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The Board of Directors of judgement. ..any further lest blessed citizenry.
United i Durham, Incorporated, postponement could have "The quality of product and
meeting in regular monthly jeopardized the fundamental service, and the location, were
session on January 26th, voted survival of the institution.' elements over which this Board
to close the Corporation's Stewart is also Executive couid exercise substantial
Supermarket operations in order Director of UDI Community influence in order to make the
to preserve the Corporation's Development Corporation, a rjjj Supermarket truly
tohency and assets. This non-profit Corporation which is competitive . Price, however, was
decision was reached .over a legally and financially unrelated more difficult to control. We
penoa ot montns during wnicn to united Durham,
the Board had closely monitored Incorporated. Stewart stated
the increasing drain of the ' the inordinate amount of time
operation on the Corporation's our supporters in this
resources. Although the closing community have put into this
of the four and one-half (4&) venture in an effort to reverse its
deteriorating trend can now be
redirected to possibly more
fruitful avenues.'
Although the Corporation cut
its losses at the Supermarket by
more than 50 in 1975. it
year old retail grocery operation
will be a disappointment to the
Durham community, and
especially the low income and
Black residents, the
Corporation's Board of Directors
r , ,rrm a
ft-' J
acted in a timely manner in projected continuing losses
order to ensure its ability to through 1976. The only possible
honor all outstanding liabilities solutions appeared to be either
in an orderly fashion and a,, extraordinary increase in
without resort to court gross sales volume, or an increase
proceeding. The supermarket m retail prices. The rather
is scheduled to go into a one to disappointing level of buying by
two week closing sale period actual stockholders of the
starting Monday February 2. Corporation over its 4& life
Plans now are for substantial suggested that relying upon a
discounts to be offered. dramatic increase in sales was
Financial statements unrealistic. Furthermore, an
presented at the January 26th
meeting indicated that in spite
of heavy losses over the AVi years
of its Supermarket's operations,
the Corporation has sufficient
liquid assets to pay all of its
short term creditors. The
Corporation has three active
plans for alternative uses of its
property, including the 6,336
square feet UDI Supermarket
building at 602 North Mangum
Street, and successful execution
of any one of those alternative
will enable the Corporation to
continue to meet its long term
mortgage obligations on which it
has never made a late payment.
Ed Stewart, President of
United Durham, Incorporated,
stated 'we recommended this
action to rid the Corporate body
of a cancerous limb which
threatened the life of the
institution. It was our decision
to act early enough to protect
the credibility of the
Corporation with those who
have worked with us over the
years. Drastic Corporate surgery
is seldom a pleasant undertaking.
We have deferred this decision as
long as we could in good
conscience, with good sense and
in exercising ... good business
increase in prices at the cash
register would have been counter
to the very slogan of United
Durham Incorporated, "People
Before Profit' . Stewart stated,
' we decided that if we were
unable to compete in quality of
rrA(i f T i An A 1 i nPCC ff CPfVlPA
1 Atranrtnn nt rho I rtmnrittrtn uill
price and location, we should , .... . . ., .
i ,u w m ,, De outlined in greater detail at
close the store. It would have , . , .... .
u . a; ,Q the Annual Stockholders
been counter productive to urge ... ...
IIIvJIC 1VJI . - .
Cakmam 10 a 7 1 A nm In
their food at the UDI - f--.
me casement 01 me aiamoro jl.
had to convince ourselves, by
intense examination of the facts
and the performers, that we
could continue to provide food
at a competitive price. We made
the examination, and decided
that we could not."
The Board of Directors stated
that the community economic
development goals advanced by
low-income residents will
continue to be the major
objective of the Corporation.
The thriKt nf the Prirnnratinn's
new efforts will reflect the Co. At this facility, clary sage and other suitable plant crops are refined into essential oils for the
experiences gained from cosmetics and food trades. The farm is near Edenton, N. C.
operating the Supermarket. An
affiliated non-profit
Corporation, UDI Community
Development Corporation
actively pursuing the
development of a mini-industrial
park and a neighborhood
shopping center in the heart of
Durham's southeast quadrant.
The Board of Directors
expressed strong appreciation to
those customers and
stockholders who have remained
loyal supporters of the
Supermarket. The future
A ngiht view of the processing facilities of the Avoca farm division of the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco
. At this facility, clary sage and other suitable plant crops are refined into essential oils for tJ
tmetics and food trades. The farm is near Edenton, N. C.
New Law Gives Low-Income Families
A Tax Break This Year
poor people to pay
Supermarket, especially with the
current spiralling cost of food.
At some point, pride and
community loyalty become too
expensive for those on limited
budgets. We felt that point had
been reached."
The Board of Directors
acknowledged that the closing of
the Corporation's Supermarket
marked the death of an
important symbol of the
collective effort of diverse
segments of the Durham
community. However, the
demise of the symbol may yet
enable United Durham
Incorporated, and related
community development
activities to substitute greater
substance in addressing the
needs and wishes of Durham!
Warren Library on Fayetteville
The Anti-Gat Antacid.
"Mother," pleaded the broke
teenager, "since you say I'm
worth a million dollars to you,
can I have a dollar of it now?"
If your taxable income
was less than $8,000 in
1975, Uncle Sam may owe
you up to $400. In most
cases, family assistance
such as welfare doesn't
count as income.
Working men and
women with low incomes
should find out if they
qualify for a new tax
break called the Earned
Income Credit, urges H&R
Block, the nation's largest
tax preparation service.
The company has
launched an information
program, as has the
government, to alert those
whom th6 new law is
designed to benefit.
To claim the special
payment as a refund or
credit, eligible persons
must file a 1975
Federal income tax return -even
if not otherwise
required to do so. It
doesn't matter whether or
not employers took out
Federal withholding taxes
since the credit can create
a refund.
DURHAM, N. C. 27702
Individuals who can
answer yes to two key
questions probably
qualify. They are:
1. Was your adjusted
gross 'income (including
earned income) less than
2. Did you maintain a
household the whole year
in the U.S. for yourself
and one or more children
whom you can claim as
dependents and who were
under 19 years of age of
full-time students?
For purposes of this
credit, earned income
includes salaries, wages,
tips, and other employee
compensation after the
sick pay exclusion, and
any' net earnings from
self-employment income.
A widowed, separated,
or divorced mother who
took a job as domestic
help to maintain a home
for her children
may qualify. Married couples
required to file a joint
return to get the new tax
However, if' for any
reason a joint return can't
be filed when you are
married and living apart,
you are considered single
for tax purposes and may
qualify for the credit if
you meet the following
requirements: you file a
separate return; you paid
more than half the cost to
keep up your home in
1975; your spouse did not
live in your home at any
time during 1975; anover
six months of 1975 your
home was the main home
of one or more children
you can claim as a
The Earned Income
Credit gives those who
qualify a 10 percent
refund or credit against
taxes owed based on a
maximum of $4,000 of
earned income. If income
exceeds $4,000. any credit
determined thus far is
reduced by 10 per cent of
the excess over $4,000. If
The first time you buy it
fcr its refutation.
The second time you
buy it for its taste.
fait u...talll lff .V II
you have income of more
than $8,000, there can be
no credit. For example:
A qualifying individual
has adjusted gross income
totalling' $6,000 of which
$5,000 represents earned
income already explained.
His Earned Income Credit
is $200 determined as
follows: 10 percent of the
first $4,000 of earned
income equals $400; 10
percent of the excess over
$4,000 equals $200; $400
minus $200 equals $200.
Those who believe they
may qualify should read
the 1975 Federal tax
instructions for further
information. Free
consultation is available
from local Internal
Revenue Service tax
information centers and
H&R Black offices.
Last tax season H&R
Block prepared eight
million returns for
taxpayers and eight out of
ten were for customers
who returned from the
previously ear.
I really can't tell you at this time who is ahead in the
presidential election this year. Its simply too early to tell and I
do not have enough info to make an educated guess. Nor am I
qualified to say, at this early date whether it is Gerald Ford or
Patrick Moynihan who leads in the "shoe in the mouth
campaign.' Patrick Moynihan?He's the ambassador to the
United Nations who speaks on behalf of the official position
of the American government. Gerald Fordlte's the appointed
president of the United States with very questionable
credentials. Ford said that because we don't pay a dollar for a
gallon of gasoline that the recession is all over (depression to
most of us). Such irresponsible oversights kept him slightly
ahead in the competition over his closest rival, Moynihan.
But Moynihan, not a man to be outdone, seized the
opportunity at the United Nation's Security Council meeting
on Monday. The proposal was made to acknowledge
nationhood to Palestine and a resolution calling for Israel to
withdraw from all occupied territory in that country. The
measures were killed when the United States was the only
member country to vote against it thus resulting in a veto. This
was not enough. By now, most of the rest of the world is on to
the U. S. diplomatic policy and they know that there is only
one kind coming from Washington: economics. So Moynihan
followed the veto up with another of his paramount deceitful
statements when he said in essence that the United States,
"concerned" as they always are about the well-being of the
rest of the world's people (keep your laughing to yourself),
don't feel that such a move would be in the best interest of the
Palestinian people. Ahh, there we have it, the "big brother'
image, however, that image is fading in the eyes of the rest of
the world including the American people who see the fallacy
of it all. Moynihan had successfully stuffed another shoe in his
mouth and pulled up neck-and-neck with his boss in the White
House (all that leather!). I can't really say whether Moynihan
needs his head examined or if its a simple case of his being so
busy that he doesn't have time to read the newspapers, but
people are not buying that mess as they used to so easily,
because they know where the White House is coming from.
They know that it is not concerned with the people of the
world any more than they are concerned with the man in the
moon. How could they be when the first priority is money?
Furthermore, since when has the United States government
become so concerned about Palestinians in the first place?
Perhaps its the same kind of concern as that shown for the
Vietnamese, or the Indians, or the Phillipinos, or the Chileans,
or the Japanese or even the people of this country. That type
of concern noboby needs and could live without.
So Moynihan can now take a bow for joining the same club
as that of the antique Model T in Washington. It looks nice
and is invaluable as a show piece and even for a ride through
Central Park, however, in this age of superhighways, it is
rendered unusable for modern use.
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fine techniques of finance.
After two years there she
spent another year at New
fl.'i;i.!'.'fr-!l !':mi:H !
Some 50 city-owned vacant lots have been
spruced up over the past four months thanks to a
newly-initiated vacant lot maintenance program
the city's General Serives Department is carrying
"There have been some surprises,'' commented
General Services' Bob Morgan, who is overseeing
the program. "There must have been eight snakes
on the first lot we cleaned up," he said. "I thought
1 was going to lose all my men, but I didn't,
they've stayed with me and done an excellent job."
"They've found anything and everything on the
lots," he added. They found 20 junked appliances
on one lot alone, once they got some of the1
underbrush cut away." The list of discoveries
includes old refrigerators, water heaters, bathtubs,
furniture and "tons of cans and bottles,' Morgan
The program was begun in September, 1975
based on a survey done by the city's real estate
office. They inspected all the vacant city lots and
came up with a list of approximately 50 lots that
needed attention. So far 75 of the lots on the
original list have been cleaned, Morgan said.
However, twelve other lots have been added to the
orginal list and also been cleaned. The lots range in
size from a 1 0 foot long strip of land to acres and
acres and they've taken anywhere from 30 minutes
to two weeks to clean up, depending upon the
type and extent of cleaning needed. The top
priority has been given to lots that needed
attention in residential areas.
And, judging from the response of the neighbors
near some of these lots the program has been quite
successful. . 'veral times residents of the area being
cleaned up i. .ve stopped by to thank the men,
Morgan said. Also, sometimes residents think
because we're cleaning a lot up the city must be
getting ready to build something there. Usually,
folks think they're getting a park. The crew,
composed of supervisor Alexander Jones and
laborers Ken Jackson, Charlie Barrett and Archie
Jones, has . had to set folks straight several times
about this, Morgan added.
' We're sorry to disappoint people, but all we're
doing is cleaning the lots up."
The crew is an emergency jobs crew, with their
salaries paid by the federal government. So, the
citizens of Durham are getting this program almost
for free, Morgan added. "And, it's tough work. I've
got to hand it to the crew, I've asked them to do
some rather unpleasant tasks, he continued.
This crew is funded through the emergency jobs
program until June 30 of this year.
"Once the lots have been cleaned this first time,
we hope to set up a regular schedule of
maintenance," he concluded.
York University studying
"Banking is z ..wide
open field for women,
especially for black
women,'4 she says. "I find
the 'industyy full' "of
opportunities for them"
The New York Bank
for Savings, with assets of
over $3 billions, has 18
offices serving Manhattan
and Northern Westchester.
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veterans, the
unemployment rate for
20-34 year-old blacks in
the fourth quarter, at 16.9
per cent, not seasonally
adjusted, was well above
the 1 1.9 per cent rate of a
year earlier. The rate for
white veterans was also up
over the year, with the
increase being
proportionally similar to
that for Black veterans.
Among other highlights
of the Nation's
employment situation in
the fourth quarter of
1975, reported in BLS'
''Labor Force
Developments: Fourth
Quarter 1975" were these:
- Employment rose
slightly and
unemployment was
unchanged from the third
quarter. The overall
unemployment rate
remained at 8.4 per cent.
- The jobless rate for
male family heads
declined, but the rate for
female family heads rose.
- Unemployment
among all worker groups,
including persons of
Spanish origin, veterans,
and residents of poverty
and nonpoverty areas was
higher in the fourth
quarter of 1975 than a
year earlier.
- The number of
discouraged workers
dropped below the million
mark for the first time
since the fourth quarter of
- The quarterly report
provides an analysis of
overall trends in the
Nation's labor force -seasonally
adjusted, except
where specified - and
includes data for some
worker groups not
published on a monthly

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