North Carolina Newspapers

by George B. Russ
The Executive Board of
the UBC Willing Workers
Missionary Circle held its
annual planning
conference, Jan. 16, in the
home of Rev.Mrs. Celestia
H. Sanders, at 1109
Wyldewood Rd. The board
is comprised of
chairpersons of the official
W. W. Staff: secretary,
treasurer and chairpersons
of all groups including the
Children's Auxiliary.
A brief devotional
preceded the business
session after which the
president, Mrs. Celestia
Sanders, declared the
meeting opened for its
annual planning business.
The format for the
biweekly meetings was left
intact, with only minor
changes made in
procedural methods. Mrs.
Doris P. Holland, social
chairman, gave a progress
report of circle's social
activities: "1975 was the
best year in the area of
social affairs; covered dish
suppers, a Father's Day
Party in honor of Dave
Thompson, "Father of the
Year" elect; the annual
Christmas party.'' Dates
for summer-outings and
the '76 Christmas Party
were placed on record to
be announced at a later
Program chairpersons,
Mrs. Hattie P. Partin, Mrs.
Annie E. Daniels, outlined
programs to be presented
during the first 6 months
of the year. A run-down of
progress in the area of
organized groups revealed
that the groups are doing a
remarkable service to sick
and shut-ins; serving as
communication centers for
one another regarding
"what's happening within
the circle and the church.
' Reach-out and Touch'7 is
the theme for the group's
community projects.
Through this channel,
many shut-ins are
contacted and given
assistance to meet the
needs of each person.
The 1976 budget was
raised by 50 per cent in
.most instances: additional
"Helpers" were added to
second quarter's
subscription order. Items
left unfinished were;
Flower-fund, New Ledger
for Recording Secretary,
and Special Projects.
Praises for a progressive
year of giving services to
church, community and
the Willing Workers Circle
were generously showered
upon the board members
by Mrs. Sanders as the
meeting climaxed. Mrs.
Vallie H. Glover, sister of
Mrs. Sanders, graciously
presided over the festive
board of refreshments.
'The Birth, Rebirth,
and Resurrection of
Martin Luther King, Jr."
Text: Matthew 5:33-48,
was the subject of Dr.
Grady D. Davis' message
for the Youth Day Service,
Jan. 18. Willie E. Muse
presided over the first
1976 Youth Day salute.
Pulpit associates were:
Shaw Jeter, Kimberly
Evans, Sharon La'var
Thorpe. Music was under
the direction of Minister
of Music Grover Wilson,
Jr.Miss Ava Darlene Best.
The Tots and Youth
Adult Choirs sang. All of
the youngsters were good,
but hats off to Sharonda
Thorpe. My brown eyed
Susan nearly blew her
speech, however, she
didn't When the time came
for her to have her say, she
donned her prettiest
smiles, gave her Prussian
blue shirt a shake, then
strolled over to the mike,
picked up the instrument
Rev. C. R.Stone
i" i ll r-S?Z
Those of us who insist on occupying our positions of
interest for long should take in consideration how we do
what we are anxious to do. For example, all dictators
should be forced to sit down and yield their chairs to
others somewhere along the way. Some dictators do not
care about being in the midst of other dictators because
they are too much alike by nature. Because of their
special interest in their positions, they strive hard to
protect their chairs by insisting that others remain in
backward positions. Once in a while, within a life time,
dictators should sit in the rear position. For example,
one of the primary reasons why some people cannot get
a real feeling for others is simply due to the fact that
they stand in a blinding shadow to others, refusing to sit
Some people never lead a song of their kind or
feeling in church nor elsewhere because some singers
never end their melodies of interest. In other words,
some people have a strong tendency to sing too long,
thus posing as a blind shadow to others. Some people
had rather see the whole world destroyed by fire than to
go to a real church and catch on fire for God, thus
keeping their faith alive.
Some had rather continue seeing things the wrong
way for a life time than to see right matters for a little
while, thus getting a brand new start.
He who hath ears to hear - let him hear.
For the Lord of all will
not stand in awe of any
one, nor show deference
to greatness; because he
himself made both small
and great, and he takes
thought for all alike.
Wisdom, 6-7
t C3
On January 29, 1776, the
Maryland Council of Safety
requested information on
the depth of the water in
Baltimore's harbor and the
best means for fortifying of
same. The logical defense
position was Whetstone
Point which dominated the.
harbor entrance. Here a bat
tery was ultimately erected.
In September 1814 a British
fleet bombarded Fort Mc
Henry, on the site of this bat
tery, the successful resis
tence of which inspired
Francis Scott Key to com
pose our national anthem.
-M ll
and held it with the
self-assurance of a
professional, then stood
gwaking at the audience.
She wasn't panicky, nor,
apparently, caring if she
had forgotten the very
important lines. 30
seconds later, the adult
leader called, softly:
"Sharonda, I am happy."
And quick as a flash,
Sharonda was saying
brightly and cheerfully her
introductory speech: "1
am happy to present my
pastor, Dr. Grady D.
Davis; he's my friend and I
love him.'. For all of this,
Sharonda received a
bear-hug and a kiss from
the pastor.
Watching the four and a
half year old tyke
perform, my thoughts
retrogressed momentarily.
Sharonda recently won
2nd runner-up placement
in the ' Little Miss Young
Adult Choir Contest."
This little girl was happier
with the, actually, 3rd
place than the winner of
the 1st place, Robin E.
Edwards. Sharonda was
tickled pink. The starlet
attends Head-Start
Pre-school at Mt. Gilead
Baptist Church; an avid
fan of "Sesame Street'
and "Electric Company"
and Mr. Rogers favorite
book, "Dumbo.' Her
favorite toys are: a pair of
tambourines she received
on her 4th birthday; and
building blocks. "Loves to
sing," her grandmother
laughingly added. Life
Savers are her favorite
candies. No matter where
or when she meets her
godfather George B., she
always asked: "George, do
you have some Life Savers
for me?'
Next to the many things
she enjoys, the telephone
offers the greatest thrill;
here, her flare for stage
acting comes to the fore;
"George, I worked with
my mother today we did
some work;' her
make-believe laughter
ripples over the wires. "1
will be at church
tomorrow-bring me some
Life Savers." The next day
is always Sunday for
Sharonda when she is
talking, with "George."
More laughter, then a
request; "sing for
Sharonda" and away she
goes Yes, Jesus loves
me-the Bible tells me so."
The Rev. Clayton
Taylor of Atlanta,
Georgia, the revival
minister for the Union
Baptist 1975 Spring
Revival, was guest minister
for the New Young Adult
Choir, Sunday, Jan. 18 at
6:30 o'clock. The suave,
well-tailored evangelist has
a golden voice for singing
soul-stirring gospel songs
and a unique method in
his deliverance of the
gospel message that
appeals to all ages;
therefore, it was a natural
for the tall, handsome,
dark eyed evangelist to
attract and hold the
attention of the popular,
provacative, New Young
Adult Choir. Miss Ava
Darlene Best presided over
the vesper Hour. Pulpit
associates were: Willie E.
Muse, Abner Mason, Jr.,
Rev. Charles Kirk, Rev.
Essex Fields.
acres, with the projected number
of owners varying from ap
proximately 400 to 2,500.
Five potential problems in
herent in undivided interest
developments that prospective
buyers should consider carefully
(according to the study done by
the two professors):
Difficulty in reselling.
Overcrowding. In general,
the spacious quality of the
developments tends to disappear
as memberships are sold.
Wrong impressions. Artist's
conceptions as outlined on a
brochure may deviate substan
tially from the finished project.
Membership requirements.
Clauses could restrict member
ship to an "elite" group, or the
characteristics of the member
ship rules might allow members
whose behavior would be objec
tionable to the prospective buyer.
Buyer Beware
Be cautious when considering
buying a share in a dude ranch,
ski area or the many other
recreational-type developments
on the market today.
David Hansen and Thomas
Dickinson, professors at the
University of California's Davis
campus recently completed a
study of undivided interest
recreation developments in
California. According to the
study buyers are often unaware
of how many memberships will
be sold, what the future cost will
be or whether there will be over
crowding. The number of remote rec
reational developments in
which all members share equally
in use and ownership has in
creased rapidly in the past few
years, says Hansen. Projects
range in size from 160 to 14.000

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