Tfco Pc!nl' ftittouini tw,weetlf i . , - one it not clow enough to you, Continued from page 2 ( progrtm you history of the true itory of might be. We muit Inttfllln our secondly, m coma yi the thlnt for lei mine. children end high schoolers involved in the many programs Ccsrt Continued from front t trait which is fading ever so rapidly in the black communities throughout the United States. Lastly, we must push for Committee to Combat Fascism more valid black history (an arm of the Black Panther courses to be taught in our Party) in Omaha, when schools instead of the Patrolman Larry Minard was piecemeal bits of ' black facts" killed by a suitcase bomb. The that are smothered in with the person who admitted planting white European and American the bomb and calling the police history. It will be a very to the scene, 15-year-old Duane important and needed step in Peak, was allowed to plead the right direction because we guilty to 'juvenile delinquency' have been left out of the in exchange for implicating Rice history books for much too and Poindcxtcr on charges of long, -.-5 first degree murder. Both men black people throughout the were convicted. history of the United States Rice's conviction was and the world. He saw fitting overturned by a Federal District that black people should know Court on July 5, 1974 and that that they were not a people decision was unanimously without a history; that, in fact affirmed by a three-judge panel our history was teeming over at the Eighth Circuit Court of with facts that could forever Appeals on January 28, 1975 The conviction was overturned on the basis of an illegal search and seizure. The Eighth Circuit Court said the conduct of the Omaha police in this case represented ' a negligent disregard, for the constitutional rights of not only the petitioner (Rice), but possibly other citizens as well." Rice's attorneys. William Cunningham and Patrick Green, explained the importance of the exclusionary rule. "A government which ignores its own laws loses its claims to legitimacy. If there is no M'fcctivc way to prevent illegal put to rest any notions that blacks are inferior beings - not something we needed to prove to whites, but to ourselves. We needed to convince ourselves that Ves'. we are important too. Thus, thanks to Woodson, every second week of February, Black History week is celebrated and with each passing year the concept is spreading rapidly. It is a celebrating on of learning and in that ignse. it is the most ASC Prof. unique festivity in America today, . , ' How should we, as black people in America address ourselves 'to this occasion? For one, a good start has taken place in that for the first time mis year we celebrate th entire month as Black History Month. It was extended, because it is increasingly difficult to get the 'black history spirit' in one week in this complex society. Auto Repair Contest Finals CHICAGO, ILL. - A hundred high school seniors from across the nation will be deliberately looking for trouble outside of Chicago's Soldier Field on June 29. And they'll have plenty waiting for them, all to be found in a fleet of specially doctored Plymouth automobiles. The students will be competing for over $45,000 in awards, scholarships and prizes in the 28th annual Plymouth Trouble Shooting Contest. READ CLASSIFIED ADS' Lcknon Continued from page 3 Radio said. It was reported that Lebanese Prime Minister Rachid Karami', who tendered his resignation in Fifty teams of two students, each winners in state champion competitions, will be face with the challenge of first find, then fixing a series of malfunctions planted to keep their cars from starting and running properly. All cars will be 'bugged' identically, and there may be as many as a dozen things wrong with them The first team to bring a perfect car across the finishing line will win two $2,500 scholarships provided that team also scored high grades on a written examination that is part of the contest. The Plymouth Trouble Shooting Contest originated in 1949 as a means of encouraging talented students to become auto mechanics. Each year, about two-thirds of the. participants accept jobs in the automobile business. Through a follow up system, contestants are contacted at the conclusion of the contest in an effort to find them jobs in dealerships near their homes. mid-January because , of the enlarged armed conflict, decided to withdraw his resignation on Jan. 24 after the conclusion of the agreement. According to sources of the Supreme .Committee, peace and order. were restored in Beirut and other regions on January 26. There were only a few skirmishes. The armed conflict in Lebanon which has lasted intermittently for nine months has caused heavy casualties. It was a religious conflict between Christians and Moslems in Lebanon and also involved the presence of Palestinian guerrillas in Lebanon. The situation was made complicated by the intervention of the two superpowers. Soviet Social-Imperialism in particular has sowed discord in an attempt to fish in troubled waters. Meanwhile, the Israeli Zionists seized the opportunity to make constant armed invasions against Lebanon and attacked the Palestinian guerrilla bases there in an attempt to intimidate and coerce Lebanon into changing its stand of supporting the struggle of the Palestinian people, and thus eliminate the Palestinian guerrillas. Since the start of the armed conflict in Lebanon, many Arab thrash out their differences, countries have shown wave throueh V nesotiations and concern about the developments consultation, and unite to cope j i r , . . . . t it '' amj! ana appealed to tne parues wun me israeu aggression uiu concerned to end the conflict, superpower infiltration. D 5 .j i EXTRA CLEAN LATE MODEL CARS & TRUCKS TO CHOOSE FROM 74bUICK LESJ&RE Luxury 2 dr. hdt... $3850 74 PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 2 dr. hdt. . . . . $3750 74 PONTIAC CATALINA 2 dr. hdt ... $3250 J2 BUICK ELECTRA Limited 4 dr. hdt $3975 PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 4 dr. hdt $3JQ 72 CONTINENTAL 4 dr. loaded $3350 72 MARK IV very nice car $4950 AUTO SALES 7 19 Rigsboe Ave, 688-8271 688-8272' College, joined the faculty here in 1967 and later completed the riintiniiprt from front In mnkine the announcement requirements and Earned the searches, homes will be invaded 0f Winter's selection to the Masters of Fine Arts degree from at will by agents of the ,v,-i r,, niH Ynn uill hp the University of Georgia. The government. Such invasions will performing an' invaluable Meigs, Georgia, native has also substantially weaken the legal function for the Endowment by done further study in the area of system's claim that it is based on reviewing various proposals and English at Atlanta University, law rather than naked force." then convening in Washington at Minter holds membership in Cunningham and Green argue a gjven date to discuss the several social and learned that if federal appeal is removed, proposals and it is with a great societies including the College police would realize that search dca 0f pleasure that I Language Association of Georgia and seizure issues would be congratulate you upon your and the Alpha Phi Alpha decided by state trial judges who selection." Fraternity. His most recent are likely to be more Minter who earned the publication is entitled, "A sympathetic to police than to Bachelor of Arts degree in History of Harlem's American the Constitution. English from Albany State Negro." VW o PORSCHE o AUDI o USEE TRIANGLE . . . The Tofal Dealer o Total Stltctlon Total Performance Total Economy O Total Service and a total price that's right for you. Minority not taking deposits away from been the weakest.' more banks. Yet. as I stated Harner added. ' Perhaps, it Continued from lront earlier the baniung industry's" would make sense to combine Harper pointed out that 17 record has been very the 17 separate compliance agencies have been designated encouraging." agencies into one. Such a move as compliance agencies under in recommending the would lead to more uniform the Office of Federal Contract establishment of a commission interpretation, more Compliance, with about 1,800 tQ analyze the compliance meaningful statistics and compliance personnel, costing programs of all Federal comparisons and might lead to the Federal Government more Government agencies, Harper the need for fewer but better than S25 million annually.. said the membership of such an qualified compliance officers. Confusion and duplication, advisory group would include Such a reorganization would Harper said, resulting from leaders of the civil rights also allow the centralized some large bank holding groups along with agency to concentrate its companies may be subjected to representatives of private efforts in areas showing the compliance reviews by two or industry. poorest results.' ' three different agencies. ' Each . This blue ribbon group agency has its own from outside government Harper said the commission interpretation of the should analyze the whole field should also look into the regulations and its own ideas 0f eqUai opportunity, develop effectiveness of the Equal about various aspects of the long-range goals and Employment Opportunity program. As the interpretations objectives and determine the Commission, which, he said, and personnel change, the oest method of achieving the has a backlog of complaints up firms in private industry have desired results. ' Harper said, to 115,000. to go through time-consuming "pr0gress was rapid during the and expensive changes in their eariy years of these programs In the area of equal system just to get the Decause so many employers employment opportunity, the information sought by had so far to go. Yet, progress banking industry has done government." has not been even across the better than other industries, Harper said that some firms board; some industries and according to Harper. However with the best records in some efforts were more in order to solve the problems minority employment are successful in increasing of upward mobility in banking being "turned off by the employment opportunities. a n d increase hiring of emphasis on form instead of commission should single minorities, the industry sould substance. "For example, the out tne areas where the reinforce its efforts in Department of Treasury has greatest potential exists and recruitment and management been criticized for not issuing wr,ere the combined efforts of training and education, Harper more 'show cause' orders and government and business have said. MM ON PREVIOUSLY OWNED VlTs and Porsches and Audis ECONOMY WITH CLASS AND SIMPLICITY 1975 SCIRROCO. Demo., silver, 4-speed, AM.FM radio $5195 1975 RABBIT. 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