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! , ' ' : - 5.
(NNPA) - ,','We demand a
statement from you that
under your leadership, the
Federal Bureau of
Investigation will not be a
continuing instrument of
oppression against all
black leaders, black,
organizations, and
ordinajry black citizens
who are determined to
struggle against the blight
of racism." "
This demand by Dr.
Carlton B. Goodlett,
president of the National
Newspaper Publishers
Association - the Black
HUD Grants
Soul City
New Funds
Soul City Company has
announced that it recently
received a grant totalling
$445,750 for the
construction of roads,
additions to its water
system and industrial
storm drainage. These
activities are scheduled to
prepare the first phase
Employment Park and
residential area for
occupany. The New
Administration of the
Department of Housing
and Urban Development
released the funds to the
company indicating the
continued federal support
for the new town being
built by developer Floyd
B. McKissick.
Funds received from
HUD "will allow for proper
development of the land
so that a variety of single
family and multi-family
dwellings can be
constructed. Roads and
water lines will serve the
first sudivision which will
contain 25 apartment
units and 72 single family
homes. There will also be
an activity center in the
Village which will contain
shops, entertainment
facilities and all the service
necessary for day to day
It is anticipated that
construction on the roads
Press- of America - was
made of Clarence Kelley,
director of the FBI, last
week during a meeting
with him in which
Goodlett, Jesse Jackson of
PUSH and other black
leaders took part.
'We await with some
concern such a definitive
statement," Goodlett
added, pointing out that
the . NNPA's 1 43
newspapers in more than
90 cities , could serve as a
vehicle to convey the
message to the black
' Black people,"
Goodlett continued, "have
lpng been aware of the
insensitivity of former FBI
Director J. Edgar Hoover.
The long period of covert
and overt harrassment and
character assassination
carried on by Hoover and
the FBI were not
unknown to knowledgable
blacks years prior to
Goodlett then turned
to Hoover's vilification
and attempted character
assassination of Dr. Martin
Luther King, Jr., and the
reported FBI involvement,
in the murder of Fred
Hampton in Chicago and
the killing of four other
Black Panther members in
Los Angeles.
' These events and
many crimes yet
undisclosed,' the Black
Press head charges, "have
l$d to a crisis in the
Black-USA;" Further,
Goodlett said that through
the Congressional Black
Caucus, efforts will be.
made to limit the term of
office to FBI directors to
six to eight years.
have seen
when blacks
of this new FBI will it be
incumbent upon us,
individually and
collectively, as spokesmen
for 25 million blacks, to
elevate the FBI and its
ass o c i a t e d law
enforcement agencies to
the high pedestal which it
.once occupied; a federal
agency serving the
interests of the people, to
preserve the law, to
preserve order, under the
mandate of justice,"
Gdodlett concluded.
' ,77
& , ' ' -" " --9. , ,V
- ' ' -
i ' " '
PHILADELPHIA - Nurse Edeltraud Pittoriui at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia hold a
baby boy found on a doorstep January 7 about one hour after it was born. The nurses at the hospital
have named it Jonathan X Temple. The child is in good condition. (UPI).
Minister Abdd llatan FarraUsca
To Speak In Durhan
Miictpr akhuI Haiepitn Muhammad (peace be
1V1 111 J.D LV1 I VUUV A. v -
Farrakhan, the
Representative of the
Honorable Wallace D.
Muhammad, Chief
Minister of the Nation of
Islam will speak in
Durham , on Thursday,
January 29 at 7:30 pm in
the Durham Civic Center.
Formerly, the National
Representative of the
Nation of Islam under the
leadership of the
Honorable Master Elijah
upon him) and Minister of
Temple No. 7 in New
York City (Manhattan),
Minister Farrakhan now t
serves on an International
level as he represents the
teachings of the Honorable
Wallace D. Muhammad
through-out the world.
A spokesman for the
Temple commented,
"Minister Farrakhan is
world-renown for his
ability to articulate the
teachings of Islam."
(See FARRAKHAN, Page 1 11
t' 'J " sir
I if" ; s " v"! I
: r vs? f , ; - - ' i - 4fc 4
S"'-' '"A : ' I ' '
EDITOR'S NOTE: The crisis In the African country of Angola
seems remote to many blacks in this country. The effects of
the positions taken by Angola cannot be extracted from the
total world picture, the superpowers will hit you and me. An
understanding of the underlying political themes serve to
enlighten, forewarn and hopefully move readers to become
actively involved by letting their representatives in Congress
know their sentiments!
The following is the position of the New York African
Liberation Support Committee on the Angolan situation
which was presented at the National ALSC meeting in New
York on January 9. The NYALSC position is based on their
analysis of the situation in Angola set in the context of the
world situation.
Dr. J. W. Hill, President of Durham College; Congressman Parren J. Mitchell, 7th Congressional
District, Maryland; Congressman Rhoades, North Carolina; and John Edwards, Director of Alumni
Affairs, Durham College.
Cong. P. J. Mitchell Addresses Durham
College Alumni Association Banquet
PHILADELPHIA - Nine year old, Quenton Mason gets his first view of the Liberty Bell in Its new
home across the street from Independence Hall (background) where it had been housed. The Bell was
moved New Year's Eve. (UPI).
(D-7-MD.) called for an
end to the factionalism in
black communities as he
addressed Durham College
Alumni association's
banquet in Durham at the
Civic Center on Satuday,
January 17. More than
200 people attended.
Mitchell argued that
factionalism will be a
major impediment as
blacks launch their
bicentennial effort to end .
racism and discrimination
in America.
We blacks cannot
afford the luxury of
pitting class against class;
light skin against dark
skin; laborers . against
professionals, Mitchell
said. Holding that disunity
weakens, the black
congressman from
Maryland stated. 'The
recalqtrant part of the
power structure knows
that we will never again
permit ourselves to the
disenfranchised; it knows
we will never permit
ourselves to be intimidated
by phusical or
psychological violence; but
it also knows that internal
fights within our
community will make us
economically and
politically impotent."
Throughout his speech
Mitchell hammered away
at the theme, "Unity is
Power, Disunity is
Impotence.' '
The audience was a
cross section of North
Carolina's black
population , with
community l&aders,
elected officials, faculty
members, students, black
businessmen and ministers
in attendance.
Following his
presentation, congressman
Mitchell was given an
award by the minority
businessmen of North
Carolina for his "Untiring
efforts on behalf of
minority businessmen not
only in the state of North
Caorlina but in the entire
The award was
presented by . James
Hansley, president,
Forsythe County
Investment Corporation,
Winston-Salem, North
Caorlina and Mr. Floyd
McKissick, president of
the Soul City Company,
Soul City, North Carolina.
Congressman Mitchell
was elected to the
ninety-second Congress in
November, 1970.
In the House of
Representatives the
congressman serves on the
Budget Committee
(chairman of the Task
Force on Human
Resources); The Banking,
Currency and Housing
(Subcommittee- Housing
and Community
Development) and the
General Oversight and
During the first session
of the Ninety-fourth
Congress which has just
been completed,
Congressman Mitchell is
credited with being
instrumental in several
major legislative vitories
which will benefit
minority and economically
disadvantaged people
across the country. For
example, early in the first
session Mitchell led the
successful fight for
inclusion of the SBA
Oversight and Minority
(See MITCHELL, Page 11)
Although this article is written about the situation in
Angola, readers will note that a great deal of discussion is
devoted to the Soviet Union. This is necessary to give the
reader some understanding about Soviet Social-Imperialism. It
is this position of the Soviet Union - Socialist in words,
imperialist in deeds - that must be understood to clearly see
why both superpowers (the USA and the Soviet Union) must
get out of Angola.
In recent days the question of Angola has been
much talked about in the news media. The U.S.
sending millions of dollars, Russia sending guns,
Cuban troops, an invasion by South Africa. What
does this mean for the Angolan people, the American
people, and the people of the world?
To answer this question we have to first look at
the world situation. The world today is not
characterized by detente as the two superpowers, the
United States and the Soviet Union would have us
believe but by two contending trends, war and
The U.S. and theU.S.S.R. are the two strongest
imperialist powers in the world, and are constantly
subjecting other countries everywhere to their
control, subversion, interference and aggression. Like
all imperialisms, they are constantly driven to expand
their influence and control Thus they are locked in
the most deadly contention; each restoring to all
forms of coercion to try to maintain and expand its
robbery around the world. These two superpowers
sometimes collude for their mutual gain, for example:
'handshake in space", mediators in conflict,
Cambodia, and the Middle East Yet the heroic
struggles of the great majority of the world's people
continue, that is to say oppression breeds resistance.
While the focal point of the contention has been
Europe it has been happening in Asia, Latin America
and Africa. Today its manifestation can be seen
clearly in Angola. As the Angolan people struggle to
carry out a revolution the two superpowers are
struggling with each other to gain hegemony in
strategically important Angola.
The U.S. beset with an economic crisis and its
recent defeat in Indo-China is madly scrambling all
over the world to maintain its position as the leading
imperialist power. The defeat of U.S. imperialism in
Indo-China is a lesson to the people of the world that;
united in struggle, a small country can defeat a large
country if that small country has correct line and can
rely on the masses of the people.
Russia, since the restoration of Capitalism in that
country, has as has its enemy, U.S. imperialism
been searching near and far to capture new markets.
All over the world we hear talk of detente, but the
(See ANGOLA, Page 10)

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