0 3.T published (wEUKtr) njiugpYhf: Off gSft 50 Cf srs IH JDTASCX. .y.i I J ... sr-r Vol; l' BEXM$ f , No. 872. .1 .':...,'','' -f'. -.i.A-.t';',-. r.A.'v -';Vv It i iff CONGRESS.1 ! - : Ai w SENA te. f Sir. Giles, from the committee on that part of he message of the president Of toe U, btai.es rs Wcting the. 'recent Imp ritioia of goods' from (ft Main, repotted k fcalU dirtc'i: g the Secretary! jfihc Treasury to remit fines, forfeitures and pe 3jlie in certain case's,'!;, JRead anU passed to iccond reading. AA'A'-A' '',' HOUSE OF WrESET ATWES. fbe bouse again ui comaiifte? 6T tncfwQoIe.J) Mr.' Roberts, in cominuattw,' $pke; at griat lanwtK in favor of the renort of the rommiUee. and itvairmt n tinouilihed remission of the bonds. b .... . m 7. '.v t . ;i A. . VVlien ne pia conauacq. i oting taie i w ar , tfie committee rise, reported progress and The followlnR Report was received from the iecretaryof the Tfeajiuiyi:: .-v.,' v J In obedience to th directions ortbe act nup ilementary to the act tnuiledn act to estahlish he Treasury Departmen'V'u the-Secretat y of the treasury respectfully submits the fblloM'ing v , r:puht;and estiw atks. . ; 1, TO TBE'tHO Or TBE TKAa 1813. mte actual recetptaln''olhpeasttry'""dunnj;-'-the year ending on the SOilt of bept. 1812) have consisted of the following bums, viz, , fcustoros, sales of lands, arrears, ' repayments and all other . branches of revenue, amount ing together as - vH appear -more in detail by the statement; . too account of the loan of eleven i. ; milliOBs of dollars, authorised ' ' by he act of the Hth March, c 1812. W 1 - S47,212 50 Total amount of receipts 16,782,159 40 Making, together vitb the bj. lance In the Treasury on, the i 1st of October, 1811, and a- mounting to An aggregate of .; of about iUrnpli'h atid.'i W but the pupeilbruy of our troops n u vet fispond of. Aft Auhbrity. to U-ue nevy doolful. , ,' .Jt ;- A-'. was KUt interest of 2.5 percent, and reim- Knr.-nhtf nnt vr-nr nfr Atf. " "U. 535.000 ; ... . notes v dou twomnuon ama nan moe, neinj? un tiw; 7fn,atwoirijiwtmrnit,jjhe I'mpetof"' ; , t4 '; gl3,t0O,200 thi aWa ie;mbursabTin .idlSivill still' keep! was surrounded hy th' n, irslvals in the. rwx-hiori Pfomtn pfeseni qemana, . if appear prwaoie ( tne- wiucy.arnvmt .issuea at nve -minions,- aaq re-r taRen ihe renin pekr?- At hf past five o'ckitk. rf mu"uw:u; auce Jin f wrmoi me ioi io auoui nueeo mil-fine sun rose that the residue of the treasury note, hy thr act of the 3C)th of June last, and amounting 3 l,465upO dollars, Will be disposed of prior to lt March xt. . .;. ' r' 'It maJ"be, jroieralso to sta"te, that notwi'h stanigjhje! ad'!ition thtis made "to tht pU 'lic debt, and although a consilcriWe orti9n 1as been re ' mitted from England;ph'd bright; to in iket in Aroetica, the puulic stocks, vvhich had at fi st ex perienced a slight depression, have b.csf for th list thec months, and conUue. to bei -at per. f f;TJft trcvciu chindise and tonnage, which 4 accrued during the year tSJOi amounted to 12 Sl3 4,90 dollars ... - .The hett reyenue arisingirom the stne sources which accru d during the year 18 i l! amb-j ti, as" will; appear ' by the statements jA. '& il ) to Sr,502,560.-- the same-revenue for the year 181? in esti mited 8tgl2,!i0O,00O, of which sum about g5,50a vitnouv : tli?.-.it bad rained the receding e'veningr. .fTfcts .'it !ti.e sun of uster. '-Wtf'X? ficilitate the loan, & perhaps to lifz,'' said the Empertjr.? Though but the roowfv tkM trrrns, it my how'Ver ne eligible toTj ol bep' ember, it was t cold as a December in Iinstf,d'sr5. tn impro leave ?-cne iliscretion in the . executive as to th respu iye ar.iountsot siock aon notes to..ucisued'i which may be advaritugeoiisly yarietj accodiugto circuiitar?te8, without ehcreasing the iggrewate of A:A'- V ; : - -, . Th4 pvrtding'rstimat"- t?o not emhrtice th Moravia- , lhe arruy received tht rriea--tha 'drum - beftt, and the lclWinj order of the day , Was read : . . -,',S diiers I XSehoId' the ful i of bWtle you so mucn a.sirfcd l hfcnawtn victory dep:nifs on you ; eKfuRii'Tto ins proppseu , increase , r.vr'-fth-'i jr 'V',v!i'iMf .'tint t "ft sil bv jiiwvwlh'oVdef Harnett it the!" nt5sai"y ,J us. vi wifi ge us plenty, o:.d u(t.0VL ..'.'quarters rot . tne'wH jft, jri a sptvdy re two 'vifrfvs h wMch'my thW beVuthoriseu'by Congress it Will-fj ntM. ther,fh-e he miary to encrease the loan to ar he1t-tyn'7. W con- di'l to lt 1 corr'f sp rntliKi amount. .vv; "":. : TIWvMirns receiied or to be' rfC'eived on loan UlQring the cahntiar year 1 8 13 have teen stated at - ; 12t95O,200 , The -payments ?f Lccoiih.t :o the piincipil.-nf Uht debt during the 6a me duct this day with' ide, tha it may say af vou He was at ' (tha't great battle t under . the Walls" c; Moscow VV' r At the Imfierial Camti- on the hevht ofBaridina' ' y " . iih Seit. 2 o'clock ,4 M '- Oop atise trom duties on the late impbrtations ( year, th uh not yet precisely ascer from Great IKitain. ; ; ; " 0 ; taifre !. may Ke tJtimaic ' (so far as as- ;The custom househonds oot st.indinR. bn the certaintH on - the Ut of December, at Ut day of Jnuarvj. 1813' and falling due in that the Trtasur ) at r ear. are timaled, after deducti.g bad debts, at r . ; .f ;7 gl.1.250 000 : and it is believed jhat the probable J Mvkmg the actual increase of debt The'-army inwe'e' with eiterued acc!ama?ior s. The groun-1 o wiich !th ;r my stood was spreitd with the' dead bodies of the Russians killed the preceding day. 3 350200 . Prince Pot,iatowsky, who was on the right, put -- "' ' 't,)himi in moliori to luin' the forest on which ihe enemy rested their left. "The prince' :f Echmuhr amount if receipts tr.ro that source into the 1 rea, during hn yar , ,.'': -.' 10 600 00O marched in th sktit of th- firest, the di!ion sury. dunhg the ve vr I8 l3,jmay be saH tsiimaid Compinsa: the i ea i. Two 1 a ed of 6a can iui mated at 11 500.000 dollars. v, ... ' th ibe whnh tnn to be borrowed during the year i ach, commanding the enerny'u p-.Hiiioit. hao t t en i The sales of th. public lands 'north r.f the fiver 1 8 1 3. will amount to about" twenty millions 'of constructed in .' the !kbt.. At 6otIck G n. Ohio, during the year ending on the 30th Sept. collars ; -and'that vhe payments on account of the Count Sorbier, who had, armed the battery en the '94r,8'8 S3 20T2V 77 76 The dfsbarsements during the suine yeac h-e keen asfolbweth, vi'.', . ,(zu. tlvif department, inchading rnls- ' -celtaneoua expenses, s wd those incident , to the intercourse. wi' h foreign 'nations, Army, militia, vo lunteers, fort i 6- . . catibns, arms 8c arsenals 5p?70 soo Navy Department 3,tQ7.50l 54 S 1,823,069 35 1811, and alter deducting the lunds which have principal . f 'lie punlic debt will exceed five mil re.ert'ed to the U. States, h ive amounted, as stp ln.s niakiag the actual increase ol debt during ptars by the statementt, t( 590 000 iries ; and thauvw'-.g-.l5,ooo,opo. , the payments by the purchasers so S"?0OO0 j. Of the reieaiii whxh Will; accrue during the The Indian wars may affect the salt . and pt r teni 18,3 .and on which the receipts of the year haps to a certain ev tent the amount of payments. 18 U .via principally d.pend, it is not praaicbh It is, however, btlieved that that branch of reve- a. this moment to rotm acoVreci tsfmjte, So' nue may, igether.wi Ji some other s n-ill it-ms, far as m iv be inferrtd fib o the exneiiertce of ttie Ibe estimated for the ensuing yea:- at 5'JO.ooo dol short period which has'tlapsed sii.ee the dt-clar lars; makmg th? whole amount of prohtnle rr. arion of -war it is nt probable that the revenue ceiptsinto the Treasury for the year 1813 cxcla- derived from c us! 6ms will exceed the amount fsively of loans, v - g i.o)0 D0 of g5 5' 0 000. at which it ha' been estimated in The expenditures of that year are csiim-lcd as a former coiiununi cation- The duties accrued followethv viz. s cr hicliAviil acci ue, during the last 6 months of 1. Expenses of a civH nature, both foreign atd this yeat, .af-er deducting drjiwbicks and expends domestic, . Si, 500,000 of-fHec'ion, aic stimat'eil at It ss thaa g9 ,000.000 ; 2.- Pubhc de.bn viz. .. - which, decocting about S5'500W W account! of interest mciuamg mar on new j- .tv xt U e lmpci tstions trooi G BMtain,and loar.s of the . years l8:2 and ooiuli.o for the duties on importations from 818, ". - 3,300,000 CA ruiia anH Chir.x. would not 1. nve mn r thjin S.sSi'jOco for 'the ordinary revenue on those bi ucties i f commerce winch are permitted bv flaw, and lVonrwhich the U. S. will np be excluded Indian ditto "";! "-A$ - A - Interest . oh the ptib'nc debt On account of the principal of the ' same - . ..'." 230 97.V 2,498,013 19 11,108,776 54 2 938,465 99 - 5 436.479 18 Amounting together as wi'l ap par m detail by the state- , tnent.(F) to . And leaving in the Trafurj'j on ( the 30th Septembt'r, 1812. a v palance of ....... v - Reimbu'sement of six percent, and deP.rred s'neks and of temporary loans and treasury notes, falling due in 18 1 3, and estimated amount of pur chases of slock, 5.20 ooo'b' . - ' . S V'0.-.,o(io 3. M litary establishment : A The estimates of the" Secretary of Wap are with respect tothe rmy predicated on the employment of the whn), force authorise-! by law nd amount- ing to 36 700 men of every. description. Ad.li cr to this the expense incident to the syi vice ol voluni liters and miliiia, nr-d ils"o the incte.ts of p v .fi the armv, the arpropiiation f-.tArnfin l e u.ili. tia, and 40o 000 of the urtxp.udtd bajjn e lor 1 i. J-8268,525 q i !'"cat'ofls' 'he wh le contemplated expense may I be estimated as follows : ' r ' by the law.. : ' " - ... . All which is resp ctlully submitted; ALBERT CAIXTIN. Trcasun Dt -part meat, l)tc- 1, 1812. The amount was sutfd in th- Presu'enPs m$sa;e t ihe c mrfu:rci tv n; nf the session ai Eleven millifcri'! ot dollais . Tf.c oihtr iv-u nnllit-ns have been con ir acted lor su'b;cqutul I. its date - ' . Foreign. 2 361 652 69 g20 729 977 16 . The statement (E) exhibits in detail toe pay ments made by the freisury Denai'tment for the several branches of the military and naval exi en- diture during the me year (It om the lt of (ct ill I An.L-f t' . ' . . . ... . iq 1 1) wuic junt os oept. isia and alo durii g the' two last months (October and Nov' 1812. ljve receipts for Jhe last qii-rter cl ihe year 18T? pnaccoun .of both revenue and loans', are estimated at S9:ooo.0()0 ; and the exp-ndTtures (including ;atoul , g 1 ,500 16 on acc unt of the principal of the phb'ic debt, andooo ( 00 for the militia) are oearty ihe same sum " TbV . sums obtained of secured on !oan; during this year, amounts, so for as. has been act twined iyu8101 -A' :- 13,100200 Of which there was received pfior : d .. ' : ' . Z'1' 1st Oct. 18 l2a3 A '. :above:iSt?:t;;-7c -itettved oito bej-e- iLXeiri rior Jo 4 st -To be reCeivedlii Ja- fiiiaiy and Fcbrua. ry, 1813 : '!s'; "v -;;;; riA;-" 1100,200 o" It will also appear by the stateiinsr.t F that this sum was obtained on the folio a ing terms, viz .v w. m .per cenc siocM irredeemable . ' ill! let- tan. - 1 etir 1 . wards, redeemable ar the pleasure 4'jrUie4J. States' ; A:jh?k vi temporary loans at the rate of six per cent . J yVand reiinbursable as followethrviz: 6,202,987 50 1,250 000 T.415 200 1817: !Jr -756000 otea bearing an annual :-2,15p,OC0 Pakis, Septum! er 21 EIGHTEENTH ii'ULLKUN OF 1 HE GRN1) UMY. " ' ' " MoyAisk. Scfi' ember 2 On the 4th, rheEm'n r.r set out Irom Gniat Army Pay, subsistence, bounties, tlothintr a d and t ncamped ne:r the'p-.st of CriueVa.,. 9 350 000 1 hr 5th. i 6 o'cloik m '.he moining,' the armv l,850.OQO put'. itself in m.otjoji. At two in the afternoon we . percvjved the Kus'sns formed with their . right '5T500.0QO fpu -Mo'-kwa,- thelelt upon1 the htighis on the 900 00 'I It bai.kol'thft Kologha- ."At '1200 toises in act 200,' 00 vance of the letl the enemy bgan tofbitify a fint. tiftltt, bt tv etu two wooc!s, wheie.they had pla. "2 000.000 ta 9 or 10,000 men. The emperor having 00,000 econnoi:red u, icsohed not to lose'a" momtnt. 'a;itl to carry this position. Orders were' gien to 8tf 000 000 the. Kinc of Naoles to Dass the Kolorrha. with the 4 Naval establishment : v ; divisii n ot C)n pans and the cavalry. Prince ; . The estirnatts of the Secretary of the Navy are Foniasowskv. wlrn had m.rchtdon the r'nrht. was predicated on the employment of the folfoUing in a coridiion'to tuin the' position. At foor o'clock hf?tvitrte Q ia ter master's department and . 'ciwingr.ncies Fortifications'' Arming ihe militia, . JVoluriteersjind mditia in actual we ice, . - Indian1 Department, torce, vix, Comn'is, ioned and warrant officers, Petty 'officeis, seamen and boys, viz. For 9 frigates and 9 smaller ves. 8' Is. ( , . . For 200 gun boats and other ves. ' . scls- .!' . ."' .'. Majints, including officers " ' of battle. ' Pi isce Poniaipw sl.y fought. in with vaioiis success c '. "'.'; s 1 There; still remained to the enemy his redoubs tp the right. '' Gen Count !;Mnracd mat cied ; :iS lliilher, and arritd them J .but at nine in "thW JA. mornin g, attackeitj ori all aides," he could not 'inr in--t-v tain hirrself'there1. The "eney--en'cou!rag-cdr.iiji'S; this ..advantage, "made his reserve and bisitH troops' advance to: try his fortune again.; Theji'.r perial Guards formed'a'pa'rt'r f tbfem' He attar ked.f, our centre, vJlucb farmed the pivot to i our rlglrt,? J For a moment it wasfea'e !, that, he m'ghiaiTyv; ,v the village, which as;bunitwheUvision Fvia. t 4 1 advanced thither 80 pieces of French cat tiotiv "fAl immediately arrest, arid Ihtii annihilate ha tnemy' .'?. column which stood two hoiirs, In close oriTtt under the chain shot,' not daring to jdvancef un-' willtng to retire, .and renouncing the fiooi'bficV;V.j.' The King of Naples derided their uncertainty. ',. Hecaiised the 4th corps o caSralry to ma.TeV! "InlMiTlon"" s sn wBit'a;aknf)' hto tt... v. !.fiu iu ,!., which oiir cannon shot; had made tfiroueh tUe 1 1 And thexpense- is estimatedas ftdlowth.viz-ibefoi vbat ked b a lame wooduc nailed bv a fine i masses of the Russians, and the squadrons ofthengk ,JJ" l"1"1 laiwua alio luc- j , . dicine, Ordnance, the 5th regtof cmrassiei-s, r ovfrt htt vr'.every;il:iag.-: and entered the redoubt on the It ft by it? gore.. . From this moment there was no longer any on. vi certainty; The battle was gtinod- He tuTrftd u ponthe ef emy the 5 1 , pjVctV of cannon wb'th ,f were found in the reoou'oi .(iount ('au'.ingouf; who had distinguished himstKin this fine charge, , has terminated his career-' He fell de.d,; sti cKt Oj a DUlie'" Kiyrouoeaj.juvji(i7.:i.,v . it,anaSnnfo two in the 4 a?:ernoon-the et'ini had lost 111 hope-he battle Was ended fh n- J j nonafie siui conunut" l .mch., v . the attack ci mmenced. In one hour the redoubt 871 as earned, with1 the cannon ; ihe enemy's corps ...... j driven from the wood, and put to1 flight, leaying 'the third part on "the field of bmtle. At seven 3 620 "in the evwiing the firing ceased. ; : J '' ! On the 61 h. at two oxlock in the morning, the 7 000 Empei or surveyed the enemy's advanced posts : 1 H69 ihe day ws passed in reconnbitcrinjr.v!f he enemy right with the artillery' of the reserve of the'guaid commenced the fire, (len.peruettyt with thirty ' : pieces of 'cannon, put himsilf at' the head of ther division Company, (4'ti of th-; 1st corps), who ski f ted the wdodj turning the head of ihe errray'a po- . ; iition. At haltpast Six G rtCompans was oun .-.'. -'.'! ded, at seven ttie Prince 01. E kinuhl had hi 5 horse A kilhd; The rattack advmced 5 the tt-.k 'tfA''' commenced. --The Vice-Rov, who forme our 12,- attacks and cariies the village of Borciino. which" 1', the -enemy' could not defend, that village btirt,ft the it ft flank of the Kolagha At seven the Mar- - shal Ouke of Elchingtn put himsell in motion, ; ? und under the pi otection ol CO pieces ol pannon i ;'; which Gn. Poacher had placed 'in the evening r-..' against the enemy's centre, bvre upon the centre.", A thousand pieces of cannon spread death oa all sides ; ':' ". ,,' - . t ". "Afeii;htfi:)ocktyieoiiticms ofth enemy wtn-" car; ied, his redoubts tak n and ouri.ril ety frown ec! his heights. The advantage of fosiion whiih, the ei'emy's batteiies had enjoyed for two hours, how belonged to us. The parapets which baa been occupied ?.gainst us during the attack, .were ; now to our advan'age The enemy saw the battle -lost, which he thought had only commenced. .A part ol his artillery was taken, the, rest was wiib? I cran to qis nnenn ins rear, in tnis exiremuy v he atti mptt d to restore the combat, and to. atiuck with all his "masses those positions which he -was . '; nnahle to protect.' ' Three hundred pieces K of "A: French cai nonplaced on Jhose heights t tendered VJ jj.ii ii-- ini ii .iiiiu 1119 auiuiLig ,uvu ai i.i.. iw of those parapets which-they had raised with so ; Ti eki. g of Nt'pK s. with the cavalry, made yav! t'tous 'charges. ; The Duke of ..Elrhinpeu toytUv.-",. himself with glory, aid displayed as mchjivr' H 'iity too)r.ess. ' The Emperor ordered a- ch:ig Af. of the front, the fight' in atlvvince .tjiis rncvc.i,ii, merit made us master of threfe parts f the Ti V.i the w. d Total, . 3,290 000 .' 100,000 .... , ;. . r t ttcttd their lint, as far as a Irge village ; which tlie enemy had .destroyed) to cover the ridge Wtth 4 artillery and infantry," to support the centre. The ; (right ext-nded behind the Kologha, in the rear, of the vill.,geof Borodisoi and was supported By two a- 1 ifitje heights, crowned with redoubts arid Unified 4 92$ ,000 with- batteries-.. -1 his position, appeared strong At ' ;!inc' javorable'..It was easy Id manoeuvre and to S3 1 925,000 ylidv theiTe The receipts on account of the feve. ' v lhac' been renruncim? our obiect. and the nositioh nil. huvlnr. tin ..itmAi. " ' ' - . .-, tn rri t . J . i '.li'S- a, - . .a. vi. i-miuanu at . . -1 yw ;wai riot jangeffiAnfficientiTttgtajtntier it ne Repairs, contingencies and navy yards,, add .ing the annual appt-o-'priationof 200 000 dollars for timber, ' Marine 'corps . .7 1,125 000 4(0 000 Amounting altogether to ; Leaves a balance to. be provided for by . cessary.to avoid Aghtingiritwas easy to perceive that the redoubts were but half formed, the fosse treat and safetr, but no lO' gef for; yictt : y.s f-Theioss of the enemv. is enorm usU f Mn J 2 to. i A nno men and ' ffom ' -to 9000' ftVan;Jjoisrn, . j contracted for, and therrernains on hand a balance at about 120 or 130,000 men. -Our forces were hare been cb anted' on the Gkte o'f batilef ' j loans of . , U.' , ' g!9 925 000 shallow, and neither pallisaded nor defended,, tiJth ji tnis sum tnofe tbaft one milliorwM.nl t?ady chcyaux de frise." VVe reckoned the enemy's force v-v- A

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