I LOOKED AND I SAW By Rev. C. R. Stone r.lonarryT.Tod ..', ' ft ' ' : f T. FEBRUARY t, Ifftt THE CAQt HA T"" -. North 6rolina;Mutual has on 18th Century black experience, finely of Prf permanent loan from the One of the most notaWe ot endeavor. Tfc co "r7 " IcW Carolina Holt:! Hcriiqo r I "HI" '" I . . . , w roriraa oaiiery, ine exiuou ixnigua ramous my raana ,. i iA UlOfL IJnnCOl North Carolina Mutual Life celebration of the nation'! presentation of the broad oration delivered in f f Mllf.dUti v MUUUU' .North Mutual Lde P CTperienced by R Yjn g5i ,:; :, J? fc.tr, ""l!! Wacks Deiore, aunng ana aiier mture plans for the Heritage "",U1UUUV"" -TZ -jaxatn The house Smithsonian insuiauon,.meae exiuou panels one uiai pnu " , rn'aH Lievciopea oy ine rauaui icprooucei : tn pan, rrcacnc """" . m. ' 'trmtf Portrait Gallery, the exhibit it a Douglass' famous July Fourth that .. . . t- ......t me couuuj Room cau i of ine aCTeiopmeni V' v" "1 finafldal the Podium rCM 'God's Provisions' God never leaves His children alone for long. He has us directly in mind even when we sometimes forget and deny Him as being our primary source for everything. If our God never leaves us alone, and He does not, who wuold not enjoy serving Him who continues to show loving care? God does not provide for us simply because we totally meet all of His specific requirements-He does so anyway. If the idea expressed here were the true personalityGod, none of us would receive anything from the God of men's salvation. However, it is not so that we just have to be so precise to the letter in order to secure some key favors from our God. God very well understands that the Holy Trinity belongs in a category all set apart to itself. Therefore, the category of the Holy trinity is called the "Holy of Holies. 'Because of this special setting, anything which men attempt to offer in this channel as a sacrifice would certainly be insufficient. Since men cannot offer a supreme sacrifice of wothiness to our God, all men need to learn how to forever depend on Him for their total care. God is not like men who quickly cut others asunder because we do not always reach to the mark of the high calling as demonstrated likened unto Jesus Christ our Lord. However, I am certainly not presenting any kind of excuse for men afar off nor nearby to lean on because God can drop men from His divine provisons list without further notice. In other words, let it be well known today that most of us who are of a reasonable age have already received sufficient notice on how we should rely on Him for our well-being. All persons and all things which God has brought into existence, our Father knows how to sustain. In fact, men are not residing here on earth by mistake although we are prone to making the same, but rather God has so willed that we come to earth to live in a heavenly atmosphere through serving men according to His purpose thus finding an everlasting place of rest with Him in the future. ""- While we labor here on earth, God's provisions are likened unto a slew of hogs that find themselves feasting under an acorn tree. The hogs are steadily eating acorns and when it appears that no more fruit will fall to the ground for their consumption, more accorns suddenly fall to ease their starvation. He who hath ears to hear-let him hear. juiiuiiv , v-viii . - - r- EP II J the first phase of its Heritage ducu oerorc uunng nU ., Ar PW-EIftnn p., L house Sunday. The Heritage Room will the American war for If I mAk 1 1 W U U r o Knnv exhihiu and iinlav independence. of a disDlav area on Located on the Twe it th Hoor inienam 10 snow me . v,.v . - --- - - w U1C nuuK tt." ,' Mferitate NAmviux, lcwiN. - a 0f the company's Home Uttice conrxiouoons oiacx Americans un duuuihj, uw m ' ". tn -ntrt the .-i r. .. m ...-i m .u. . tUSm Dlfilciultlon in- tuc rvannnf frtr thM m will nt ivuuiii " Cieo oasic mwaing . Muiuai r iw, u.c .. u. u,. r-- - , - - Min throudi the Chapel HiH at Meharry HeriUge Room wU be dedicatea growm fi a aeveiopmeni ine X ;JUn of Z! Z ZZ "entrance to I a to the in he named Shr"ie t0 ?. exruoii aispiay ai me opening -- ; -5" , - - j '"r". T-tf.l, FW HeriWie Room r . a : 1 . . I I ft a i l j l. u i ft I ' if I m svcviiftftfttv . i lev ell it in 1 1 1 in uic iki uk ...... -. - r ICMTllUC 111 AII1CIU.011 1U31U1T. ft 1 lib Ubnvft . .. , - r v. newly, constructed sciences center Medical College will the Harold D. West Basic Sciences Center in honor of the fust black president of the college who served in this capacity for 14 years (1952-1966). Dedication ceremonies will be held from 2:00-3:30, Thursday, February 26, according to Dr. Edward High, Chairman of the event. The new basic sciences building will provide teaching, laboratory and office space for students in medicine, dentistry and graduate studies and will house a new animal hospital. It will bring together the departments of anatomical sciences, biochemistry and nutrition, microbiology, pathology, pharmacology and physiology. The requirements for multidisciplinary teaching and laboratory areas were considered in designing the building and each laboratory will be adaptable to the teaching needs of more! than one field. The Center will contain 292,000 gross square feet of floor area distributed over six levels. Outdoors will be introduced into the interior through the four-story atrium, the circulation center for the whole complex. At either end of this sky-lighted space there will be elevated shafts and stairways. and its opening coincides with PRESENCE IN THE ERA OF ekls, and replicas ot documents Room Wall of Fame that will area. the annual national observance THE AMERICAN and letters that paint a verbal feature the likenesses of blacks tour guides will be available tot of Black History Month and the REVOLUTION exhibit that portrait of some aspects of the noted for their achievements in a assistance. Better Homes and Gardens Club Sponsors Pre-Vafenfine Celebration On Monday February 9, the members of the Better Homes and Garden Club entertained their husbands and friends at a Pre-Valcntine Fun Night at the home of Gardener Catherine Page, 123 Masondale Ave. ,.The home was beautifully decorated carrying the. theme of Valentine's Day.' Members of the club prepared a lovely table of repasts. The guests were invited into the dining room, buffet style, and loaded their plates with a variety of foods. Games were played which began an evening of fun. Many gifts were given to the winners. Also, door prizes were given to the guests. The Program Chairman, Gardener Beulah Hill, prepared songs for the group to sing. Gardener Mildred Smith led in the singing of "Loves Old Sweet Song, I Love you Truly, and Sweet Mystery of Life." The following guests and members declared the event a most enjoyable evening of fun: Elvin Eings, W. L. Watson, J. W.Hill, Mrs. William Allison, Mrs. Modessa Justice and Ms. Nettie Davis. Members: Ella Brown, Mable Bryant, Magnolia Eings, Ella Floyd, Beulah Hill, Thomasine Shaw, Mildred Smith, Ma'iffaylp Veree, Frances watson and Rev. and Mrs. R. E. Page who hosted the fun night. The President, Gardener Ella Brown, thanked Mrs. Page for a most enjoyable evening. Rev. Luther Brown Guest At Corinth A special service sponsored by the decendants of Jesse J. Smith will be held at Corinth A. M. E. Zion Church, Siler City, Feb. 22 at 2:30 p.m. Guest speaker: "Soul Searcher", Rev. Luther G. Brown, pastor of Coley Springs Missionary Church of Warren ton. Rev. Brown, the son of Rev. D. F. Brown, pastor of Lamberts Chapel Baptist Church, is a native of Wake County. He was educated in the Durham City Schools and attended P. E. Green Bible Institute. He received an Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from the Universal Life Church, Tampa, Fla. He attended Central Bible Institute Durham. The congregation and choirs of Lamberts Chapel will accompany Rev. Brown. Woman Heads SO-Year-Old Alumni Ass'n Ms. Susan Norman, an outstanding A & T State University Alumna, has been elected president of the A & T State University Alumni Association, Durham Chapter. Ms. Norman has served in several capacities prior to becoming the 1st lady president. B' IF Thornton, National Alumnus Officer, installed the new officers which are as follows: President, Susan Norman, Vice-President, Johnnie Jones, III, Secretary, Patricia Hayes, Assistant Secretary, Lucretia Long, Treasurer, Lemuel Harrison. Over fifty Aggies wsre present for the installation service at the Durham College Peter Pan SUPERMARKET THURSDAY-FRIDAY-SATURDAY loooooopocopoooooooooooooocoooat Grade A Fryers n IP V Not Frozen Fresh Ground Hamburger L ) Frosty Morn No.1 BACON 1 LB. PKG. $1.49 Heavy Western Beef RIB STEAK IB. $1.29 Tall Can MACKEREL 39t Royal Scott Solid or Sticks OLEOCIARGARIHE 33 Frosty Morn FRANKS 12 oz. Pkg 79( SWEET 17JI.K Col. Jun Plenty ( FrM Parkini WE REDEEM FOOD STAMPS WIC Coupons Welcome 517 BACON STREET pride LOOK FOR THE MAN IN RED AT A&P . . . 1 N.iiWAiUJ'U-i 1 M'i "SUPER RIGHT" QUALITY HEAVY WESTERN GRAIN FED BEEF DELMONICO STEAKS ih k y y 1 BONELESS BOTTOM ROUND ROAST ib.$'j49 "Super Right" Com Fed Fresh PORK PICNICS "SUPER RIGHT" TENDER SHANK PORTION SMOKED HAMS b 89c 79' BUTT PORTION CENTER SLICES 69 GWALTNEY PURE PORK SAUSAGE OCEAN PERCH FILLET CELLO PACK. Each of these advertised items is required to be readily available for sale at or below the advertised price In each A&P store, ex cept as specifically noted in this ad. PRICES EFFECTIVE THRU FEB. 22 IN DURHAM TEXAS NEW GREEN CABBAGE lb. ID SWEET, JUICE FILLED FLORIDA ff ORANGES &Ue " Extra Fancy Wash. State Red or Golden Delicious 4) SHOO APPLES 3?r MEATY VINE-RIPENED H TOMATOES 3JH NORTH CAROLINA GROWN SWEET POTATOES Qib I BULK RUSSET 4 i BAKING POTATOES 5 , I 1 2 1 "ss:s ."5 Jh T wgr " W wwl I 1 r( ' mm r 0 'A mm ITEMS OFFERED FOR SALE NOT AVAILABLE TO OTHER RETAIL DEALERS OR WHOLESALERS ST0KELY CREAM STYLE or WHOLE KERNEL CORN 3 cs Q 8 ST0KELY PEAR HALVES or FRUIT COCKTAIL 2 879 STOkELY FRENCH OR CUT GREEN BEANS STOKELY TOMATO SAUCE 5 CANS Q CAMPBELL'S VEGETABLE or CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP 510. oz. S CANS I BETTY CROCKER CAKE MIXES WHITE. YELLOW. BUTTER. LEMON. GERMAN CHOCOLATE 18Vj OZ. BOX 55' BREMNER SALTINES 16 oz. PKG. 44' CHEF BOY-AR-DEE BEEFARONI - BEEFOGETTI SPAGHETTI AND MEAT BALLS 2 cs 790 A&P ROUND HAMBURGER CHEESE SLICES AUNT JANES HAMBURGER DILL SLICES. 32 oz. JAR OR KOSHER DILL SPEARS 24 oz. JAR 59' 6 oz. PKG. 59' MARS FUN SIZE CANDY M & M. PLAIN OR PEANUT. 12 oz MILKY WAY. 16 oz SNICKERS. 16 oz 3 MUSKETEERS. 16oz rmij 8SiW3!' 3m PKG. $19 BARBARA DEE SANDWICH CREMES 3 LEMON - PEANUT BUTTER - VANILLA - CHOCOLATE FUDGE FUDGE 70Z $400 PKG. I CHEER 25c OFF LABEL LAUNDRY DETERGENT 8BOX YOU PAY ONLY $99 tKCKtrXFJEj A&P COUPON VIVA WHITE DEC. or COLORED TOWELS OQQ0 1 CORONET BATHROOM TISSUE j 8PRKGLL$119 S2A&P COOKBOOK AND SHOPPING GUIDE SAVE 50c 49 GOOD THRU FEB 22 46 A&P COUPON CS3) CRISCO PURE VEGETABLE SHORTENING l 3 lb. CAN $119 t!MM OHt i1M ClVPuK VC' $? W OHM fig G000 IHRU fFB S3g A&P COUPON OSS) A&P FROZEN CONCENTRATED ORANGE JUICE 99 6 oz CANS LIMIT WITH COUPON AND I? M C0R C7 I niTnn lunit sea Vc r

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