Duke University Mtrary Newspaper Eepartaetit tohsnN.C.. 27706 I1-2G mm Insido This IVooh ST. JOSEPH'S HISTORIC MARCH JIMMY LIGGINS REPORTS NCM HERITAGE ROOM OPENS CLASSIFIEDS NCCU ART EXHIBIT "THE POINT" :'.L i'.i ' ' ' r T t S PA.(Ia PAGE 19 26 26 11 . - X i i fl; - I il "" SPECIAL VOTER REGISTRATION SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 21 SEE PAGE 12 Roy liuiis, national director of 1ha Congrats of Racial Equality, reporting on a five-nation tour of Africa to study the Angola situation, tells a news conference last week, of plans to send 300 American black Bietnam war veterans to Angola to undertake medical and other noncombat roles in the conflict. UPI VOLUME 64 - NUMBER 8 k UUrtHAM. NORTH CAROLIIr-'tATURDAT7UAW2ri976 PRIC.: 20 CENTS' Sodofisf Ctindfcfafes Urge Emergency Aaion Defend -DlaiRights c Jf.J0? 7 The fojjon8;tteraent was released by Pete? Camejo and Willie Mae Reid, Sodalist Workers Party candidates for president and vice-president: :j "Deseeregarjon in Boston ih. perl The racist forces are gettinfbplder every day. They are well organized. They are encouraged by the antibusing stance of government officials of both the Democratic and Republican parties. , ; 'The racists believe their campaign, of violence can subvert the court-ordered busing plan. They believe they can terrorize the Black community and cw aU supporters of desegregation into silence They believe they can deal the struggle for Black rightt a blow that wffl be felt across the country "S II1U91 J1UC lilCIU W1U11K. "In the past few weeks the antibusing movement has escalated its drive to keep the schools segregated. They have created an atmosphere of violence - an atmosphere identical to the one that produced lynch-mob attacks last year. This terror has been taken INSIDE the schools. White students, acting under the direction of antibusing groups nice kuak, are assaulting Blacks in the classrooms and corridors, trying to enforce their white only rule through intimidation and violence. "At the same time, the Democratic party officials who rule Boston are giving the green light to the establishment of segregationist private academies for white students who are boycotting the schools. "What is happening today in Boston is not only a Boston issue. It is a national emergency. It must be answered by a renewed mobilization of all those forces committed to defending Black rights and the besieged Black community in Boston. "Boston remains the focus (See BOSTON, Page 10) n.niv i -i- n ..,.. r. jy ( I :.,,..... lw,ntiQ. to R.) Gary Stevenson, Donald Miss Sylvia E. Mathis, a graduate of the University of North Carolina Law School, became the first black female to be recruited as a special agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. She began fourteen weeks of training February 14 at Quantico, Va. She is a native of Durham. She was presented her letter of appointment by Louis A. Giovanetti, special agent in charge of the FBI office in Charlotte. UPI Rangel Calls For Probo Of CORE'S Angola Mercenary Recruitment TO- Y ,;f $ i v. 7 ; M , v- Aft sVbs - ;f... emu a m&tmw ,VtfVf iii i i ii .urn, .in. A group GROVES MEETS WITH OUTGOING DEAN and law students. (L Murphy, dean LeMarquis DeJarmon, Harry Groves and William Hunter. Harry Groves To De NCCU's Fifth Dean Of The Law School i "his teachirifl career will become the fifth dean of the North Carolina Central University School of Law oil June 1. ChanceDoi Albert N. Whiting of NCCU announced the appointment of Groves at a press conference Friday afternoon. The appointment was approved Friday morning by the Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina. Groves, a native of Manitou Springs, Colorado, has served as dean of the law school at Texas Southern University and as president of Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio. He is now professor of law at the University of Dayton, Ohio. Groves is the author of three books, a contributor to four others, and has written numerous scholarly articles. He wrUri 3Sjy?P it orarluate nf the TTniversltv nf " D "- w " w ... . v. of trainees engage In hand to hand combat training the scrubby woods near trie Colorado, holds the Juris Doctor Fairfax-Prince William County line in Virginia. CORE is preparing the mercenary fighters for Angola, degree from the University of according to two leaders of the training, A. Dennis Levesque and Leonard Martin. UPI uucago, ana earned nis Master Ul UW1 L.Ls.iriJ UCglCC 1IU111 Harvard University. He was a member of Fayetteville City Council in 1951-52, and practiced law in Fayetteville for four years. He had previously taught law; at GREENSBORO Two area pfv"'fv''' l,wul w"" vuuegc, nuw ,1 n ..I , : J' -s ' North Carolina Central iiuuciiu iicmuii5 Dciuieii ' " ' & ini college in oreensboro were Harry B. Groves., wh.0 begaMjjj miMon, law school buUding. here in w?, TJaaschooi'enrollrherit is In a letter to Attorney General Edward Levi released recently Congressman Charles B. Rangel (D.N.Y.) calls for a thorough investigation by the Department of Justice into the activities of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) in recruiting 300 black American veterans to $o to Angola in mid-March to assist anti-communist forces there as combat medics. ' This recruitment, openly admitted by CORE Director Roy Innis earlier this week, is in violation of Title 1 8 Seciton 959 of the U. S. Code which prohibits enlistment; or the (See RANGEL, Page 9) Two Area Students Are Recognized For Their Scholarly Achievements 1 4 ROSLYN LAWRENCE ! recently recognized for scholarly arkjpvptnpnte at tViA iroitirvnal Spripg Honors Convocation. The recipients were: Roslyn Lawrence, a freshman, daughter of Henry Lawrence of Durham; and Joyce Bass, a sophomore. i daughter of Mrs. Gladys Bass of Creedmoor. Each received a pin and a certificate of merit for maintaining an academic average of 3.00 and above on a four, point scale. 0 : uiVt JOYCE BASS University, from 1949-1951. In announcing the appointment, Chancellor Whiting said, ,:Mr. Groves will be confronted with both challenge and opportunity as dean of the NCCU School of Law. Not only will he be responsible for overseeing the construction of i our new law school building, but i - ...in l u ti l r nc wui tuso uc icspunsiDic ior projected program improvements, faculty and staff expansion, library and instructional improvements, and the development of new thrusts A in co-and-extra-curricular- activities for students." NCCU was authorized by the 1975 General Assembly off North Carolina to construct a Currently being held below 225 beCauses of crowded conditions in the existing building. Groves succeeds LeMarquis DeJarmon as dean. DeJarmon will return to full-time teaching when the law school begins its 1976-77 academic year in August. BUSTS SUPERPOWERS FOR SUPPLYING ARMS ' NAIROBI (Hsinhua) - Arap Moi, Kenyan vice-president and minister for Home Affairs, in a speech last week condemned the superpowers for supplying large quantities of arms to independent African countries in order to use Africans to kill fellow Africans, according to a Kenya news agency report. Moi said the greatest challenge to the independent Africa today "is its ability to stand on its own feet and exert its influence on the world affairs in the midst of innumerable pressures from external forces." He called on independent African countries to be fully aware of this situation and act collectively to avert any danger to their independence. Moi stressed self-reliance, saying, "the more dependent a nation is on foreign aid, the more it is influenced by a country to which it is dependent." II building last Saturday. Police suspect arson. PUSH AKD BLACK PRESS JOIN FORCES ON FBI MINORITY EMPLOYMENT Reverend Jesse Jackson, board members of PUSH, and the president of National Newspaper Publishers Association - the Black Press of America - held a series of meetings in the nation's capital Monday through Thursday, visiting Clarence Kelley, director FBI; Attorney General Edward Levy of the Department of Justice and President Gerald Ford in a concerted drive to ascertain the Federal Bureau of Investigation's affirmative action program. These meetings represented a continuing effort of the Black Church and the Black Press to assume partnership roles in expanding the efforts and thrusts of Black Americans to participate at all levels of the Executive Branch of the U. S. Government. As in all federal departments, the majority of blacks in the FBI are in the lower grades, and less than one per cent of the FBI agents are black. While a different personality type from the late FBI director, J. Edgar Hoover, director Kelley, former police chief of Kansas City, and a former FBI agent, reflects ths ingrained racism ' (Continued On Page IS)

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