc
wwm mm my iwr oroii annual gamru uai Ly . iav aiiau, nao urc laiuujr uuuk, f
to all of those who have contributed to the enhancement of the Jackson Five's career.
; . I
mum .KH mum mm Bl aHHH
R mm
mm Mat mawmm
. H bkI.';'
n BBk mm mma mams
m mm aiiiiiHBaRBl WR: urnm
m wrnm mm- ' n mmvm am mm uw: mmm
NEW YORK Friends say
that actress Diana Sands in a
very quick girl. She had to bow
out of the title role in Third
World Cinema's " Claudi ne", to
be replaced by Diahann Carol).
The film is now shooting in
Harlem. - t- .
Jim Kelly, who is a big hit
in Warner Bros.' "Enter the
Dragon" and has been shooting
"Black Belt Jones", is one of
four black stars scheduled for a
Mack action film, "Three the
Hard Way." Others in film will
be Jim Brown, Find Williamson
and Pamela Grier. Kelly, the
karate champion, has LA.
newspaper ads announcing hk
school for karate stunt men
limited to 60 students a class.
WBUUUM1NO JR. WAXKErT- Michael, Randy and Jermaine join their parents, Mr. ana im y-
Jackson in welcoming Jr. Walker to their second annual 'thank you' party. tr) Michael, Randy,
inumk Janbcnn Jr Walker Mrs Katharine Jackson and Jermaine.
Hilly Dee Williams, hailed as
the top black romantic lead
after "Lady Sings the Blues", is
an undercover agent in
Paramount "Hit", which
opened this week.
Warner Bros, banking on a
hit in "Black Bart", the
western comedy starring
Cleavon Little as a black
frontier sheriff who tames
Some folks continue to
awipe at Ron O'Neal and the
first "Super Fly" film, the first
bbekbuster. The latest is a lady
psychiatrist who claims
fashions he illustrated in
"Super Fly" films "feminize"
black men and could lead to
increased homosexuality.
But Ron than held his own
when he appeared recently on
CPB's "Black Journal" special,
along with Tamara Dobsbn, of
"Cleopatra Jones" fame and
actor- director-writer Ossie
Davis, discussing "Black Films;
Rip Off or Right On?" Aired
-i. -
ived, with viewer phone-in, the
"Super Fly" star met head-on
with " Black Journal" producer
Tony Brown, one of tlv film's
wHsst critics.
Audiences are reacting
enthusiastically to Paramount
"Save The CWldnm", the
musical- documentary of
Operation PUSH'S Black
Expo'72. Praise is forthcoming,
not only for the many top
artists who are seen and heard,
hut also the technical work of
the black cameramen who were
Charles Blackwell, Bob
Fletcher, Robert Grant, Doug
Harris, Rufus Hinton. Roy
Lewis, Leroy Lucas and David
Myers. ,
Josephine Baker makes her
only South California
appearance, Sent 25-30 at the
Music Center Ahmansoc
Theatre in Los Angeles. Jack
Jordan's Kelly- Jordan
Enterprises, Inc. and Howard
Sanders are responsible for the
nationwide tour the fabulous
entertainer launches in LA
NYC children from foster
homes, orphanages ana
underprivileged kids from
community centers were the
free guests Tuesday at Harlem's
famed vaudeville house, the
Apollo Theatre, where "Save
The Children" made its
premiere bow. Celebrities of
theatre, politics, sports and
civic groups were also on hand.
Audience Development
Committee, (AUDBLCO) in a
membership drive offers new
members complimentary
tickets to a performance or
other special event during their
birth month. AUDELCO was
formed to stimulate interest in
Black Theatre in the
Btmt . Wit THK CABOUKA TWftV -f
" " ,
v :' mmmmmmr '
UwUjm .
BnjylsM mm? fcaiHfcjiil
B lPHp jj mmW'$ mmffM,
mum 1 W mmmmmmummSmtmm. BjyHB pLdllB
K mKmmSSBmKmmy' '3im
I " '
Howard U. Takes Tighter Hold 0a First Place
Howard University took a
tighter hold on first place in
the Mid-Eastern Athletic
Conference (MEAC) with a
21-7 conference victory over
South Carolina State Saturday
afternoon to highlight action in
the MEAfJ over the weekend.
. The five other teams in the
conference played
no n-conference games and
came away with only two of
fives victories. A & T and
Maryland- Eastern Shore won
encounters in outside
competition while North
Carolina Central, Morgan State
and Delaware State were taking
it on the chin from non-league
opponents. Freshman
I It m I
COME PLAY WITH ME - Pretty Arlene Stewart, a iresnman as
Livingstone College, Salisbury, and a native of Wlnston-Salern,
hasn't been a coed three weeks yet and already she has
upperclassmen vying with male frosh to see who will be the nicky
one to get her into a huddle.
.... . --- . -i-,.., ....... -,. ai an mi
't-ySm mmtmmwLlkmW Mmmmf. OWKi j
ETZMjfajflHHH Lmm JmmmmmmmmmmmMm,
l,. jf''mmt mmmm-3tkmw' - ' vks )tmw
SJZ .rSrTSir-u Mva
York Mets 7-3. The Pirates now omy -
on h, face each other lonigni.
oi tne waiionai ih'
Quarterback Michael Banks ran
for one touchdown and passed
for another in the fourth
quarter to break a 7-7 deadlock
and ted the Bisons to their
second straight MEAC victory
and their third decision against
no setbacks against all
A&T became the second
MEAC team to defeat Florida
A&M in as many wees as the
Aggies remained unbeaten with
a 21-14 decision over tite
Rattlers in Greensboro.
Maryland-Eastern snore
snapped a two-game losing
streak by gaining a 15-8 victory
over Kentucky State in a
contest played Saturday night
in Princess Anne, Maryland.
North Carolina Central
fumbled early in the third
period and Alcorn took
advantage of the miscue for a
short touchdown and a 10-8
win over the Eagles in Durham
The loss was the first of the
young season for toe defending
MEAC champion, against two
Morgan State, picked to win
the MEAC title this season, had
five passes intercepted, its
quarterbacks sacked three
times and was held to 96 yards
total offense as the Bears were
defeated by (Gambling, .11 14
M mm.
by Joe Black
The progressive 60's have come and gone.
Today, as we find ourselves struggling with the
tensions of the 70's, we wonder: whatever hap
pened to all those hopeful programs the "great
society" started, a decade ago.
In retrospect, community action projects have
not been the end-all solutions to the Black man's
And one thing has become very, clear. A clenched
fist is almost powerless, if it is empty when opened.
If we are to maintain the. forward thrust of our
struggle, there must be something more tangible
about our clenched fist. Something real inside it.
Something that represents a greater power base.
Political power? Yes. But it must be based ori
economic power. The power that comes from own
ing more businesses. Holding more high paying
jobs. Being able to spread more wealth where it
will do more good,
An easy accomplishment? You know the answer
to that. But if the evils of slavery couldn't derail
the freedom train, then we can surely pay the
extra price of time, training, education, and most
important dedication, to earn a greater slice of
our nation's economic wealth.
As a symbol, a clenched fist is right on.
.. But remember, a clenched fist can't talk. Like
money can talk.
in Yankee Stadium before a
sellout crowd of 64,243 in the
Whitney Memorial Classic.
Delaware State finally
scored this season but this was
not enough as the Hornets
dropped a 14-7 decision to
Millersville State in an
afternoon contest in Dover,
The big game on tap this
week will find Morgan " State
paying a visit to Durham to
meet North Carolina Central.
The 1:30 contest will match
the defending champion
against the team expected to
win the title this season.
Four other MEAC teams
will be in action this week in
' non-conference games while
Maryland-Eastern Shore will
TEMPTATIONS RELEASE 'ANTHOLOGY ALBUM - The Temptations, Motown recording artists
have released "Anthology", a three-record album set, first in a series of ten planned by Motown
RecordCorp. on their artists. The package includes selections from the Tempts' previous asVam
releases and is commerating their "Tenth Anniversary." Ako included is a J 2-page booklet which
traces the history of the group in pictures (from their own private collections) and a biographical
sketch by noted recorder reviewer and writer Vince Atetti.
Whitworth Wins
Veteran Kathy Whitworth shot
an even-par 73 in a steady
drizzle Sunda v to win the $30.
000 Portland Ladies Golf Clas
sic, her nurd straight pro golf
The SS-year-old pre from
Richardson, Tex., finished with
a two under par 144 for the 18
holes on the 5,977-yard Portland
Golf Club course.
The soybean supply for the
remainder of the season is a)xut
SO million bushels less than,
a year ago.
take the week off.
A & T will be at home in a
7:30 night contest against
Johnson C. Smith. League
leading Howard returns home
Saturday to meet Virginia
State in a 1:30 contest South
Carolina State travels to
Richmond, Virginia to meet
the improving Virginia Union
eleven in an 8 o'clock night
match. Delaware State travel to
Clarion, Pennsylvania to meet
Clarion in a 1:30 encounter.
VffnW KTlf
raw WW
I.-. . OSCM I
LI -J n
BSSSl II ir II ..I
!ALfl6H 787-7771 miHA-SW-l343
8tarU September 18. -
I mWtr '
mmW sssssV
hi I M CM IviniiH W
DEPT., P. O. BOX 3825, DURHAM, N. C. 27702.
Vice President
The Greyhound Corporation

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