DjTS AND PIECES NEW YORK - Historical meetings were held in South Africa last week between corporate executives of ITT and Black, Colored and Indian leaders to discuss the working conditions, employment practices, personnel policies, training facilities and other employment considerations in South Africa. The black leaders said it was the first occasion where a private corporation had engaged in a meaningful dialogue with these leaders of 18 million non-whites and their representatives. ITT contingent from U. S. was headed by Edward J. Gerrity, Jr., Senior Vice President. South African Blacks called for a "Summit Conference" with U. S. critics who seek to boycott U. S. firms investing in South Africa. Arthur B. Barnes, President of the New York Urban Coalition moderated a recent meeting at the Harlem State Office Building in which key blaflSt city officials gathered to map plans to join with The New York Amsterdam News in its crusade against the incredibly mounting crime in Harlem and the other Harlems of New York City. The emphasis in the anti-crime drive is to stop and prevent the rise in (crimes of blacks against blacks. The following recommendations were made in preliminary draft reports at the First National Minority Conference on Human Experimentation sponsored in Reston, Va. by the National Urban Coalition: A total ban on all psychosurgery; a moratorium on psychosurgical research until government regulations can be instituted; a ban on research of healthy children, prisoners and the retarded; research teams to include percentages of minorities comparable to the number of minority patients. The NUC will submit these recommendations to the National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Bimedical and Behaviorial Research. Speaking at a panel at their recent Mid-Winter Workshop in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, Dr. Berkeley G. Burrell, President of the National Business League called on the members of the National Newspaper Publishers Association to join in what he termed the most critical issue facing Black America today - the fight to achieve economic parity by the end of the century. The New York Bank For Savings recently presented a $1,000 check to the Upper Park Avenue Community Association of East Harlem for use on the upkeep and maintenance ot the Alfred S. Mills House, named after the retired chairman of the bank. Through the bank's help, UPACA has been able to construct and rehabilitate 257 new apartments in 17 buildings in East Harlem. Things are happening in D. C. at the Department of Hojsing and Urban Development. President Ford accepted the resignation of H. R. Crawford, Assistant Secretary of HUD in a terse letter as the Justice Department said it was continuing a conflict of interest investigation against Crawford, the highest ranking Black in HUD, for allegedly steering certain business to selected persons. Following this was the announcement that Constance E. Newman, has been nominated by Mr. Ford to be Assistant Secretary of HUD with responsibility for consumer affairs. If confirmed she would be the department's second highest ranking woman and top Black. Phi Delta Kappa fo Hold Final Charm Clink The final Charm Clinic for the 1976 Cinderella Ball ..Participants! will be held at the 1 Hat'riif" Tubman' Branch Y.W'.C.A. 312 Umstead Street on Saturday evening, Febuary 14 at 7:30 p.m. The Clinic will involve some final tips on good posture, body movements and Makc-up-tips for teenagers. Escorts will join the girls for a rehearsal of activities which will take place at the Annual Cinderella Ball on February 2 1 . The dress rehearsal will take place at the W. D. Hill Recreation Center, 1308 Fayetteville Street at 1 :00 p.m. on February 21, the day of the Cinderella Ball. The escorts and participants are requested to be at both rehearsals. Consultants for the Clinic will be Mrs. Edith Johnson, Physical Education teacher at Durham High, Director of the Modern Dance Group, the Modernettes, formerly of Whitted Jr. High School and Miss Teresa Little, Charm Instructor at Durham College. The Cinderella Ball is sponsored annually by the National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa as a fund raising project to raise funds to aid in Educational Projects (scholarships and etc.) youth, local, state and national and international programs. Mrs. Ella Brown Basilius has conducted four previous Charm Clinics at Durham College for the participants, assisted by a special committee consisting of Mrs. Paulyne Pompey, Mrs. Mabel Mabry, Mrs. Ceasora Debnam and members of the sorority. 11 - " BY OR. A.W. DAMIS E Season 31 K to Wasted , , SAT.. FEBRUARY 14. 1975 THS C4"Hr4 Vr1 -7 Cincinnati, 0. To Do Site of National Dlac!: Poliiicc! Cc:7jc::::n ARIES Mar. 2l-Apr. 19 TAURUS Apr. 20-May 20 GEMINI May 21-June 20 MOONCHILD June 21-July 22 LEO July23-Aug.22 VIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22 LIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22 SCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21 SAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21 CAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 19 AQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18 Forecast Period: February 15 to February 21 Indecisiveness. concerning a member of the opposite sex shows in your chart. It would be a good idea to guard against first impressions. Keep long term plans to yourself. What is more, you must not discuss personal problems. Actually, your chart shows a ...betrayal. Don't air your grievances. Things should begin to pay off. So curb the urge to harp about being a victim of yesterday's misfortunes. For no apparent reason, most members of your sign tend to become hostile toward an associate. Unless you are careful a friendship might end. Remember, the cost of failure is nothing. Put greater effort toward your job. task or project. Incidentally, associates might be trouble some. There's ho repeal to the law of averages. So, after your string of losers this week, you'll hit a winner! It $eems as though a member of the opposite sex-wants' to exchange secrets. Anyway, it's not,a good time to become too familiar -nWithout exception. For 'most members of your sign , it's time to guard against the philosophy of: Do unto others before they do unto you. Mqst members of your sign will be in the mood to "get out of their skin." So, you'll be "someone else" during this cosmic cycle. Look for trouble and you'll find it. This week, you'll need provocation like a Moose needs a hat rack ! It's time to yield, placate. You should do well in all departments of life. Incidentally, a romance that fs functioning behind the scene, will, in one way or another, benefit you! Review your relationship with a member of the opposite sex. It seems as though you'll at tempt to make a lie function as well as the truth. WINTER TOMATOES OFTEN NEED KITCHEN RIPENING Because a completely ripe tomato is too perishable to trael very far from Florida fields, winter tomatoes reach the dinner plate in better Condition if they are picked "mature green" and allowed to finish ripening in the warmth of the home kitchen. Botanically, tomatoes are fruits and ones which love being comfortably warm. Un til fully red -ripe, cold shocks them, interfering with attractive reddening" and flavor development. Growers do not refrigerate them in transit as they do for most vegetables and fruits. Homemakers should follow their example. When you buy tomatoes which are not fully red in the store, leave them at room temperature for sev eral days, until they soften and turn the shade of red you want. (Place them stem end up, say the experts, to prevent bruising as they ripen.) Refrigerate the tomatoes only when nicely red, soft and juicy, but then let them stand at room temperature for an hour or so before serving because that enhances the tart-sweet flavor. Fresh tomato slices are delicious in a nicely herbed, garlicky dressing or a tar ragon mayonnaise. For variety, add sliced onion rings, cucumbers or raw zucchini. PACKAGE TOUR B00X CREATES NEW INTERESTS The North Carolina Travel Development Section of the Department of Natural and Economic Resources is receiving a high rate of interest in its second edition of their package tour book. Last year marked the first time a booklet listing package tours was published by the Section. "We have been real pleased with the results of the new booklet," said Frank Ramsdell, Jr., Package TourConvention Specialist. This year's edition was published in conjunction with TRAVEL TRADE Magazine and was distributed to over 20,000 travel agents throughout the United States and Canada. A total of 82 properties and 23 attractions offered package plans. ELKS INSTALLATION The public is invited to attend the Installation of Officers of Bull City and Salome Temple Youth Council, Sunday, February 15, at the Bull City Elks Auditorium, 2311 South Alston Ave., at 3 p.m. The speaker will be Dr. Minnie T. Forte. MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT The Board of Directors of United Community Services, Inc., will meet on February 16 at 7:00 p.m. at "the Washington-Duke Motel on Chapel Hill Street. J. R. Becker of the International Business Machines Corporation will be the guest speaker. By Re gin a Marrow CINCINNATI, OHIO Cincinnati, Ohio will be the site of the National Black Political Assembly's Third Bi-Annual National Black Political Convention, ,March 17-21. Over 6,000 delegates and observers are expected at what may be the most significant national meeting of Blacks in the history of America. "Which Way Black Nation; Towards a 76 Political Strategy,' :s the theme for the Black Convention A momentous and historic Card of Thanks O what peace be found! So peaceful and calm inside Like the sea at the ebb of tide And tho' we can no longer hear his words, the very depths of his soul can be heard Let our thoughts of him never cease For now, he is truly at peace. THE CROSS FAMILY PISCES Feb. 19-Mar. 20 P1KSONALITY PROFILE for ywif Sun Sign Aiwlyili, nd lh doy, month, yoor and plot of birth, plui $1.00 lor poitag ond handling to Dr. Andrew W. Damii, P. O. lo 12766, St. Patariburg, Florida 33733. GNP Industrial capacity is the main determinant of gross national product which is the primary measure of a nation's annual production of real wealth. In dustrial efficiency of nations can be further determined by relating the national product to the size of population. In 1970 the GNP per head of population of the United States was $4,850, that 6f Sweden $3,820, West Germany $3,020 and Japan $1,090. ' moment will come on Saturday, March 19, when the delegates will ratify the 1976 Black Political Strategy, adopt the 1976 Black Political Platform, and nominate an independent Black candidate for the President of the United States. The National Black Assembly has completed the schedule and format for the convention. The focus will be on building a mass independent Black political movement for the year. Convention Committee meetings and Platform Hearings are scheduled for the first day, Wednesday, March 17 After these preliminary meetings, the Convention will formally begin on Thursday. The Cincinnati Chapter of the NBA will host a Testimonial Luncheon on Thursday, which will be a Salute to Theodore M. Berry." Berry is a veteran Civil Rights freedom fighter, a past Deputy Director of OE. O. and the former Mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio. A broad cross, section of National Black Leaders and representatives of African Nations will be present at the Opening Session of the Convention and the Official Seating of Delegates on Thursday night, at the Cincinnati Convention Center. Among those participating in the Session: Lerone Bennett, author, lecturer and Senior Editor of "Ebony Magazine", Congressman Ronald V. DcDums of California; and Barbara Sizemore, former D. C. School Superintendent and long rime community activist. Convention activities on March 19 will consist of a series of 14 Information and Issue Oriented Open Forums. Topics that will be discussed range from the Concerns of Black Women, Youth and Senior Citizens to issues on the Development of the Economy, ' Politic and Education. Skill Development Workshop will follow the Open Forum. The- Workshop are designed to proiride information and skills in the areas of Voter Registration Campaign Organization and Building Black Assemblies. A day long political and organization development session will be held to provide intensive training for NBA state and local organizers. Three key NBA officials wUl give presentations at the convention. mm 1 a Prkel V pride "SUPER RIGHT" QUALITY HEAVY WESTERN GRAIN FED BEEF gk F A A RIB STEAK T m. H ftO (0Y0V21 fljfc U II LOOK FOR THE MAN IN RED AT A&P Each of these advertised items is required to be readily available for sale at or below the advertised price in each A&P store, ex cept as specifically noted in this ad. PRICES EFFECTIVE THRU FEB. 15 IN DURHAM "SUPER RIGHT" FRESH PORK LOIN SALE! Va PORK LOIN SLICED INTO PORK $29 chops ib. It PORK CHOPS (Comb. PKG.) .. lb. $1.39 CENTER LOIN CHOPS Ib. $1.89 CENTER RIB CHOPS Ib. $1.79 COUNTRY STYLE SPARE RIBS Ib. $1.39 LOIN END ROAST, f Ib. $1.39 RIB HALF PORK LOIN Ib. $1.39 "Super Right" Tender Sliced CALF LIVER lb. MJ, "SUPER RIGHT" SMOKED PICNICS -- 4.6 lb. AVG FAVORITE ALL PURPOSE YORK APPLES 3lb BAG 39 VINE RIPENED TOMATOES 3--$1 Juicy Red mm GRAPEFRUIT 0 Bag Ou I CRISP PASCAL CELERY (staik) FLAVORFUL CARROTS 2 Bag) FIRM RED RADISHES d .b. Bag) ICEBERG LETTUCE (Head) $ -HOP FOR r in 11 r 9 t0 I u w I 1 J ITEMS OFFERED FOR SALE NOT AVAILABLE TO OTHER RETAIL DEALERS OR WHOLESALERS SULTANA FRUIT COCKTAIL 316oz.$4 CANS I YUKON CLUB DRINKS COLA-ORANGE-GRAPE-ROOT BEER 64 oz. No Return Bottle 59 IONA YELLOW CLING SLICED PEACHES 2-i 89e WELCH'S GRAPE JELLY 79 20 oz JAR AUNT JEMIMA COMPLETE PANCAKE MIX 79 2 lb. PKG. MUELLER'S VERMICELLI THIN SPAGHETTI 4 ANN PAGE WAFFLE PANCAKE SYRUP 320Z.7Q Bottle f Ann Page, Meat-Plain-Mushroom SPAGHETTI SAUCE 79e 2 lb. JAR A&P Sharp or Ext.-Sharp Natural CHEDDAR CHEESE 8oz QC BAR MARVEL SANDWICH SLICED WHITE BREAD 1 2ib$400 Loaves VAN CAMPS CHILEE WEENEE OR BEANEE WEENEE 3Boz$-f00 CANS I 59 Y&Y CHEESE FLAVORED CORN Qs iS. GALA DECORATED LUNCHEON MO a AO NAPKINS PKGt f ORIlaEHfi Lucky Leaf Cherry Pie Filling 21 oz. CO Can Jiffy Pie Crust Mix 9 oz. Pkg. 29( A&P COUPON A&P COOKBOOK AND SHOPPING GUIDE P 1 H PA 111 III JflH DO U HI E.TiiiTiMH,ryfl- A&P COUPON KUfljaAJJ A&P COUPON SAVE 50c tiOOD THRU FEB 15 (J) DUKE'S MAYONNAISE 79 I im.1 Dnp Wilh This CouLion ;md $' SO Ofdftr Good lhiu FEB 15 fif) A&P FROZEN CONCENTRATED ORANGE JUICE 100 ; Orange Juice From Florida CANS Lmi 3 Wilh Jit Coupon and t; iO 04w e

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