I I LOOKED AND I SAW By Rev. C. R. Stone ' THE SOUL OF MAN" The soul of man is the like image of God found in every human being. If every man is made in the image of God, and he is, man has the likeness of God sealed from within, thus surrounded by human flesh. Anything which is like our God must possess a spiritual nature because God is a spirit. !n other words, the soul of man is the dynamic spirit of God sealed within the sinful flesh. The seal in every man's body has been in danger of hell's fire because of the great fall of Adam. Sin has caused a stain in every man's life which can only be removed by the spirit of God made possible to every man as found through the shed blood of Jesus the Christ. Some people use different words to explain who really saved their souls from hell's fire. One person may say that God saved him; another may say that our Lord saved him, yet another person reveals that the Spirit saved him, but allthree individuals are referring to the same channel of our God concerning the processes of the Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity channel is the only channel whereby the children of man can ever be saved, thus finding their prepared places with our everlasting God. The channel of which your humble servant speaks is a divine way and needs to be considered by every individual. Others may aid an individual in some way, but it is an individual matter of consideration left open until the end of the individual's world. The truth of the whole matter is this, no other individual has power to cause one to lose his soul altogehter. If an individual have been selected to participate should reside in hell as his permanent residence, he does so on his n 'he Southern Student own account. Others can tamper with an individual's soul Teaching Program, sponsored by account, but it is within the power of that individual to hold on the community of Rochester, to his soul account or it is his power to close out his soul account. ew York. The second truth of the whole matter is that God would never The four participants are: Joy be foolish enough to risk an individual's soul for complete Powell, senior, in Early salvation in the hand of other sinful men. Since God never has Childhood Education; Mary been and cannot be foolish, there arc some among us who would Young, senior, Early Childhood not be foolish either. For example, there are some of us who Education; Ruthie Peterson, know what we must do in order to retain our sure places with our senior, intermediate Education; Father. and Valarie Walker, senior, God did not intend to burn the likeness of Himself to eternal Secondary Education. These young ladies will do i . i ' wm. nt wiipii'iiiiaimt.yswTWttwi h A limn rru ?. SAT., FEBRUARY 14. 1978 TH CAW '"T"H - Former Wrhamllcadicr, I.Irs. G&cJ l; j fiiuiiuuii vim a in Kbw lujii .0 jp Barber-Scotia College Students Selected For Southern reaching Program Mrs. Ethel MaHoy Morrison, a retired teacher of W. G. Pearson School, died in Fordham Hospital, January 16 in Bronx, N. Y. Mrs. Morrison was employed by the Durham City Schools from 1929 to 1970. She worked at W. G. Pearson for forty-one years. For thirty-two years she worked diligently with the choir composed of sixth graders from all sections of Durham. This outstanding choir performed throughout North Carolina and won many awards. Mrs. Morrison not only taught skills, but also developed pride, confidence, self-image, and respect. She helped children to have faith in themselves and others. Her students learned to accept their daily responsibilities. Mrs. Morrison became involved with their problems, fed and clothed them, helped many children understand pain and sorrow and the true meaning of happiness. On Tuesday evening, January 27 at 7 p.m. many of Mrs. Morrison's former students, co-workers and friends returned to Pearson School to attend a memorial service. The service was conducted bv John E. Howard, principal at W. G. Pearson, Frank G. Burnett, retired principal, Rev. Lorenzo Lynch, pastor of White Rock Baptist Church; Mrs. Marian Williams, Mrs. Annetta Perry, Miss Ernelle Eaton, Miss Mary K. Baldwin, Jessie McCrite and Miss Messina Richmond were other participants. A special tribute was given to four other deceased teachers who had taught at Pearson within the past fifteen years. They were Mrs. Willie P. Gray, Mrs. Adele W. Payne, Thomas B. Webber and Mrs. Mattie W. Saunders. r V f Mrs. E. M. Morrison Four Barber-Scotia students damnation from the beginning but He will -certainly suffer it to be done because of the fall of man as in Adam. If man does not believe that he will burn, let him fail to do his soul work through the Holy Trinity of our God. He who hath ears to hear- -let him hear. first Aid Dept. of Durham Ushers Union Meets The First Aid Department of Lillie Mae Faulks. the Durham Ushers Union met Rev. Brodie gave inspiring at the Lincoln Memorial Baptist remarks to the group. Church, Jan. 27 at 7 pjn. The churches representated were devotional service was opened ... Mpmnrria1 p., w Grove. MIS. MVIVUIUiail. J lie their student teaching in Rochester's Fairport School System teaching kindergarten through high school. Carolina who teaches in New York's Monroe County of which Rochester is a part. The purpose is to expose the predominately white Rochester The Southern Student Teaching Program was started over nine years ago by Luftos Carson, a native of North School System to black teachers, and to aid in attracting minority teachers to Monroe County's School System. Ten to fifteen other black colleges also participate. Barber-Scotia has been associated with SST Programs for over seven years. Each year Barber-Scotia send on the average of five or six students to Monroe County, New York. In that time, Barber-Scotia has placed many of its education majors in Rochester and its surrounding school districts. The program starts March 1 and runs through May 3. Stewardess Board, as Treasurer of the Sunday School for about 35 years. She also served on the deaconess board, sang in the senior choir, and rendered services wherever needed. Kin st on, Lee Allen of Durham, William Allen, Jr., of Lilesvillc, one foster daughter, Mrs. Cora Lee Porter, Bronx, N. Y., six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Interment was in the church She continued to attend her cemetery. church regularly after moving to Durham in 1972 to reside with her daughter, Mrs. Ruth A. Mears. MRS. HELEN A. WADE Survivors include two daughters, Mrs. Kathleen McGregor of Lilesville, Mrs. Ruth A. Mears, Durham, three sons; Charles G. Wade of HCHtADP Sponsors Fourth Self- Instructional Material Workshop by scripture was read by Mrs. Hastie Price, prayer by Mrs. Alice Barbee of the United Christian Church. We had a wonderful and mspirgvUiUmyseracei Due to the absence of the secretary, last months' minutes were not read. Visitors were: Mr. and Mrs. Edward Williams and son, Mt. Vernon, Mt. Gilead, West Durham, Greater St. Paul, Union Baptist, Mt. Calvary United Church of Christ, Mt. Zion, St.Joseph's. A wonderful dinner was served to the 22 members present. Special thanks was given to Rev. Brodie for his presence at the meeting. The next The North Carolina Health Manpower Development Program, through its membership in the Health Sciences Consortium, sponsored its fourth Self-Instructional Materials Workshop February 6-7, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Dr. E. Lavonia Allison, Director of the North Carolina Health Manpower Program, stated that a systematic approach to developing health sciences self-instructional materials was presented at the workshop. The two-day session trained faculty members in the development of competency-based health sciences enerichment materials. The self-instructional units that was developed will assist in the implementation of health sciences academic enrichment and reinforcement experiences for minority students. Through the use of the enrichment materials the students will have an opportunity Funeral services for Mrs. Helen A. Wade, were held Saturday, January 31 at 1:00 p.m. at Womble Chapel A. M. E. Zion Church in Lilesville, with Rev. 0. C. Dumas officiating. She died Jan. 27 in Lincoln Hospital, Durham. their backgrounds in the health A daughter of the late sciences, thereby becoming more Rastus and Amelia Allen, she competitive for admission to the was born August 7, 1889 in health professional school of Anson County, their choice. She was the widow of the Instructors from 18 late Charles G. Wade, Sr., of predominantly minority Lilesville. institutions in North Carolina Mrs. Wade joined Henry and Virginia attended the Grove Baptist Church at an workshop. These faculty early age and during the 1920's members represented the she joined Womble Chapel A. M. departments of biology, E. Zion Church. At Womble mistrv. Dhvsics and uwpei, sne was a iaitniui n Sun Facts In one second the sun radiates more energy than man has used since the beginning of civ ilization In three days the sun de livers to earth as much heat and light as would be produced by burning all the world's coal and oil reserves and all the wood in all the forests, too Only two billionths of this radiation reaches earth. At unomosj MANGUM at Goubie, sister of Mrs. Verlie meeting will be held at the Oak Stroud they are members of St. Grove Free Will Baptist Church, John Baptist Church, and Mrs. Feb. 24. Durham Social Motes Of Interest SYMINER DA YE 314 Todd St.t Telephone 471-3370, CARD OF THANKS Your thoughtfulness and loyalty will always be remembered for the prayers, phone calls, telegrams, visits, food, flowers, cards, acts of appreciation, deeds, and most of all your love and kindness expressed us during the loss of our ' DEAR BELOVED FATHER.' IT IS OUR SINCERE DESIRE THAT GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU. The family of Leroy Roberson, Sr. mathematics to strengthen Consultants for the workshop-Dr. Frank R. Penta, Jerry L. Haynes, and Bron Skinner-are members of the Health Sciences Consortium staff. The Consortium is a non-profit organization of thirty health professional schools founded to facilitate the development and sharing of instructional materials in health sciences education. their respective member serving on the CHANDELIERS MEET WITH MRS. MABLE POWELL A POTPOURRI OF RECENT EVENTS BEST WISHES Congratulations and best wishes to newly weds, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sales. HOLDS REGULAR MEETING The Red Mountain Baptist Church, Rougemont, held regular church service, Sunday, Feb. 1 Rev. Earnest Parrish of Durham was the guest speaker. His text was taken from portions nf St. John and St. Luke. Music CHEP HOLDS MEETING A combined meeting of the Rougem on tBahama and Bragtown Advisory Boards with the CHEP Health Education Planning Committee was held Jan., 26 at the Teer House. Present were: Mrs. Syminer Daye, Mrs. Roumania Lipscomb and Mrs. Ruth Satterwhite of the Bragtown Board; Edward Thorpe of the RougemontBahama Board; Rev. was rendered by the junior choir Richard Shaw, Mrs. Ethel Walker under the supervision of Jo Ann md Mrs. Eva Hamlett of the and Myrtle Mangum. The Senior Planning Committee; Miss Janice Brown from the U. N. C. School of Public Health; Mrs. Rita AND lady ushers served PRAY FOR SICK SHUT IN Mrs. Selma Holeman, Mr. Cates, Mrs. Viola Harris, Mrs. Maude Lucas, Booker DeVaughn, Mrs. Ludie Parker, Mrs. Lucenda Parrish, Claiborne Tapp, Jr., F. Barnes, Nathaniel Cook, 1605 Merrick St., Ellis D. Jones, Sr., William Carrington, Mrs. Estelle Bullock, Mrs.1 Margaret B. Parker, Miss Wanda Lipscomb, Mrs. G. Griffin, Mrs. Emma Powell, Mrs, Nannie R. Jones, Roxboro, Harvey Tilley, Mrs. Pauline Parker, Mrs. Nora Perry, Mrs. Bertha McCloud, Mrs. Dudley, Mrs. Warnella Riley, Mrs. Victoria Lawson, "Mrs. Elizabeth Nunn, Mother Harding, Mrs. Bessie Thompson, Elder Amey, Mrs. Bertha Green, Deacon Floyd Watson, Mrs. Helen Miller, Mrs. Mattie Gatherwright, Mrs. Annie Mack, Maurice Mason, W. A. Harris, Mrs. Frances Jones Noel, Baltimore, Md., Mrs. Flossie Webb, Mrs. Lucy Alston, Mrs, Dora Green, Mrs. Jessie Harris, Mrs. Walter Williams, Mrs. Ida Lockhart, Mrs. Florence Bailey, Miss Ruby Alston, Lonnie Tenrrun, Miss Hajtie B. Parker, Mrs. Marv Justice. "The rd is my shepherd; I shall not want." Psalm 23 : 1 . Dowling of the VIP; and Dr. Eva Salber, Mrs. Ethel Jackson, Miss Shirley Turrentine, Mrs. Connie Service, and John Becton of CHEP. , A discussion of programming for the year followed a videotape previewed by Rita Dowling. by George B. Russ Workers Missionary presentation. Circle NICOLE MALICHI Hospitality Committee:"Grace be with all them that love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity." Eph. 6:24. Again, thanks to our Sunday visitors: Durham, - Ms. Lizzie Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles McMillian, Mrs. Vernon I'arrington-Mt. Zion Baptist, Mr. and Mrs. Jerald Vereen, Pvt. Phillip Shaw, Mrs. C. Strudwick-Greater St. Paul. New Jersey: William Druid-Second Baptist Church. Creedmoor: Mr. md Mrs. Lyons-guest of Mrs. Blanche Whitfield. Pleasant Hill: Garlord Avert- Faithful Bend Baptist Church. held Friday at 2 p.m. at the Scarborough & Ilargett Memorial Chapel with Rev. Percy L. High officiating. Burial was in Conway, S. C. He is survived by a loving, loyal, and devoted wife, Mrs. Delores U. Spain, of the home; seven children, Miss Debra Spain, Robert Spain, Mrs. Diana Bullock, Wilbert Junior Spain, Thurman Spain, Jr.. all of Durham, Miss Wanda Spain, and Tyron Spain, both of Brooklyn, New York; five stepchildren, of the home; nine grandchildren; three sisters, Essie B. Spain, of Durham, Alberta Jordan, of Conway, South Carolina, and Mae Bell Gagum, of Conway; three brothers, Wilbert Spain, of Fayetteville, North Carolina, Simon, and Dan Spain, both of Conway; five aunts; three uncles, and a host of nieces and Baines. Rosetta Mason. Montez ePnews Bates Baglcy, Catherine Scott, Courtesy of Scarborough & Mattie Self, and Robert Hargett Memorial Chapels and McCowan, James Kee, Edward Gardens. Cummings, Specer Crews, Jamesl Keith, and Luther Crews. Funeral services for Milton Mangum of 3218 Apex Highway, who died Friday, were held Thursday at 2 p.m. in the Scarborough & Hargett Memorial Chapel by Dr. W. T. Bigelow. Burial was in Glenview Memorial Park. Courtesy of Scarborough &. Hargett . Memorial Chapels and Garden. HOLIDAY Funeral services for Dread Henry Holiday of 3023 Angier Ave. who died Thursday night at the Veterans Administration Hospital was held Tuesday at 1 pjn. at the Scarborough & Hargett s e r v i ce s f o r Mem0 rial Chapel with the Rev. Spam of 1107o I Convers officiating Merrick St.,. Apt. 2 who died Burial was in Beechwood Wednesday at his home were Cemetery. THURMAN R. SPAIN Funeral Thurman R. The regular monthly meeting of the Chandeliers was held Sunday, February 9, at the Red Rooster Drive-in Restaurant, with Mrs. Mable Powell serving as hostess. A social hour followed the business meeting at which time invited guests joined the members of the Chandeliers for several hours of fun and fellowship. Members of the Chandeliers are: Mesdames Johnnie Mae Belk, Lizzie M. Crews, Beatrice Hall, Olinzie Johnson, Mable Keith, Magdalene Llewellyn, Janet H. Lynch, Alice McCowan, Gladys McKinnie, Elizabeth Napoleon, Valeria Peacock, Mable Powell, Onnie Rogers, Rosalee Sharpe, and Lillian Williams. Guests present were: Mr. and Mrs. Willie Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Jethro L. Rogers, Richalean Tucker, Lucille Baines, Mary B Courtesy of Scarborough & Hargett Memorial Chapels and Gardens. HARRIS Funeral services for Mrs. Stella Harris of 1412 W. Club Blvd. who died Friday morning at Watts Hospital were held Monday at 3 pm at the West Durham Baptist Church with Rev. Harold Cobb officiating. Burial was in Glenn view Memorial Park. Courtesy of Scarborough & Hargett Memorial Chapels and Gardens. For the Lord of all will not stand in awe of any one, nor show deference to greatness; because he him self made both small and great, and he takes thought for all alike. Wisdom, 6-7 ; 0i On February 15, 1776, at Cambridge, Mass., a Coun cil of War came out in favor of occupying and fortify- ng Dorchester Heights. General Heath opposed Washington's proposal to send the troops across the frozen harbor in a direct as sault on Boston, which he claimed was too strongly defended - by artillery and fortifications. A Valentine Special for all of The Carolina Times readers: Getting Valentine is fun -Sending them is, too Especially when they're being sent To someone nice as you! Our Valentine Cupid is six year old Nicole Michacle Malichi, the daughter of Wilson Velma Malachi. Nicole is first runner up for the Little Miss Young Adult Choir' title. The six year old winnerof the coveted honor is a first grade student at East End Elementary School where she received a 'Certificate of Achievement in Language Arts' last spring. Nicole sings with the Tots Choir and she is a member of the Recreation Department's Junior Mixed Bowling League. The Willing Workers Missionary Circle crowned the Feb. 2nd meeting with a love salute to its 10 group leaders. Members of each group broght gifts and cheerful Valentine greetings to its respective captains and friends. '. Mrs. Celestia Sanders, president, was coordinator for this delightful aspect of the meet. "Reaching to Unbelievers'" was the them for discussion; conducted by worship chairman, George B. Russ. This lesson pointed out many facts pertinent to the growth of missionaries: "If we who call ourselves Christian Missionaries wish to win people for Christ, we must turn evil into good through efforts of love.'' A colorful baptism ceremony was the pre-opening for the UBC Feb. worship service; conducted by Dr. Grady Davis with the assistance of Rev. Essex Fields: 1 youth, Angel Kennedy and 2 young adults, Mr. Mrs. GeraldBertha Mae Vereen received the baptismal. The Union Baptist Youth Department will climax its annual "Have a Heart for Missions Ceontcst," Sunday, Feb. 15 at 6:10 p.m. Music will be under the direction of the NCCU Pentecostal Choir. A member of this choir will deliver a sermonette. And a picturesque crowning ceremony will finalize this phase of the February project of the Durham County Youth Missionary Union. Program chairman, Mrs. Pauline Boxlcy. "A Calendar Wedding" slated for March 28, at 6:30 p.m. promised to be the finest in entertainment to make a debut in this area for at least a decade. Mrs. Hattie P. Partin and staff has begun formulating plans for a colorful, picturesque, dramatic holiday pageant. A willing, 1886 VVfiif e Rocfi Dapfisf 1976 Church 3400 Fayetteville St. Data, N. C. Phone 688-8136 Rev. Lorenzo A. Lynch, Pastor Sunday February 15, 1976 9:30 A.M. - CHURCH SCHOOL 10:55 A.M. - WORSHIP - The Pastor SERMON "ON ESCAPE THE PLIGHT OF 'NO CONFIDENCE' IN GOD!" tMalachi 3:14) The Mixed Choir leading the singing Miss Paula D. Harrell, Organist-Director The Senior La Ushers Ushering. District Meetings: 3:00 p.m. no. 5, Mrs. Bertha Pratt, 519 E. Main; 3:30 p.m. JGM, Eldridge Coleman, 313 Moline; 4:00 p.m., LBF, Raymond Long, 119 Nelson; CV, Clyde Moore, 910 Lawson, EMB, Mrs. Zula Floyd; 701 Linwood; HHH, Charles McRaes, 523 Cecil; MEL, Mrs. Lyda Wray. 121 Masondale, MH. Walter A. Hunter, 2920 Beechwood; MMF, Mrs. Edith Stroud, 2111 Apex Highway; SES, Mrs. Hattie Suitt, 502 Gray; OP, L. G. Frazier, 2512 Dallas. 5:00 p.m., ATT, Mrs. F. K. Watkins, 1218 Fayetteville. "Of Scarborough & Hargett Memorial Chapels and Gardens FUNERAL DIKICTOtS PHONE 682-1171 MA DIGNIFIED SERVICE IN A SYMPATHETIC WAY BURIAL PROTECTOR PLAN Afiend "the Church d Ycsr Cfcdce 306 S. ROXBORO ST. DURHAM, N. C

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