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Includes Air Fort, HoM, Transfer, Tax end ofhes CRCETDUK.C 0who-204 tort Chopel H Si.-ttSMrlTB Chepel Hid -HI W. fronkliii St.- HUH BeleljIrSWCreeAiieerRtidK WI Reseorth Tiiortgle Park 100 Park Dilve 949-M00 Thursday Highlights THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1, J 973 WTVft CHANNEL 11. DURHAM ajsjsritt Will TODAY -Rogers Jr. WRDU GR1F . aa it. Is a TtK Ana j adviser to the femWIVD I 4 : bub. MOVES -Two linemen unite with one tough female ex-convict hi "Manpower," with Edward G Robinson, Georfa Raft and Marten. Dietrich.. WRDU p.m. ONE OF A KIND five fP bluegrass Halli aiil -fiddler Richard Groan, guitarist. Clarence White, mandolin player Da vid Diedem, rhythm guitarist Peter Rowan and ban play er Stuart SchuJman per form. WUNC p.m. - ADVOCATES, reduction of state ser- A. 1 . 1. 8 p.m - PUP WILSON Robert Goutet, Carol Law rence, Sappy White and the dancing FUpettos provide more music than usual WRDU I pa - MOVIE Steve McQueen stars as a tough detective in "Bullitt," with Robert Vaughn, Jacqueline Biaset and Don Gordon. WTVD.. WFMY 1:00 CBS New 1:00 Capt. Kangaroo t:0S POflOV Mann 9:30 Secret Storm 10.00 Joker Wild 10:10 Stbjjso PyramM 11:00 GemMt 4:00 Sunrise Semeter 11:30 Lev of Lift 4:30 Homer Brlarhopptr 11:00 Young and Rett 1:00 Divorce Court 1:10 A World Teres 1:00 Ouktlno Uert . .. . m ..I . . mm 4:00 Bewltchee 4:30 Merv Orlfftfli Ml MilS.. ' 3:30 Edae at 3:oo price I Rites J:30 Match Oime :'oo Ne Zoo :30 Rormwr R WRDU-TV, CHANNEL IB, :30 Romper Room 10:00 Dlnthi Piece 10:30 Baffle 1130 Hollywood Square 12:00 Jeopardy :11:30 Who What Where . 1:00 Dr. Joyce Brother 1:MTkro oa z:es dot or 1:30 Doctor 3:00 Another WorM 1:30 Peyton Piece 4:00Someret 4:30 Dr. Brothers 4:35 cinema 2 oioo WiNenS DUUAM Mate T'ft ii wl w N(ww r:t i TiSa. WW" 10:00 NBC ftJffOS 11:00 New 11:30 TonltM Show WFMY-TV, CHANNEL 2, i M & 10 p.m. NBC FOLLIES - A nearsighted waiter (Mickey Rooney ) is ridiculed by guests Sammy Davis Jr., Jim Nabors, Richard OMnan and Sandy Duncan in one of several comedy sketches. WRDU 11:30 p.m, DICK CA VETT - Crorei Vidal, author and lecturer Helen Gahagen Douglas and Rep. Wayne L. Hayes, D-OMo, are guests. :0o Good Momlee 0:00 Capt. Kanoeroo :M Old Rebel :J0 Mtrv Griffin 10:30 SIOJJN PyremM 11:00 Gambit 11:10 Love of Ufa 11:30 Youne and Rett 12:30 Starch 1:00 Today' Woman 1:30 A WorM Turns 2:00Ouldlno Uaht 1:30 Eds Of Night 3:00 Daytime 90 4:30 Gomt Pvlt 5:00 Andy Griffith S:30 Dragnet :00 New 4:30 CSS Ntwa 7:00 Beat Clock 7:30 tolrtWrl 8:00 Walton :WMevM WRAL-Tf, CHANNEL S, RALEIGH :00 DaybreaK t:SS Commentary 7:00 New jt-V 7:30 Make Wish S: 00 Uncle Paul 0:30 Mike Douglas 10:00 Prayer, Elliot 10:30 Btttt Elliot 11:00 Password 11:30 Brady Bunch tet.i All kljMatai r PVle SObaBflBBaBaai vi in nii Deal 1: 30 AnaV 4:30 Ntwe MR 3:30 Girl In Life 3:00 Gen Hospital 1:30 Lift TO Ova 4:00 Tall the Truth 4:30 Truth or 11:30 Olt Cavett WUNC-TV, CHANNEL A CHAPEL HILL 8:45 :1S :3S 10:00 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 Mttr nro Ripple Phv. Sci. Sesame St. Culture On Earth 1:00 PtrformJno Art 1:30 Phy.Sd. 3:00 Future I Now 1:30 Cultures 3:00 Hodte PodBt 3:30 Desk Set 5:30 Electrte Co . Co. US :n I Km W.! Fll' T 1 B, ; 40O imiiositiir-'""' READ -BOOT YOURSflF fACN Witt 3 4T. Mi"!' IN THE CAROLINA JIMS. IT'S YOUR PAPER. mm Friday Highlights FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 2, 1973 WTVD. CHANNEL U. DURHAM 0 a.m. - SUNRISE SE MESTER - Different ihemes of Andre Gide's The Immortalist" are ex plored. WTVD T am - TODAY - TJtalttr IMS Harris talks about how America has .1 A im tllA Utt twit decadM. WRDU tiM am MERV GRIF FIN Onto and Harriet Nelson are among the nests. WFMY iS-4Lm - BARBRA STREISAND - Eiotic are outdone only nore exotic musical to w tins special Barbra Streisand combines bar voice with the whirl of a builder, the tinging of an alarm clock and the htms of Charles is a guest WTVD, WFMY WT: 10 p.m. DEAN MARTIN Johnny Carson is put on the grill and roasted by guests Jack Benny, George Burns, Bob Newhart, Bette Davis, Ruth Buzz! and Dionne Warwick. WRDU 11:S0 pm. MOVIE A ballad singer's romantic ad ventures coma to a climax in an auto race in "Splnout." with Elvis Presley and Diane McBaln. WTVD. WFMY 11:10 pm DICK CAVETT Simon Wiesenthal, hunter of Nazi war criminals, is scheduled to appear. WRAL 1 am MIDNIGHT SPECIAL Chuck Berry is sjpj tjj4saBBBt teapro gram including the Edgar Winter Group and Fleetwood Mac. MM star. Muddy Waters, soul artist Johnny ' ajfjar and Ink entertainer Shawn Phillips. WRDU 4:30 Sun. Semester 7:00 CBS New , i KanBtfBS -'. 9:oo Ptoav Mann 9:30 Secret Storm 10:00 Joker wild 10:30 110,000 PyremM 11:00 Gamut 11:30 Love Of LMt 12:00 Youne and Resile It Newsoe . . 12:30 Starch 1:00 Divorce Court 1:30 At WorM Turns 2:30 Eos of NMM 3:00 Rlsht Price 3:30 Match Game 4:00 Bewitched 4:30 Mtrv Griffin 4:00 NtwatJOft 4:10 CBS New 7:00 Mad StUOd 3:00 Caluccr Dent, e.M Bmit n,. 9.00 Barbara StrelmM 10:00 Lily 11:00 Ntwa , 11:30 Movie I WRDU-TV. CHANNEL ZS, DURHAM Today NOW 170 KtV. Romcer Room Dinah Baf ft Wizard at Odd ;m-.t.i . in, ; : Jeopardy nbc News . 7:00 9:0O 9.30 w:o 11:30 12:00 12:30 item f.9) Goad Morning 7:SS DtvotkMN 3:00 Capt. Kangaroo 0:00 OM Rebel mi OtWawT Vi: 11:30 Lovae4LWa 12:00 Youno S Resile 12:2 News 1:00 Dr. Joyce Brother 1:30 3 on a Matcn 2:00 Day Our Live 2:30 The Doctor 3:00 Bay City I 3:30 Ret. Per. Pi 4:00 Somerset 4:30 Dr Brother 4:35 Cinema 21' ' 4:30 Triangle New 7:00 NBC New 7:30 Git Smart 1:00 Santtrd Son 1:30 Girl Wl 7:00 Needle. 30 Brian Katth 10:00 o.h Martin . 11:00 NtW ... Vf? mtm Special WFMY-TV. CHANNEL t, GREENSBORO tt:30 Starch T'row 1:00 Today's woman 1:30 Al World Tl 3:00 m 4loht I Guldlns L! 2:30 Edaa of N 3:00 New Price 3:30 Match Game 4:00 Secret Storm 4:3S Oomar Pyle 5:00 Andy Griffith J:30 Draentf tisa Ntwa ... , .: -V 7:00 Beat Clock ,-., j ;.i 1:00 Caluecl st Raw out , 11:00 New 11:30 Mne .Jk WRAtVTV. CHANNEL , 4:06 Daybreak : viewpoint , 7:00 Now ,7;S5n?. BW-W-- litt SalB 1:00 AH My Children 1:30 MaKe e Deal 2:00 Ntwlywadt al laTrvm rPvte sin tmamm- 4-. In Alsc'tBMt loloo LeiJilSty''1 lint panm 11:30 Dick Cavetl WUNC-TV, CHANNEL A CHAPEL HILL 'A. 7:30 Phy.Sc1. m 12:10 His S:30 Bloetrl C. 4:30 Io HY BY CHECK It is the safe easy was to pay all bills. Your ranoelled check is proof positive that have oaid vour bill. You can open a regular or special account, depending on your needs with minimum balance. WVVVV o e e , 7" bbbbbbbbT 'aaBBS BBW ' mSmS aaaaT ffl PjW CejC". '2?1rjsMe1V mmw m mm Bna mm mm sr c.xMU f.fl Service Banking Chklnt Saving. Aount, . AM. Uan. or l0OM H lmar.,.m loon. Banky4a . Safe Ow DURHAM & Farmers Bank eWaiwV7W A SUBSCRIPTION TO i . . . ' . ': ... THE CAROLINA TIMES WILL KEEP YOU INFORMED OF THE NEWS IN YOUR COMMUNITY. ''JIM, i.1 STOP HI OR CALL 612-2913 01 tSS-4517 TODAY 'Hi " V a i 4 n. 0 Saturday Highlights 1 pm CHILDREN'S FILM FESTIVAL A boy Is trapped underground with an unexpkxlad World War II German mine In "Count- 4 lnnMM Well sv . WFMY WTVD, f t pm movie - Charl ton Heston stars in "The Warlord." WRDU 2:30 pm NBA BAS KETBALL - Capital Bullets face the Philadelphia 76ers. WFMY I pm WORM) OF SURVIVAL - John Forsytbe reports on Mikra Prespa, a lake high in the mountains of Greece which is a favorite nesting and breeding area for pelicans and other wild birds. WFMY 7 pm - BEE HAW -Tammy Wynette, George Jones and Johnny Bush are guests. WTVD, WFMY 8 pm ALL IN THE FAMILY - A game designed to aid communica tion between players goes awry when Mike overreacts to what is being said about him. WTVD, WFMY: a. , 8:30 pm MOVIE Stella Stevens and Ed Nelson star in "Linda."' WRAL 0 p.m. MOVIE George Segal performs in "The Bridge at Remagen." WRDU 0:30 pm BOB NEW HART SHOW - Bob suffers an Inferiority complex when a test reveals that Emily's I.Q. is higher. WTVD, WFMY 10 p.m. CAROL BURNETT Steve Uwf. mice, and Paul Sand join Carol WTVD, WFMY 11:30 p.m. MOVIE An Indian whose ami! km is to be a lawman strikes out on an all-out attack on the Jesse James gang. Edmond O'Brien, Don Murray and Anne Francis star in "Death Dance at Madelia." WFMY 11:30 pm - MOVIE Frank Sinatra, Trevor Howard and Brad Dexter star in "Von Ryan's Ex press," a story of Allied sol diers racing across Italy. WTVD SATURDAY, NOVEMBER S, 1973 VTTVD, CHANNEL 1L DURHAM Sunrise Semester 4:00 4:30 7:00 OHIIoan 7:10 Mcnaie navy 0:00 Fllntton 8:30 Bailey's Comet 7:00 Scooby Dot 10:00 Martian 10.30 11:00 Speed Buggy 11:30 Pussycat 1:00 Sam Regan 1:30 PYI 2:00 Kaleidoscope 2:30 NBA Basketball 5:00 Bobby Goldsboro 5:30 NthvHIMuaK 4:00 Stack Unlimited 4:30 CBS Haw 7:M Htt M4r : 00 All In Family 8:30 MASH :0o Mary TyltrMoort 7:30 Sob Ntwhert 10:00 Corel Burnett 11:00 New 11:30 Movie 1:30 Kaleidoscow. WRDU-TV, CHANNEL SB, DURHAM a:fs Lldtvlllt 1:30 Private Eye 7:00 Adams Family 9:30 Emergency i0;a!,rTrc.r,dy 1:00 Sea Monster 11:30 Pink Panther 11:00 Jetton 12:30 Ga . 1:30 SrttProfllo 2:00 Movie 4:00 Drat Racine 5:00 Bowling 1:30 Wrestling e:10 nbc New. 5;SsWlKdr,cdhM, WW" 1:30 creature Faafure WFMY-TV. CHANNEL S, GREENSBORO 7:30 Hair Bear 0:00 FINitrtont 1:30 Bailey's CorrWti loloOFavotAnartlan 10:30 Jotnnlt il:00 speed Buqqv 11:30 Pussycat 12:00 Archie 5:00 Survival 5:30 Newsmaker 4:00 News 4:10 CIS N0W0 7:00 Htt Haw 0:00 All in Famllv 1:30 MASH 7:00 MaryTyJarM : 30 BOb Newhart 10:00 Carol Burnett 11:00 New. 11:30 Mtvte WRAL-TV. CHANNEL I, RALEIGH 4:30 i:Q (I W 9:00 :i;s Sunrl Theattr Scouting Now Tint! super rrwnoe i rtdV kio . Mlttlon Maglt 5:00 Sport WorM 4:30 Arthur Smith 7:00 oao s 7-M Dmm oioo portr IrldgeF 11 :00 SeoreboenS lt:ia i Family 'V; I awaa, 01 OBk 4St aVJh BBBB IPB1 mmm . BT-tk m 4f A I PC MUMBLE- I lift . ft aa . Wo tauaht th s tire evervthinq we Know 41 I. in iii sssviv5Svill mill Ab.aE8 i H HWC JmirirfmP f III wyWwmysS&rP 4 'H 1 Because this is one of our finest passenger tires, we've given it every fecrture to make It superior. Two Polyester plies, two Fiberglass belts, low-slung "78" construction to help it hug the road and ride better. Even a specially engineered shoulder and tread design to surpress noise and give a stable, easy ride, thebeltedeonstruction adds an ease of steering you'll notice at once, and an Increase in mileage which you'll notice thousands of miles after ordinary fires would have worn out. Can you afford this much tire) Come in and enjoy a pleasant surprisel SomethinK bettor in a tire , . . and a man who stands behind iti niArnrr Tinr r A I rc KIUjDCC I IKE JHLCJ Comptete Tire Sstrvke- We Do H AIM I Frt. 7:-5:3S. CLOSED SAT. laVliil 286-4444 ? O JmmmWl . .'- ?S7JS- . ,. SBBBK;:; W Am mL t A t IP GOOD READING IN THIS ISSUE PREGNANCY PLANNING DURHAM SOCIAL NOTES FROM BLACK WRITERS FORUM DAILY LIVING VOLUME 43 - NO. 46 By G. Riggsbee By Mrs. Syminer Daye By John Hudgins By George B. Russ By Waiiam Thorpe WORDS OF WISDOM 7 tit DURHAM, N.C, SATURDAY NOVEMBER 10, 1973 an is worth just as tow as busies himseH with. Misfortune does fto ewwoys wow on vice, nor is success the constant ouent of vwtoe. WEIGH NC Central VOTERS ELECf Observes i w ; iiiiiiiiiiiBiiHiffMff I mmWVimmm . Wffiflffl1 mmmW$ y::'Wkmm'v'-mWi6m- ... . bbbbbI " : BaaaaaWH BBKBPjM Wm ''MmW mW Hf?!! bbbW ok I BBbbbbBbbb W BbV tBBBk TBB ' W0wfc:$m BSB I LbV BBaaV V Lh ' Baa BBb. BaBBBBseBB WmSiBSisAUMwSnw mmm ; M LbbVLbbbbbbbI jK4hSaRawTW rtSsBB mm mm ammmLsmmHmwmitlmmm mm J$W0!lzW?fflmm BM':sf: ' m$$Mm mm Ammu m wZfflmffiffltt'Wmy mmaiWmSSBW mAmwm 1 mmmLm mmm Wmmm aH.HI mm bbbbbbbbbPIbbb mm I-' msm ml mwAmwm. mw bbsbbbbbt fmmt mat Www&zffifl&mm BBBSitBBBBaW4M9WfW -' BBW .m Lm m'AWMM BBBB I-' J I bbbbbbbbBoBbbbbbW mi KbBbb! BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBbI mmmmmmmmmmmm 'HHHaBjBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBW 'Jmm I Ralph Hw DISTRICT AWARD OF MERIT HONOREES - The District Award of Merit was bestowed upon Mrs. Sandra Hill, Mrs. Leora Pippen and Rev. E. T. Thompson by the Durham District of the Occoneecchee Council of Boy Scouts of America at the annual pot ludk dinner held at the Civic Center on October 30. Shown from left to right are Rev. E. T. Thompson, Mrs. Sandra Hill and Mrs. Leora Pippen. F. McKissick Pre-empts Prime Minister Tanaka's Japanese Plan Prime Minister Tanaka of " Apoti recently state 32 of ssWW InlioJiltrite lkn nn 1& of the land. Tnaka's book "Building a New Japan" advocated "Industrial Relocation" as a viable solution. Floyd B. McKissick and many national leaders will be present to activate a similar efjncept with the historic groundbreaking of Soul City, North Carolina, Friday, November 9, 1973, at 11 a.m. Governor James Holshouser will be the keynote speaker. Such Lurnaries as Robert Rrnwn T.t flan Daniel James, Georgia state Senator Leroy Cleveland Deloatch, Mayor Howard Lee, and others will be entertained in the evening at a banquet and show, Duke University indoor stadium, 8 p.m. Durham, North Carolina, by the sensational Jerry (Iceman) Butler and his dynamic show-.. An electrifying parade featuring A&T's Band, Drill (See McKissick Page 9A) Pamphlet On How To Impeach U.S. President CLEVELAND, OHIO , j m?nmwWFWbmwet on President Mixon is beuta 4aTCKtfi fe? American Civil Liberties the Union (ACLU). The ACLU says the 72-page pamphlet is part of it cam paign to impeach the Presi dent . ..m .." . The typewritten booklet in cludes procedural and histor ical natter dealing with im peachment, plus arguments favoring the action against Nixon. It concludes with a list of 17 steps individuals can take toward initiating impeach BLACK MAYOR 26th Founder's Bay FIRST Jakes Seat Once Held By Mayor Pro-Jem Sfewarf Voters of North Carolina and in other parts of the country appear to be looking at political aspirants with new vision. Within the immediate area, voters returned incumbent Mayor James R. Hawkins to the mayor's seat with more than a two to one vote as well as the other five incumbents to council seats. Ralph Hunt, a newcomer, was unopposed for . the seat formerly held by veteran councilman and Mayor Pro-Tem John S. Stewart. Durham's neighbor ClMmel-HiU re-elected incumbent Mayor Howard Lee again to the post along with incumbents Alderman Braxton Foushee who was returned io the post on the town board at Carrboro. HMn Caldwell, Jr. who was appointed to the Chapel Hill Carrboro Board of Education two years ago, as well as Dr. Norman 'Weatherly, were overwhelmingly re-elected to the school board posts, Mrs. Peachee Wicker easily defeated Roger Evans in the race for the two year seat. Mrs. Wicker has long been active in school affairs. Mrs. Wicker was quite excited about her victory. Other town board winners in Chapel-Hill include two familiar faces, appointed incumbents, Ms. Shirley Marshall and Tommy Gardner along with newcomers Gerry Cohen and Sid Rancer. Raleigh, North Carolina's capitol elected its first black mayor in the history of the state. Clarence Lightner, Mayor Pro-Tem of the city and a six year veteran of the council, now takes on the leadership of the canitol of North (See VOTERS Page 9A) labor Dept. Reviews Progress Of Charlotte minority Plan jiJ IbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbIR I ,ss3 BbbbbbbBBIBbbbbbbbbbbI ill WksA .m I Group Buying Saver Jroswrn: $29 Million Ernie Barnes, Pro AfWefe Turned Artist OmVersity Speaker Esjtt&jltf-RLi. k mmmmm ttW HfP BBBBB I Ibbf 'vol bW 'AM CH.I. SAM GREENLEE TO LECTURE AT N. C. CENTRAL TUESDAY NOVEMBER 13 The A. E. Student Union will present author, Sam Greenlee on Tuesday, November 13 at 8:00 pm. in the Union Lounge. Greenlee will lecture on "The Role of the Black Writer as a Revolutionary". Mr. Greenlee's novel, "The Spook Who Sat by the Door" Is both a satire on the civil rights problems in the United States and a serious attempt to focus on the issue of Black militancy. This book has been translated Into Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, Italian, German, Japanese, and French. A movie, based on the novel has recently been released and it is co-produced by Sam Greenlee and Ivan Dixon. The Twenty-Sixty Annual Convocation honoring the late Dr. James E. Shepard, founder and first president of North Carolina Central University was held on Friday, November 2 at 11:00 a.m in the B.N. Duke Auditorium Sneaker for the occasion was Ernie Barnes, professional athlete turned artist, who emphasized that too much emphasis on individuality in education has contributed to the 'ugliness In our age." Barnes continued that he felt that "we need a system of education that is social rather than individual in its methods and ideals. "Modern education, he felt is always a process of individuation, of developing Individual or separate qualities, qualities which distinguish the individual from his group or environment, and we don't need this." He said, "We need a system which will bring us back into the social unit. Perhaps then the whole taste of our time and country can be purified." Barnes, a Durham native, who now lives in Los Angeles, spoke of the occasion which brought him back to North Carolina Central University. Reiterating "that his chosen role was to paint pictures, he had serious doubts as to his being here since he could far more skilly present his thoughts In pictorial form. However, the more he thought about it, the more he felt that he and Dr. Shephard had a startling kinship, In that Dr. Shepard too, was a great artist and man who shaped his life with a dream much as a culptor shapes a block of marble." Barnes said that Dr. Shepard's goal in the creation See FOUNDER Page 9A( CHICAGO - U.S. hospitals saved almost $29 million last year by purchasing their major supply needs through one of 33 group purchasing programs throughout the country. Total volume of purchases was $239,936,275 according to year-end statistics issued by Group Purchasing Group, the parent organization of the programs. "The American Hospital Association (AHA) commends the 2,000 hospitals participating in group purchasing programs which saved this exceptional amount of money for patients last year. The 7,000 hospitals of the nation employ numerous other cost-cutting techniques on a daily basis in an effort to hold down the rising cost of health care for patients," said John Alexander McMahon, president of the AHA. The 33 group purchasing programs represent 2,040 hospitals, or approximately one-third of all U. S. hospitals registered by the American Hospital Association. The exact total savings amounted to $28,793,353,000, or $43.05 per bed per month for these hospitals, which account for (See HOSPITALS Page 9A) Hillside Band Invited to Play At Mardi Gras The Hillside High School Band, under the direction of C. A Egerton, Jr., has been Invited to participate in the Mardi Gras Festival in New Orleans , in February of 1974. All 114 Hillside Bank Members hope to be able to go on this trip. They are busily working on music and marching formations so as to be ready to perform. The Hillside Bank Parent's Organization is soliciting your financial help to sent them on this trip. Won't you please help by sending your check to Mr. D. L Harrison, 406 Brant Street, Durham, North Carolina 27707. Any amount will be greatly appreciated. A Federal compliance audit of the Charlotte Hometown Plan, a voluntary effort (0 tocrikse minority employment construction showed that of the 10 participating construction trades exceeded their minority placement goals during the audit period The remaining 6 crafts fell short of their goals. The audit by the U. S. Department of Labor's Office of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCC) measured progress of the Plan during the 12-month period ending March 3. Those crafts found to have exceeded the goals voluntarily established by the Plan's Administrative Committee were the bricklayers, cement masons, electrical workers and lathers. Those falling short of their goals were the asbestoes workers, carpenters, pipefittersplumbers, operating engineers, plasterers, and sheetmetal workers. Credited as placement toward each craft's goal were minority workers who had been employed for at least 30 days at the time of the audit. Not counted as placements (See LABOR Page 9A) 4 ay i nniiHrn Btak Workers 'r Battle for Jobs LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Black workers at the P. Lorillard Tobacco Company here are in a battle for jobs and justice. They launches their fight in late August when workers in a key department came in at the beginning of the second shift, sat down, closed the door, and stopped work. They halted production in the entire plant for the rest of the work day. It was believed to be the first time in this period that black workers in the South have used a sit-down on the job as the means of dramatizing their demands. Since the original sit-down they have continued their fight though a campaign of community action. The issue is racial discrimination tied in with automation. The workers note that 40 years ago there were more blacks at work in tobacco plants than there are now. "e WORKERS Page 9A) ilffelRL PUTS ACADEMC KNOWLEDGE INTO PRACTICE - Veronica Caldwell, a senior majoring in electrical engineering at Howard University, put her academic knowledge into practice while working this year under Eastman Kodak Company's cooperative education program. Miss Caldwell assisted Kodak engineers with troubleshooting peripheral devices of computers, such as a teletype, card reader and magnetic, ta unit. She waa also involved with electrical wiring of circuit boards and -rtmoeri 4wfam.ork. nfitt Caldwell worked at Kodak Park, the f company's largest nianufactvvring complex, wieM photographic films, papers, and chemicals are produced. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Caldwell, 2506 Rosemary Dr., Winston-Salem, N.C. Conflicting, Peace Data Bank at UNC Predicts Mid-East Solutions Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, International Honors DeJarmon Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, International, Raymond Watkins Chapter at NCCU School of Law honored Dean LeMarquis DeJarmon as well as the new initiates at the Honor and Initiation Banquet held at Pound Sterling Steak House on Friday, evening, November 2. Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity renders services to the Law School, the Students and the Legal Profession. Dean DeJarmon, in his remarks, spoke of the high esteem accorded to the former late General Raymond Watkins by all hit st udents and faculty associates during the time he served on the faculty as a law professor. Affectionately called "General" by moat of the law studehtt, his military contributions as well as his legal contributions were well known and admired by people across the country. General Raymond Watkins was a resident of Chicago, Illinois and during a summer stay in the city, was hit by an automobile. This left him paralyzed and in an unconscious state for some several months and he died in December of the same year. At the close of the remarks, Dean DeJarmon was presented a Plaque honoring him for his many achievements in the legal profession and legal education. Dean DeJarmon has taught and worked in the legal education field for 25 years. He holds membership in many professional organizations and serves the State of North Carolina as a member of the General Statutes Commission and as a member of the Criminal Code Commission. He is a contributor of many scholarly articles in leading legal journals of the country. New initiates include Peter Adams, Morris T. Billingslea, George K Butterfield, John Campbell, Atlas Hahn, John Hester, Miss Sylvia Johnston, Miss Jacqueline Morris, Albert Oakley, Miss Sharon Parrish, Mrs. Mildred & Pay ton. Leonard Phelps, Thomas Portelll, Eric Sauudera, Quentin Sumner and Marvin Tedder. Willie Denson serves as Justice of the fraternity. CHAPEL HILL - Solutions to the Middle East conflict are being predicted by a computer at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Called COPDAB, short for Conflict and Peace Data Bank, this computer can forecast the effects of various peace proposals on the Middle East and on the nations affected by the conflict. For example, programmed with facts about the current cease-fire, COPDAB might predict an unstable peace, renewed fighting within one year and strained Untied States-Soviet relations, according to UNC political scientist Edward Azar. Azar started the "events" data bank six years ago. Now the largest of its kind in the world, COPDAB holds more than 280,000 daily events- newspaper and magazine reports describing what one nation or organization did or said to another about -a particular issue. Political scientists at UNC and other universities use the data bank to study and analyze peace and war situations throughout the world. "Stored in COPDAB is a lot of material on how nations behave. We use this information in our research and teaching," said Azar who developed the idea for such a data bank while a graduate student at Stanford University in 1967. It is located in an IBM System 370 computer at the Triangle Universities Computation Center (TUCC). "Our ultimate aim for forecasting," Azar explained. "We already have started developing a system to warn of potential conflicts while there is time to do something about them. For example, we believe a war will break out between Iran and Iraq in less than four years unless present trends are changed." In fact, we have noticed the situation changing as a result of the current (See DATA Page 9A) 9 iflr bbH Ife . ' . """aBBBBBBB CHOW TIME - Never one to bite the hand that feeds him, "Killer," watch dog and contain of Bob Johnson, brings his empty food bucket to Bob to indicate he's hungry. "ICffler" bawfft an eye on things when Bob is away from hie auso body and collision on Sutphin Boulevard here. ,

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